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Chapter 79 - Kill

Chapter 48: Kill


Qian Ye only respired a bit faster but didn’t drink a drop of water, or use doping. Moreover, he only rested for a few minutes to restore all his power. The little rookie was surprise to look at him with her eyes wide opened.


If she wasn’t wrong, Qian Yes had only ignited his third Force Nodes. On the other hand, he was at the same level as her, but Qian Ye’s performance was incredible, and even caught up with a Red Scorpion captain. His ruthless and murderous determination was also enough to suppress a lot of Black Scorpion veterans.


Qian Yes sat quietly and waited for half an hour to pass. He actually wanted to ask something, but eventually couldn’t find a word to say.


He carefully observed the little rookie.


She was very young with a sweet appearance. A pair of round eyes appeared on the small heart-shaped face like gem shinning, faintly exposed the innocent of an immature teenager.


Such a girl but already reached the third level of cultivation which was equivalent to Qian Ye’s. It seemed that her talent was extraordinary probably had jumped directly to the assessment of the Red Scorpion. Her cultivation method was obviously not the Art of Retaliation. Although there was no speed advantage, but from the power of the second gunshot’s point of view, it must not be worse but even more powerful than Art of Retaliations. It might be some noble family’s secret law.


Though she was not weak, her combat experience was very poor. That Red Scorpion captain had clearly wanted sacrifice himself to hold back those vampire’s feet so she could have escaped. though this little rookie still couldn’t hold back her anger and decided to kill them on the spot and take revenge. After knocking down a vampire, the panic when facing many powerful vampires had cause her to miss the next target.


If not that Qian Yes had showed up, she would had become a blood slave. After that, even death would become a lucid dream for her.


Looking at the rookie, a pitiful sigh secretly sounded inside Qian Ye’s heart. Not long ago, he was also a young rookie, looking forward to a day he could take off his innocent to become a formal Red Scorpion. A very beautiful dream, but the cruel truth of a war had forever changed his fate, also changed the fate of many other people.


After thirty minutes time was up, Qian Ye stood up and shouted with an expressionlessly face, “Extreme fugitive for one hour, keep up with me!”


Qian Yes headed out first and the little rookie immediately jumped to follow behind him.


This time, Qian Ye ran in a straight route and did not deliberately hide his whereabouts. Just like that, an old rookie followed by a young rookie pierced through the wilderness to headed afar.


As they was running, Qian Ye suddenly said, “Look back!”


Little rookie listened, turned around and searched her eyes around. Suddenly, she saw vampire’s figures appeared at the hill where they had rested. She was shocked to speed up her pace and immediately ran a lot faster.


However, Qian Yes didn’t speed up but leisurely ran in a constant pace. He didn’t even bother to look back.


“Are they… gonna… keep up with us?” Asked the little rookie as gasping every bit of her breath.


“They cannot catch up with us. They’ve already so tired to die” Qian Ye lightly replied.


The rookie didn’t take his words to be very trustful. After all, the two sides were now only a few kilometers away. After running for a while, she couldn’t not help but kept looking back, but she saw the vampires stopped at the top of the hill and didn’t follow up. Only after that did she let go of her heart, and Qian Ye’s back in front of her became much taller.


On the top of the hill behind them, and elder vampire was looking after Qian Ye and the rookie’s shadows running away in the wilderness. His face looked livid with the pale lips as if all the blood was drained out. The vampires around him were all wrapping themselves around the cloak. Without a word, they stared at the two human beings who dared to use straight line swaggering across the wilderness.


Those vampires had given up on the chase because they had consumed all of their strength after chasing all the way from the battle field to this place.


“Sir, do we still chase after?” A young vampire made a proposal, but his tone sounds absolutely unconfident.


The elder shook his head and said, “They must get into human’s territory as we catch up. The human Expeditionary Forces is quite a fine trouble to deal with.”


The vampires watched Qian Ye and the rookie fled away, then one by one turned around and disappeared to the other side of the hill.


After one hour, the rookie was able to relief after turning back and saw no vampire chasing after.


Qian Yes stopped, pointed to the front and said, “Follow this direction, the Dark Blood city in a hundred kilometers distance from here. There are Imperial Expeditionary Army garrisons inside that city. Show them your identity and they should help to send you back.”


The rookie forcefully nodded with the last bit of her strength. Her little face immediately lit up with a glory thinking that she finally got out of danger returned to the Red Scorpion Corps. However, thinking of the sacrificed captain, her mouth twitched as tears shedding in her eyes.


Qian Ye’s face sank as he shouted, “Put away your tears! Rookie! Any former Red Scorpion are grown up in countless battlefield between the life and the death. You can be weak at the first battlefield, but it’s simply unforgivable if you keep acting like that at the second one! So, now go to the Dark Blood city, find the expeditionary army! Then back and report to the Red Scorpion! You have four hours, rookie!”


The little rookie instinctively stiffened he body into a former military posture and loudly shouted, “Sir, yes sir!”


Qian Ye nodded, pointed his finger to the Dark Blood city’s direction, and she immediately started running. One hundred kilometer, four hours, she also need to keep the speed close to the extreme fugitive. Though after a few steps, the rookie was stunned and turned back. Qian Ye was still standing at the same place, he was further and further away from her.


“Is he not gonna go back with me?” Thought the rookie.


Qian Yes waved at her, turned around and ran toward the direction where they came.


