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Chapter 84 - Distance

Chapter 53: Distance


The woman answered to showed that she had gotten his order and was about to leave. It could be seen that she did not want to stay by Yu Ren Yan’s side even for just one second.


“Wait!” Yu Ren Yan stopped her.


The young woman’s body was suddenly startled, but she didn’t have the bravery to show it out as she could only show a forceful smile.


Yu Ren Yan suddenly shook his head and said, “Nothing, get out.”


After the young woman had left, Yu Ren Yan sat in the chair and rescanned his memory. Since he came back, that wrongful feeling kept wandering inside his mind as if he had ignored something very important. In the end, he simply stopped wondering, concentrated and started to dig down every single piece of memories from the city back to home, from all the places and experiences.


After a while, he heavily slapped his thigh and his pupils quickly became dangerous vertical slits! He had thought of it, the problem was the young man which he had passed through in the alley, the young man who was carrying the Hawk Strike!


Though the young man was adorned in a mercenary costume, with a strong slum odor, there was still a faint sweet scent under the pungent taste, and that was the familiar smell which Yu Ren Yan had tasted out from the carrion. This was the taste of original force. Yu Ren Yen would not be wrong!


The young man was the bastard who had killed Qi Yue, brigadier Wu Zheng Nan’s son! At that time, Yu Ren Yan had felt something strange, but then that werewolf that swaggered in the street had attracted his attention.


Yu Ren Yan didn’t think that his negligence would have caused him to miss the core of the task!


He stood up and then slowly sat down as his face revealed an interesting smile.


Through of the footwork that young man had used to quickly open the distance between them, and also the Hawk Strike on his back, Yu Ren Yan knew that this game had become more interesting. Hawk Strike was not something that everyone could play with. From the traces at the scene where Qi Yue was killed, the guy’s original force could not have exceeded level four. Had not broken through level four and that guy could play with Hawk Strike? This could be very contrary to common sense.


Yu Ren Yan took out the map of the Dark Blood city and began to do research on the area where he had encountered that young man. His fingers crossed a few streets, stopped for a while in the mysterious Copper Street, and then reached out to the South Streets District and the East Lake District.


Now that he had seen that guy, then it had no longer been a matter if he was camouflaged or not. He only needed to slowly track, and they would meet again sometime in this chaotic city.


Yu Ren Yan was not anxious, he had a premonition that it would be an exciting hunt before the mysterious answer was figured. Level three or four of cultivation, military fighting strategy, Hawk Strike, long-ranged sniper technology… if Wu Zheng Nan knew of these pieces of information, how would he react?


At the small hotel, Qian Ye finally woke up from his sleep and he ordered a large tube of hot water, opened the wrappers which had had casually applied around the wounds three days ago and got ready to change the medicine for it. Though as rounds after rounds of wrappers were removed, Qian Ye was surprised to find that most of the wounds had closed their mouth. As the Dark Force inside the wound, they had long been gone. Moreover, the healing speed was much faster than he had expected!


After washing and putting medicine on the largest, deepest wound on his left rib which still remained a little Dark Force, Qian Ye finally noticed of what had happened.


The area around the wounds was surrounded with numerous blood strings, even the purple blood strings were also joining the crowd. These blood strings were constantly biting down on the Dark Force and slowly assimilated with them after swallowing. Obviously, in these three days, the wounds were slowly getting a self-purification.


The most troublesome part of the injury was solved!


The purple blood’s speed was faster than the other seven blood groups. After having swallowed almost all of the Dark Force, it became lazy, slowly swam into the vampire’s physical ability’s charm and entrenched the place. The purple blood string began to grow significantly and constantly spilled more strings which were thinner than hair into the vampire’s charm.


The charm began to grow and then changed into a more complex new charm. In this process, all the blood auras inside Qian Ye’s began to surge as his heart began to force out strong pulses and sped up the blood flow several times faster!


Forces inside Qian Ye’s body began to self-flock to the heart to be inhaled by it. Then, in a blink of an eye, the heart started pumping bright color of blood to flow throughout the entire body.


With this special blood flocked to his entire body, Qian Ye just felt like there were tens of thousands of ants were crawling all over. The pain and itch were extremely uncomfortable. Except that his mind was still able to think as his whole body seemed to have lost contact with the central neural system. Finally, he was paralyzed on the bed with his head planted down.


Inside Qian Ye, even the smallest cell was activated to the maximum. Blood, muscle, bone… were constantly growing and changing their structure. It was a very mysterious feeling as if this entire world were alive, even the slightest bit dust in the air had its own life, birth, growth, aging, perishing.


Qian Ye’s heart was like being hanged on a high cliff. The tiny world inside his body’s mutations must have had something to do with force, but he couldn’t figure out what was the problem.


Qian Ye didn’t know how the human body with the dawn force could fall into the darkness’s side until he had encountered the Bloody Rose team. At that moment, the Dark Sun was about to break through the barrier. After that, his mind had always been covered in fear. However, the only thing he could do was to keep his teeth clenched tight and stay sane as if it would be able to keep the light to stay with him.


The entire force inside Qian Ye’s body quickly rushed into his heart and was swallowed in just a twinkle of an eye!


Until then, the heart was no longer pumping the special blood, but Qian Ye’s internal changes and growth had continued for a whole day and night before it gradually stopped.


When the entire process was completed, Qian Ye got out of bed as he stood barefoot on the cold stone floor to look at his own hands and feet and it looked as if there was nothing unusual, but he felt strange, as if his limbs and the central neural system were very far, and he was no longer able to control his own body.


