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Chapter 71 - Strife

Chapter 40: Strife


“Of course, there are not many things that I don’t know in the city, especially when they are related to hunters.”


Mr. Er fondled the lens and said, “The value of these things was far above their functions, it’s a pity to convert them. How about this, you can use them to exchange for other weapons at the equipment warehouse. Ah, what about a set of tactical assault rifle attachments? ”


Qian Ye agreed without hesitation, the artistic value had no use to him, and he only needed a weapon that was able to kill.


Mr. Er put away the attachments. After that, he took Qian Ye to the warehouse, removed a case from a shelf, and then handed it to Qian Ye.


Qian Ye opened the case and felt very satisfied. This was a set of tactical attachments for the main forces of the Imperial Legion. Although it was only a level two firearm configuration but because it was a completed set, so the comprehensive performance of this full set was even better than the scattered level three accessories. These standard tactical attachments were Qian Ye’s most favorites because he could use them immediately without the familiar process at all.


Mr. Er also handed him a box which was filled with ten blanks original force bullets and said, “This case is as worthy as a few of your accessories, so I am giving you some gadgets.”


This was exactly what Qian Ye needed. The werewolf task had consumed his entire inventory.


Mr. Er suddenly asked, “What are you gonna do with Heaven Snake?”


Qian Ye face slightly sunk but then immediately returned to normal as he faintly said, “Just leave him alone for now. Wait until I level up, then I’ll do what is supposed to be done.”


Mr. Er heard a ray of murderous intent from Qian Ye’s calm tone. He knocked on the shelf and said, “The Heaven Snake is not just an ordinary level five cultivator, he isn’t simple to deal with. As a Hunter’s House delegate in the Dark Blood city, I cannot directly come forward to intervene in the dispute between hunters and the Heaven Snake gang.”


Qian Ye skillfully assembled some of the tactical accessories into a small folding grip while speaking without even lifting his head, “I know.”


“If you have any other needs in the future, such as borrowing  money or some equipment, you can also come to me. Of course, it is in my own name, and it won’t be a lot in number unless you can prove that you are worthy enough to invest more in. You know, Hunter’s House is not mine.”


Qian Ye paused for a while and then used the dazzling speed to bring the newly assembled small grip back to fragmentary pieces. After that, he looked up and observed Mr. Er while saying, “I heard that you normally don’t intervene in such a thing…”


Mr. Er said without changing any expression on that old, experienced face, “this time the Heaven Snake had pushed things too far. If Ying Nan really died on that arena, then we, the Hunter’s House face would be lost.”


“But she truly owes Heaven Snake a lot of money, this thing will be troublesome.” Qian Ye frowned.


Mr. Er shook his head and said, “I cannot help her with this. She is strong, but she never bends down her head. She is a good hunter but not a good leader. You had done a task with her so you should know about this. If I help her again, then it would not much different than pushing her to run further and further on the wrong path.”


Qian Ye simply nodded and did not give more compliments.


Although the task was successfully completed, it was built on many non-repeated factors. From Qian Ye’s first move at the beginning, he had discovered that Yu Ying Nan’s collected intelligence, and tactical preparations were inadequate. If not that she had pulled Qian Ye to join in the last minute, this operation could have been foreseen as a heavy loss.


Until now, it was afraid that Yu Ying Nan still didn’t know that Qian Ye’s knowledge about werewolves was far more experienced than the so-called ‘werewolf expert’ Yang Tian, and his strength was also stronger than a star hunter, even stronger than the entire team, including Yu Ying Nan. If any other person had intruded there, it was impossible to kill the four elders in one try, and ultimately having stolen the totem.


In fact, Yu Ying Nan was not suitable for such a multi-person task. She should be a solo hunter.


“You have to be careful. Heaven Snake is likely to come to you for troubles. He doesn’t like to let the person who had threatened him live safely.”


“I will be careful but I think he should be more careful.” Qian Ye showed a cold smile.


Mr. Er did not say anything, left the warehouse, and sat back behind the counter, concentrated on reading his book.


Qian Ye left the Hunter’s House, looked for an herbal shop, and with the rest of the gold coins he bought several herbs and a set of refinement tools. These herbs would be used to configure a special drug. This drug once diluted, would be a fine smell of synthetic spices, but at the concentrated stage it would have turned into the condensed version of the military strengthening stimulant enzyme.


Qian Ye picked up the herbs and left the store. As soon as he turned to another corner of the street, a group of noisy youths appeared in front of his face. This was not a spacious street and there appearance immediately filled up the entire space.


A youth in the middle was very exciting and constantly bragging about his vampire hunting experience. Meanwhile, the people around were all flattering to make him laugh more happily.


With the snake tattoos exposed on their arms, Qian Ye immediately knew that these were the people from the Heaven Snake gang. He frowned and moved to a side to let those people pass by the road.


As they walked passed Qian Ye, the youth in the middle inadvertently saw Qian Ye, and suddenly his eyes lit up, “Wait, I know you. You are little hunter who took out the Golden Rose that day! Even though you don’t look the same but this little trick won’t even have a door knob to get away from my eyes!”


Qian Ye’s eyes fell on the youth’s waist where there was hanging a fine handmade holster. With the shape of the handle exposed outside, it should be the Golden Rose.


It seems that the identity of this youth was not simple to actually have the Golden Rose as his jewelry. Even in the upper middle class, this gun would not disgrace some noble children.


