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Chapter 72 - Conflict Started

Chapter 41: Conflict Started


Qian Ye didn’t dodge the kick but stepped his left foot forward and kicked the right knee up, and directly hit the youth’s feet which had just reached his original abdomens position! A cracking sound was heard and with the youth’s painful screams, the broken ankle caused his feet to unnaturally distort to a side and swung in the air in an awkward arc.


The youth could no longer stand straight. He was now lying on the ground and staring at Qian Ye. He finally felt true fear for the first time in his life!


The expression on Qian Ye’s face did not have a lot of change. In the end, that gentle smile like water in the spring lake was still there as if the dozens of lives which had just died in his hands were just only trivial matters.


The youth finally understood the he and his level-two strength was not any different from a tiny beetle when compared with this beautiful devil. Qian Ye had an absolutely powerful strength and that had nothing to do with that gentle appearance!


“Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, my dad is Heaven Snake!” The youth’s voice sounded as if he was crying and couldn’t help but automatically pushing his body backwards to desperately move away from this devil.


“I know your dad is Heaven Snake.” Qian Ye lightly said.


He calmly placed the last bullet into the magazine, aimed at the youth’s other leg which still looked normal, and said, “I won’t kill you, go back and tell your father, if he still dares to look for trouble with me, then I’ll play with him to the end! As for you, the next time that you appear in front of me, there won’t be any such  good luck as today. This is just to give you a little lesson. By the way, it’s also a lesson for Heaven Snake.”


Having finished his words, Qian Ye pulled the trigger. The bullet was shot out of its chamber and heavily struck the youth’s knee. In the enhanced power of the heavy warhead, although this son of Heaven Snake was only a level-two cultivator, his knee was still almost broken by the bullet.


Qian Ye threw the empty pistol on the youth’s face, then pulled off the Golden Rose from his waist and said, “You don’t deserve to use this gun, neither does Heaven Snake!”


After that, Qian Ye turned away and left.


Not until his figure had disappeared for a long time did the youth dare to scream, “Help me! Anybody here, please help me!”



A moment later, at the Heave Snake’s headquarters, Heaven Snake angrily slapped on the coffee table, the entire hardwood-made coffee table was immediately torn apart! His face looked so gloomy that the room’s atmosphere had almost decreased to a negative temperature. His cheeks were constantly twitching as he looked at the dozens of bodies that were lying in a row in the ground.


At the moment, his only baby son was receiving the doctor’s treatment. Both his hands and feet were crumbled as one of his knees was almost completely disabled. However, these injuries were not the most important. His son was now suffering a serious shock and had almost lost his sanity. The kid was constantly screaming in fear as if Qian Ye was still standing in front of his face.


Even if this son could be cured from the trauma, he would still have lost all hope in reaching Heaven Snake’s level of cultivation for the rest of his life, and that Heaven Snaked had hoped that he could have become strong enough to inherit the Heaven Snake gang.


Heaven Snake slowly stood up. With murderous intent surging out from every pore of his body as he shouted, “Call people! We go to the Hunter’s House!”


An hour later, hundreds of leather-wearing burly gangs appeared in the door of the Hunter’s House, and crowded the entire street. Each of them had different snake tattoos on their arms.


Heaven Snake with more than a dozen of his most powerful people took their fierce steps into the Hunter’s House.


There were several hunters sitting inside the hall, all of them stood up and surprisingly looked at Heaven Snake and his men aggressive that rushed in.


“This is none of your business! Sit down or I’ll find something for you to do.” Heaven Snake coldly said.


Those hunters which were at their level two of cultivation all sat back down with their faces having turned pale. Heaven Snake was a level five cultivator, his strength created a big gap between the two sides, which was not something they could compete with.


Only Mr. Er was still sitting at the counter. He only looked up and took a glance at them when Heaven Snake took his men and walked to the counter, and then he continued to look back down on his book.


Bang! Bang!


Heaven Snake heavily smacked on the counter!


But he did not break the entire counter as he expected, only a few cracks had appeared, and spread all over its surface.


Earlier, as soon as Heaven Snake had his palms touched the table. Mr. Er’s had also put his hands on the counter. A vigorous but warm force had protected the counter from the fierce slap of Heaven Snake.


