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Chapter 77 - Hunt Down to Kill

Chapter 46: Hunt Down to Kill


A girl suddenly came out from the bushes though she looked ordinary, tall but slim, and graceful with the two braids that were hanging in front of her chest as she was so frightened that she jumped up in seeing Qian Ye. Her expression was complicated when  she clearly saw that it was Qian Ye and she softly said, “Qian Ye!”


“MiMi!” Qian Ye’s heart immediately shouted out a name.


At the moment, Qian Ye was holding in his hand a dagger that was simple, but sharp, which was also the only weapon that can be used. He was a boy that was participating in a life and death examination. The rule was simple and cruel, all the competitors only needed to kill the other students to end the exam.


Mimi hesitated for a moment but still came over to Qian Ye as the fog appeared out of nowhere, followed after MiMi’s paces, and had spread out into the dark night. The mist stirred up under the moonlight just like water.


She softly said, “I’m scared! Will you kill me?”


“No!” Qian Ye was firm.


After hearing the answer, Mimi was relieved as she slowly walked around Qian Ye and said, “We will deal with the other people together. That would give us more hope to get over this test.”


As Qian Ye was still hesitant, his waist suddenly felt chilled! The fighting instincts which had formed after years of rigorous training that had let him immediately rushed forward then rolled a few laps on the ground to open a distance with the attacker as Qian Ye turned around and saw the dagger inside the girl’s hand that had been stained with gloomy blood!


Qian Ye was both surprised and angry as he grasped the wound on his waist and asked, “Why?!”


The girl had no expression on her face as she answered him with a mechanical sound, “Because I want to pass the exam, because I want the reward!


Facing the girl’s approach, Qian Ye couldn’t do anything else but to retreat, and the blood from his fingers continued to drip out because his hand couldn’t put enough pressure on it and suppress it.


Mimi pounced up and mercilessly swung the dagger as she instantly turned into a shadow and continuously attacked Qian Ye’s vulnerable spots. Qian Ye’s face turned cold as he clenched on the dagger and he completely ignored her flying blade to only focus on MiMi’s heart!


Though he had stabbed into the air as the fog suddenly surged up like a tide and spread out, Qian Ye had found himself standing over a lone, thousands of meters high cliff. Looking to the bottom, from rows after rows of black lines that were climbing up like snakes, Qian Ye could clearly see from the ant-like colony that Long Hai, Zhang Jing, Yin Ying, Shen Tu and the other instructor’s faces.


There was also another man on the cliff. He was wearing dark clothing with wide sleeves, which was the imperial nobility’s retro costume style. He stood there and only needed one more step to the highest void. His clothes were fluttering with the wind as if he would ride away on it in the next moment.


Song ZiNing turned around to look at Qian Ye. The smile on his was still as gentle and elegant as the finest jade. He said, “Qian Ye, you see, that was my way.”


At the moment, all the images were twisted out all of a sudden, as the entire world around Qian Ye started cracking up, and was immediately broken into numerous of debris. Qian Ye was startled to wake up but all the images in his dream were still incredibly real and vivid.


Suddenly, there were some moving sounds outside of the cave, very subtle, mixed in the wilderness’s whining wind and was almost impossible to be distinguished. The sound was what had awakened Qian Ye, a resonator which he had laid outside the cave was touched by a living creature, but the sound was still a bit far. That person still had quite a distance to reach this place.


Qian Ye quietly left the cave, climbed to the top of the airship wreckage by the hillside, and carefully watching the surroundings. In the uncalmly quiet night on the wilderness, an abnormal little dot attracted Qian Ye’s attention. The ‘object’ was moving very slowly; from afar it looked like a bizarre little beast which was constantly relying on the terrain to approach closer.


Qian Ye immediately recognized that it was a hunter and was a very good camouflage hunter. He had almost blended into one with the entire surrounding environment. The only flaw was this hunter was quite anxious, perhaps because now was before the dawn time when most of the wild creatures would become very tired. Therefore, he wanted to seize the chance to move faster. Though under Qian Ye’s dark vision, it was not much different from moving forward with big steps.


