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Chapter 73 - Fatal Blow Token

Chapter 42: The Fatal Blow Token


“Qian Ye!” Yu Ying Nan shouted in surprise and happiness as she saw him.


“What are you gonna do?” Qian Ye looked at her outfit and asked.


Yu Ying gritted her teeth, “Go to those snakes’ lair and kill them!”


Qian Ye helplessly smiled and said, “It’s suicide.”


“I am not afraid of death.” Yu Ying Nan coldly said.


“But we all want you to live well.”


For some reason, Yu Ying Nan felt panicked as she heard these words that came out of Qian Ye. She couldn’t look at him in the eyes but unconsciously glanced aside.


Qian Ye took the shotgun off her hands, looked, and said, “It looks good, seems to have quite a powerful firepower. Let me borrow it for a few days if you don’t mind.”


“What are you gonna do?”


As Yu Ying Nan just said half of the sentence, Qian Ye had sealed her mouth with one of his fingers on her lips.


“This battle is my battle. Moreover, I have nothing to hold me back and can do anything I want, but you cannot! Your former companion’s families are still waiting for you to protect and take care of them. If you die, how will they become. What will your brother do?” After having finished, Qian Ye determinedly took off the shotgun on her back, threw it over his shoulder, and then turned around and left.


“Wait a minute!” Yu Ying Nan called Qian Ye, took out a box of bullets, and stuffed it into his. “There are three original bullets in there. I only have that much now but I will immediately find my friends to help you. ”


“I like solo action. On the other hand, it would be better if you don’t do anything. As for this, thanks!” Qian Ye waved the original bullet box at her and turned back into the night.


As Yu Ying Nan looked at Qian Ye’s back, she felt a mixed feeling of being overwhelmed and confused for the first time.


She didn’t know whether she should have followed and helped him, or simply listened to what he had just said, stayed there and did nothing. She also knew that even if she didn’t have any movement, Heaven Snake must have had many of his people in keeping track of her. Perhaps this was the true meaning behind Qian Ye’s words.


In the dark night, Qian Ye trotted through the streets, alleys, and houses. Finally, through the sudden turns and acceleration, once again Qian Ye had escaped those Heaven Snake’s eyes and came back to his house and had a peaceful night.


Perhaps those snakes didn’t expect Qian Ye to even have the braveness to go home, so they did not send anyone to check his residence. In result, Qian Ye had had a wonderful deep sleep for the whole night.


When the alarm pointed at six o’clock, a burst of noisy ringtones had woken Qian Ye up. He looked at the time and was surprised that he didn’t get disturbed in his sleep by all means. He was now like a wolf in the middle of the night, full of spirit and power, ready to hunt for days and nights.


He simply packed up, even had time to stick a little beard to his face, and then drilled out from the tiny alley between, by the kitchen wall.


When Qian Ye got out of the window, as he heard the sound of the front door that had just been kicked open as a sharp voice yelled, “Go inside and look, don’t let that bastard run away!”


Qian Ye immediately shook his head as soon as he heard the sounds. He leaped out of the wall and disappeared into the vague morning sky of the Dark Blood city.


Dark Blood city was a monster. Not just only the four eternal agitation towers above the neighborhood that spread out with their disordered lines which covered the sky overhead. The streets on the ground were also complicated as a maze. The area of the West and the North side, which belonged to the Expeditionary Forces and aristocratic residences, was fairly clean and tidy. And the slums of the south and the east side areas, which were ruled by gangs in every inch of its territory was quite a filthily mixed world.


Even with its tens of thousands of members, the Heaven Snake could only control one-third of the South Street, so that there was no way they could do whatever they want. Therefore, the moment when they left the Hunter’s House, they had sent people and ‘eyes’ to every streets and corners, gates as well as neighborhoods. Heaven Snake didn’t care about Qian Ye’s resistance but the hunter was usually good at hiding his identity, so if Qian Ye quietly escaped the city without his notice, the hunt would have caused him to lose a lot more energy.


A moment later, in a dark old bistro, Qian Ye was sitting in a corner with his face completely hidden in the shadow.


This bistro was the bottom resident’s favorite place. Although it was small, it had all the things that it needed to have, such as wine and women. The most important thing was the cheap price.


Just needed to spend dozens of copper coins can one have a large cup of rice wine and was able to have sat all day there. Unemployed people loved to gather here and bragged about everything to kill time, and to also hope if they could find some good luck and a job. Therefore, this place was also a small news distribution center, many news were rapidly spread in this place.


The air was filled with the fragrance of poor quality tobacco, cheap perfume, newly baked food, and some other awkward smells. Qian Ye closed his eyes, ignored the hustle and bustle sounds by his ears, slowly practiced the Art of Retaliation, and patiently waited.


Until the twilight came once again, Qian Ye’s ears had captured the news he needed.


“Hey! Brother, you know what, big news! Heaven Snake had passed out a Fatal Blow Token on a one-star hunter named Qian Ye! If you can get his head, one hundred gold coins are waiting for you ahead! There are also ten gold coins for his whereabouts!”


“God, one hundred gold coins!”


The number had boiled up the entire pub. It had gone beyond the imagination of most people here. Almost all of them were dreaming of how to spend that much money and several of them started to discuss about ideas. The two sides soon became controversial from the argument about the gold coins which they could never have in hand. Finally, the discussion had turned into a noisy fight.


