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Chapter 78 - Another Rookie

Chapter 47: Another Rookie


Qian Ye left the cave with ten more kilograms in his backpack, including one of the level two force gun, five primitive physical bullets, more than a dozen of gold coins, as well as some equipment, and food to survive in the wilderness.


One day later, Fei Niao brought his henchmen and appeared outside the cave. This time, they looked so pathetic with dirt all over their clothes, and some had even gotten injured.


Every single one of the snakes all felt tired. Also, there were only six people that followed after him as the rest were all left behind. At the moment, those snakes had nothing left of the arrogance when they had first got out of city.


When they saw Li Lun Zhe’s corpse inside the cave, Fei Niao’s face suddenly became extremely ugly. He was arrogant, but not a fool, it was clear that this so called Hunter’s House youngest generation of the strong was a real powerful opponent. And in the wilderness where the strength of hunters were given a full play, even Fei Niao couldn’t say that he could have defeated Li Lun Zhe on an one on one battle.


But now, Li Lun Zhe was dead, and had had a very painful death.


Flying Fei Niao squatted down. Regardless of the contamination fear, he used his bare hands to take off all of Li Lun Zhe’s clothes, and then carefully looked at every dried wound. The more he observed, the paler Fei Niao’s face turned. This was remarkably professional and delicate punishment method! Fei Niao knew that if he was Li Lun Zhe, he wouldn’t even be able to stand for one minute under this method. Such a psycho like him who had sought for happiness by always killing always had a weaker mind than normal people.


If to feel in Qian Ye’s heart, the best way was to immediately commit suicide.


Hei Lang’s dead body suddenly flashed through Fei Niao’s mind… he slowly stood up and said, “Gather up the team! We will return to the city!”


All the snakes were relieved, immediately followed Fei Niao, and left in haste. The more they tracked, the more frightened they felt. They had always been chasing but couldn’t even touch their enemy’s sleeve. The horrible deaths of their companions along the way had also made these snakes which had always walked sideways in the Dark Blood city finally felt the real fear.


“Isn’t Qian Ye just a level three soldier?” This was the question floating in side all the snake’s minds.


At the moment, Qian Ye was standing on a mountain about tens of kilometers away from the snakes, looking at the surrounding environment as he looked at the direction of his previous hiding cave, “Should that Fei Niao be on the way to retrieve? As long as he’s not very stupid or crazy…”


Qian Ye opened the map. Some locations had been marked down. These were the ambush positions which constituted a heavy layer of defense crossing by Fei Niao’s way of retreat back to the Dark Blood city.


Now that Fei Niao had lost his zeal and also drained out of a lot of energies which resulted after chasing for days and nights nonstop in the wilderness, he was still capable of finding the cave an hour earlier than the estimated time. Though, it also meant that Fei Niao had consumed almost all of his physical strength. This time, Qian Ye didn’t intend to let him go back.


After killing Hei Lang and Fei Niao, what were the so-called four masters of Heaven Snakes would lose their strongest two, and would have become a heavy shock for Heaven Snake.


As Qian Ye was choosing the ambush location, he suddenly felt something strange inside his heart, and looked up to the sky afar.


This abandoned mainland was also known as the continent of the aloof light. At night, the sky was dark and empty. The stars of the other world’s afar had always been covered. At the moment, in the lonely barren sky, a little star suddenly flashed up.


And then, the star got shinier, and every time it would flicker a bigger circle of light after one another. Under Qian Ye’s dark vision, the star was moving fast towards this direction. After a moment, a small wing floating boat appeared with its body burning with flame.


The boat heavily shook as it was reducing its altitude and then ultimately fell to the ground to the other side of the mountain. A moment later, the mountain side had risen up in blasts of fire.


Qian Ye was suddenly frightened. The floating boat’s appearance was very special, so special that he could never forget! That was the Red Scorpion Legion’s specialized lifeboat! He had ridden on this lifeboat to escape the dead.


Though, he didn’t expect to see it again in this place. Qian Ye had noticed that fired part of floating boat was not the engine part. Apparently, it was not mechanical failure but was attacked by external forces. Even if the lifeboat was attacked, then the situation on the main battlefield could be imagined. Though with the Red Scorpion’s strength, not mentioning of the Dark Blood city, even the entire Monolith Ridge wouldn’t have any one to defeat them.