It was very dangerous to encounter a stranger in the wilderness. Not mentioning that whether that hunter’s identity was disguised or not, even the real hunters were not quite united. The vast majority of hunters liked to act alone, not only for freedom, but also for the fear of being stabbed in their backs. If it was necessary to team up for big task, most hunters wouldn’t have let strangers joined the team as Yu Ying Man was the only ‘rare creature’.


Therefore, after having confirmed that this was a hunter, Qian Ye didn’t let down his guard, but turned more vigilant as he observed the guy’s route, a murderous intent suddenly appeared on Qian Ye’s face


If having connected all the dots where that hunter had set his foot on, then it would form a very familiar map. Those were the traces which Qian Ye had deliberately left last night. This was originally prepared for Fei Niao as it had now appeared that this solo hunter was obviously tracking down Qian Ye.


Qian Ye slowly climbed down the airship wreckage and then sneaked into his well-scheduled position.


After a moment, that solo hunter was standing right in front of Qian Ye’s hiding cave as it seemed that his tracking ability was also very tough. The hunter’s movements now became more careful. Little by little, he approached the entrance without issuing any sound.


Suddenly, a stone under the hunter’s foot snapped, made a crisp sound and the hunter immediately stood still.


This was a small alert trap. Under Qian Ye, an expert of camouflage technology’s hand, even the most experienced hunter still would have also been deceived. Though it was not too lame for this hunter’s lost, if he could see through all the arrangements here, he would find a semicircular net which had embraced the hole in the middle. And every two small traps were set around three or four meters away from each other.


Then Qian Ye’s voice came out of the cave, “Who?”


The hunter’s body was  slightly startled and then he quickly made up his mind and answered with a normal tone, “It’s me, Li Lun Zhe. Are you… Qian Ye? We had done a task together.”


Qian Ye’s seemed to become more relieved in his sound, “It’s you, why did you come here?”


“I came out for a task, just passing here, and had found some of the traces that you had left, so I came over to see. Oh right, Qian Ye, my task may need your help, we can discuss the reward.” Li Lun Zhe said while which pointing his original force gun muzzle downward and leisurely walked into the cave.


At this point, Li Lun Zhe’s left hand which was resting on the side of his waist was immediately raised up and three grenades flew into the cave!


The cave was suddenly lit with a strong flash as the light even sprayed a few meters out of the cave. Then after a deafening roar and the earth-shaking tremor, the cave finally emitted bursts of thick smoke.


Flash bombs, shock bombs, plus smoke bombs. The three consecutive rounds of surprise were enough to temporarily disintegrate the enemy’s combat power no matter how many people were ambushing inside the cave.


Li Lun Zhe sprung into the cave like a cheetah and the original force arrays on his gun’s body were all lit up, signaling the charging completion. He didn’t even bother to look at the situation inside and directly blasted a shot into the cave! And then threw in another three grenades!


This gun didn’t seek for precision but only was aiming for suppression. If Qian Ye was able to overcome the former attack and had wanted to launch a counterattack, then he would have hit the gun. Li Lun Zhe’s interlocking attack was extremely cruel, which just like sending a wave to immediately crush his opponents. This already had a little bit of the Golden Spring training camp style.


Three grenades were thrown into the cave but Li Lun Zhe’s right shoulder was like suddenly hit by a heavy hammer. He couldn’t help but to leap out of the cave and while his body was still in the air, he saw that his right arm had left his body and was ‘happily’ dancing in the air.


‘What is going on?’ Li Lun Zhe was surprised and angry as his consciousness also left him and fell into darkness.


Qian Ye then stood up from aside of the cave, put down the Butcher which its muzzle was still burning hot, then dragged the unconscious Li Lun Zhe into the cave. As a level three firearm, the Butcher’s power was four times stronger than that of a general level one firearm. Plus the heavy warhead enhancement, its close-range power was fully opened and had successfully caused serious injury to Li Lun Zhe, who was a level four cultivator.


A moment later, Qian Ye came back into the cave after having finished the battle traces outside. He took out a small copper cup and took a sip, then sprayed the entire wine inside his mouth on Li Lun Zhe’s broken arm. Li Lun Zhe immediately woke up after a painful scream.


