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Chapter 81 - Hawk Strike

Chapter 50: Hawk Strike


The leader was a middle-aged man. He wore a black long windbreaker on which the collar and cuffs were embroidered with Bloody Rose patterns. His face was particularly pale, the double pupils were as red and pure as rubies.


This was obviously an entitled noble vampire!


He looked at the ground with piles of vampire’s body, leaned over, and after flashing several times, he appeared by the elder’s body. When he found that all the vampire’s fangs had been pulled out, his face suddenly flashed a faint rage and heavily grunted. The plant around suddenly lodged aside and bounced in the gloom.


He took a deep breath, distinguished the taste which had not yet faded out in the air, and then pegged to the direction from which Qian Ye had just left, but his face was flashed with doubts, “Strange! How could there be a taste of a noble vampire? This taste… This taste…”


He was going to chase him down, but at this time, at the very distant sky suddenly flashed a few lights. A moment later, a faint lightning had stroke down.


A black airship which was decorated with a red pattern was burning and falling from the air. Several giant ferocious fleets were breaking through the clouds and hotly pursuing after the airship. From the attacker, numerous silver-white lights were constantly striking the falling airship.


From the front, the airship was obviously a vampire’s design. The body of the bloody rose and the name of the body of the body of the decoration was exactly the same. His face immediately changed, and then from the distance sounded a sharp buzzing sound.


There were bloody waves surging inside the middle-aged man’s pupils as he angrily said, “Despicable dirty humans! Only knowing how to rely on numbers to win! Da** it!”


A young lady vampire who was standing next to him rushed, “Sir, this is an emergency call. We need to come within the specified time!”


Middle-aged vampire grunted and unwillingly looked at the direction where Qian Ye had just fled off. After that, he quickly rushed towards the signaling place and the vampire fighters immediately followed after him.


At the moment, Qian Ye was running like crazy in the wilderness and had completely let go of the thoughts of hiding his trail. Just now, a very tyrannical spyche that had swept through and firmly locked on him twice. Such a powerful mind that had let Qian Ye know, that he would completely be unable to contend this enemy. Therefore, the only thing he could do was to put his life on the run.


Fortunately, that consciousness seemed to have encountered something, or perhaps was not interested in such small prey like Qian Ye. In the end, it had suddenly receded, and then never appeared again. However, Qian Ye didn’t dare to stop but used his full speed to rush over hundreds of kilometers. Not until having escaped to the expedition army’s territory was he relieved.


After a short break, Qian Ye headed back to the Dark Blood city. It seemed like something was about to happen on the wilderness, as the powerful masters of the Dark Race had continued to show up in this area, and so did the Red Scorpion Corps. A huge whirlpool was forming and the wilderness was now no longer suitable for the hunters.


It was not a good choice to leave the Monolith Ridge territory since the public transport such as the airship should have probably been suspended. The ground had become even more dangerous. Qian Ye had been prepared to hide inside the Dark Blood city for a while to concentrate on the original force practice. He just wondered if that cute little rookie got to go back smoothly.


Even if the wilderness was silently surging in chaos, this Eternal Gateway was still fully open, as domineering as ever. However, Qian Ye now knew that, after facing those powerful mysterious people, it had no difference between opening or closing the gate.


When Qian Ye had already finished getting ready to enter the city, he encountered an expeditionary army brigade that had also rushed into the Dark Blood city.


This endless team had up to nearly ten thousand soldiers and hundreds of chariots standing guard. Up high, the flying imperial flag named a major general. This time, he was standing in the command car with the arms crossing in front of his chest. Although the gray-haired had clearly revealed his age, his murderous intent was so condensed that it would turn into real entities at any time. At the first glance, one could know that he was a ruthless person.


It seemed like the expedition army had finally had responded to the wilderness’s situation and greatly enhanced the defensive powers inside the Dark Blood city. Qian Ye waited for half hour until the Expeditionary Army disappeared into the city and only then did he blend into the crowd to head inside.


Since the expeditionary forces in the city had suddenly doubled up and broken the balance pattern, all the parties of the city had to carefully subdue their activities. Not even a single thug from the big gangs was found wandering on the streets as it was before.


Of course, Qian Ye wouldn’t have gone back to his house. He avoided the South Streets District and booked a room at a small hotel near the East Lake District slums to stay. After that, he went to the mysterious Black Copper Street. As soon as Qian Ye walked inside Mr. Yi’s firearms store, he immediately locked the shop’s door.


This time, the old man was wearing a pair of multi-purpose glasses and looking at a broken piece of metal in his hands. Hearing the moving sounds, he rose his head up to look and as soon as he saw that it was Qian Ye who was walking in, his face immediately turned ugly, “Why you again?”


This time Qian Ye had done a full set of camouflage, not only his face had changed, he also did some tricks on his hands and feet so that his body looked completely different. Though still, that old man still recognized him.


Qian Ye knew that this old man was not a simple person, but his prejudice from him couldn’t be changed by all means. Therefore, he couldn’t treat him with a respectful attitude.


Qian Ye rested against the counter, lit a cigarette and said, “What’s up, don’t want my business?”


“Those snakes are now anxious to dismantle you! You had killed so many of the Heaven Snakes, not only did Hei Lang die, but also Fei Niao who was also scared to retrieve back, that kid had never feared anyone. If the Order still gives no result, Heaven Snake’s dignity will be all wiped out. Therefore, he had increased the bounty ten times higher, your head is now on a full value of one thousand imperial gold coins, and the Heaven Snake had also said that anyone who dared to do business with you would also become his rival. Tell me, how can I do business with you?”


After hearing the old man murmur a lot of nonsense, Qian Ye faintly said, “I have vampire weapons.”


