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Chapter 75 - Stranger

Chapter 44: Stranger


“She went to several weapons stores and bought a lot of ammunition, which had used up almost all  the bonus that was given to her in her last mission. Other than that, there was nothing special.”


Heaven Snake pondered and said, “Get some more people to watch her. Luo Xiong, you go too. If you see any sign of her intervening, be sure to drag her feet back inside the city!”


Haven Snake also had deep fear for this lady hunter. Therefore, he had sent one of the four masters on this mission.


Fei Niao’s eyes immediately flashed with a vague devious light. He suddenly said, “I want to watch over her! I like this mission!


Heaven Snake’s face immediately sank as he shouted: “No! Now we still cannot touch her yet, or that old man will take his life to act his revenge on us!”


Fei Niao licked his lips, revealed a brutal smile, and said, “That old thing is not even a level five, I really don’t understand why you are so scrupulous towards him! That old thing had ruined a lot of our good businesses. If I was you, I would have had chopped him off long time ago! ”


Heaven Snake’s face became gloomy and he slowly said, “I will chop him sooner or later, there is no need to hurry now. Mr. Liao, how about the hunter’s side?


Liao Ye was a lean old man, his slender eyes always reminisced people snake’s eyes. He calmly said, “Very fruitful! I found a person. You will be very interested in him.”


As Mr. Liao headed out to the hall and called, a person with his body wrapped in a cloak walked in. He stopped in front of Heaven Snake, opened the hood, and revealed a young and handsome face.


Even in front of the Heaven Snake, he did not show any traces of panic but calmly said, “I am Li Lun Zhe, three stars hunter, and a level-four cultivator.


Heaven Snake immediately had light flashed in his eyes, then stood up and said, “I’ve heard about you! You are the youngest hunter of the strongest! Well, what do you want?”


Li Lun Zhe gritted out a few words from his teeth, “I can help you kill Qian Ye. The only condition is that after this, give me Yu Ying Nan!”


Fei Niao heavily hummed as hearing what came out of Li Lun Zhe’s mouth.


Heaven Snake looked at Li Lun Zhe, suddenly laughed and said, “I cannot promise you that.”


Li Lun Zhe’s face fiercely changed.


Heaven Snake looked at him for a while and said, “But I can promise you, when that kid dies. I will give her to you to play with for three days after I catch her.”


Li Lun Zhe gritted, “Deal!”


“Mr. Liao, give him some people.”


“No, I’m on my own.” Li Lun Zhe coldly refused.


“Good! That’s fine!” Heaven Snake laughed. In the wilderness, having a hunter was the best choice to fight against another hunter.


After a moment, Black Wolf, Fei Niao and Li Lun Zhe set off. At the moment, it was still early from their usual get up time, and even way earlier than  the emergence of dawn.


Heaven Snake walked back and forth in the hall and rearranged his plan from the beginning to the end. It was flawless, but there was still an uneasy feeling surging deep down in his heart.


Mr. Liao had stood by Heaven Snake’s side and guessed his boss’s thought for a while before he dared to open his mouth, “My Lord, we had used up to a machine gun to kill such a chicken like him. It’s already a thunder hit.”


Heaven Snake’s face was slightly relieved, as he nodded his head. Qian Ye was very young, and only just a level three soldier. He had dealt out three  level four masters to deal with such a small brat. Moreover, two of which were not ordinary but the top level four masters. Even if that brat was more powerful, he could never be more experienced than those skillful veterans.


‘Indeed, as Liao Ye said, this is definitely a thunderbolt. He was fussing too much about just a little thing.’ Thought Heaven Snake


The Heaven Snake went back to his bed room upstairs and got ready to get back to sleep for a while. This night, he had suffered  more tiredness than not sleeping, and now a terrible headache was dancing inside his head. Though lying down, Heaven Snake still couldn’t have slept because of that vague worry.


At the moment, outside the Dark Blood city, Qian Ye had found a leeward cave and lit up a bonfire. He was sitting in front of the campfire and in front of him was a roasted hog. The flame licked on the hog’s fat that issued a slight hissing sound as subtle smoke curling up into the air, and created an attractive fragrance.


Suddenly, there were footsteps that sounded outside the cave and then a tall young man drilled in.


“Smell so good!” He said as he came in.


Qian Ye quietly turned the roast pork legs so it would be evenly cooked, but his eyes didn’t forget to look at the intruder. If he had dared to light up a bonfire here, he would naturally not do it without preparations to make sure that from outside of the cave, no light was seen, nor fragrance that could be smelled.


Though he only heard the footsteps when that men came inside the cave, that is, the traps which Qian Ye had arrange in front of the cave did not take effect. He was afraid that even the footsteps were deliberately sent out by that young man when he walked in.


The young man jumped to the bonfire, sat down across Qian Ye, and stretched his two long legs with a completely elegant and comfortable manner.


“My name is William, William Feng.” He didn’t hesitate to introduce himself.


This young man had a very narrow forehead, high cheeks, and blonde hair, which was a typical Viking face. In general, he was very handsome. That pair of blue and gray eyes of him would give people a very dedicated and sincere feeling once he stared at them. His face always had a smile, the short beard had added to his young face a mature charm.


Qian Ye eyes looked down to cover his eyes, began to brush the lasts few spices on the roast hog legs and said, “You can call me Qian Ye. Your name sounds strange. You’re not the empire’s citizen, right?


William said with a smile, “I was born in a very small country in the West of the Empire. I went to the Qin Empire to study in my childhood and my surname is after my adoptive father’s name.


Qian Ye’s eyes flashed with a vague light and said, “Are you from the upper mainland?”