Though the counter still splatted a few big cracks. Obviously, Heaven Snake had a slightly more fierce force compared to Mr. Er.


Heaven Snake’s face looked very ugly. He coldly said, “Mr. Er, you are not gonna go into a war with us just because of this one star hunter, right?”


Er Ye pushed his glasses up higher on his nose and looked at Heaven Snake through the blurry lens as he said with a serious voice, “You mean Qian Ye? I have nothing to do with the things between you and him, and neither the Hunter’s House. The first thing you wanted to do when coming in here was to split my counter, if my meal-making guy is smashed, what do you think I should do? Then even if I wanted or not, I still have to join the fight, right?


Heaven Snake coldly said, “This counter didn’t break, but my son has been disabled! If the Hunter’s House wants to help that little bastard then this battle will be fired no matter what! Don’t forget, we Heaven Snakes still have dozens of lives!


Mr. Er pursed his eyebrows and slowly said, “Heaven Snake, don’t forget, the Hunter’s Home does not just have one in this city, even the upper echelon of the empire also have Hunter’s Houses. Even though you don’t have any regards for me, don’t do stupid things.”


Heaven Snake sneered, “Of course the Heaven Snake cannot be compared to the Hunter’s House, but I have not heard that the Hunter’s House will break their rules to intervene in this kind of thing.”


“Rules don’t mean that there won’t be exceptions, especially in the case when this counter is smashed.”


Heaven Snake frowned after hearing those word, “So Mr. Er, you want push things to the end?”


Mr. Er did not speak but Qian Ye’s voice suddenly sounded from behind Heaven Snake, “How is it, even if he pushes things to the end?”


Heaven Snake immediately turned around. His eyes were like an eagle’s, staring at Qian Ye, sneered, and said, “Well! You are very good! I have not seen anyone that had dared to directly challenge our Heaven Snake like you! Do you think I’m so soft and easy to be bullied?


Qian Ye also sneered, “It was your men who wanted to kill me, but they were all too weak. In return, I killed them, there’s nothing to be discussed about this stuff! Or should I have just stood there and waited for my death to come. Heaven Snake, don’t you think I’m very easy to be bullied?”


Heaven Snake’s eyes slightly squinted and he coldly said, “Just a level three little guy. What’s wrong if we bully you? You seem to have some talents but since we’re going to cook you, it doesn’t matter anymore!”


Qian Ye murkily smiled, “Just by you?”


Heaven Snake’s pupils shrunk. Suddenly, he laughed and said, “Wanna try now?”


This time, Mr. Er stood up and said with a deep voice, “Heaven Snake, must you kill my people here?


“Mr. Er, how do you want it? Even if I go out, don’t forget, the Hunter’s House is not just your Hunter’s House.” Heaven Snake felt angry as his words carried a threaten intent.


Er Ye wasn’t shaken of his attitude but lightly said, “You brought so many people and had rushed in, which was over the line. So today, here, no one can do anything. Otherwise, they are fighting against me. After tonight, no matter what happens between you and Qian Ye, there’s nothing of it that is to do with me.”


Heaven Snake pinched his eyebrows as if wanted to say something but he had held it back. Then, he forcefully nodded and coldly said, “Well! Mr. Er, today I give you this face but this is also the last time! From tomorrow morning on, I’ll find this kid, but I want to remind you one thing. Mr. Er, you have a lot of hunters, but not all of them are strong. In the future, I hope that they will all do well with their tasks, if I accidently meet them somewhere, maybe I’ll ‘help’ them a little bit ah!”


Heaven Snake swept his eyes over the hunters in the hall, then gathered up his men, swaggered and roared away.


Several two star hunter’s faces became very ugly. If they encountered Heaven Snake, or several strong gangs of the Heaven Snake, they wouldn’t even have a chance to escape. Being a hunter was a very dangerous career and that they now had Heaven Snake, as another dangerous opponent. Therefore, their death factor was immediately increased by a lot. Many hunters looked at Qian Ye with unfriendly eyes.


“Just a new man and is already so arrogant! If he wants to fight Heaven Snake, it’s just his business,  and it shouldn’t have anything to do with us!




“Such a person must be careful when he does his tasks later on. His arrogance will soon kill him!”


