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Chapter 69 - Succeeded

Chapter 38: Succeeded


Qian Ye made a flexible turn and landed at the distanced of about ten meters away, coldly watched the werewolf desperately twisting and turning, trying to stand up till its last will. Though because the werewolf’s neural center had been completely destroyed, no matter how hard it had tried, its body was still crooked aside, not even mentioning of catching Qian Ye. It struggled for a while and collapsed on the ground, no longer moving.


Qian Ye slowly walked back, picked up his ‘assault hammer’, and continued to reach deep into the cave. Though only after a few steps, he suddenly stopped as his entire body was shaken due to being frightened. He had just realized that that wasn’t his fighting style!


Bare hands… torn off… fresh hot flesh and blood! This was clearly the way that the strong vampires used to slay werewolves!


Qian Ye suddenly trembled. This was the instinct that was trembling deep down his soul.


At this moment, Qian Ye’s heart was taking down by fears and doubts which he had never had before. He couldn’t even tell whether he was a human or a vampire. If he must become a vampire, then he would rather end his own life.


Even when he had been contaminated by the Dark Blood, he didn’t suffer from that fear.


This had nothing to do with benefits, but faith.


Hesitated for a moment, Qian Ye continued to go deeper into the cave. Whether or not he was going to be a vampire, he must complete this task first.


There were more and more forks on the way deeper to this maze, but Qian Ye didn’t hesitate nor slow down. He was still as fast as the wind. He had participated in nearly ten werewolves’ encirclement actions when he was in the Red Scorpion. He could find the exact path as long as there was a trace, even if it was just a little bit.


He had killed a few more werewolves along the way.


Seeing these human-shaped Dark creatures with fur all over their bodies in their fighting mode, Qian Ye could not help but rushed over and tore them apart with his bare hands. After several times, he had given up struggling against this devil’s instinct, letting go of himself and followed the fighting instinct to achieve the target at the fastest speed.


Now, Qian Ye had figured that Yu Ying Nan’s information about this wolf cave had several inaccurate points. The tribal warrior’s combat power was way stronger than what was mentioned in the intelligence. If they didn’t end it soon, the raid assault would turn into a ‘food delivery’ trip.


After a while, Qian Ye went into a hall.


This place was more spacious than all the caves which he had passed earlier. The central hall had an altar and placed above it was a wooden totem which was emitting thick black aura.


There were also several elder werewolves around the altar.


At the moment, the hall was filled with yellow smoke. That was the smoke from the cave next to it and had passed here through the ventilators. This original force drug was obviously still effective although the diffusion had diluted it. Several elders kept sneezing uncomfortably but all of them insisted on guarding the place by all means.


Four elders were surprised and turned around since they figured that a stranger had intruded into the hall. Two of the most agile elders had reacted and posted an attacking posture, but the yellow smoke had seriously interrupted their actions. Even though they had held their breaths, that little trick also blocked their vision.


How could hesitation be forgiven between the moment of life and death?


Qian Ye maintained a high speed then made a graceful leap, drew an elegant curvature over half of the hall, and landed at an extremely close position to the elder werewolves. In the air, he twisted to change the posture, and landed on the ground in a half kneeling position. With the ‘assault hammer’ firmly held in his hands, he pulled the trigger.


One of Qian Ye’s original force bullets was shot out of the chamber and directly blew up an elder’s skull.


Qian Ye crazily put force into the ‘assault hammer’ which resulted in its body glowing with yellow lights, which almost revealed the entire metal barrel. It was the sign when the force array was activated to its ultimate point. The second bullet immediately followed after the first one outside. A group of mixed red and yellow lights rushed out and hit the other elder’s left chest and shoulder.


Although there was still another physical bullet inside the gun, Qian Ye didn’t have enough time to make the shot, and the third elder had already thrown its body towards Qian Ye. Without any fear or hesitation of being in a disadvantaged position, Qian Ye pushed his left hand against the ground. His entire body quickly shot up like a projectile and heavily banged at the elders. As a result, the two were both shot backwards and flew out.


As he was still in the air, Qian Ye threw out a multiple-edge knife, and nailed it on the fourth elder.


The elders which were shot with his force and the one which had been pierced by the knife didn’t really care about their injuries. One of them had even transformed into a wolf-shaped fighting mode. Though as they had just rushed a few steps forward, the elders suddenly fell on the ground, twitching and rolling all over the place and couldn’t even climb up.


Qian Ye finally let go of his heart. It was really good news that the bullet which infused with his blood seemed to also work with werewolves. Also, the fierce poison on Ye Tong’s knife had special effects on werewolves, but unfortunately, after this time, most of the toxicity would have faded away.


The elder which was physically hit earlier, shook his head, and quickly woke up from the dizziness. It growled several times, exposed its fangs, and jumped toward Qian Ye!


Qian Ye grabbed the ‘assault hammer’, quickly charged it with force, and then calmly shot out the final physical bullet.


As the elder had thought that his claws would crash into Qian Ye’s head, the aggressive force bullet had come, opened a hole in his abdomen, and the huge momentum immediately shoved it flying backwards.


This shot was not fatal but had also let it lose the ability to move for a moment.


Qian Ye pulled the bolt, his original bullets had been all used up and this load was from Yu Ying Nan’s bullets. However, he did not fire at the werewolf, but grabbed the totem and ran.


In the ritual hall, the elders started howling. They were grieving with a horrendous wail but Qian Ye didn’t care about its feelings. He quickly returned along the old way. When he heard the rapid footsteps, Qian Ye immediately turned to another corner, then threw out two original force grenades.