“Take it out, all of it!” His old expression immediately changed.


Looking at Mr. Yi’s blooming wrinkled old face, Qian Ye felt helpless, he had drained out all the words to say. Then, he quietly opened his backpack, took out five of level one force guns and two force swords to put on the counter.


Mr. Yi only glanced at them for a moment, then his entire body was startled, “Bloody Rose family standard pistol! The two swords are also their military standard weapons. Did you kill a Bloody Rose squad?!”


“This is not important.” Qian Ye didn’t want to say too much. He had now put up his guard towards the old man. His ‘eyesight’ was too good. That that old man could have figured out too many clues, if he had exposed any more details in the conversation, Qian Ye was afraid that some of his secrets would be revealed to the light.


After having calmed down, Mr. Yi picked up a force gun, looked at it carefully and murmured, “This handiwork, yes, it is truly the Bloody Rose family’s army. Well, there was a mark… this product was made three years ago.”


Mr. Yi’s fingers suddenly became flexible. In just a blink of an eye, he had uninstalled the original force gun into parts, and then within a few seconds, had completely re-installed them back. Qian Ye even felt dizzy looking at the series of actions and quietly told himself to put more guard on Mr. Yi.


After putting down the original force gun inside his hands, Mr. Yi looked into Qian Ye’s eyes, and said, “A Bloody Rose team leader is at least a level five fighter. He should be equipped with one level two force gun and one original force sword, are you gonna take them all out?”


Qian Ye frowned. Although he was already prepared but was still secretly surprised at his knowledge, he only said, “You cannot give a good price here.”


“Only I can eat the goods in your hand. If you bring it to another home to sell, a few minutes later you will see the snakes.” Ye said coldly with threats revealed in each of his words.


Qian Ye didn’t care about Mr. Yi’s threat and said, “I can wait to sell or even just use them on my own. Maybe not long afterward, that gang will suddenly suffer some accident. The world is changing rapidly, isn’t it?”


Mr. Yi suddenly said, “I’ll give you twenty percent of the upper mainland’s market!”


“Thirty percent.”


“Twenty-five percent! But in the next three months, you have to give me a bottle of wine and three packs of cigarettes every month, that special good.”


“Twenty-seven percent and I will give you fifty milliliters of that special stimulant stock, the main corps level.”




Qian Ye took out two vampire’s force gun and one force sword from his backpack, and a bunch of mixed harvest from the miscellaneous corpses, all piled up on the counter. After that, Qian Ye and took out two purses, poured out hundreds of gold coins and crystal coins on the counter.


At this time, the value of the things piled on the counter was close to a thousand empire gold coins. Qian Ye pushed them forward in staring at  Mr. Yi and said, “I want a Hawk Strike!


Mr. Yi twitched his eyes and slowly said, “These are not enough to get a Hawk Strike.”


“You’ll always have a way. I want it eighty percent new.”




“No, at least seventy percent, it can’t be any lower.” Eagle cannot be too old.


Mr. Yi gently pointed at the counter and said, “Expert ah, little guy! I have some curiosity towards you.”


“That’s not important, at least not as important as the business.”


“How do you know that I can get a Hawk Strike?”


“My feelings.”


Ye Hao laughed, a moment later said, “Three days later.”


Qian Ye did not say anything more this time, directly put half of the cigarette pack on the counter, and then got out of the firearms shop.


Hawk Strike was the remote sniper rifle of the Imperial Corps system’s main force, which belonged to the level four force guns. This level of firearms would only be assigned to officers of the colonel level and above. Even though the Expeditionary Army was also included in the main legion, but because it had been privately expanded, so only the general level officers could be assigned the Hawk Strike.


Although the expeditionary force’s standard weapons had flown to the black market through a variety of channels, it was only the level four force guns, especially such a powerful remote sniper rifle was still very rare. On the other hand, the source was very limited. On the other hand, not many snipers could have properly used this gun.


The remote sniper rifle was different from the ordinary force gun. They must be new enough to be able to maintain the accuracy. If it was lower than sixty percent new, the accuracy would have dropped in a straight line. Moreover, this class of firearms accessories was almost impossible to engage if it wasn’t a full set, and there was no way to handicraft the replacement.


Qian Ye did not hold too much hope originally. If there was no Hawk Strike, then a level three ‘Scouting Needle’ was also reluctantly qualified. Though surprisingly, this sneaky old man appeared to have the channel which not only could digest that much vampire weapons, but also find a seventy percent new Hawk Strike.


After three days, Qian Ye changed his outlook and came to the firearms shop.


Mr. Yi directly threw over a worn-out canvas bag. Its package was also stained with large pieces of mechanical lubricants. Qian Ye opened and looked inside, as it was filled with all kinds of equipment.


At the moment, there were several guests in the store, Qian Ye didn’t bother to care about them but picked up the parts and carefully looked.



Preview Chapter 51: Raid

Qian Ye took out the knife, cut off the rope then said with a low voice, “The more you know, the faster you die. It’s best to just forget what you have just seen.”

After those words, he went out of the room and closed the door behind him. When he left, he was secretly relieved. He knew that if the probability of being exposed was too high, he would have killed them. Though in his knowledge, civilians and soldiers, after all, were still not the same.

Qian Ye leisurely walked down the narrow stairs and the two sides did not have any open doors, the shock earlier did not seem to cause any special reaction. It seemed like they had long been aware of a survivalist truth when doom had not yet knocked on the door, then it didn’t exist.

As he was walking through the corner, a young girl who was rushing from the other side had almost hit him!

In that moment, both Qian Ye and the girl all tilted aside, and staggered by each other.

The two had felt great threat from the other!

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