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Chapter 70 - Silent Fear

Chapter 39: Silent Fear


When Tashi had finished setting up the large-caliber antique machine gun, thunder-like gunfire sounds echoed throughout the cliff. And he was desperately firing the metal barrage on the werewolves pack. Those who had just stuck their heads out of the cave were crushed to their body bloom with blood flowers.


However, werewolf’s skins were rough and that their fats were also thick. At such a long distance, it was obviously impossible for a machine gun to cause any fatal injuries to them. These werewolves only had to suffer minor flesh wounds. It would have needed at least an  original force gun or direct melee combat to be able to fatally wound them.


Though Tashi had already achieved his purpose in holding back the werewolf’s feet so that his companions had more time to escape the valley, in a twinkle of an eye, Tashi had emptied four rounds of bullets. The machine gun’s barrels had also turned red and could no longer be used again after this. Yu Ying Nan and Qian Ye’s group had successfully left the valley’s territory and ran to the scheduled assembly.


After seeing the first sign that he had completed his job, Tashi dropped the machine gun, and then ran along the programmed way to escape.


More and more werewolves rushed out of the cave and their howls of anger started joining together and created a thrilling harmony. Though soon after that, the harmony was disrupted by endless busted sounds. The traps which Tashi had set up were triggered and the werewolves which lead the hunt were now blown up to the sky, one by one.


Soon, all the members of the hunting team were assembled in the confluence. And behind them, the werewolf’s deafening howling sounds were piercing through the wind to hunt after them.


Tashi immediately started the mini four-wheeled off-road truck. As the black crystal powder was added into the combustion chamber, the numbers on the speedometer crazily increased and the off-road truck began to roar, and started its way back to the Dark Blood city.


Tashi was driving as Qian Ye and the others were sitting behind in the trunk. Li Lun Zhe took out a level two force gun and aimed it at the rear. Yu Ying Nan and Yang Tian were busy dealing with their wounds, and Qian Ye seized the time to run the Art of Retaliations to restore as much force as possible.


Li Lun Zhe had no expressions on his face but his eyes looked very gloomy. Earlier in the wolf cave, he almost did it. If it was not that Qian Ye had suddenly shouted out of the blue, that knife would have been thrust through Yu Ying Nan’s waist, and then Yang Tian would suffer the same fate with her. After that, he would flee away on his own.


Yu Ying Nan and Yang Tian were definitely not the opponents of the wolves when they were seriously injured. As for Tashi, Li Lun Zhe would have easily killed that tech-freak after escaping the wolf cave.


But since Qian Ye had stolen the totem with an unexpected rate in winning the totem, Li Lun Zhe had lost his chance of stunning and hesitation.


Not long after that, several shadows appeared in his vision. The werewolves had almost caught up with them! They quickly shortened the distance with the off-road truck, which was running at a turtle’s speed of forty kilometers in their eyes. Li Lun Zhe calmed down and tried to pull his mind back to reality. He focused to aim the gun at one of the werewolves, waiting for it to approach a hundred meters distance, and pulled the trigger!


A group of blue light shot out from the muzzle, perfectly pierced through the wolf’s head, hit the werewolf so that it turned a few rounds in the air, and then heavily fell on the ground. Not until seeing its blood and shattered visceral parts splashing all over, did Li Lun Zhe feel that the evil fire inside his heart had gradually subsided.


At the same time, two original force guns appeared on both sides of him and were also aimed at the werewolves pursuing after them. They were Qian Ye’s and Yang Tian’s. After bringing back a little force to their bodies, they could barely, be able to launch one more shot.


As the guns sounded, two werewolves flew out, drew a bloody concave in mid-air, and heavily fell on the ground.


The six chasing wolves were lessened in half. After seeing that, the rest of the werewolves immediately slowed down. They did not dare to reach a close distance to the truck but only followed outside the range of the original force guns, and waited for the brigade werewolves to arrive.


The two sides kept fleeing and chasing. Soon, the truck entered the origin where Qian Ye had encountered the mysterious black sleuth.


The wolves were suddenly frightened, many of them stopped, and searched around with their eyes around in vigilance. They couldn’t help but shriek with fear as all of their hairs were stood up in thrill.