Qian Ye’s heart suddenly felt chilled. He thought of that mysterious black shadow and William. If having encountered those, then even the Red Scorpion captain couldn’t even resist. Unless the headquarter Corps dispatched at least a deputy commander to fight, they would have definitely lost.


Qian Ye hesitated. After a while, he gritted his teeth and rushed towards the fallen lifeboat’s direction. Even if it was possible that he would have to face William and the other extremely tyrannical existence, Qian Ye was very determined to take risk. Though he didn’t spend so much time at the Red Scorpion Corps but that place had given him many things, and one of which was called comrades!


As for the Fei Niao, Qian Ye didn’t even bother about that little rat.


Qian Ye carefully ran as his body was falling very low and borrowed the surrounding terrain to cover and quickly approach the fallen lifeboat. He quickly climbed across the top of the hill and then carefully looked out to probe.


The lifeboat had crashed on the hillside and was being swallowing by the raging fire. There were more than ten vampires encircling to approach the lifeboat.


Suddenly, a red light shot out next to the lifeboat rubble and instantly blew up a vampire warrior. However, the rest of the vampires began to accelerate over one hundred meters in just a blink of an eye to rush into the rubble and fight with a tall Red Scorpion veteran.


That Red Scorpion soldier had numerous wounds on his body. Seven or eight vampires had surrounded him like the wounded lion trapped in between the hyenas pack.


When Qian Ye looked to the battlefield, the Red Scorpion soldier’s movement suddenly slowed down as the surrounding vampires were overjoyed and immediately rushed over!


However, in the bottom of Qian Ye’s heart shouted a sorrowful scream!


He was also a Red Scorpion, so he would naturally know what this soldier wanted to do. Though, it was too late to stop.


A glare of silver light shattered the entire battle field and all of them started screaming and covered their faces in staggering back. After that, took the Red Scorpion soldier as the center, a circle of flames quickly spread, the shock wave blew up one vampire after the other as the flame stuck and suffused all over their bodies. Those vampires were burned to shriek out loudly, but after a few times of rolling and screaming, they completely stopped moving.


The fire revealed slight traces of silver. That meant that it was doped with the power of the dawn flame, which could have caused great lethal injuries to the Dark Race creatures. This force grenade was powerful but also very expensive. Generally, it would only be distributed to the captain level soldiers.


In the center of the explosion, that Red Scorpion veteran had completely vanished as he had detonated four power grenades in a row, and also crushed his bones with it.


There were five vampires left. They were in the most peripheral positions and didn’t have enough time to rush over. They felt lucky to be able to escape the danger but were obviously frightened. Half a day later they still didn’t dare to come closer to the center of the burst, even though that Red Scorpion soldier had already exploded and completely disappeared.


At the moment, a shiny original force bullet pierced through the air and blew up a vampire. The bullet came from a bush not far from the lifeboat’s wreckage.


The rest of the vampires immediately dispersed,   rushing over to the bush where the gun originated and made a consecutive attack.


The force gun roared once again but this time the aiming was quite inaccurate as the original force wiped through a vampire’s body. The guy howled and was stunned for a moment as if he was frightened by the power of the bullet. However, the vampire soon realized that the bullet had just flown through his body and that the injury wasn’t serious enough to affect the combat power of his powerful body.


Sure enough, the warrior immediately followed after his companions and continued the attack while the other two vampires also took out their original force guns, aimed at the bush and began to shoot. In the violent sound of explosion, a small figure jumped out from the trees and reluctantly jumped to dodge the rain of shots.


Qian Ye secretly felt pity for that figure. The guy was obviously a rookie. Only a rookie could miss a one hundred meter shot out of anxiety. The vampire’s speed was extremely fast, so that when facing them, even a low-level vampire, there were generally only two chances to make long-range shots.


But since this guy was a rookie, Qian Ye felt that it was his responsibility to protect  him, although he was no longer a scorpion.