These hunters kept on saying with more and more grievances and their words also became dirtier and dirtier.


Qian Ye did not say anything and just suddenly took a glance at them.


The hunters suddenly stifled. They had more people than Qian Ye and he was only a level higher than them. They should have no fear of him but now when they were swept by Qian Ye’s eyes, all of them had shuddered and could no longer say anything. They looked at each other and saw horrors in the other’s eyes. In the end, they all left without saying a word.


Qian Ye came to the counter and said to Mr. Er, “Do you have wine here? I want to drink.”


Mr. Er took out a cup, and then from the counter took out a palm sized purple wine gourd, poured out half cup and pushed it towards Qian Ye.


Qian Ye picked up the cup, tilted his head, and emptied it. Then he held his breath for a while and said, “Good wine, but not as good as mine.”


“Do you mean the military doping?” Mr. Er obviously knew more than he seemed to be.


“That thing isn’t good for your health. You need to control the dose.”


Mr. Er gave another cup to Qian Ye and said, “It seems like the trouble between you and Heaven Snake is not small.”


“True! His son had just wanted to rob me.”


“It looks like that youth’s style, but he’s still a little ‘clever’ and had picked the right person to look for trouble with.”


Qian Ye breathed out a burst of an alcohol fragrance, smiled, and said, “But his luck was not good enough, so he found me, just exactly the kind of person he should not have messed with.”


Mr. Er looked at Qian Ye and said, “You are very confident.”


Qian Ye calmly said, “I just think that I shouldn’t let them do whatever they want.”


“What do you need me to do?”


“You’ve done enough for me.”


“Maybe more ammunition firearms…”


“No, I’ll get it from Heaven Snake.”


Qian Ye put the empty cup back to the counter and then left the Hunter’s House hallway.


At the door of the hall, a burly guy was standing there. It was one of the three guys that Qian Ye had met when he had first entered the Hunter’s House.


He saw Qian Ye, suddenly spitted to the ground, and said: “I hate guys who have the Empire’s smell, but those snakes are even more disgusting! Their eyes are all over the entire street out there. If you’re not careful, I am afraid that I will have to pick up your corpse by tomorrow morning.”


Qian Ye stopped and said, “If you like to carry people’s corpses, then congratulations, there will be a lot of snakes for you to continue your business. Though thank you, although I don’t like you. ”


The guy nodded his head, left the door, went to the counter, and said, “Mr. Er, give me a task!


When Qian Ye walked out of the door, he said, “That little guy might be able to do something spectacular. Maybe he’s worthy of training.”


Mr. Er just shrugged but didn’t say anything.


Qian Ye left the Hunter’s Home and slowly walked to a dark valley.


A few homeless people wandering around the Hunter’s House immediately followed not far behind him. As Qian Ye turned into the alley, he suddenly sped up, rushed to the end of the valley like a hurricane, and quickly turned to the left.


The tracing people could no longer care if they had exposed their disguises, desperately rushed to the intersection, but when they came to the crossroads, Qian Ye had already disappeared.


After a moment, Qian Ye appeared in the door outside Yu Ying Nan’s house. Not waiting for him to knock on the door, it suddenly opened, Yu Ying Nan murderously went out with a heavily armed outfit, and she also carried a powerful double-barrel shotgun.


Qian Ye suddenly rushed and pushed Yu Ying Nan back inside her room, and then kicked the door closed.



Chapter 42: Fatal Blow Token


“Hey! Brother, you know what, big news! Heaven Snake had passed out a Fatal Blow Token on a one-star hunter named Qian Ye! If you can get his head, one hundred gold coins are waiting for you ahead! There are also ten gold coins for his whereabouts!”


“God, one hundred gold coins!”


The number had boiled up the entire pub. It had gone beyond the imagination of most people here. Almost all of them were dreaming of how to spend that much money and several of them started to discuss about ideas. The two sides soon became controversial from the argument about the gold coins which they could never have in hand. Finally, the discussion had turned into a noisy fight.


In the chaos, Qian Ye quietly squeezed himself out of the pub. He looked up at the only one flashing in the night sky and his lips exposed a vague smile.


Fatal Blow Token? Qian Ye was waiting for it.



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