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Chapter 74 - Left The Town

Chapter 43: Left The Town


Only after hearing that, Mr. Yi was able to relieve his body out of anxiousness, “I heard that Mr. Er recently got a promising but also very troublesome boy. That had also made the Heaven Snake Serpent give out the Fatal Blow Token Bounty. Was that person you?”


Qian Ye laughed and said, “Troublesome? I just don’t think that I need to endure this bitterness on my own. Those stinky snakes aren’t worth that much!


Mr. Yi’s eyes swept up and down on Qian Ye’s body as he smirked, “What an arrogant tone! But it’s useless because you don’t have the strength to fight against them? You can’t defeat Heaven Snake and he also has several  level four masters under his control.


“Is it ok to just run when I don’t have the strength?” Qian Ye asked.


Mr. Yi sighed, “I might agree with you if it was many years ago. However, I have now learned a lesson that smart people won’t fight a battle without being sure of being victorious .”


Qian Ye smiled and said, “Then I won’t be a smart person.”


Mr. Yi shook his head, “Tell me, what is it do you want?”


“I have something to sell to you.”


Qian Ye took out the Golden Rose and put it on the counter, then pushed it in front of his face.


Mr. Yi immediately stood up and tremulously shouted, “Liquefied Golden Rose!”


He then immediately grabbed a magnifying glass and looked at every single detail of the Liquefied Golden Rose. After a long while, he exclaimed, “Yes! It’s the Nied Chayle family’s handmade Liquefied Golden Rose. This was the finest of all the elite products in this series of the original force guns.


Mr. Yi looked up, stared at Qian Ye, and said, “I heard that the Heaven Snakes had also lost a Golden Rose. Therefore this thing can’t be exposed to the public at the moment.


Behind the vague smoke, Qian Ye’s little blurry face appeared a faint smile as he said, “Since I had met Mr. Er, I know that you must have a channel to sell this.”


Mr. Yi nodded and said, “True, but there’s quite a bit of trouble. However, this Golden Rose is worth its trouble, but you know, the price at the present situation can’t be very good. What do you want instead?”


Qian Ye pondered for a moment then said, “I want a level three pistol or shotgun, power is the most important point, shooting rate and range can be omitted. Moreover, I want some original force bullets as they can be blank or already perfused.”


These weapons were actually very similar to the Golden Rose, which was also a level three original force gun. In the upper continent, the gun could be exchanged for four of the finest level three force guns.


Mr. Yi put away the Golden Rose and left to the back of the store. After a moment, he came out and put a pistol bag with a box of bullets in front of Qian Ye.


“Butcher Ver. 3, refurbished, but the force array has been installed with attachments so that its lethality is slightly increased. This is the blank force box of bullets which contains ten bullets.”


Qian Ye picked up the Butcher and carefully took a look at it. This was a pistol revolver but the chamber could only be loaded with four original force bullets. It had a particularly large caliber which came up to forty centimeters in length. The muzzle was big enough to plug a child’s fist inside. At first glance, it looked very lethal, which was why it had deserved  its name of “Butcher”.


This butcher series was also a wide range pistol-type force gun. It simply pursued a large power of caliber. When a level three Butcher hit the highest limit of energy, its power could be equivalent to that of the automatic gunpowder cannon. In short, holding it in ones hands was like holding a mini cannon. Once having fired a shot, its bullet could easily penetrate a fully armored tank.


This gun was about seventy percent new. From judging its internal grinding traces, whoever had furnished it was a master so that the power of this gun had been increased by ten percent.


Qian Ye was very satisfied with this Butcher. He put it back to the modified holster which had already been hanging by his waist.


“You’d better leave the Dark Blood city soon.”


“I am going out of town now,” said Qian Ye, “But there is no difference between me being inside the city compared to outside of the city.”


Not leaving so far from Mr. Yi’s firearms shop, Qian Ye saw several snakes that were approaching him from the opposite side of the street. These snakes no longer had a leisurely look like they were taking a walk. Instead, they had their guns seized in their hands with fingers already placed on the triggers as if they was about to face their rival enemy. Qian Ye also felt that a few people were hastily approaching him from his back, evidently intended to attack him from both the front and back.


Qian Ye did not hide himself, so those snakes had immediately found his identity.


“It’s that little bastard!”