Qian Ye’s finger took the fastest speed to pull the trigger as the bullet came out of the chamber, he immediately moved the muzzle, and didn’t bother to care about the result.


One of the two vampires who was holding the force gun and getting ready to shoot was hit to fly backwards! The sudden attack made the vampires panic. As when they were busy in finding the enemies, the second shot had been fired, hitting the other gun-wielding vampire.


The last two vampires finally gave up the rookie, changed their direction, and headed towards Qian Ye. They had figured out that this attacker was obviously much more powerful than the rookie.


Qian Ye jumped off his shooting position and pulled out his knife hand ax. Facing against only two of the level three vampires, Qian Ye didn’t have any pressure. After a few fierce attacks, the vampires were beheaded, and their skulls rolled to the ground.


Not far away, that little rookie’s reaction was still considerably fast as he rushed to the hillside, picked up the original force gun, but was waiting until it was completely charged, as the enemies were all lying flat.


This was a just teenager girl as her body had not been completely developed. Her beautiful little face also revealed innocence, and her big eyes were all filled with panic.


Qian Ye searched around but did not find other vampires. After that, he waved at the young rookie and said, “Come with me, and immediately leave this place!”


“But I have to collect Captain Xia’s relics.” The little rookie said with a tearful voice, it sounded soft and waxy.


“We do not have time! Now!” Without any explanation, Qian Ye walked two steps to the girl, grabbed her collar, and forcefully dragged her away.


The little rookie looked back. Her eyes could not help but shed  tears. She was stumbling as she was being dragged to run by Qian Ye.


Qian Ye roar, “Stop crying, rookie! Now start the extreme fugitive, two hours limit! Keep up with me!”


The rookie was shocked. In the trance, she seemed to hear her regiment’s command. She instinctively put the original force gun to her back, adjusted the status, and hassled to keep up with Qian Ye. After running for a distance, she started thinking in confusion. How could this sudden-appearance of a young man that acted like he was a Red Scorpion?


But she wasn’t able to find the opportunity and asked the doubt inside her heart. Qian Ye brought her to change in many different directions and also climbed up and down along the complex mountains. Although the extreme fugitive speed was not particularly fast, the physical strength would have drained out faster in such a complex mountainous area.


The little rookie was so exhausted of the running that her little face turned pale as her mouth constantly emitted white smoke, how could she have gathered enough power to speak? Later, her eyes became blurry and she could only rely on the familiar training instinct to follow after Qian Ye.


The little rookie did not know that not long after they had left, a vampire brigade had appeared in the vicinity of the lifeboat. Moreover, another team of senior fighters also chased after, but was cut off after one hour running and passing over two shallow rivers as well as one ditch.


After running for two hours, Qian Ye stopped and said, “You can rest, rookie! You have thirty minutes.”


The little rookie was immediately paralyzed on the ground and was barely able to pull out a kettle from her backpack. After drinking two  sips, she had to use up a great perseverance to put it back inside.


“We can use dope and then we will continue to run, this time it is one hour.”


Having heard Qian Ye’s words, the little rookie’s face immediately collapsed down.



Preview Chapter 48: Kill

Qian Ye nodded, pointed his finger to the Dark Blood city’s direction, and she immediately started running. One hundred kilometer, four hours, she also need to keep the speed close to the extreme fugitive. Though after a few steps, the rookie was stunned and turned back. Qian Ye was still standing at the same place, he was further and further away from her.

“Is he not gonna go back with me?” Thought the rookie.

Qian Yes waved at her, turned around and ran toward the direction where they came.

Inside the rookie’s head suddenly flashed with an idea, “Is he gonna go back and look for those vampire? Is he gonna take revenge for the captain?”

“But this young man obviously not related to the Red Scorpion, why should he do this?” The little rookie had thought to her head cramp but still couldn’t find the answer. Though she still remain the constant speed of the extreme fugitive and head to the Dark Blood city.

“It’s not gonna take long till I come back to the Red Scorpion Corps. This time, I will practice harder, be more brave. And I will come back when I’m fully mature. I wanna come back to look for you.”

The little rookie’s confusing little head suddenly floating a serious problem, “I didn’t even know his name!”

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