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Chapter 88 - Ghost of the Empire

Chapter 57: Ghost of the Empire


Wei PoTian looked back and the rookie angels were mostly scared, although there were only four vampires left for them, the fighting was still leaning on one side and one of the rookies couldn’t afford to continue the fight and fainted out as they had used up all the stimulants, including himself. In fact, he was the only one still holding on to the fight while the others were even finding themselves having difficulties in breaking the surroundings.


Wei PoTian clenched his fists and roared out like a wounded beast in having rushed back to help his companions push back the other vampires as he then carried the unconscious rookie and fled back to the expeditionary barracks. All the rookies had sent out a complicated look to Qian Ye before they followed Wei PoTian to leave the battlefield.


Having attracted most of the vampires and at the moment, Qian Ye had changed his original “my wounds in exchange for opponent’s lives” strategy and was constantly moving around, relying on his flexible movements and speed to have thrillingly avoided several fatal attacks. Even after a long time fighting, both sides didn’t get to make actual contact. It was not until one of the vampires had lost his patience and shot directly towards Qian Ye and made a heavy impact sound. After that, the vampire was so shocked that it had to retreat a few steps backward as Qian Ye flew away.


However, the vampire immediately found that something was wrong and the destination where Qian Ye had landed after rolling a few rounds was now a small alley as the fooled fighters roared out of anger, surged up and chased after him into the dark streets like a wolf pack that was hunting after their prey.


The vampire knight also grinned and started chasing after. Though as soon as his first tiny bit of force had surged up, he suddenly felt a burst of dizziness that he almost fell to the ground as he was shocked after looking down and saw that black blood was emitting out from his wounds and filled the air with a rancid atmosphere!


The vampire knight suddenly turned pale and desperately drove the blood aura inside his body to barely stop the wound from opening wider so that it would not further deteriorate for the temporary time and though he didn’t dare to delay himself any longer at the place, he still must immediately go back to treat his wound.


Those human injuries were not light and didn’t even dare to confront him. Moreover, there were ten vampire warriors still chasing after him and the vampire knight felt that this sneaky human being could not escape in any case. In the end, he bitterly glanced at the end of the road, then turned away and quickly disappeared into the night.


Qian Ye was heavily gasping since the wounds on his body were burning up in pain as bursts of emptiness were taking over his consciousness. The map was inside his mind, the chosen battlefield was not far away. Even though at the moment, regardless of blood aura or the force, they were all overly consumed after the short-term fight.


Qian Ye sprung up and flipped his body sideways in the air and used the Butcher to give out the second shot and the vampires that were chasing after him started to slow down their paces, but he knew that this would only piss them off and pursued hotter because  this had been his purpose and if he could firmly hold on to these vampires, Wei PoTian would have enough time to escape to the Expeditionary Force headquarters, even maybe also had the time to find reinforcements and come back in time.


Having thought of this, Qian Ye’s silently exposed a bitter smile. Timely reinforcements? This was simply his delusion…


From afar, there was a soaring tower that vaguely appeared in front of him. Its entire body was constructed from countless different-length of dark gray metal pipes welded together where groups of giant gears occupied the entire surface and were laying a few meters away from each other as each of them had an adult’s height, and even the smallest member of those precision wedges was as big as a human’s leg. This was known as Hands of Kua Fu – The enormous steam machine. It had worked when the Dark Blood city wall was first constructed. Now, this monster had been sleeping for many years, and many of the places were covered with stains and rusts.


This place was the chosen battlefield for the decisive battle, its terrain was complex enough that it interfered with the chasers at the maximum coercion potential, but Qian Ye also clearly knew that even if he could riskily kill more vampire warriors, there was still no chance for him to wait until Wei PoTian came back.


The moment when the Hawk Strike roared its sound, Qian Ye had already expected such a result. Though he didn’t know why he had joined the fight, or put himself in death’s hands, just to save Wei PoTian and some unfamiliar rookie angels.