William was surprised and raised his eyebrows, “You are very keen, my friend, yes, I do come from the upper continent.”


Qian Ye did not say anything, but took down the perfectly baked wild boar legs, cut off half of it with a dagger, and then handed it to William. William was overjoyed, immediately took big bites and ate up the food without hesitating.


Qian Ye looked at the way he ate and his fingers slightly trembled. William’s ears slightly moved but he did not raise his head and still ate with joy.


Qian Ye didn’t look at him any longer, put another hog leg into the fire, sprinkled it with spices and wine, and then baked it up.


Two people’s appetite was not small. They had cleaned out the two hog legs in the speed of tornado.


William looked very satisfied as he patted his belly, smiled and said, “Haven’t felt full for months!”


“The food in the wilderness was really hard to find.” Qian Ye agreed.


“Food is easy to look for, but it was not easy to make it taste good. You do not mind if I have a rest here?” William asked with a smile.


Qian Ye opened his hands to make a greeting gesture and said, “Of course not, please help yourself. I have to sleep as well.”


William headed to the outside of the campfire, put his backpack to the ground as a pillow, lied down on it and slept in a blink of an eye.


Qian Ye stared at the jumping hot flame made for a while, then put his back half resting on the cave wall, closed his eyes, slowed down the breath, slowed down his heartbeat, and then fell into his lucid sleep state.


This was a kind between the sleeping and sober state. It was the military special force’s dedicated law, which was very suitable to rest in the dangerous environment or on the battlefield. One could instantly switch back to the awaken state once a dangerous trace was found.


The night was very quiet and only the bonfire jumped, occasionally made some crackling sounds.


This was an extraordinary tranquility. This was the night in the wilderness world of beasts and low level Dark creatures. Anyone who dared to stay overnight here should have been prepared to meet at least one or two raids, but tonight was particularly calm, even the howling roar had almost disappeared.


At exactly five o’clock in the morning, William suddenly opened his eyes, yawned and said, “What a beautiful sleep!”


As William had just moved, Qian Ye had opened his eyes.


William stood up, stretched his legs, carried out a few exercise movements, and then exposed a sunny-like bright smile and said, “Thank you for your hospitality!


“I didn’t do anything.” Qian Ye shrugged and said.


William leaned over, patted Qian Ye’s shoulder and said, “Well, I should go now. I hope to see you later if we have a chance! But on my way, I had seen a few people, it seemed like they’re hunting after you. Be careful!”


“I will.” Qian Ye wrapped his head under the cloak, still leaning against the wall, only slightly raising his head.


William looked at Qian Ye, his eyes revealed a meaningful smile, then swung his backpack behind his back and left the cave without looking back.


Qian Ye was still sitting at the place until William’s footsteps were no longer heard. Only after that, he heavily exhaled, suddenly found himself being covered under cold sweat!


Qian Ye touched his shoulder where William had patted on and then put the finger closer to the nose and took a deep breath, immediately smelled a vague fragrance of hot aura. That fragrance clearly belonged to a Dark Creature. From the property, it should be from the werewolf’s area.


The young man who had claimed to be William had an unpredictable strength. When he had walked into the cave, Qian Ye knew that there was a problem with that man, but he could not see it until the end of the day, when William had intentionally left his trace on him, it had meant that William’s strength was much stronger than his, and simply didn’t belong to the same world.


Moreover, when William ate the wild boar legs, Qian Ye saw a tattoo from his neck, which was originally hidden under the collar.


It was a high mountain. Regardless of shape or angle, it belonged to a totem which had been deeply engraved in Qian Ye’s memory. It was not an ordinary tattoo, but a totem that represented faith and power.


The Windy Mountain was a very powerful and mysterious werewolf tribe on the upper continent, and each of them was said to be a terrible presence at the top of the food chain.


Why did a member of this tribe suddenly appear in the Dark Blood city? Thought of the mysterious dark shadow, Qian Ye had a vague feeling that in the Monolith Ridge, a huge storm was being formed. If someone was unintentionally drawn in, they would be crushed into pieces.


Not until William had gone was Qian Ye sure that he had escaped the danger. If this William was slightly hostile to him, Qian Ye would have had already been torn up on spot without any chance to use a trick or fight back.


William had talked about some people who were tracking Qian Ye down before he left. They should be from the Heaven Snakes. Heaven Snake’s response was still inside Qian Ye’s expectations.


Qian Ye killed the bonfire, made several disguises inside the cave, drew back his traps outside the cave, and then left.


Half day later, a team of adventurer-like people appeared by the cave. Their head chief was Dark Wolf. He was the tracking expert in the wilderness and they had actually been chasing after Qian Ye all the way to come here.



Preview Chapter 45: A Lone Wolf

Hei Lang quickly leaped. He felt very inconvenient at the moment. The two who had just come inside the cave were all tracking masters of the wilderness, how could they have touched the trap? Now that they had died, he could only rely on his own skills to track down Qian Ye, and that was not an easy thing to do.

Not waiting for Hei Lang to firmly stand up, a ray of light suddenly stroke to his eyes. He was frightened out of his wits as this was the original force light!

This sudden shot could only be fired from100 meters away so that Hei Lang couldn’t escape by all mean but had barely avoided the vulnerable weak spots in getting injured.

In the sorrowful screams, Hei Lang was blown backwards while his arms covering his chest were reddened with flesh and blood. Hei Lang made a desperate flip to be able to land on the ground. However, before his legs could even touch the ground, another flash had flickered in front of his eyes, it was a force gunshot!

Hei Lang’s brain suddenly went blank. At the moment, there was only one thought that hadn’t been wiped off of his mind, “How many people are they? What kind of thing could reach that speed!? Is it possible for one person to do it?”

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