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Chapter 87 - Met Again

Chapter 56: Met Again


Wei PoTian’s face sank as he heavily slammed his foot on the ground, forming a mountain-like gritty posture!


He shouted to the back, “Brothers, let’s kill them all even if we have to pay with our lives!”


Having finished shouting, Wei PoTian screamed out of anger, pulled out the military dagger and rushed toward the lead vampire since it now seemed like he had gone insane this time to keep going on defenselessly. His movement didn’t carry any backup intent as if piercing through the vampire was the only thing he knew to do at the moment!


That young vampire was scared out of his soul since that shinning dagger in Wei PoTian’s hand was covered in silver! That seamless silver piece was absolutely the mithril silver because it carried the unique gray light which only the mithril matter could have!


There was no vampire willing to be stabbed by the mithril military dagger. Although this young vampire’s strength was enough to totally crush Wei PoTian, at the moment he was chased to jump up and down like a clown by a human being rookie.


Four of the rookie angels pulled out their guns and respectively fired the shots which they were unable to do earlier even though the power charging process had come to completion. After having done with the guns, they took out the same military daggers as Wei PoTian and bluntly rushed up to the vampire fighters that were surrounding them.


Their eyes were all red like the mad tiger’s eyes but that was not the most frightening problem for those vampires. What had truly gotten them into fear was the daggers in their hands were all shining with mithril light!


That noble vampire had almost groaned out since when had the humans become so rich that every one of them all had mithril daggers! If the humans could be armed to this level, then in the future wars, how could the vampires take the winning? The human race was really an insidious species that such a bad trap could still have dirty tricks!


The young vampire thought that it was part of the trap but what he didn’t know was that it was not the human race that had money, but the Angle’s warriors were rich.


Most of the Angels recruited came from noble families, therefore, besides the Legion standard configuration, they all had their own personal weapons. Even though, the standard equipment which the empire had assigned to the elite army’s soldiers who were already the top weapons, but in the eyes of those angels, those were just unqualified broken goods. Therefore, they’d rather replace with their own better equipment.


If talking about the aristocratic of weapons, the Broken Winged Angles Legion had always deserved to rank first in the army ranking system.


However, at the moment, the massive gap between the two side’s strengths was not something a few mithril daggers could make up. Soon, the rookie angels were all injured, and Wei PoTian’s chest was drawn with a deep wound!


Although these rookies had made a proud record of cutting down five or six vampire fighters in such an absolute disadvantaged situation of the power contrast, but still, the gap between them continued to be widened.


It could be seen that this rookie angel team would soon be annihilated!


This had already been the third time that Wei PoTian attacked the young vampire, and his Thousandfold Mountain had also weakened a lot. His distress was that each of his counterattacks was all missed since that guy was too fast.


He had now been able to recognize that the young vampire was at least a formal blood knight. Otherwise his attack would not be so heavy, only after two tries and the vampire was about to break down his Thousandfold Mountain’s defense shield. To their current gap, once the shield was broken, Wei PoTian would fall into the situation of being human-food.


Wei PoTian was gasping heavily like a red-eyed bull as he sloppily stood in the horse stance and stared at the opponent as he secretly put away the defense, planning on stabbing a big hole on that bastard even if he had to die after that!


The young vampire knight was also in depression because his two consecutive powerful hit could break a level four rookie’s defense shield. If this news came to the family’s ears, he might become a joke. The other rookies were almost done, and if he couldn’t solve this tough problem before his subordinators had killed all the others, how could he protect his vampire knight’s dignity?


This time, the vampire knight didn’t rush up but stood still in place as he was forming a blood shield on his right arm, while his left hand lit up a ray of shrouded bloody aura. As the aura got thicker and thicker by time, it obliquely glanced at Wei PoTian who was standing a few steps away and revealed a gloomy smile.


Obviously, a groundbreaking blow was about to bust!


At the moment, Qian Ye finally waited for the opportunity to come and stably pulled down on the trigger!


The Hawk Strike launched and roared like thunderstorms striking a gloomy afternoon as the power of force out broke and illuminated an entire small half of the block. A massive seismic force had pushed Qian Ye back one meter, but the power took an undodgeable speed to glide through the air and flew towards the vampire knight.


Inside the warhead, a thin ray of blood seemed to feel something as it began to frantically swim back and forth!


A fierce red light suddenly swept through Wei PoTian’s face as the aftermath explosion had caused him to forcefully retreat back two steps.


Even the excessive power could cause the Thousandfold Mountain status Wei PoTian to retrieve backward as that vampire knight who was the direct target was now bombarded in being blown back more than ten meters!


The vampire knight’s reaction was extremely keen. In the critical moment, he crossed his arms forward to protect his head and chest, but his feet were pushed by the force to dig two deep ditches as the blood shield on his arm had already been crushed, resulting in its explosion.


After the impact, the vampire knight’s arms were full of blood dripping out from the bone deepened wound. His jacket was all tattered with only a few strands of broken cloth wrapped around the body. As for the upper body armor, it was all beaten up to become dust by the gunshot.


Two hundred meters, Hawk Strike could play out all of its power!


Qian Ye secretly shouted out of pity because that knight was clearly at level seven and although he didn’t have a specialized body like Heaven Snake, the huge level gap had protected him, but hopefully he would like what was added inside the bullet.


The knight put down his arms as his scarlet eyes rolled around to look for Qian Ye’s position. Not waiting for his order, several of the well-trained elite vampires immediately put down the half dead rookie angels, and rushed toward the force originated direction. The long lasting war with mankinds had taught them one thing, kill the sniper first!