Perhaps he was influenced by Bai Long Jia, or maybe the Red Scorpion captain’s shadow was still standing straight in his heart… many ideas seemed to unknowingly change as he slowly grew up in the battlefield against Darkness.


Qian Ye hated Bai Long Jia. That person was arrogant and rude. In his eyes, there were only background and talent. In short,  if the noble children had some shortcomings, it would be zoomed in multiple times in Bai Long Jia’s eyes. Except for his tyrannical strength, he had almost none, a zero thing for others like him.


Qian Ye still couldn’t forget the sentence which Bai Long Jia had written in his file: Garbage is just garbage.


However, Bai Long Jia’s arrogance hadn’t prevented him from helping the rookie angels escape. Earlier, when he was standing alone on the street, he stopped two fierce opponents who were at the same level with him. He wouldn’t have retreated even if he would have to risk his life for it. Just that straight, determined back shadow was enough to make Qian Ye forget all the unhappy past.


In Qian Ye’s eyes, Wei PoTian and the other youth, at the moment were also rookies. Rookies now were perhaps the future of the imperial military backbone! Since they were rookies, then the veterans would naturally block the enemy for them, just like that year when the Red Scorpion captain had used their flesh and blood to push down the dark tide.


At the moment the Hawk Strike roared, Qian Ye had forgotten that he had no longer been an imperial soldier, and also forgotten that if he was still in the imperial army and that he was actually just a rookie.


Qian Ye had rushed to the bottom of the tower, squatted down for preparation then leaped up on the bluestone base and grabbed a bar, leaned on the bar to shoot his body up into the sky. After several times of ups and downs, Qian Ye had climbed to the first platform where he rested his back against a huge gear as he bowed down to check the Butcher. There was only one last physical bullet. On the street under, the vampires were accelerating and rushing up.


Suddenly, Qian Ye’s felt something strange. He immediately jumped off the original place, covered his entire body after a metal plate, then looked up.


There was a tall figure was standing on the upper corner of the platform. His limbs were ridiculously long, which made an unforgettable first expression to the person in front of him.


Qian Ye still remembered this person. He had passed by him that night and also saw the short but intense fight between him and the werewolf. This was a level six senior, Qian Ye had also smelled a strong bloody aura emitting out of his body. That pair of pale eyes had always reminded people of a powerful and cunning beast.


Regardless in facing the Dark Race or beasts, Qian Ye had always been very confident. Only this one person had caused Qian Ye to be very vigilant. The most dangerous enemy of humans, in fact, were the human beings themselves.


“You are called Qian Ye,” asked the man.


Qian Ye’s heart slightly sank and said: “It’s me.”


“I am called Yu Ren Yan, I came here specifically for that thing of the Dark Current city.”


Qian Ye was slightly stunned but soon he eased down his breathing and adjusted his injuries as much as possible to bring himself back to the best fighting status. Although he was suppressed in all aspects in front of Yu Ren Yan, standing still and waiting for death to come, was obviously never his style.


A short blade slid out of Yu Ren Yan’s sleeve and fell into his left palm, while the right hand was pulling out a double-barrel old force pistol from his waist as he pressed a switch and the barrel’s integrated micro-pneumatic piston popped up another short blade.


Qian Ye’s heart slightly sunk. Only looking at weapons and he would know that this person’s fighting style was similar to his and such an enemy was the most difficult to fight with. Moreover, there were many vampires hotly pursuing behind Qian Ye.


From a gloomy end of a street, a vampire had caught up to the place. Seeing Qian Ye, the vampire immediately grinned and took a full speed to spring up, and with one leap the vampire was already standing on the bluestone base as he was preparing to continue climbing, the vampire suddenly felt the atmosphere was not right sp he then immediately figured the existence of Yu Ren Yan and if Yu Ren Yan did not deliberately disguise himself, that rotten aura of the corpse from his body would be easily enriched in the atmosphere. That gloomy breath, even the powerful vampire would fear of. That was the feeling when a beast had encountered another beast.