The yellow smoke immediately covered the tunnel behind Qian Ye with a double effect. The werewolves that were pursuing after him didn’t see the trap at the turn. Therefore, they could not stop the pace and uncontrollably rushed into the smoke. A painful whining was immediately issued as they collapsed and rolled all over the ground. This smoke was truly a destructive agent for the werewolves in such narrow space.


Meanwhile, at the tunnel closest to the entrance, Yu Ying Nan, Yang Tian and Li Lun Zhe were standing back to back, desperately fighting against the werewolves which were constantly rushing out from the cave.


There were dozens of corpses piled up under their feet. It seemed like a victory, but the fact was that all the gunpowder and original products had been all emptied out. The remaining force needed to be saved up for close combat. Therefore, they all changed into melee weapons.


Yu Ying Nan brought a thorny knuckles set and both of her armor knee pads were also equipped with  spikes. It showed that hers was an obviously  fierce combat style. On the other hand, Yang Qian had a dagger in his hand and fought delicately, but every time he attacked, there would be a flesh and blood splattered all over. As for Li Lun Zhe, he could only be considered medium fighter.


“Grenade.” Yu Ying Nan loudly roared. Her martial arts belonged to most vicious style and could control half of the werewolves attacking. Therefore, she also had to bear the greatest pressure.


Yang quickly threw a smoke grenade and then cried, “The last one!”


“Damn! We can’t last much longer. Why did that guy not come out yet?” Li Lun Zhe also screamed.


“He just went in, so he can’t reach to the ritual hall yet! From the previous information, it takes at least ten minutes to explore the cave and run back out. We have to hold on for ten minutes by any means or he’ll be dead” Yang Tian said.


He was the werewolf expert but his individual fighting power was the weakest.


“Ten minutes! It’s a miracle if we can do that!” Li Lun Zhe shouted.


“We must wait for Qian Ye to come back! Even if we are all killed here, we have to wait for him!” Yu Ying Nan fiercely ended the debate.


Li Lun Zhe’s eyes flashed with ferocious intent, he tried to put all of his pressure on the werewolf in front of him although his eyes could not help but were staring at Yu Ying Nan’s back.


Li Lun Zhe suddenly broke out. He roared like a beast and kept stabbing like crazy at the werewolf’s abdomen! Blood splashed all over his head. Li Lun Zhe’s eyes turned red looking at the werewolf’s tragic death. No one could have heard the voice repeating inside his head, “If I cannot have you, no one else can!”


Li Lun Zhe let go of the corpse and then bounced up, suddenly lost balance and staggered a few steps toward Yu Ying Nan’s direction.


Yu Ying Nan felt Li Lun Zhe’s difference, and quickly retrieved two steps. She used her back to stabilize his body and anxiously asked, “How are you?”


“I…” Li Lun Zhe heavily gasped as if he was injured but his hand was still clenched on the knife!


At the moment, Qian Ye ran out like the wind. He did not stop but rushed all the way to the outer side, and then shouted, “Got it!”


His voice rumbled, spread out, and echoed all over the cliff.


Yang Tian said, “So fast! He should be on the way to the worship hall…”


This time, Qian Ye directly ran to the exit, didn’t fight with any werewolf, instead he used all of his power to directly hit away those gray dogs. In a blink of an eye, he had rushed outside of the cave!


Qian Ye jumped,  turned in the air, and threw the last smoke grenade towards the cave.


In the diffusing smoke, a few werewolves which were chasing after them, rolled out of the hole, and then Qian Ye’s original rifle started roaring continuously. The three entities original force plus  mithril silver bullets were separately shot and busted four werewolves. Then Qian Ye used more force and fired another two shots as he was running away.


This time his luck had ran out and the two last shots couldn’t add two more blood aura. Their ordinary power had greatly reduced, but was also enough to hurt the last werewolf.


Qian Ye clutched the ‘assault hammer’, threw it over his shoulder, and then he rushed to the wolf like the wind while taking out the hammer.


When the wounded werewolf put on its fighting posture, it had to face with Qian Ye’s whole body. Like being crushed by a small mountain, the wolf was struck, forcing it to stagger back. As the same time, the hammer went down and crushed open the wolf’s head!


After killing the wolf, Qian Ye was exhausted to death. He just wanted to fall to the ground and had a nice sleep. He knew that these were the signs of excessive physical exertion and immediately took out a syringe from his pocket, tore off the wrap, injected the needle to a side of his neck, and brought all of the drugs inside  his body.


With the injection of drugs, a surge of hot fire quickly burned throughout his body, Qian Ye suddenly felt a vibration in his spirit. This was  military doping, of course, he had privately prepared it. The doping effect could last half an hour, enough to take Qian Ye out of the danger, but the consequence would become very uncomfortable.


Qian Ye then met up with Yu Ying Nan’s group and immediately rushed along the valley which had been set up with good marks to escape the valley. Behind them, the wolves were pursuing right after.



Preview Chapter 70: Silent Fear

Mr. Er was still sitting behind the counter reading as always. When Qian Ye walked into the hall, he slightly lifted up his eyes, looked at him for a second, and then immediately put his eyes back to the pages.

Today, the Hunter’s House was very lively. The two tables at the central hall were almost full of people. Around seven or eight hunters gathered in one place and turned the originally not very spacious hall into becoming more crowded.

Hunters were gossiping about what was recently happening and exchanging information about the adventures. Though Qian Ye heard of some common issues from their various topics, such as the Dark Race creatures were becoming extraordinarily cautious and anxious, even the relatively gentle beings also repeatedly attacked the adventurers. Therefore, in the recent days, there were more and more rumors about adventurers, hunters, and mercenaries casualties.

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