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Chapter 80 - Little Victory

Chapter 49: Little Victory


The impact was so violent that the two were almost stuck together!


The vampire’s long sword cut through Qian Ye’s left hand’s armor and tore it into a twisted shape so that even Qian Ye’s arm was also injured as Qian Ye roared and pushed his entire body forward, and finally pushed the vampire to stagger backwards!


All the vampires were stunned, since their original attack strategy had lost its effect. How could they lose to a human in a direct fight? This was simply impossible!


At the moment, Qian Ye had already cut through their formation and pushed the vampire to move backward for dozens of meters. Only then, Qian Ye stopped, took out the ax and swung it in hand like thunder lightning. The vampire couldn’t make it in time to retrieve his sword and got hit in the chest.


Qian Ye didn’t make a pause as his left foot then immediately stepped aside, turned around, and made the vampire behind him rushed emptily and crashed into his company who was rushing forward from Qian Ye’s front. The direct hit issued a dull sound of flesh touching each other.


As they were separated, Qian Ye had already flown outside and steadily landed on the ground. As for the two vampires, they had fallen to the ground like dead fish.


The vampire elder’s eyebrows were wrinkled tight as he saw what had just happened. Although this human looked weak, but the giant energy burst out of him was even more powerful than these selected elite vampires! Moreover, his ruthlessness was exposed in every of his instant kill movements.


The elder vampire didn’t want to lose more of his fighters. Therefore, he pulled out the sword, started drawing the blood force and passed it to the blade which caused it to gradually turn transparent. Also, there was mixing blood light as the sound of force shrieking in the air around him.


He waved at his fighters and signaled them to retreat to defense mode, and then rushed towards Qian Ye. However, as he had just started, a sudden exhausted felling quickly invaded his entire body as if a big hole had appeared inside him and was sucking out all of his blood force. As the rich force was being so quickly drained out, his hands became so weak that he was even unable to lift up the sword, and slammed to the ground!


The elder surprised, looked down, and his face immediately became very pale as a frightening exclaim shouted out of his mouth!


According to the unique powerful physique recover system of the vampire, the wound on his arm should have been closed and stopped bleeding, but now it not only didn’t close, but the wound was opening larger as flesh and blood were dropping out. Moreover, the blood was in a dark purple color, and his muscles were falling apart at a visible speed!


Vampire’s blood were red and full of strong vitality, but the blood emitting out from his wound was purple and filled with the rotten taste of death.


As smelling the blood, the elder quickly felt dizzy as he then understood in a blink of an eye and shouted, “Poison! Extremely poisonous!”


The vampire elder trembled, unable to stand still, and then quickly fell to the ground.


The vampires surrounding Qian Ye were all shocked as some wanted to escape the battle circle to check on the elder, while the others immediately changed from defensive to offensive and were ready to attack.


In the chaos, Qian Ye surged up in the scream, seized every point of the gap, slammed, hit, shifted, and instantly killed two people.


The battle quickly ended,  Qian Ye had beheaded all the vampires and his body was also added a few more wounds. These vampires were really troublesome once they had put their life in the fight.


Qian Ye’s wounds were burning and constantly emitting out bloody as well as white smoke. Moreover, the flesh deep inside the wounds had already turned black as if they were charred by fire.


These vampire’s swords were all etched with the force array, which could transmit the dark force through the sword’s blade and passed to the opponent. Qian Ye’s wounds were made of by those dark force powers. To Qian Ye’s years of experience, these injuries were the worst trouble, if he didn’t find a way to completely wash away the dark force, the wounds then couldn’t be healed. And the longer the dark force stay inside, the injuries would turn worse.


The wounds were painful, but this pain also stimulated Qian Ye’s nerves, so that he became more and more excited. At the moment, Qian Ye only felt the blood was boiling inside his body that intertwined with a strong feeling of hunger and excitement. This was about to make him crazy.


Rivers of blood were constantly flowing out on the ground from where the vampire’s corpses were lying. Thick and lusty blood aura climbed up the sky, wandered and filled up around Qian Ye’s nose. In the charm, he subconsciously took a deep breath, and then he immediately regretted of what he had done!


The smell of blood filled up the air surround him suddenly burned up all his sanity as all the blood strings inside him started surging!


Strong hunger and thirst became overwhelmed in a twinkle of an eye. When Qian Ye could no longer hold on to his breath to inhale a thick blood gas, he shrieked like a scavenger that suddenly got to drink a drop of sweet water. The happiness, satisfaction and pleasure was like when a teenage virgin boy first entered inside his beloved goddess’s body which forced him to moan like a beast.


Qian Ye directly rushed to a vampire’s body, got his mouth wide opened and was ready to bite down on the death’s neck!


But deep down inside Qian Ye’s mind, there was a voice that was constantly shouting and wanted to stop him. This sound was very weak, but magically tenacious, even the hunger or pleasure dancing inside his heard couldn’t have suppressed it down.


At the moment, all of a sudden, a rancid smell passed to Qian Ye’s nose and ruined his appetite. Qian Ye quickly looked up to see the elder had stood up with the sword tremblingly held in his hands, staggering towards to him cut down!


Without a word, Qian Ye bowed over then immediately bounced up, directly hit the elder’s arms, quickly grabbed his neck and lifted that giant body up!