The Hawk Strike had made too much noise as Qian Ye had already known that he wouldn’t be able to hide after the shot so he didn’t even get to adjust the afterward exhausted feeling, quickly grabbed the mini ax, jumped up from the ground, and was now ready for the close combat.


But those vampires were faster than Qian Ye had expected as a shadow quickly stroke down from aside, and severely struck down on Qian Ye. The two wrapped around him as they tumbled for a few circles on the ground to the middle of the street.


This was a level four vampire warrior since his dark blue eyes of the pair of scarlet eyes looked particularly bloodthirsty and indifferent. He had taken the upper hand in the war and tightly pressed Qian Ye to the ground in using one hand to strike the opponent’s neck while the dagger in the other hand stabbed down without hesitation!


The strength of a level four vampire warrior was comparable a level-five human warrior. The hand on Qian Ye’s neck was like a steel ring choking every bit of breath out of his lung. The ax hand was being stuck under his body. Therefore, he couldn’t do anything else but to use his left hand to grasp on the vampire’s wrist, and prevented the black golden engraved knife which was being wrapped by bloody aura from falling down.


The fight between both sides had become a wrestling match.


Qian Ye slowly went out of breath since his neck was being choked and blood couldn’t flow thoroughly as his face soon turned into purple. However, after the chaos raid, Qian Ye accidentally found out that this vampire’s strength was weaker than he had imagined.


Both sides stalled!


At the moment, Qian Ye’s heart suddenly throbbed as the dark blood inside his body churned up in just a sudden and the total of seven blood strings all gushed up, indomitably surging in his entire body!


The muscles on his neck suddenly swelled up and got extremely thicker as the transformation was so fierce that the vampire’s five fingers were forced to open!


The vampire warrior was frightened to tremble where every muscle on his left hand was now beating, but no matter how hard he had pushed, there were no differences being made! He could hardly believe his eyes and perception. That guy was just a human, how could a human being have such a powerful strength?


Qian Ye took a deep breath, it was wonderful to be able to get fresh air once again so that every cell inside him were all screaming out of pleasantness.


Force quickly gathered in Qian Ye’s left hand and the vampire screamed as his bone issued a crackling sound so he let loose of the fingers which resulted in the knife being dropped to the ground as Qian Ye pushed the vampire aside and was quickly overturned and grabbed the knife which was on its way to fall down, straightly pierced through the vampire’s spine into his heart!


Qian Ye threw the knife, injected dope into his thigh, in quickly driving the Art of Retaliations to surge the force tides around and recover the tired meridians. Though he did not have more time to recuperate, the wind rushing up from behind had reminded him of the existences of the other vampires.


Qian Ye immediately shot back up to escape the vampire’s attack. As soon as bouncing up, Qian Ye fiercely shouted out as he turned around and made a forward attack instead of retreating and was using the power of his entire body to shoot against the vampire who had yet completely changed his position as vampire was shot to fly out, landed on four of his limbs, struggle, and trembled but couldn’t stand back up by all means.


Qian Ye made a flexible leap on the spot as he jumped to dodge the two consecutive knives that were rushing up from both sides as he forcefully swallowed down a painful groan back into his throat and kept up with the fight as if the person who had just gotten his right shoulder injured wasn’t him.


After the failure of the first double attack, the two vampires took the lightning speed to switch spots, continued to attack Qian Ye from both his left and right.


Qian Ye seized the opportunity to make the counterattack toward one of the two vampires. In just a blink of an eye, the ax in his hand had completed a raid of dozens of strikes and shoves as the scarlet blood immediately soaked both Qian Ye and the vampire.


However, Qian Ye suddenly felt a cold pain that was piercing through his back as it had been drawn a long deep wound by the other vampire. Qian Ye silently turned around and waved his hand ax to block the vampire’s second knife, then quickly threw a little bag and splattered the liquid inside all over his face!


The exposed skin of the vampire suddenly blistered, then burned up! He could no longer fight with Qian Ye, covered his head and repeatedly screamed and painfully rolled on the ground. The leather bag was containing silver liquid for Qian Ye’s knives. And now that all had been poured on the vampire’s head, how could he withstand it?


In a twinkling of an eye, Qian Ye had solved the first wave of the four vampire warriors. Though more than ten meters away, six more shadows were approaching toward him in an awkward but fast speed. Moreover, the seriously injured vampire knight had also thrown off Wei PoTian and ferociously rushed towards Qian Ye.


At this point, the vampires which were originally attacking the rookie angels had been divided into half!


When Wei PoTian who had already come by his companion’s and saw the situation, his blood suddenly surged up and rushed back to the battlefield.


Qian Ye immediately shouted at Wei PoTian, “Run to the expeditionary headquarters, call people to save me!”


Wei PoTian was stunned in seeing Qian Ye which revealed an incredible expression when he figured out that it was Qian Ye. Then, he roared loudly, risked his life to go back to the fight as the brownish yellow light shrouded the body once again and brought the two vampires attacking Qian Ye to be shot far away.


Wei PoTian tremblingly dragged on Qian Ye’s arm, heavily grasped, then he said with a trembling tone, “Little Ye!”


However, he suddenly felt dizzy as his hand which was clutching on Qian Ye was shocked by an irresistible force. Then his entire body lost balance and the pain on his ass had reminded him that he was also shot to fly out.


“Roll away! Rookie! Do not drag my legs!” Qian Ye roared as he kicked Wei PoTian back to the rookie angle’s side.



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