In the chaos, Qian Ye quietly squeezed himself out of the pub. He looked up at the only one flashing in the night sky and his lips exposed a vague smile.


Fatal Blow Token? Qian Ye was waiting for this.


Obviously, the Heaven Snake had become anxious after losing his track but they were also certain that Qian Ye had not yet left the city. Such a high reward was given out to make sure he could not have peacefully lived  inside this city.


Though for Qian Ye, the token had another meaning. Now, he had a good reason to let go of every worried though and fight with all of his strength.


The Heaven Snake gang itself was not worthy for him to act so cautious but such a gang could have developed to be one of the three biggest gangs, Heaven Snake couldn’t hold it up on his own, he certainly had other supporters behind him. Mr. Er could have kicked Heaven Snake out of the Hunter’s House but not necessarily meaning that he would have been able to kick those big asses behind the scenes.


However, from this moment on, the war was only between Qian Ye and the Heaven Snakes gang.


Qian Ye leisurely walked through the maze-like streets without any purpose.


After passing through a small street, several snakes had coincidently appeared. Qian Ye immediately stopped, waiting for them to approach. Those people were suddenly stunned. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they clearly saw Qian Ye’s face!


“That’s the guy,” said one of the men.


A chief-like snake shouted, “Of course that’s him! What are you standing there for, let’s kill him together!”


Several of them pulled out their machete daggers, swarmed, and rushed towards Qian Ye!


Bang! Bang!


Two gunshots sounded, two of the thugs were shot to fly backward as their bodies were bombarded into flesh and blood. In a close range, the huge power of the shotgun was almost unstoppable.


Qian Ye moved forward like a thunder strike, swung the machete dagger, and the two bullets jumped back into his hands like two birds. Then, he leisurely filled them back into the magazine. After the bullets had just been filled, the muzzle immediately emitted out another long fire snake, and the hot lead blew up two more snakes.


Qian Ye calmly opened the bolt, took out the shell, and then loaded, reset back to his aiming position and his gun had pointed directly at the last two snakes.


Under the muzzle’s threat, the two snakes trembled, and suddenly kneeled down in front of Qian Ye as they cried for mercy.


Qian Ye faintly said, “Isn’t it easy to earn gold?”


The two confusedly looked at each other but didn’t know how to answer. They still had a little brain inside that stupid head to know that if they didn’t say it right at this time, they would immediately die.


Qian Ye slowly put shotgun back into the holster and said, “Spread this news. From now on, if I see any snake on the street, I’ll kill them all! F*** off!


The two snakes immediately flew away.


Under the dark night, the city was still very dynamic, those industries which couldn’t expose under the light only turned viable at this time. In this city where its gateway never closed, there were various ways to spend money.


As Qian Ye was walking, he had met several snakes patrolling on the streets. His face didn’t change a lot with the beard, so that he was mostly recognized everything they had encountered.


The next night, those dirty snakes helped Qian Ye understand how crazy they could become under the charm of one hundred gold coins, and Qian Ye also let them deeply understood the big gap between a Red Scorpion soldier and ordinary people.


Gunfire sounded from time to time in the dark streets. Most of the chaotic voices belonged to the snakes while Qian Ye’s gunfire sounds were always stable and calm. The shotgun’s unique sound was like the drum sound, one beat after the other stroked in people’s heart. Each beat that sounded would take away with it a life.


Unconsciously, Qian Ye went to the mysterious Black Copper Street.


Just not far away from it, the luminous powder on ‘Mr. Yi’s firearms’ sign was emitting a green faint shimmer.


Qian Ye walked into the door. Behind the counter, the old man was still wiping a firearm part, still didn’t care to lift his head up to look.


Qian Ye rested his body against the counter, lit a cigarette, and said, “I’m here again.”


As the old man looked up and saw Qian Ye, his face immediately changed. The careless expression like a supreme highman was destroyed all of a sudden.


“First, I have to tell you that I will never accept the return of things which had already been sold!” The old man fiercely said.


Qian Ye handed him a cigarette and said, “Should I call you… Mr. Yi?”


As he smelled the fragrance of the smoke from Qian Ye’s cigarette, he was slightly surprised, “Mixed with military doping? Let me see… such a high quality good of the elite army! You can even get this kind of thing!”


Mr. Yi immediately lit up the cigarette and took a deep breath and held it his lung. After a while, his face turned red and exclaimed, “Taste so good! I haven’t seen this for a long time.”


Qian Ye did not say anything, just put the entire cigarette box on the counter, and then pushed it toward Mr. Yi.


Mr. Yi hesitated a moment, but still took the box and said, “Anyway, I won’t take back what I had sold!”


“I like this ‘assault hammer’ and have no intent to return it.”



Preview Chapter 43: Left The Town

Heaven Snake disdained, his electricity-like eyes fiercely swept through the crowd, and then shouted with anger, “What happened?”

Facing the head snake’s anger, other baby snakes were unconsciously shaken. When he was angry, no one had dared not to be afraid.

And finally, one man stood out and said, “My Lord, tonight we have a lot of casualties.”

“How many?” Heaven Snake was almost roaring.

“One hundred… one hundred and thirty people.” The man tried to press down his pressure and finally said out the number.

Suddenly, after having heard this figure, Heaven Snake was also surprised, but then immediately calmed down and asked, “Who did it?”

“That kid, Qian Ye.”

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