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Chapter 83 - Chaotic Night

Chapter 52: Chaotic Night


The two confronted for a few seconds, and then at the same time, they sniffed hard in the air and smelled the taste of the powerful dark blood from each other.


“What is your clan? Why are you here?” The girl whispered.


“This is also what I want to ask.” Qian Ye answered


The girl’s double pupils surged up with blood and shrieked, “Are you not gonna interrupt my meal?”


“I’m going to leave, but I have to say that your taste is not really high!”


“This is none of your business!” The girl threateningly revealed the vampire fangs in her mouth.


Qian Ye slowly used the same pace to recede, and then slowly continued to walk downstairs.


The vampire girl’s eyes flashed with several fierce lights. Though she hesitated for a while after hearing Qian Ye’s stable footsteps and remembered the bloody lights in his eyes earlier. And finally, she gave up and continued to quietly walk upstairs.


Qian Ye felt relieved as he got out of the building as he quickly started the Art of Retaliations to press down the Dark Blood which he had just forcefully woken up earlier.


The risk to be exposed would be higher if he had stayed any longer since having smelled the girl’s bloody aura, he decisively started the dark vision, and also tried to urge the Dark Blood inside him. The effect was surprisingly good and had let the girl to mistakenly think that he was the same species with her.


Qian Ye put this incident behind, sped up his pace and left to another scheduled goal.


After an alley, Qian Ye passed through a tall and eccentric man. The two suddenly felt chilled and opened a further distance from each other.


Qian Ye didn’t stop but continued leaving.


The man stood for a while, looked at Qian Ye’s back and thoughtfully frowned as he suddenly said to himself, “That man was the Hawk Strike on his back! Strange, could he come from another expeditionary squad which I don’t know of?”


He shrugged, disgustingly spat out and said, “Expeditionary Army is the most disgusting garbage! But how can this guy give me such a familiar feeling?”


This weird man was Yu Ren Yan. He had taken a hunting trip at the Dark Blood city as a real vacation and it just wasn’t enough for him to go out of the city on a lone Dark Races hunt these days. Therefore, he had also joined a mercenary group and participated in a small battle against the Ghost Spider. Not until the wilderness’s situation had tensed up did he return to the city.


He couldn’t realize Qian Ye who had completely changed his appearance. Moreover, Qian Ye was carrying the Hawk Strike, and the person who could use this weapon was not gonna have a simple identity in the expeditionary army. The last thing he wanted to do was to start a fight with such a soldier, and even if it was to start, he might not be able to defeat a person with a Hawk Strike.


He stood there for a while with the feeling that something was not right. In the end, he couldn’t find any useful clue in his mind. Therefore, he helplessly gave up the problem and left. However, as he had just gotten out of the street, Yu Ren Yan suddenly saw a guy walking in haste from the opposite side. He immediately called out, “Stop!”


That man stopped, slowly turned around, grinned at Yu Ren Yan and said:, “Wanna die?”


After stretching his finger joints and causing them to issue crackling sounds, he gloomily said: “I think you are the one who wanna die! I can smell the stink of those gray dogs on you!”


The guy slightly bent over and coldly said, “Hunter… no wonder, then what? Do you think I’m the same as the other werewolves? Then, you are wrong!”


“Oh. That’s perfect. I’m totally different from the other hunters.”


said, then Yu Ren Yan took a big step toward the guy.


The battle broke out in an instant, and also ended in an instant!


A small half of the street was bombarded into the ruins, and then the two separated out of each other, headed out to two opposite direction and disappeared in the darkness in a blink of an eye, leaving a neighborhood in chaos, behind.


Not far away, Qian Ye was rushing toward a five-story small building. This battle had also surprised him to turn around and looked. Followed the sound, Qian Ye could only see a shadow that flashed through the alley.


Whether it was the speed of the wind or the original force emitting in the atmosphere, they had all caused Qian Ye’s heart to beat faster. Though he quickly calmed down, in this night of crisis, the more one acted normal, the safer he was.


The Dark Blood city was very abnormal at the moment as he didn’t know how many of the Dark Races had come in, and every one of them was acting all rampant.


However, Qian Ye knew that this situation would not last long. At least the Expeditionary Force wouldn’t let it to. They would soon use the most ruthless way to find and murdered all the Dark Races inside the city, but this search had always accidentally injured much more humans than the dark races. When the city lost its order, the civilians who couldn’t protect themselves were always the one who bore the brunt.


Having settled down his mind, Qian Ye started to evaluate the small building’s environment.


This building was obviously on a different level compared to the slums building. Its floors, ceilings, and windows, including the external walls, were all newly painted. It was also equipped with several large metal pipes which were entrenched in the external walls and was used to transport fuel, steam and hot water. Behind the hall was an office with a robust guard sitting inside, and the front hall even had a parking lot.


Those who could live here were considered the upper class in the Dark Blood city.


As Qian Ye walked straight to the door, that security guard immediately stood up, swaggering his two meters tall-fat-big body toward Qian Ye to block his way and said, “Hey, kid, who are you looking for? This is not the place where you can wander…”


The security maliciously beat the stick in his hand in an arrogant rhythm and looked at Qian Ye who was fully adorned in mercenary cloth. However, his haughty manner didn’t get to last any longer because Qian Ye had sincerely given his belly a good punch!


Qian Ye’s entire forearm disappeared into the security’s abdomen. He wide opened his eyes as blood quickly escaped from his face, and then bounced back and turned it into dark red.


