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Chapter 76 - A Lone Wolf

Chapter 45: A Lone Wolf


Hei Lang carefully approached the outside of the cave and took a deep sniff, then investigated the traces on the ground and said, “He had already left his place. You two, come inside and take a look.”


Two people who were pointed at by Hei Lang searched into the cave, and after a moment, they rushed out from the insides with  their shouts, “He was here in last night!”


Before their voice could stop echoing from the inside, the cave was suddenly shaken by a violent explosion as the air waves had even blown one of the two out of the cave!


“Damn!” Hei Lang immediately bent over and covered his head, but was still blasted out by the wave, slipped over and fell on the ground a few meters away because of the shock.


Hei Lang quickly leaped. He felt very inconvenient at the moment. The two who had just come inside the cave were all tracking masters of the wilderness, how could they have touched the trap? Now that they had died, he could only rely on his own skills to track down Qian Ye, and that was not an easy thing to do.


Not waiting for Hei Lang to firmly stand up, a ray of light suddenly stroke to his eyes. He was frightened out of his wits as this was the original force light!


This sudden shot could only be fired from100 meters away so that Hei Lang couldn’t escape by all mean but had barely avoided the vulnerable weak spots in getting injured.


In the sorrowful screams, Hei Lang was blown backwards while his arms covering his chest were reddened with flesh and blood. Hei Lang made a desperate flip to be able to land on the ground. However, before his legs could even touch the ground, another flash had flickered in front of his eyes, it was a force gunshot!


Hei Lang’s brain suddenly went blank. At the moment, there was only one thought that hadn’t been wiped off of his mind, “How many people are they? What kind of thing could reach that speed!? Is it possible for one person to do it?”


Regardless of what Hei Lang was thinking at that moment, the original force shot had bombarded his chest at the same spot. This time, the last bit of force which was used to protect his body was crashed and in result, his arms were shot to the sky.


The moment before Hei Lang fell on the ground, he finally saw Qian Ye’s shooting position.


Qian Ye was hiding in the rocky area about one hundred meters away. That place was coverered in rugged rocks, but its slope was quite even. Moreover, the sparse plant structure would reveal every movement in just one glance. Therefore, this was not a suitable place to take disguise and Hei Lang had checked the surrounding area without any particular notice. On the other hand, Qian Ye had buried himself deep under the soil and also kept his body frozen from moving from the beginning to the end. And the juicy result was the he had successfully fooled Hei Lang in making sudden raid.


Qian Ye dropped the empty ‘assault hammer’, rushed out from the hiding place like a storm, and with a full speed, he leaped towards that Heaven Snake’s member like a wolf springs at its prey! As he was running on the way, the Butcher and the hand ax had already fallen in Qian Ye’s hands.




The butcher had set fire in the ten meters distance and its original force shot had blown that snake flying backwards.


And Qian Ye rushed through the last ten meters like a thunder stroke in the wilderness and leapt at the snakes which were still looking for their enemy in panic. The war ax constantly flickered with cold lights and knocked off two snakes in just a blink of an eye. Meanwhile, the butcher was flipped over in the air so that Qian Ye could hold on to the barrel like a club to hit on the other snake’s forehead!


One of the snakes which was a little further away from the battle field had picked up an original force rifle and was trying to aim it at Qian Ye. The rifles body was rapidly lit up with force and seemed to be completely charged in just a twinkle of an eye.


Qian Ye suddenly growled, sprung up towards the snake, and shortened the distance of more than ten meters in just a blink of an eye. In the end, the poor snake was crashed to fly out like a shattered kite!


In the bone crackling sound, that level one snake’s chest was crushed down and had formed a hole. Under Qian Ye’s great strength, which could be compared to that of a level five soldier, he was nearly beaten to death. Qian Ye caught the almost finished charging rifle and made a backhand throw to which the destination was at another snake’s position.


The snake, who was also a level one fighter, had barely staggered aside to reluctantly dodge Qian Ye. Though as he had not yet completely stood firm on the ground, that snake saw a gun fly towards him and subconsciously reached out his hand to catch it. However, when he saw the eye-piercing force light stroke to blind his eyes, he had suddenly understood as his face changed!




The interrupted original force caused the gun to explode which resulted in the snake’s face in being bombarded with blood and was knocked down to the ground.


Qian Ye heavily gasped and searched around the area as there was no one left to stand up against him.


