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Chapter 86 - Encountered

Chapter 55: Encountered


Facing such a strong cultivator, not mentioning that Wei and others were only at level four of their cultivations, even if they were at level seven or eight, it would still become useless.


At an alley next to the street suddenly sounded rapid footsteps and soon a team of expeditionary army patrol soldiers had rushed out. The lead officer immediately cried out of surprise as soon as he saw the mysterious man and the burning fire surging from his body as he cried, “Dark Race!”


All Expeditionary soldier didn’t wait for the officer’s orders and immediately raised their guns to aim at the mysterious man. Meanwhile, the officers took off his original force gun as he desperately poured force into the chamber in hoping to speed up the filling process.


That man issued a heavy sigh. The blank metal mask even slowly emerged out of a regret face. The sword in his hands seemed to flash a bit. Even Qian Ye couldn’t see whether the long sword had moved. A faint black string-like quickly flew out and smoothly pierced through the expeditionary soldier’s waists!


All the expeditionary warrior’s movements immediately stagnated at the moment. As the officer looked down at his arms, they had already been separated from his body. The force gun was also cut in half. His upper body was separated and sliding down from the waist!


More than a dozen of expeditionary soldiers had lost their lives in just an instant! All the incisions were smooth as a mirror, black as charcoal, not even a little bit of flesh or blood was spilled.


The man’s eyes fell back on the angel crowd as he suddenly laughed and said. “You guys wanna fish? Now it seems that the fish has been hooked, but this fish is too big, even the bait was eaten. See ya later, little brats!”


The sword in his hands flashed up with gloomy black aura, and another black string quickly headed toward the rookie angels!


In this moment, all the rookies felt the hand of death was reaching toward them. However, they had been suppressed since the moment the man appeared. Even the weapons were not pulled out.


In the critical moment, Wei PoTian’s tongue was like it was being struck by lightning as he suddenly roared, “Thousandfold Mountain!” since the skyrocketed momentum had even pushed away from the masked man’s pressure!


Wei PoTian took a big step forward as he directly stood between his companions and blocked them from the masked man as his arms quickly crossed in front of the chest and the brownish yellow light shrouded his entire body since he wanted to directly shield them from the sword!


Thousandfold Mountains was worthy of its reputation of being one of the finest esoteric lore and even though Wei PoTian was only four a level four soldier, he was able to extrovert force into real matter. However, it had obviously overwhelmed for him as he used it blocked the masked man.


Though after his Thousandfold Mountain’s blockage, the companions behind him would have more chance to survive as they would possibly have a chance to escape and at the moment, it seemed like several of the angels had been able to move their hands and feet. However, the first thing they did was not running away but reached out to find their guns and military thorns.


The man issued a light smile as if he liked what Wei PoTian had done and even the mask had also turned into a smiling face as the sword in his hands flicked while the black string shrunk as if gathering strength and then it immediately sprung up like a dragon heading towards Wei PoTian!


Wei PoTian felt the death that was waving at him as his short hair rooted up, immediately issued a wild roar, and the body force light was shining even brighter. In fact, that masked man’s sword had him left him a gap to escape but Wei PoTian refused to let go!


The dark string would have landed on his head in no time!


Snap! A slight sound appeared out of the blue that was followed by a white glove that had now reached out of thin air and grabbed the string!


The hand tightly twisted and quickly crushed broken the dark string! Next up, a tall soldier appeared in front of Wei and the other people.


He had a feminine and handsome look as that black and white uniform was obviously the Broken Winged Angel’s formal wear and there was a five stars pattern surrounded in an olive leaf on his shoulder’s badge.


Qian Ye was surprised from seeing it from afar as this was the Imperial Major General! Moreover, he was the general of such an elite legion! Even though he was so young, he was not even in his thirties yet.


This young general was wearing a pair of platinum gloves and his long hair was also platinum white, even his double pupils were also white gold! Such eye-catching features of that face made people couldn’t just easily forget even at the first glance.


Qian Ye also remembered very clearly that he was the recruiting judge for the Broken Winged Angel at the Xiang Yang competition. Though at that time, he was only a brigadier and was now already a major general. Soldiers that had such rapid promotions as him was considered rare even in the powerful Imperial Army. It must be known that in such elite legion like the Broken Winged Angel, the commanding ability was often just a follow-up requirement. The ranking was more related to the individual’s strength and power.


That mysterious masked man retrieved his sword. His posture didn’t change, but the whole body suddenly slid backward for a long distance. He shouted, “Bai Long Jia!”


Bai Long Jia slowly rubbed both of his gloved hands together and made strings of metal friction sounds as he stared at the mysterious masked man and sneered, “The dignified masterr of Human Faced Demon Spider is attacking the rookies. I’m afraid that your Spider King’s face is lost all because of what you’ve just done!


The masked man grunted: “Bai Long Jia, don’t think that I don’t know what game you’re playing. Don’t you want to use these brats as bait to fish me? Don’t think that I’m stupid like you!”


Bai Long Jia’s face suddenly changed as he turned to the right and saw another fog that once again appeared out of the blue, and a tall, handsome blond-haired man walked out of the fog while the ground slightly trembled with every of his step!




Qian Ye’s heart suddenly missed a quick beat.


He had soon known that William was not a simple person, but until now, when he had officially seen such a powerful and fierce William, Qian Ye finally realized that this guy was also at the same level as Bai Long Jia! The thought of the night with William in the wilderness, Qian Ye had the feeling that he had been reincarnated from death.


Bai Long Jia eyes were like shooting out knife-like sharp light as he stared at the blonde man, and grinned word by word, “Are you William?”