As soon Qian Ye had just retrieved his fist, the security immediately kneeled down to the ground, and slowly bent over as Qian Ye knocked the knife’s handle to the back of his neck and the security immediately fell down, losing consciousness.


After dragging him back to the duty room and shutting the door, Qian Ye headed upstairs. In a blink of an eye, he had already reached the fifth floor. This floor had only had two families, Qian Ye stopped by the left door, and then knocked it.


Soon, a small window on the door opened, revealed a shrewd and thin face as he looked at Qian Ye and asked with a cautious voice, “Who are you?”


The man was quickly stunned as soon as he had just finished his words because a dark muzzle was now pointed at his face through the small window. That muzzle was particularly large and deep down inside it was flowing with powerful original force. The man was scared out of his wits. The iron door was no different than a thin paper in front of this gun!


“Open the door,” Qian Ye faintly said.


Though not waiting for the man to have action, Qian Ye’s left hand and grinned on the small window. The sudden force immediately rushed out and passed to the door cause its entire iron frame to fall down after a roaring sound!


The other family’s window suddenly opened and revealed a middle-aged woman’s fat face. She looked out, and the face anger immediately became dismayed, the scarlet thick lips were wide opened, enough to stuff a large valve into it.


Snapped, the woman immediately shut the small window. Next up, the entire room’s lights were dimmed down, and then from the inside, the room sounded like something heavy fell to the ground. In the end, all the sound fell back in silence.


Qian Ye didn’t care if the woman had really fainted or was playing dead. He walked straight into the room without fortifying as the middle-aged man kept retrieving backward under the threat of the Butcher until he fell onto the sofa.


Qian Ye pulled a chair over, sat down in front of the man, and then calmly asked, “Mr. Liao?


The man’s face turned as pale as the color of soil as he hurriedly said, “Yes… I am. Hero, we can just talk, I have a little face in the Heaven Snake Serpents gang. You just need to tell me what you want and I’ll do it for you as long as I can!”


Qian Ye smiled and said: “Very simple, I want the price of my head. Sound like it was a thousand gold coins!”


Mr. Liao jumped up and exclaimed, “You are Qian Ye! You actually dare… dare to come back?”


“Not only have I returned, but I had also prepared a lot of gifts for Heaven Snake. Mr. Liao, you are one of them.”


“I. . .”


Mr. Liao wanted to say anything, but Qian Ye didn’t give him this opportunity as he turned the Butcher’s drum magazine and pulled the trigger. The original force of energy quickly shot out of the chamber, easily pierced through Mr. Liao’s body, and left a huge hole between his chest and abdomen.


Mr. Liao bowed his head down, watched the horrible empty space in his stomach while his mouth issued a suffocated cry as he raised his hands in panic and wanted to cover the wound, but as the hand was lifting up half way, he fell back on the sofa and was no longer moving.


Qian Ye stood up and heard a slight sound from the room inside. That should be Mr. Liao’s family. From the data, he had a wife, two concubines and a few children, but this time Qian Ye did not intend to expand the killing. Therefore, he turned away to leave.


Killing Mr. Liao would cause heavy damage to the Heaven Snake Serpent. Theoretically, Mr. Liao was half of the reason why the gang could have been developed to this extent.


Heaven Snake’s strength of a level five cultivator was considerably in the highest level of the Dark Blood city, but his special ability was to defend rather than attack. Therefore, in this city, where power played the ultimate role, he was not the strongest. It was because of Mr. Liao. He could have eased down the relationships with all the forces, and even gradually climbed on the expeditionary forces.


Killing Hei Lang and Mr. Liao was equivalent to cutting off the two poisonous fangs of Heaven Snake. There were three masters in the gang, but Fei Niao should have been scared off his gallbladder. After the other two masters in the Heaven Snake Serpent were injured, Heaven Snake should think about what to do in the future as the Heaven Snake Serpents was not the only gang inside the Dark blood city.


Tonight, all of Qian Ye’s operation had given good results. He was ready to go back to dormant rest and nurture his body from the wound injuries. After two more days, he would continue to find trouble with those snakes.


Back to the small hotel, Qian Ye directly fell asleep on his bed. Today, his power consumption was quite big and now, he was tired to death.


In a small building at the other end of the city, Yu Ren Yan was standing in the bathroom and pouring down a pot of ice water from his head. He had three deep and long wounds. Based on the flesh and blood exposed outside, the wound had almost opened up his abdomen.


As ice water rushed from the wound, his face suddenly twitched a few times, but a lot shattered meat and blood congestion had been washed out of the wound.


Yu Ren Yan took out a bottle of black medicine and directly pumped it through the wound’s mouth.


A blue flame shot out from the nozzle! Flame only licked on the wound for one second then disappeared, but Yu Ren Yan was in so much pain that he fell to the ground and was constantly twitching and rolling. Finally, he crazily gasped to endure the unbearable pain as his eyes revealed resentment and madness, but also a little excitement.


That guy was very strong, not only had he reached level six since his fighting skills were also not weaker than Yu Ren Yan. After the short fight, they had all lost. Yu Ren Yan was badly injured, but that Han was not much better.


And so when the pain was over, Yu Ren Yan put on his clothes, got out of the bathroom, called in a pretty young woman and said to her: “Ask the headquarters what is happening in the Dark Blood city recently and how come so many Dark sh** are appearing here?”

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