Inside the rookie’s head suddenly flashed with an idea, “Is he gonna go back and look for those vampire? Is he gonna take revenge for the captain?”


“But this young man obviously not related to the Red Scorpion, why should he do this?” The little rookie had thought to her head cramp but still couldn’t find the answer. Though she still remain the constant speed of the extreme fugitive and head to the Dark Blood city.


“It’s not gonna take long till I come back to the Red Scorpion Corps. This time, I will practice harder, be more brave. And I will come back when I’m fully mature. I wanna come back to look for you.”


The little rookie’s confusing little head suddenly floating a serious problem, “I didn’t even know his name!”


The little rookie stunned. She stopped and looked back, but Qian Ye had already disappeared to the other end of the horizon…


… left her there with a bit of lost, and also disappointed.


Qian Yes was moving forward, the wilderness’s rough and bumpy gullies seemed to be no obstacle under his flexible movements, and he was still accelerating. Without the little rookie dragging behind him, Qian Yes could finally use up to his full power and skill.


An hour later, Qian Yes boarded on the top of a hill, coldly looked hillside where the elder vampire and his henchmen were still climbing up. He stood so condescending like the ruler looking down at his slaves. He had no intend to hide his appearance. He stood there, in front of the vampires, put two mithril bullets into the chamber, then lifted the muzzle.


The elder vampire suddenly felt chill. He was a level five vampire, and all the vampires under his command were level three fighters. Their strength was reasonable to roll flatten over Qian Ye, but for some reason, when Qian Ye had the force gun pointed at him, his old heart felt the panic of an irresistible fear!


The elder was from a famous clan which was known for their strong intuition of danger. With the strength of a level five fighter, even if he was physically weak now, it would not be necessary for him to be afraid of two mithril bullets. As long as the bullet didn’t hit the key points, then he was confident to survive the attack.


Since the vampire did not move, the henchmen under his command couldn’t mover either. The mithril bullet had tyrannical killing effect on them. Although they could rushed up and tore that devious human being into pieces after the two bullets exploded, but it was the perfect end for one who got shot first.


Qian Yes leisurely raised up the gun and slowly approached the vampires one step after the other!


“This human being was going to have a direct combat against them?” A most ridiculous idea shook the elder’s heart. He had participate numerous big and small campaign in his life, one-third of them was against human, but he had never seen such a ridiculous situation. This was entirely suicidal attack!


There was no time for the elder to think about it. He shouted out, ignored the bullet and rushed toward Qian Ye. As a leader with the highest level of cultivation, he had no reason to yield.


Though this time, when Qian Ye’s muzzle pointed at him, the vampire’s heart trembled with an instinctually alert. He suddenly saw the mile blossomed on Qian Ye face, it was the smile appeared when a hunter watching his prey stepped into the trap!




Qian Ye’s muzzle sprayed out a burst of original force of light lead by a solid bullet roaring! The elder painfully shrieked as his arms crossed in front of his face. His vampire’s unique bloody aura merged out and form a solid red blood shield!


The original force bullet broke the blood shield and pierce through the vampire’s arm. After being block by the blood shield, the power of the original force bullet was weakened more than half but still drilled deep to the vampire’s bone. The mithril matter immediately burned the wound to char.


The vampire immediately made the decision seeing the wound was still bearable. He pointed at Qian Ye and shouted, “Kill him!”


The vampire fighters immediately surrounded Qian Ye, but he suddenly pulled out the Butcher, fired two shots, knocked down two vampires. In a close range, Butcher’s powerful shot was worthy of its domineering name. The vampire were bombarded on the spot and fell to collapse on the ground.


The blood fog rose and fell in the air. The freshly cool bloody blended with the flaming gunpowder fragrance created a burning smell as if the grass after the rain, enriched with lively energy. Qian Ye pulled out the mini ax, staring at several surrounding vampire. His heart suddenly burst into excitement which cause his entire body to tremble!


Qian Yes was extremely excited to fight, the most eager fighting temptation was surging inside him!


The vampire warriors pulled out their sword one after the other with a uniformed posture. The sword-points were all cover with vague bloody light. They were obviously not those small clan’s stragglers, but the professional fighters who had already been militarized. Such soldiers also prefer Dark Race’s traditional weapons rather than the original force guns. It was said to play out their advantages of both speed and strength, as well as the powerful racial talent.


In a twinkle of an eye, Qian Ye was surrounded. Though without fear, he fierce stepped on the ground. Where he had set his foot, the soil suddenly surged with waves and quickly spread to all directions! Borrowed the recoil, Qian Ye shot up like a bullet get out of the chamber, ferociously banged to one of the vampires in front of him!



Preview Chapter 49: Little Victory

Qian Ye’s wounds were burning and constantly emitting out bloody as well as white smoke. Moreover, the flesh deep inside the wounds had already turned black as if they were charred by fire.

These vampire’s swords were all etched with the force array, which could transmit the dark force through the sword’s blade and passed to the opponent. Qian Ye’s wounds were made of by those dark force power. To Qian Ye’s years of experience, these injuries were the worst trouble, if he didn’t find a way to completely wash away the dark force, then the wounds couldn’t be healed. And the longer the dark force stay inside, the injuries would turn worse.

The wounds were painful, but this pain also stimulated Qian Ye’s nerves, so that he became more and more excited. At the moment, Qian Ye only felt blood was boiling inside his body, intertwined with a strong feeling hunger and excitement. This was about to make him crazy.

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