Qian Ye slowly went to Hei Lang, bent over to look at him and asked, “Are you Hei Lang?”


Being shot by two original force bullets in a row and having lost both of his arms, Hei Lang didn’t even have the strength to sit up. He could only ask in an exhausted voice, “How do you know me?”


“You are one of the four masters of the Heaven Snakes. And since we are fighting, of course, I have to do a careful research on each of your personal background.” Qian Ye lightly said.


Hei Lang said with difficulty, “You’re… not an ordinary hunter! Who… who are you?”


“It doesn’t matter. Do you have anything to say?”


Hei Lang revealed a tragic expression and said, “If you can, I hope that… I can die under a force gunshot. This’s what I deserve to have”


Qian Ye picked up the Butcher, slowly ran the Art of Retaliations, the force arrays were lit up one by one light, and vaguely revealed its vast muzzle.


Qian Ye aimed at Hei Lang’s heart and pulled the trigger.




The yellow light pierced through Hei Lang and from his chest sprayed out a one meter high blood geyser!


Qian Ye simple cleaned up the battlefield, only took away two of the level two force guns from Hei Lang and all of their gold coins. Then, Qian Ye went to the slope a few hundred meters outside, set up another layout, and gradually merged with the surrounding environment once again.


Half an hour later, another snake team appeared. This time, they were led by Bird. His face turned pale as soon as he saw the ground that was piled up with bodies from afar, and immediately rushed over.


But when Fei Niao saw Hei Lang’s body, he swiftly stopped while his hands waved out a gesture in the air. All the snakes behind him immediately stopped and then scattered out. Each of them looked for a battle position and immediately entered the fighting status.


Bird didn’t move forward but stood at the distance of ten meters away from Hei Lang’s body. His eyes swept through the battlefield, and only a moment later, his eyes accurately fell on Hei Lang’s first position of bombardment. He silently observed for a while and then he turned to the spot where Qian Ye had chosen to make the first snipe.


Fei Niao slightly bent over, like a cat.He softly jogged to Qian Ye’s first sniper position. However, at the moment, that place had already been emptied out from any trace. The pit in which Qian Ye had been in,was filled and also disguised with a few stones on top.


Bird’s eye suddenly fell on a little grass between the two stones. The way it was placed there was not natural as he looked up and down at Qian Ye sniper lines and swept through the entire stone plexus.


The winds on the wilderness began to get stronger in the afternoon and all the plants in the open space were slightly tilted along with the wind, but this grass which laid the depths of the two stones was also slumped with other plants, and it seemed like this was Qian Ye’s first hiding place, also, he had done the cleaning afterwards.


Bird took two steps forward and leaned over to search for Qian Ye’s camouflage traces. A good hunter could be able to judge his opponent’s habits from these clues, thus taking the lead in the next encounter.


Though as he had just bent over, his body suddenly stroke up in the air as if he was bitten by something! However, it was too late, and he saw a group of light that flew out like it was a signal for numerous gunfire’s roaring after.


The light exploded and Bird was thrown out like a useless rag. He made a somersault and barely landed, but his left hand softly swung side to side in an awkward angle and was no longer able to be lifted up. Moreover, that entire arm had turned into a complete mess of flesh and blood.


Hundreds of meters away from a gentle slope, Qian Ye stood up from his stealth. He looked at Fei Niao, made a sliding gesture on his throat, then turned around and climbed away from the mountain area.


Bird’s face turned pale, slowly straightened up his body and the snakes behind him wanted to give chase, but he stopped them.


Qian Ye was obviously suffering from his overconsumption of force. At the moment, it was overwhelming for him if he had tried to swallow all of them. That was the reason why he had chose to retrieve after the shot earlier had successfully caused injury to Bird. If those snakes chased down without Bird holding the array, they would only be broken down, one by one under Qian Ye’s hands.


Bird bandaged the wound and then carefully investigated the entire battlefield, including inside the cave. Only after that, he climbed up the ridge and looked to the direction from which Qian Ye had just left. His eyes not only revealed the crazy bloodthirstiness but they also revealed a deep alert.


Qian Ye ran all the way forward but didn’t forget to carefully check behind him from time to time. Seeing that Bird wasn’t chasing after, his heart felt chill. He knew that this opponent was not going to be easy to play with. However, Bird was broken from his shot. This injury could never have been healed in less than a week. If Bird refused to return and still chased after him, then his combat power would be greatly affected.