After that, all the vampires had appeared one after the other as they took a slow and cautious speed to approach the battlefield.


Yu Ren Yan did not wait for Qian Ye to say, but tilted his body aside, revealed the upward path, and said, “I should have killed you immediately but now there are so many dark blood bastards. Ok then! I’ll switch the order. I’m about to solve these vampire zombies, then will come up and get you! Come on, we will go to the top to solve them. You take three, I’ll take seven.”


Qian Ye’s eyes slightly squinted, but he nodded and said, “Very fair!” Then he leaped up, passed through Yu Ren Yan, and headed straight to the top of the tower.


Meanwhile, Yu Ren Yan confronted the vampire and slowly retreated to the top rooftop.


When the vampire fighters had all gathered to the rooftop, the fight immediately broke out!


Qian Ye waved his hand ax and created a rain of chopping attacks and totally ignored his own well being and finally dismembered the three vampires in just an instant. When he turned to look to the other side, Yu Ren Yan was holding onto the last vampire where he smoothly pressed down the knife and slit his throat.


This Yu Ren Yan really was a master since he had beheaded seven vampire fighters and was actually not much slower than Qian Ye. This was not only the difference in level, even in the fighting skills, Yu Ren Yan was not much weaker than Qian Ye, a graduate student from the Golden Spring camp and also a former soldier of Red Scorpion.


At the moment, Qian Ye was leaning against a metal box, hardly able to stand as his body from the inside out was like burning in fire though both of his blood power and force had been completely drained out. The short battle earlier had added more than ten wounds on his body. The wounds would cause piercing pains even if he just tried to move even a little bit and it seemed that breathing was also an impossible thing to do as his left hand had been completely paralyzed and he did not even know whether the arm was still in place.


Yu Ren Yan was also injured, but there weren’t a lot of wounds, and they were not very deep either, just some small flesh wounds.


“It’s our time now.” Said Qian Ye.


He was unable to hold on to the hand ax. Instead, his right hand was holding a knife that was taken from a vampire nearby.


Yu Ren Yan looked up and down Qian Ye and then said, “Qi Yue, did you do it?”


Qian Ye had just intended to have admitted, but Yu Ren Yan suddenly waved at him and stopped him from saying the truth.


“No, don’t say anything. Once you say it out, things not gonna be easy to solve. Although I hate the military style, I am still a soldier.”


Yu Ren Yan put away his weapons and looked at his wounds then said, “I have just observed you in the battle earlier… anyways, now that I have been injured, I can’t kill you. Just forget it this time first. If I see you again, I will definitely not have any mercy, so remember my appearance, then pray little guy and don’t let me find you!”


Then he went to the edge of the rooftop as he was passing by Qian Ye he suddenly said, “These guys’ blood is still hot. You’d better drink it when it’s hot, or you won’t live past tonight.”


Qian Ye’s eyes were suddenly wide opened and stared at Yu Ren Yan, but he soon calmed down. He knew that since he was seriously injured and that the dark blood aura had no longer been covered up.


In seeing the stubborn light in Qian Ye’s eyes, the unrecovered double pupils suddenly flipped twice between black and white and revealed an understanding but mocking look, “It’s not a bad thing to hold on to, but it’s sometimes out of date.”


At the moment, Qian Ye could only see a vague red mist in front of his eyes, and everything was becoming blurry as he was still thinking about Yu Ren Yan’s words and had suddenly heard a strong gust of wind that slammed towards him, but he didn’t even have a bit of power to dodge, and had heavily collapsed on the ground. Qian Ye could feel hot liquid dripping all over his head the as the sweet energy merged out all over the atmosphere and surrounded him like a net tying him up.


Yu Ren Yan’s voice seemed to come from a very distant place, “That year on the battlefield, in order to live and kill more werewolves, I had even eaten my comrades’ corpses.”



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