At the moment, numerous colorful blood strings inside Qian Ye’s body were boiling up, surging like fishes flying out of the water. The red and purple blood strings constantly shot up from the blood tide and took the lead, which made the force inside his body surged once again.


Inside his body now was like a small world which had almost exhausted out of dawn, and the darkness quickly appeared from emptiness as if it would break through the barrier in the next moment, and its power resonance would have still passed over, pulled the bloodthirsty, murderous and tyrannical to sweep through every corner inside of him.


Without hesitation, Qian Ye used his left hand to crush and break the elder’s neck! He then slowly let go of the corpse, watching the body slide down to the ground. Only then did intense excitement inside his heart vented off as he gradually calmed down.


The vampire’s corpse was emitting more and more thick rancid taste as Qian Ye squatted down and turned his body over, he then saw that the wounds at the corpse’s upper arm had been completely rotted and revealed the white bone. Also, under the elder’s skin also began to appear abnormal large pieces of purple as his mouth was constantly emitting out strings of dark purple blood.


The elder was too careless to rely only on his tyrannical body defense to block Qian Ye force bullet. However, Qian Ye’s original force bullet which contains his blood was fatal to Dark creatures, especially against vampires. Moreover, after the numerous practices of the blood agitated event, the effect was significantly increasing.


Qian Ye tried to press down the desire to draw dry the vampire’s blood and began to search around the battlefield. Rich and thick blood was still emitting an enriched energetic taste, but it was like good and poisonous food which he couldn’t touch. Since that werewolf totem mission, Qian Ye had realized that because of his vampire physical transformation, blood might become the most effective recovery agent, but he still controlled himself from drinking blood, no matter which race.


The original dark force swords used by these vampires were all treasures of the finest art. The force array on the blade were all designed to the specified dark force, using the dawn force would make a significantly reduction in effectiveness. Though if sold in the black market, the price would still be much higher than ordinary weapons.


Each of the swords could be sold for at least ten gold coins. However, after the stormy berserk battle, half of the swords were twisted and damaged under the great force of power. There were only two still remaining completions.


One of them was the long sword of the elder. The sword looked gorgeous with the exquisite and finest workmanship. Qian Ye tried a few swings with the sword, when he pushed the blood force inside the sword, the blade suddenly lit up with thick bloody light. This sword was actually more powerful in Qian Ye’s hands than the elderly’s.


Though as Qian Ye weighed and felt no weight, he immediately lost his fondness for the sword. After putting it back into the scabbard, he continued searching the elder’s body and found a level two force pistol, as well as a bag filled with more than a dozen of crystal coins. The elderly also had a chest armor plate, which was also force armor.


There was no way that Qian Ye would have let go of these fine goods. With the fastest speed he peeled all out. As for the armor fighter’s forceless armor, Qian Ye didn’t even bother to look.


Qian Ye made the last inventory of the loot, a total of six original force gun, the elder’s was level two, and the rest were level one. Around fifty crystal coins and then was a set of breastplate and three force swords. The last thing he did before cleaning the battlefield was to take off all of their fangs.


Qian Ye looked at the bulging backpack and realized this was the first time killing and snatching money could be so fast. In the past in the Red Scorpion, the trophies would be unified by the Legion Recycling. The soldiers were then assessed by meritorious service points. At that time, all the training and learning, and even the cultivation auxiliary products had all consumed a lot of points, so that Qian Ye had always stayed in the empty pocket status, while a large number of points were gradually becoming part of his strength and experience.


Now with these spoils, Qian Ye could have made quite a valuable exchange for resources, especially those rare drugs which could speed up the cultivating process. Although the Art of Retaliations was fast and he had also reached the Soldier King level, but he didn’t forget that he was now practicing the original force to supply for two sources. One was naturally the dawn force, and the other was used to feed those blood strings.


The blood strings had brought Qian Ye numerous changes. The night vision, vampire’s unique physical recover ability were all useful abilities. The tyrannical also let Qian Ye make big improvements in the cultivating process.


Since the blood had become a part of his body, Qian Ye could only accept the truth.


Quickly cleaned up the battlefield, Qian Ye took a quick glance at the hill where the Red Scorpion’s lifeboat had fallen and tried to press down the strong memories surging to get out. The little rookie was the last survivor, and from the elder’s team, it surely had powerful clans in the neighborhood.


Qian Ye was in a fierce mood to find the vampire team and take revenge for that Red Scorpion captain, finally relied on his extreme luck to destroy the opponent. He had also gotten serious injured as this had cooled him down a little bit. Red Scorpion’s task had never been against simple opponents. He could only do this much with his current strength.


Qian Ye took a final glance at the battlefield, turned around and left to the wilderness. Shortly after he had left, the mountain continued to welcome more than ten vampire fighters.



Preview Chapter 50: Hawk Strike

Qian Ye did not hold too much hope originally. If there was no Hawk Strike, then a level three ‘Scouting Needle’ was also reluctantly qualified. Though surprisingly, this sneaky old man appeared to have the channel which not only could digest that much vampire weapons, but also find a seventy percent new Hawk Strike.

After three days, Qian Ye changed his outlook and came to the firearms shop.

Mr. Yi directly threw over a worn-out canvas bag. Its package was also stained with large pieces of mechanical lubricants. Qian Ye opened and looked inside, as it was filled with all kinds of equipment.

At the moment, there were several guests in the store, Qian Ye didn’t bother to care about them but picked up the parts and carefully looked.





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