He walked toward the mirror by the closet side, but had lost his balance and staggered, so he stretched out his hand to hold onto the back of the chair. Suddenly, he heard a burst of a creaking sound and the iron pipe chair had been clutched till it was twisted!


Qian Ye was surprised, looked at his hands, and felt overwhelmed as he had just grabbed the chair and unintentionally rubbed it a few times, and the chair had turned into a pile of scrap iron. What kind of power was this?


Originally, with his strength, Qian Ye could still have competed against a level five soldier. However, even with Heaven Snake’s specified body of a level five soldier, unless he had exploded the force, Qian Ye would have easily suppressed him!


The charm was still the vampire’s physical ability, but now it had been upgraded with a progressive ability.


Qian Ye took out a dagger and drew a line on his arm. The drawing was like cutting in specially treated leather. He had to put in quite a bit of force to be able to cut through the skin. The dagger had tipped into his skin and left a finger length wound which was about one centimeter in depth.


As the wound appeared, the surrounding muscles automatically contracted to cover the wound and only let a tiny bit of blood emitted out as Qian Ye’s blood inside began to surge and gathered around the wound. Under the healed skin, the wound began to close its mouth. A moment later, internally, now appeared bursts of an itchy feeling. According to this recovery rate, it was estimated that the entire wound would be healed as ever after only one night.


After having recovered from the thrill, Qian Ye silently remembered the data in his mind in caution for the future fighting against higher level vampires in the future.


He put down the dagger, started training his hands and feet on the spot. After practicing several basic exercises of the army fighting, the familiarity slowly came back to him, and the imbalanced sense also slowly disappeared.


Qian Ye went to the mirror to look. Fortunately, he still had a human appearance and there weren’t a lot of changes besides that the contours were more refined and soft, the skin was more delicate and elegant and even his pores had seemed to have disappeared.


Qian Ye’s face suddenly blacked out and he angrily knocked off the mirror with a kick.


He looked up at the mechanical clock on the wall. It was three hours to midnight. He still had time to eat something. When Qian Ye opened the costume bag, once again he felt angry and set aside the wrinkles and fake beard tools, and only used the skin color to turn himself into a dark yellow look of a person of malnutrition.


In the next three hours, Qian Ye had changed four the four hotels, and only after eating enough portions of five adult’s weights did the gnawing feeling inside his internal organs ease down.


Since the vampire’s constitution had been upgraded, Qian Ye’s entire body started clamoring of hunger. It was the general outcome of the energy scarcity after promoting. Because of the absence of energy agents, he could only rely on ordinary food to refill. Therefore, the ten portions were as if it was filling a bottomless pit.


Qian Ye finally appeased his stomach by the scheduled action time. Then, like a ghost, he disappeared into the vague night of the Dark Blood city.


In the headquarters of the Heaven Snake Serpents, Heaven Snake finally woke up from his coma as he moved, but a tiny movement had made him feel like being torn from the left side of his body. Fortunately, he still had feelings at the arms and the thighs.


“Anyone else here?” Heaven Snake called out, the family doctor and his henchmen immediately pushed open the door. Heaven Snake waved at the doctor to check his hand, then said with a solemn voice, “I haven’t died yet, tell everyone to come in.”


Heaven Snake was helped to go to the restaurant and sat down, the gang’s high-level people were all surrounding at the huge round table with a rich platter placed in the center, In contrast, as several seats were empty and had made it seemed a bit desolate.


Heaven Snake’s temple veins jumped a few times, and then he quietly asked, “Where is Mr. Liao?”


An old snake looked around and waited, but no one had dared to talk, so he had to bite the bullet and said, “Mr. Liao… was killed last night as he was found dead in his home with a force gunshot in his heart.”


“What gun?” Heaven Snake coldly asked.


“From the traces of the scene to judge, it might be… a Butcher.”


Heaven Snake’s double pupils suddenly shrunk. This had excluded that some little eye-closed thieves had come and visited Mr. Liao. Such a person who could afford the Butcher would absolutely never do such a thankless dirty job. The only explanation left was that the person was heading toward the Heaven Snake Serpent.


Heaven Snake’s eyes swept through the table and asked, “Where is Ye Feng?”


Everyone  was looking at each other, and finally the old snake was still the one who answered, “Ye Feng had announced that from now on he had nothing to do with Heaven Snake Serpent, and then joined the Inflammation gang.”


Bang! Bang!


Heaven Snake heavily slammed on the table and shocked the discs to chaos! This time, he had used too much force and caused affection to his wound. Immediately, the pain made his eyebrows to twitch together.


Ye Feng was one of the four masters of Heaven Snake Serpent as his announcement would create a massive damage for the gang at this moment, but Inflammation was the largest gang in the Dark Blood city, and its leader was a level-six cultivator. Heaven Snake couldn’t provoke this master by any case. For this move of Ye Feng, he could only swallow the bitter fruit.


Heaven Snake stood up and said, “Did you find the sniper spot? Take me there!” This time, the fine beveled wooden table was burst broken into pieces while all of the food rolled to the ground. Heaven Snake didn’t even take a glance as the mess but continued heading outside.


After a moment, Heaven Snake was standing at the spot where Qian Ye had accomplished the sniper mission. He went to the window, pulled a chair to sit down, and copied Qian Ye to look out the window. From this position, he could observe the entire Heaven Snake Serpent’s front building in an impeccable angle.


Heaven Snake turned around, looked at the henchmen behind him with a ferocious look. There were lights flashing in these people’s eyes but did not dare to look back at him. Even the arrogant Fei Niao was also desperately keeping his head down, staring at his toenail and didn’t look up.


Everybody knew that there was no problem with the angle here.


The problem was… distance.



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