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Chapter 85 - Old Aquantance

Chapter 54: Old Acquaintance


The Heaven Snake Serpent had been surviving in the Dark Blood city for many years. Of course, they couldn’t leave hidden dangers around the headquarters. Therefore, all the sniping points around the headquarters were in their control.


However, the sniper distance this time was in the range of the Dawn Light, a mini sniper firearm, product of the Imperial Blackstone Heavy Industry. It was basically the best weapon one could find inside the Dark Blood city. Heaven Snake Serpents was in favor of group fight, as for adventurers, mercenaries, and hunters, Heaven Snake didn’t even bother to put them in his eyes. The Dark Blood had its rules, too much trouble would have led to military intervention.


However, Heaven Snake had just been attacked from an impossible place, a place which was two times further than the safety distance.


What kind of firearms could cause such an injury to Heaven Snake at such a long distance with just one shot? It must be known that the original force’s power, as well as accuracy, would significantly decrease proportionally to the increasing distance as an ordinary sniper rifle couldn’t have done such a thing.


Most of the people were thugs and their lives had started in the slums, or on the streets. With fortune, they got to practice to today’s level, so that they only got to play with machetes and daggers, where could they find such expensive toys like that?


Many people only wore guns mostly for the prestige. Dark Blood city was a place where dragons could be mistaken for fish, and the Black Copper Street was not the only place where guns were forbidden. For them, although the military standard guns were precious, the gunpowder firearms were not bad. Not mentioning of seeing such guns with a thousand meters range, those snakes hadn’t even heard of one.


There was another question, what kind of person could play such a shot?


The answer to this question was easy, which most people had already thought of.


Only the imperial special striker who was trained and by the army could make such an accurate shot within the distance!


Such a talent must have been at least a colonel!


Those who started from the bottom of the society could rely on their own to explore the cultivation, by virtue of talent and effort to train their force, fighting and even assassination and other areas. The only thing they couldn’t do was to become a long-range sniper.


Heaven Snake now understood the reason why these snakes had shown out such abnormal expression, and he also understood why Ye Feng had left the Heaven Snake Serpent at the moment.


Qian Ye, the kid who was robbed by Heaven Snake, a little hunter who was the target of the Absolute Slaughter Order, and his real identity was likely to be the Imperial Army’s main force striker! In the hierarchical arrogance of the empire, such a character couldn’t just appear out of nowhere, as he must have been involved with huge military forces.


Now, Heaven Snake’s mouth was full of bitter taste, and his heart was strengthened with an indescribable feeling that it seemed to be resentment at the most part. Could it be that the government had subconsciously infiltrated his domain by letting him call the strikes that had now brought the imminent destruction of to the doorsteps of his gang?


The resentment named Qian Ye, also named Yu Ying Nam and the one who had suggested him to bring her to the Deadly Arena. If not to force Yu Ying Nan to get in the ring, he would not have encountered Qian Ye. If Qian Ye had revealed even the slightest record of his military background, Heaven Snake would have never robbed his things.


Heaven Snake suddenly remembered a little thing that he had almost forgotten, he had heard people said a few things about the Yu family, so that as long as it was still coping with rules, there was no need to be too afraid of the Hunter’s House, but now how could such a guy like Qian Ye have a military background?


Heaven Snake tried to make his not-too-complicated brain to think, but then he felt a cold aura that ran through his spine and had expanded out his entire back. Whether or not he was being used as a gun, he had fallen into the chaos.


The war between the Empire and the Dark Race had lasted for over a thousand years, and talented people were born in this era. Any person who originated from the army could easily sweep clean a gang. Such a sniper like Qian Ye was even more terrible, as long as he had a gun in hand, anyone in his few kilometer range couldn’t escape death!


Heaven Snake could already see his gloomy futures waving at him ahead. It would always be days in always being vigilant, afraid to go out, didn’t dare to stick his head out in public, or not even appear in front of the window, and could only sleep in a windowless room! Even if he could have lived such a life like that, what about the other people, even if Qian Ye could only fire one shot per day, but who knew who was going to be his goal today?


Cold sweat was pouring out on Fei Niao’s forehead as he quietly moved two steps away from the exposed window. He could still clearly remember that Qian Ye had said that it wasn’t the end between them.


Looked at his henchmen, Heaven Snake suddenly felt disheartened and he heavily said, “If you have any ideas, just say it now!”


Everyone looked at each other in confusion. After pushing and yielding at each other for a while, finally the old snake was pushed out and he said, “My Lord, we cannot confront against the Imperial Corps. Unless… unless the big boss behind you will come out and say something to us.”


Everyone knew that the old snake’s last words were simply nonsense.


Heaven Snake’s face stretched into a bitter smile and he slowly said, “Immediately cancel the Absolute Slaughter order. First, make people not to go out a lot these days. Then, tomorrow morning, I will personally go to Mr. Er. That’s it, dismissed!”


The senior group of the Heaven Snake Serpent slowly left in silence. After all, there was only Heaven Snake and the old snake left. That old snake was only a level two cultivator, but he had followed Heaven Snake from the first day of Heaven Snake’s formation.


Heaven Snake looked at him and exclaimed, “We are all old.”


The old snake was stunned, but quickly said, “No! We just need to get over this gate and the Heaven Snake Serpent will be thriving!”