There were more and more werewolves that slowed down. Some put their heads together and whispered something. Several giant wolves amongst the pack suddenly lifted their heads up and sniffed something in the night wind. As if having found something terrible, they immediately made a U-turn, tightly tucked their tails between their legs, and fled at full speed. Soon after that, the rest which had just caught up with them did the same things without hesitation.


The sudden withdrawal of the wolves had surprised Yu Ying Nan and the others. They looked at each other in confusion but didn’t figure out what had just happened. The only thing they could do at the moment was to stay cautious. Not many things in the wilderness could have freaked the werewolves out.


Qian Ye guessed that perhaps this must have something to do with that mysterious black sleuth, though he did not feel like it was a good thing to disclose this information to the others.


After that, the four finished their trip without any other incidents, safely returned to the Dark Blood city, and quickly reported the results to the headquarters. This totem was said to have received a highly appraised value from the Imperial Academy stationed in the Expeditionary Corps Commissioner. Therefore, the original agreement of one hundred gold coins bounty had been doubled up into two hundred. Three out of ten of these bounties were handed to the Hunter’s House and the rest them belonged to the team.


The good news had motivated all the members. Most of the hunters were poor, they didn’t have their basic equipment dispensed like the mercenaries, and had to use most of their income to renew their equipment and weapons. Not strong enough and they would be swallowed alive in the wilderness, sooner or later.


Qian Ye got forty gold coins because of his outstanding performance in the extreme situation. This distribution ratio was significantly higher than the average payment, but this time, Li Lun Zhe did not say anything,  his face only became gloomier. He had left in haste after receiving his part.


Yang Tian and Tashi also left, one after the other. In the end, only Yu Ying Nan and Qian Ye stayed in the Hunter’s House.


“Wanna drink something?” Yu Ying Nan said.


Qian Ye shook his head, “No, I want to go home and rest.”


“I’ll see you again in two days then.”


This time, Qian Ye did not refuse, and nodded his head as a reply.


As Qian Ye went back to his home, the first thing he did was in checking the entire house from the inside out. There was no anomaly other than several blood stains on the walls and the roof, no other signs of being invaded. It seemed like those little burglars finally became smart after having learned some painful lessons and thus avoided this dangerous small building.


As soon as the door was safely closed behind him, Qian Ye immediately rushed into the kitchen like a beggar who had been starved for weeks. He brought all the eatable things out and started eating. Not until having finished the reserved foods  and his stomach was uncomfortably swollen up, did he stop chewing.


The fullness feeling had eased down Qian Ye’s desire for blood.


It began when they got out of the wolf cave… perhaps because of the exhaustion of his original force, when the werewolf’s blood had splashed forth; Qian Ye once again felt the thirst of blood which he had almost forgot  existed. Though this time it was quite different from the earlier burning feeling, he was absolutely sober, but the delicious blood drop was like carrying rich energy, and was seducing him to taste it.


Qian Ye buried his head under his arms to hide the bitter smile. He had vaguely guessed the problem. For vampires, sucking blood was the fastest shortcut to restore their physical strength as well as healing. He had also inherited the most basic racial instincts of the species after getting its constitution. He could easily suppress the hunger after using military doping but now after the hunger had left, his entire body from tip to toe felt like it was burning as if it was being corroded by acid.


Qian Ye did not entangle himself in this issue for long. After washing away all the dust, he decided to go to the Hunter’s House to look for equipment. Power was the guarantee of survival. Moreover, he was a trouble magnet at the moment.


Mr. Er was still sitting behind the counter reading as always. When Qian Ye walked into the hall, he slightly lifted up his eyes, looked at him for a second, and then immediately put his eyes back to the pages.


Today, the Hunter’s House was very lively. The two tables at the central hall were almost full of people. Around seven or eight hunters gathered in one place and turned the originally not very spacious hall into becoming more crowded.


Hunters were gossiping about what was recently happening and exchanging information about the adventures. Though Qian Ye heard of some common issues from their various topics, such as the Dark Race creatures were becoming extraordinarily cautious and anxious, even the relatively gentle beings also repeatedly attacked the adventurers. Therefore, in the recent days, there were more and more rumors about adventurers, hunters, and mercenaries casualties.