“Don’t let him escape!”


In front of him, the snakes were putting way their firearms. Instead, they screamed, pulled out their machetes, and rushed over from across the street. Moreover, behind him also sounded sharp piercing sounds.


There couldn’t be any sounds of gunfire inside the Dark Copper street territory. This was an unwritten rule and anyone who went against it would be considered as the enemies of all the shopkeepers on this street. Those who had dared to break the rules would have soon turned into corpses and was finally found in some dirty ditches.


Although there were just small shops on the mysterious Black Copper Street but they were also all firearms shop.


Qian Ye also knew this rule very well. Therefore, his body was as if it was nailed on the ground except for the mini ax that appeared in his right hand.


Two groups of people crazily rushed forward. In just a few more seconds, Qian Ye would be caught in the middle… just two or three steps more, the crowds rushing over would have had their daggers pierced through his back from all sides.


At this moment, Qian Ye moved. After one big step forward, he fiercely threw himself into the crowd, and directly hit two people that they were thrown flying back out. Then, a cold silver light flashed, the ax inside his hand drew a flat arc, and swept through the other three’s waists!


In a twinkle of an eye, Qian Ye had pierced through the crowd and landed ten meters away. After that, he stopped, and slowly turned around.


The two which were hit by Qian Ye fell down, crashed on the ground, trembled to breathe and then slowly stopped moving. The other three covered their waist and also slowly fell down as blood was rapidly flying out of their bodies.


The three thugs who were rushing forward from behind Qian Ye were stunned to stop, frighteningly looked at Qian Ye, but could no longer move their pace. Five had already been instantly solved right in front of them, what will be different if they keep rushing forward? They suddenly shouted in fright and fled away!


Qian Ye picked up a machete and threw it with force! The machete spiraled as fast as electricity, shrieking and screaming, fiercely piercing into one of the snake’s heart!


The other two snakes ran faster and disappeared at the end of the mysterious Black Copper Street in just a blink of an eye. If Qian Ye wanted to kill them, they could never escape but Qian Ye was too lazy to chase them. Instead, under the cover of the night, Qian Ye quickly left The Black Copper street to a crowded building area and climbed up the spider web-like pipeline.


After midnight, Qian Ye magically appeared by a side of the wall gate, quietly passed through a Heaven Snake’s temporarily station, swaggered to the majestic tower and left the city.


This night, Heaven Snake had slept very unstable. He always an uneasy feeling and had woken up many times throughout the night.


After most of the night had passed, not only was his spirit not restored but he also felt more tired. Heaven Snake had his mood in an extremely bad status today. His beloved son was still lying in bed without knowing if he could completely be well cured.


Qian Ye was very cruel. The shot had almost broken the youth’s knee.


This kind of injury was very difficult to heal because the metal fragments in the bones needed several times of surgery to be completely cleaned up. This meticulous skill could be done well by the doctor here. Therefore, if he didn’t want to leave the sequel later, there was only one way left which was to send him to the expeditionary headquarters fortress, or even to the upper continent.


Heaven Snake felt irritated as he thought of the huge cost that might he might have to spend.


If it was not that this son had some talent and reached to the level three thresholds and also have the potential to promote to level five, Heaven Snake would have wanted to completely abandon him. He could have more sons if he wanted but he couldn’t have a level-five potential son if he had wanted one at any given time. That son was the future of his legacy. Therefore, Heaven Snake had hated Qian Ye to his bone at the moment.


In Heaven Snake’s eyes, this arrogant kid not only didn’t have any appreciation of him but had let him walk out of the headquarters alive, and also used ruthless moves to hurt his son. Moreover, that brat had also dared to light up a confrontation with him in the Hunter’s House. Therefore, he had to kill Qian Ye by all means!


In the wrath of anger and annoyance, Heaven Snake was almost trapped on the edge of insomnia. Whenever he was sober, he had always constantly heard faint footsteps from the outside. Though from time to time, the noise had become even more and more annoying.


“Those trash! They can never handle anything well!” Heaven Snake silently cursed.


However, the outside didn’t get quiet as he expected, but turned more and more chaotic, and the murmuring voices also gradually grew.


Heaven Snake finally could not sleep, sat up as using his force to roar, “What are you getting f****** noisy at?!”