Li Lun Zhe struggled for a little bit and immediately issued a sorrowful scream. His wrists and ankles were pierced through and nailed to the wall. Once struggled, he would have immediately burst out of piercing pain.


“It seems like the task you had taken is related to me,” said Qian Ye.


“How… how can you… ” As Li Lun Zhe’s sentence was said in half, he saw Qian Ye’s right hand thumb that was pointed up to the left side of the wall, where a twisted copper tube abruptly stretched out. One end of the copper tube was modified and split into seven or eight thin openings reaching outward, while the other end was buried in the wall leading to somewhere.


Li Lun Zhe suddenly realized that Qian Ye had used the brass sound to make him believe that he was still inside the cave.


Li Lun Zhe’s face turned bleak as he said, “I’ve had my hand broken, even if it was sewn back, my combat power will be greatly reduced, and I cannot afford to pay such an expensive price. I don’t think that you will let go of me, so do not expect to dig anything out of my mouth. Just kill me!”


“I truly won’t let you go but don’t worry, I believe that it won’t take long before you tell me everything you know.”


In front of Li Lun Zhe’s face, Qian Ye took out a small leather bag from the backpack and opened it, revealing a row of precision tools that were neatly lying inside. Most of them were some curved small needles, hooks, and peculiarly shaped knives, including a variety of metal materials. It was not an industrial standard product but a handmade one.


Although Li Lun Zhe’s face had suddenly become as white as a corpse since just at the first glance, he had already recognized those things.


This was a full set of torture tools!


The more complex the set was, the more tools it had, and also the crueler that it worked. The set which Qian Ye had just taken out had up to dozens of pieces and it seemed that all of them were self-made, which proved that he must have been a torture expert.


Qian Ye was quite regretful looking at Li Lun Zhe as he said, “I had these ready for those snakes but I did not expect to use it on you first.”


In a blink of an eye, Li Lun Zhe’s screaming sound reverberated throughout the entire cave as if it would never and.


Li Lun Zhe had once again still underestimated Qian Ye as his torture attainments had already broken through the expert level in becoming a master!


There were special interrogation classes in the training camp. On one hand, they trained the students’ tolerance and coping ability against torture, and on the other hand, they taught them skills of various penalties and interrogations on the victims. In fact, most of the time the instructors had used of all kinds of torture on the students, because only with their personal experience, would they know the pertinence, advantages as well as disadvantages of each punishment. Of course, this way they could also train and enhance their will and patience against the pain.


At the beginning of the course, the class was a complete chaos. Many of the students had fallen into a coma, then were awakened, and tortured to fall back in a coma again. After a year, the classroom became quiet as there were some random gentle moaning sounds, no coma, others even chatted with their neighbors while suffering the so-called torture. In the end, each student who had graduated from the training camp was considered an expert in having detailed torturous aspects.


After recruited by the Red Scorpion, Qian Ye began to approach the elite level of interrogation skills and had successfully gone further in this aspect.


Li Lun Zhe could only have endured for three minutes and had thrown out everything that he knew.


Qian Ye used different perspectives to relatedly ask about the problems until he was convinced that Li Lun Zhe had only said the truth. After that, he sighed and said, “She treated you well but you are not for her.”


“If it was not because of you, she would have been mine! If I could not get it, then nobody can!” Li Lun Zhe suddenly screamed.


Qian Ye shook his head, pointed the Butcher at Li Lun Zhe’s forehead and said, “For the sake of a hunter, I’ll let you die under the original force firearm.”


Then, there was a roar inside the cave.



Preview Chapter 78: Another Rookie

Not far away, that little rookie’s reaction was still considerably fast as he rushed to the hillside, picked up the original force gun, but was waiting until it was completely charged, as the enemies were all lying flat.

This was a just teenager girl as her body had not been completely developed. Her beautiful little face also revealed innocence, and her big eyes were all filled with panic.

Qian Ye searched around but did not find other vampires. After that, he waved at the young rookie and said, “Come with me, and immediately leave this place!”

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