Qian Ye was keen to feel that these hunters were a little uneasy.


Qian Ye went to the counter and asked, “Mr. Er, when can I be promoted to a two-star hunter?


Mr. Er Ye said without lifting his head, “You can be promoted once you have accumulated enough one hundred gold coins.”


“Ok. Now, I want to see what I can buy.”


Mr. Er nodded and called Xiao Mi to take Qian Ye to the equipment warehouse. It was the same warehouse but now every single weapon looked completely different in Qian Ye’s eyes.


After the wolf people in the cave had a way of fighting after the blood, Qian Ye found himself suddenly being obsessed with this feeling.


At the same level, human beings were mostly at a position of disadvantage in strength compared to most of the Dark Races species. Therefore, when the werewolves were facing the humans, they instinctively relied on their strength to win, but when they had encountered the more powerful Qian Ye, they were defeated extremely fast.


Even though Qian Ye’s body didn’t seem particularly prominent, he was still famous for his strength in the Red Scorpion Corps. After having inherited the vampire’s constitution, this advantage was further enhanced and could be comparable with a level five soldier. Powerful strength would undoubtedly take the advantage in  melee fighting.


Originally, in Qian Ye’s weapons list, his main attention was placed on the original force guns and related accessories, but this time he was particularly attracted with the varieties of melee fighting weapons.. Qian Ye kept picking up pieces of armor after the other and carefully tested them back and forth. Finally, he took an arm cover and thoughtfully played with it.


The metal armor was forearm equipment with a good protective force and was heavy enough so that it could become a powerful blunt weapon when swinging. Moreover, it had standard addition slots which could be used to install military daggers, multiple-edge knives, and other weapons. It was also attached to a small force array. Once having injected force, it could form a temporary shield to withstand the medium-range of a level one force firearms attack.


Qian Ye was very satisfied with this armor. Its only drawback was the weight of ten kilograms but with Qian Ye’s current power, this disadvantage could be ignored.


The armor was ranked as a two-star piece of equipment which could only be exchanged by two-star hunters. If Qian Ye wanted to own it in advance, he would have to pay an addition of twenty percent of its price. Other than the armor, Qian Ye also picked several protective pieces made of the Crypt Spider’s shell. These effective and inexpensive accessories were a good way to upgrade his armor, that is, if fitted in his armor.


These things used up more than thirty gold coins and the most expensive item were the force driven arm cover.


After walking out of the warehouse, Qian Ye went to the counter and said, “I have some equipment and could you ask some people to modify it?”


Mr. Er Ye finally put down the books with an unwilling expression. Then, he walked to an independent workroom next to the counter, signaled Qian Ye come in, and closed the door.


Qian Ye took out the tactical attachments of the Golden Rose, including  lens, and an energy storage equipment which could amplify the bombardment, and a silencer.


“I want to change these parts so that they can be used on the assault hammer.”


Mr. Er picked up the attachments, looked carefully, and said, “These are the standard parts of the vampire’s production, fine hand work. They were originally your Liquefied Golden Rose matching accessories, correct?


“How do you know about this?”



Preview Chapter 39: Strife

Qian Ye’s eyes fell on the youth’s waist where there was hanging a fine handmade holster. With the shape of the handle exposed outside, it should be the Golden Rose.

It seems that the identity of this youth was not simple to actually have the Golden Rose as his jewelry. Even in the upper middle class, this gun would not disgrace some noble children.

The youth pushed away the crowd, rushed toward Qian Ye and said, “Take it out!”

Qian Ye frowned, “What?”

The youth sneered and said, “Don’t play dumb with me! Ok, I’ll pretend like you’re really stupid! Hand over the Golden Rose accessories, this gun must have a full set of specialized tactical accessories. Don’t tell me no!”

Qian Ye eyes wrinkled tighter as he asked, “Who are you?”

The youth turned his head back to the crowd, revealed an exaggerated smile, and talked to the Heaven Snake crowd, “Me? He asked who I was! Haha!” Immediately, the crowd behind him joined the coax.

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