The outside turned silent.


With a gloomy face, Heaven Snake  put on his clothes and got out of the room. As he went outside, his eyes were like carrying electricity and swept through every guard that were standing outside. Those people immediately caught a chill, their faces turned green, and quickly stood straight.


Heaven Snake went by the round stairs, looked over at the hall below where the Heaven Snake’s important meeting of the high level rulers of the gang had always occurred.


Now the hall was full of people. Several of them, who had not supposed to be on duty also appeared, they looked sleepy, and apparently had just woken up.


Heaven Snake disdained, his electricity-like eyes fiercely swept through the crowd, and then shouted with anger, “What happened?”


Facing the head snake’s anger, other baby snakes were unconsciously shaken. When he was angry, no one had dared not to be afraid.


And finally, one man stood out and said, “My Lord, tonight we have a lot of casualties.”


“How many?” Heaven Snake was almost roaring.


“One hundred… one hundred and thirty people.” The man tried to press down his pressure and finally said out the number.


Suddenly, after having heard this figure, Heaven Snake was also surprised, but then immediately calmed down and asked, “Who did it?”


“That kid, Qian Ye.”


Heaven Snake had smashed the staircase handrail in one fist! He directly jumped off the second floor and shook the entire hall.


Heaven Snake’s eyes swept through these ‘handy’ henchmen, and shouted, “If so many of our people had died, then tell me, where is Qian Ye’s body?”


Heaven Snake became gloomier.


The ‘heavy’ number caused every snake to understand that they had provoked a real ruthless character. Although Qian Ye’s level of force was not high,  it was not what ordinary people would do to kill that much snakes in public. Heaven Snake had asked himself that even he didn’t have that determination, and fierceness to have killed that much people so neatly.


This kid could not live!


Heaven Snake calmed down and asked, “Where is he now?”


“Someone saw him go out of town.”


“Saw?” Heaven Snake’s murderous intent flashed in his eyes.


The man who had answered felt anxious in his heart and said, “It was an outsider.”


Since Heaven Snake had given out the Fatal Blow Token, if those snakes saw Qian Ye and didn’t rushed up to kill him, which was disobedience. And of course, ordinary people would certainly be afraid of Qian Ye, but the order didn’t care whether they were afraid or not.


Saw that the man had changed his words so fast, Heaven Snake felt lazy to follow him to the end. He turned back to the center of the sofa, sat down, and began to think.


After a moment, Heaven Snake slowly said, “Hei Lang, Fei Niao, you two bring the law enforcement team, leave the city, track down the kid, and catch him back for me.”


A dark man, who after hearing his name was called, came out of the crowd, and nodded his head without saying anything.


Fei Niao was a white youth who had always been playing a thin like cicada’s wing knife. When he heard the command of Heaven Snake, Fei Niao frowned and said, “That little bastard is just a level three rookie, so do you really need me and Hei Lang to go?”


“This kid is very cunning and is not simple. Fei Niao, don’t be so careless!”


As hearing those words from Heaven Snake, Fei Niao only shrugged but didn’t say anything in the end.


“Is there anything abnormal from Yu Ying Nan’s side?” Heaven Snake asked.



Preview Chapter 44: Stranger

At the moment, outside the Dark Blood city, Qian Ye had found a leeward cave and lit up a bonfire. He was sitting in front of the campfire and in front of him was a roasted hog. The flame licked on the hog’s fat that issued a slight hissing sound as subtle smoke curling up into the air, and created an attractive fragrance.

Suddenly, there were footsteps that sounded outside the cave and then a tall young man drilled in.

“Smell so good!” He said as he came in.

Qian Ye quietly turned the roast pork legs so it would be evenly cooked, but his eyes didn’t forget to look at the intruder. If he had dared to light up a bonfire here, he would naturally not do it without preparations to make sure that from outside of the cave, no light was seen, nor fragrance that could be smelled.

Though he only heard the footsteps when that men came inside the cave, that is, the traps which Qian Ye had arrange in front of the cave did not take effect. He was afraid that even the footsteps were deliberately sent out by that young man when he walked in.

The young man jumped to the bonfire, sat down across Qian Ye, and stretched his two long legs with a completely elegant and comfortable manner.

“My name is William, William Feng.” He didn’t hesitate to introduce himself.





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