After hearing the words, Heaven Snake’s face gradually turned cheerful as he grinned: “Yes! This is just a small mark! If we could’ve made up such a big world, we can also rebuild it!”


The two old brothers left the room one after the other, but Heaven Snake as looked at the old snake’s silhouette as his eyes revealed a vague murderous intent. Yes, that consulting strategy was useful, but it was also not easy. If he didn’t want to be thrown out to be a human shield, he must prove that they were valuable.


At the moment, Qian Ye was following along the proposed route to the Snake Lair. As approaching the headquarters, he suddenly saw a figure from the distance afar. His heart slightly moved as recognizing that it was Ye Feng. Qian Ye didn’t know that Ye Feng had already been out of the Heaven Snake Serpent. Though even if he had known, it wouldn’t have prevented him from killing this person.


Qian Ye turned around and quietly changed the route into a parallel alley to follow after Ye Feng. It seemed like Ye Feng was in hurry. Soon, the South Streets District was thrown behind, the road in front of them was spacious, and the crowd on two sides of the street gradually became scarcer.


This place was a slums area at the junction between the South Streets District and the East Lake District. Nobody bothered to care about the security situation in this area. Therefore, it became the liveliest underground black market with prosperous trading businesses. In the past, more than ten corpses would have been found after every trading night. Though at this moment when a mysterious storm was wiping through the Monolith Ridge, the Expeditionary Army had put an enhancement force to severely suppress the activities in the streets so that this place had become a bit deserted.


From the gap between two buildings, Qian Ye saw Ye Feng walked into a street of the East Lake District. Therefore, he turned into a fork right in front of him, ready to meet Ye Feng in the next fifty meters.


However, as Qian Ye was walking up for two steps, he suddenly stopped. After that, without hesitation, he quickly climbed up to a wall by the left side of the street, and then lightly made a flipped turned over a cottage roof and rested his entire body close down on the roof, immediately merged as one to the night.


Not far away in a bar, several youths in mercenary dresses suddenly came out, they were all drunk judging by the alcohol aura emitting out from their bodies that were steaming up to the sky. Moreover, they couldn’t even walk straight on the road.


These young people were singing an out of tune song, roaring out something funny and giggling at each other. They also raised the bottles in their hands from time to time, stuffed it into their mouths and fiercely choked down the liquid inside.


From that crowd, Qian Ye found a familiar figure, although his body was burlier, and his face looked completely different, Qian Ye still recognized him as that most annoying mercenary, who was Wei PoTian.


Wei PoTian was considered the most promising genius found at the Xiang Yang competition as he was originally selected by the Broken Winged Angel. He did have extraordinary talent and potential. Not long after joining the Broken Winged Angel, had broken through level three, and now, it could be seen from his appearance that he had ignited the fourth node.


Looking at Wei PoTian trembling and crooking to hit a companion buddies, and then took advantage of the situation to grab the other’s shoulder and wrestled, Qian Ye could not help but think of the coincidental fight that year. Though he also thought of the three promises they had with each other, as well as his handmade silver warhead which Qian Ye had already slammed deep down under the ground.


Today, Qian Ye had no longer been hurt by ordinary sterling silver, and all of the old memories had seemed to be centuries away from him, but Qian Ye simply couldn’t show up himself, guessing that he was probably listed in the dead list of the military data.


Since the moment he saved the Red Scorpion’s little rookie, Qian Ye had have this abandoned mainland was also the mission area of the elite army. Even he had repeatedly wanted to meet with former comrades, but he had never expected that he would actually meet Wei PoTian in the Dark Blood city.


This noble dandy, the rising star of the most elite Legion, of course, would not appear at this place without a reason. In fact, although those several young people looked deadly drunk, but they all had unusual calm and stable paces, which meant that their original force cultivation were condensed and strong. None of them was weak. At least they were all level four soldiers. It must be known that these people were the Broken Winged Angle’s soldiers, if competed with the same level adventurers or mercenaries.It would obviously be using power to suppress.


Qian Ye did not move as he observed those drunken youths  swaggering away on the street. Broken Winged Angle did not just suddenly appeared in the Dark Blood city, but he also appeared in camouflage, then of course, it couldn’t be vacation.


Though didn’t wait for the group to leave, a faint white mist suddenly appeared in front of them, and covered the entire street. Wei PoTian was still shouting in drunkenness and wrestling with his companions, but the other had found the abnormal changes of the surrounding environment, immediately straightened their bodies, and exposed defensive stances.


A tall, thin man slowly walked out from the fog slowly. He was wearing a metal mask, and holding in his hands a two meters long sword. There was black aura wandering around the sword, as dense as essence!


As he had just appeared, an undefeatable momentum immediately enveloped the surrounding! It looked like there was black fire rising from the man, and the flame was expanding a few meters high to the sky!


At the moment, even the thick-nerved Wei PoTian had also found that something was wrong, and stunningly looked at the mysterious man.


He stopped in front of the crowd of youthd, issued a hoarse and low laughter, and said: “Little Broken Winged Angle, you are all brave, but your lucks are not good.”


Wei PoTian’s face turned pale. Under the pressure of that man, the entire bones in his body issued a creepy cracking sound. The other soldiers were worse off than Wei PoTian because blood started to drip out from their noses.


Fog did not affect his dark night vision as he looked at the distance, and his heart was very dismayed, “His force has become entity! That mysterious man is the god of war level of strength!”



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