The youth pushed away the crowd, rushed toward Qian Ye and said, “Take it out!”


Qian Ye frowned, “What?”


The youth sneered and said, “Don’t play dumb with me! Ok, I’ll pretend like you’re really stupid! Hand over the Golden Rose accessories, this gun must have a full set of specialized tactical accessories. Don’t tell me no!”


Qian Ye eyes wrinkled tighter as he asked, “Who are you?”


The youth turned his head back to the crowd, revealed an exaggerated smile, and talked to the Heaven Snake crowd, “Me? He asked who I was! Haha!” Immediately, the crowd behind him joined the coax.


After laughing for a while, he leaned closer to Qian Ye, reached out his hand, and poked on Qian Ye’s chest. Words after words ground out of his teeth, “I’ll tell you who I am! Heaven Snake is my father! Now do you know who I am?”


“I do, but I don’t have the accessories of the Golden Rose.” Qian Ye gently said.


“No?” The youth was startled and his face immediately changed as he angrily cried, “No! Do you think I’m a fool? The Liquefied Golden Rose always has a full set of accessories with it, I’ve never seen guns without it. I told you, honestly give me something, and today I’ll only break your two legs, but if you don’t give it out…”


He coldly said, “I think you look pretty, some of my brothers are interested in pretty boys. I’ll let them burst dry your ass here, and then throw you to feed the dogs!”


After having heard this threat, Qian Ye suddenly revealed a smile like spring that had appeared after a long winter, which made his exquisite appearance became younger. The obsidian-like eyes bent into a curvature into an innocent look. When he was harassed by several rogues at the Lighthouse town, Qian Ye had had such a smile.


At this time, a thin guy came and whispered something by the youth’s ears. His eyes suddenly  lit up as he looked as Qian Ye and said, “I heard that you had just completed a high level task and earned a lot of gold coins ah! Since there are no accessories, then I’ll go easy on you, just buy us a meal!”


The youth’s exaggerated laughter became obscene. He raised his hand to touch Qian Ye’s chin. However, this time, he didn’t get to do what he wanted. As his hand had reached out halfway, his wrist was seized by Qian Ye, and could no longer move for another inch!


The youth tried a few times but his hand still couldn’t move! The smile which had not completely faded was stiffened on his face as he shouted at Qian Ye, “What do you want to do? Let go of my hand!”


He made a wink to the left and right and suddenly shouted, “Disable him!” Two of the crowds immediately rushed toward Qian Ye as two daggers fiercely rushed towards Qian Ye ribcage from both sides!


Qian Ye’s face sunk. He quickly forced his left hand and a cracking sound immediately sounded as the youth’s wrist had burst broken! Then Qian let go of his hand, stepped back, and perfectly dodged the two ruthless daggers.


Qian Ye suddenly reached out his hands, accurately grasped the two’s wrists, twisted them, and pushed forward, the two daggers immediately changed the direction and pierced into the two’s abdomens till the end of the handles!


The youth was stunned for a while, even forgetting the pain on his wrist, then he shouted with a frightened voice, “You dare to kill our Heaven Snake people!?”


Then he receded as shouting around, “Come up together and chop this shit off for me!”


Several Heaven Snakes pulled out their machete daggers and rushed up, while others took out their firearms, aimed at Qian Ye on the outside, and waited for a chance to shoot!


Qian Ye firmly stood in place. As pulling out his gun, he just slightly moved a few steps away, and let all the bullets and machetes fall to the empty place.


Next, eight shots sounded, eight bullets in the magazine instantly poured out. Eight snakes fell down. Their wounds were either on the weak point of their heads or abdomens. They were all killed on spot.


Qian Ye was using a Kohl. Although this pistol was an old gunpowder weapon, its close power was very commendable and was very suitable to deal with these not guys who were not even at the first level of cultivation.


As the youth saw that his people had fallen down more than half, he unconsciously inhaled cold air! Didn’t wait for him to adapt with the situation, Qian Ye kicked his foot, and a snake’s pistol jumped into his hands. After that, another continuous gunfire sounded and the youth no longer had anyone standing by his side.


Qian Ye went to him, raised the pistol, and lightly said, “There is still one bullet left.”


“If you kill me, my father won’t leave you alone! We can discuss if you want…” The youth seemed to panic and continuously moved backwards.


But then, he suddenly shrieked, sent out his feet, and fiercely kicked at Qian Ye’s lower abdomen!


This feet, brought with it the crackling original force that running through it. What a powerful kick!



Preview Chapter 72: Conflict Started


“I know your dad is Heaven Snake.” Qian Ye lightly said.

He calmly placed the last bullet into the magazine, aimed at the youth’s other leg which still looked normal, and said, “I won’t kill you, go back and tell your father, if he still dares to look for trouble with me, then I’ll play with him to the end! As for you, the next time that you appear in front of me, there won’t be any such  good luck as today. This is just to give you a little lesson. By the way, it’s also a lesson for Heaven Snake.”

Having finished his words, Qian Ye pulled the trigger. The bullet was shot out of its chamber and heavily struck the youth’s knee. In the enhanced power of the heavy warhead, although this son of Heaven Snake was only a level-two cultivator, his knee was still almost broken by the bullet.

Qian Ye threw the empty pistol on the youth’s face, then pulled off the Golden Rose from his waist and said, “You don’t deserve to use this gun, neither does Heaven Snake!”

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