After running continuously for dozens of kilometers, Qian Ye slowed down his pace and began to cautiously approach forward. This place was out of the Dark Blood city’s control range, so there would often have many Dark creatures’ activities. Humans hunt for Dark creatures but Dark creatures would also hunt for humans. The difference was that the human family was always the best ingredient on the ‘cooking recipe’ for most of the Dark Races. Especially, strong cultivators would bring more lusty taste.


Qian Ye looked for a hiding place as he was moving forward. Finally, he entered a hidden cave which was covered in a shrub on the cliff. After setting the camouflage, he was able to relax a little bit.


Qian Ye took out a map and checked for a while. And then, he drew a road plan for tomorrow, also marked down a few important spots, and finally, he checked again from the beginning to the end to ensure that there wasn’t any problem.


If Bird had followed this route to follow Qian Ye, then the injured him would have deeply experienced the wilderness’s hardships. Under the situation where both sides had consumed a lot of physical strength, Qian Ye gave Bird a surprising present. It was said that the relationship between the hunter and the prey in the wilderness was never an absolute fix.


Having finished with the preparation, Qian Ye started practicing the Art of Retaliation. He was now able to bear from twenty rounds up to twenty-five rounds of force tide to nurture the Force Nodes. And it was expected that in the foreseeable future, he would be able to use the Soldier King level to carry out the daily practice.


Qian Ye was looking forward to the prospects of the thirty rounds of the original tide. The cumulative impact would be large enough to crush any barrier as long as they were under the level of the God of War. That was to say, before reaching the ninth level, the Soldier King was not a bottleneck. Although in the nurturing process, the Dark Blood inside Qian Ye’s body would still devour a small amount of force, but his original force was condensed and thick enough to maintain his cultivation to an ordinary’s speed.


And during Qian Ye’s cultivating, the Dark Blood inside Qian Ye seemed to have acted on their own as Gold and purple, the two blood groups were activated once again, respectively strangled and swallowed other common Dark Red blood. Their activities were gradually becoming frequent like the intro of a movie. Qian Ye had almost turned a blind eye on them and put it as part of his practice.


When his practice had ended, Qian Ye began to do his firearms maintenance, and also perfused force into the new bullets. After all the preparations for the battle, he closed his eyes, and was quietly waiting for dawn.


Tonight, as ever, was not a silent night. There were always wolves howling, beasts roaring, gun firing, harmonized with the rumbling roar of some unknown creatures. In the deep eternal night, human beings, Dark Race creatures and Beasts were killing each other to struggle out their living places.


With the ‘assault hammer’ and Butchers in hands, the ax was also reachable, Qian Ye’s fingers could feel the metal coldness at any time, and so did his mood. As long as he could fight, as long as he could stay alive, he would never have given up.


Qian Ye gradually fell into sleep.


He didn’t know for how long time had passed but he suddenly found himself standing in the woods. The surrounding was dark. There was nothing by his side but he could feel the heavy murderous aura falling down on him like needles piercing into his bare skin and had aroused patches after patches of goose bumps.


Suddenly, from the bushes outside came in rustling sounds. Qian Ye suddenly lowered his body to the ground and held his breath like the beast during its hunt and was staring at the sound’s origin.



Preview Chapter 46: Hunt Down to Kill

A girl suddenly came out from the bushes though she looked ordinary, tall but slim, and graceful with the two braids that were hanging in front of her chest as she was so frightened that she jumped up in seeing Qian Ye. Her expression was complicated when  she clearly saw that it was Qian Ye and she softly said, “Qian Ye!”

“MiMi!” Qian Ye’s heart immediately shouted out a name.

At the moment, Qian Ye was holding in his hand a dagger that was simple, but sharp, which was also the only weapon that can be used. He was a boy that was participating in a life and death examination. The rule was simple and cruel, all the competitors only needed to kill the other students to end the exam.

Mimi hesitated for a moment but still came over to Qian Ye as the fog appeared out of nowhere, followed after MiMi’s paces, and had spread out into the dark night. The mist stirred up under the moonlight just like water.

She softly said, “I’m scared! Will you kill me?”

“No!” Qian Ye was firm.

After hearing the answer, Mimi was relieved as she slowly walked around Qian Ye and said, “We will deal with the other people together. That would give us more hope to get over this test.”

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