William revealed a familiar sunny smile as his grayish blue eyes were like clear crystal that flickered in the night, as if there were bursts of streamers rolling the air and he said with a low and mellow voice as if it would easily sync with the ripple of the earth, “It’s me. I’ve heard that there were a few elite geniuses from this generation of the Bai family. One of them was you, Bai Long Jia. It is just the perfect time for me to test it with you! But it’s even better if I can learn it with your cousin.”


The sharp light in Bai Long Jia’s double pupil gradually faded away, instead, was replaced by a vague look. His voice became empty as if it had lost all the feelings, just like a machine in general. As the vibration of his voice gradually pressed into a straight line, he slowly said, “If my cousin is here, clowns like you won’t be able to escape, not even mention of bull****ing!


Saw Bai Long Jia’s expression, William face’s quickly became serious as he stopped his approaching pace and said, “Escape or not, we have to play the game to know!”


Bai Long Jia casually said, “You have to overcome me first to say that!”


He turned and shouted, “PoTian, take them away to the expeditionary barracks.”


Wei PoTian hesitated, but finally roared loudly, “Yes, sir!!” Then he shouted at the people behind, “Let’s go! Staying here only drags our general’s legs!”


The crowd ran away with the fastest speed that they could’ve reached.


Bai Long Jia took one step aside to broaden his posture. In an instant, his shadow quickly spread to more than ten meters as he stood at the center of the street, blocked William and Human Faced Demon Spider’s way. He slowly opened his arms and behind suddenly formed a pair of lively flapping white wings, as if they were real.


William took a deep breath as a few meters high giant golden wolf suddenly appeared behind him! He tilted up his head and made a loudly shout to the sky like a night-howled wolf. With boundless power and influence, he leaped toward Bai Long Jia!


Bai Long Jia clapped his hands together to form a shielded posture in front of his chest and was hardly able to have blocked William’s fiercely punch as the two hands came in touch and the entire neighborhood seemed to be shaken a bit by the shockwaves. Several buildings in the surroundings suddenly roared collapsed. Immediately after that, numerous mournful screams came out from the ruins.


Bai Long Jia was shocked to retrieve back a few big steps. Blood suddenly sprinkled out from his mouth while the bluestones paved-street appeared cracked, marked, and engraved into deep pit where he had just settled his feet. William was not any better as his entire body was shot to fly backwards. Although he had leaped a few laps in the air to reluctantly stand firm while landed as the giant golden wolf’s shadow behind him was also shocked to twist a few times and finally disappeared.


However, under the cover of the night, a few black sword strings quietly flew toward Bai Long Jia’s wings, secretly ran a few circles, then quickly twisted and caused the white feathers to shatter and flew out all over the sky. Inside the feather storm, there were vague threats of blood bleeding out! This pair of wings was obviously created out of force, but it seemed no different than real entity when they were injured.


Bai Long Jia roared as his hands danced like doves in the air. Suddenly, numerous of white palm shadows appeared and covered the space and crushed broken the sword string! The Human Faced Demon Spider grunted and a cluster of blood suddenly sprayed out from the breathing hole of the mask.


Bai Long Jia was fighting with the two, but was still firmly standing on the street, and did not retreat.


“You’re so innocent to think that those little brats could escape. I had given them a grand welcome ceremony!”


Bai Long Jia’s face had finally changed.


Earlier, when William was shot to fly backward, his distance to Qian Ye’s hidden spot was reduced to less than a few hundred meters. At the moment, he was seizing the gap to adjust his breathing and reformed the golden wolf illusion. Suddenly, William turned his head around and stared at the spot where Qian Ye was hiding.


Qian Ye was startled as he quickly seized the second before William’s eyes swept through to close his eyes, firmly pressed his body lower to the roof and stayed still. At the same time, Qian Ye carefully drove the Art of Retaliations to expose his real force level. He was betting on his life that in such a senior fight, they wouldn’t have been distracted by a level three unrelated little human being.


Sure enough, William’s eyes swept away, and no longer concerned about the spot. After that, Qian Ye slowly moved backward, slid down the roof, and disappeared into the night.


At that time, Wei PoTian was fleeing along the long street, but he suddenly stopped, raised his right hand to stop the other young rookies behind while they vigilantly looked at the empty road.


The long street was strangely deserted since half of the buildings on both sides of the street were waste houses and at this time, not even a little light inside was lit up, only a few of the street lights were flashing cold blurry lights which created an indescribable desolate feeling of loneliness.


Suddenly, the street began to fill with blurry fog while inside the vague fog shadow, numerous sleuths came out and started surrounding the rookie group that was in the middle of the street.


A young man came out from the dark shadow group. He had a handsome but pale face. It only needed a glance to know that he was a blue-blooded vampire. The young vampire knight exposed an evil smile whom pointed at Wei PoTian and said, “That bait is mine!”


Wei PoTian’s heart suddenly sank since there were at least three vampire fighters and that patrician vampire was at level six and that much of a power was more than enough to swallow them up.


Broken Winged Angel was indeed an elite legion, but the Dark Race also had their elite forces. Those vampires who were descendants of the famous big clan also had the same powerful combat power.


Although his heart was feeling burdened, Wei PoTian didn’t show his fear as he sneered back at the vampire, “Wanna eat us? Be careful your dog teeth!”


The young vampire’s face immediately sank as he stared at Wei PoTian and suddenly changed his look, exposed a gloomy smiled which had let Wei PoTian felt chilled inside as he said with a lusty tone, “I suddenly feel that it’s not gonna be a bad idea to give you the Embrace. You will have to listen to me then.”



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