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Chapter 68 - Raid

Chapter 37: Raid


Even though Qian Ye’s heart had no longer been beating at the moment, he still remained conscious and also felt the thrill that was growing to every corner of his body. The military’s feign death technique was very useful in playing dead under an extreme situation. Once enabled, this secret technique would help to temporarily disable one’s movement as well as the added ability of self-defense.


The moment Qian Ye saw that black sleuth, he immediately knew that he couldn’t defeat ‘it’ with his strength at the moment. Many years of accumulating the fighting instincts had rushed him to start the secret technique. As expected, that ‘person’ alone with just a faint searching aura had almost destroyed his sharp will that was trained from moments between life and  death. That fierceness, that aggressiveness was comparable to the legend’s prodigious Dark Army!


The unexpected miserableness had happened. The Dark Blood which had long stayed silent inside him started to boil up as soon as he thought he had just escaped the risky moment of being swallowed by Darkness.


He was now conscious, but was completely separated from his own body and could do nothing else but watch the Dark Blood boiling and surging inside.


Qian Ye suddenly found that there wasn’t only one blood string inside his body. In the rolling black streams, numerous of threat-like blood strings were chasing after each other, entangling, and fighting fiercely!


The mainstream ink-like dark blood was significantly the dominant one. The light yellow and purple blood strings were eye-catching but scarce in number. Though after a while, the battle subverted. The Dark red blood was constantly minced to be weakened and in the end, only a few blood strings were left surviving. On the other hand, the light yellow blood string remained constant and the devious purple blood string had swallowed numerous red blood strings and was growing in haste.


The blood boiling stopped as sudden as the way it appeared. When Qian Ye fully studied the dangerous reality, everything was over. At the moment, his hands and feet were able to move again. There was sweat all over his body, soaked from the coat, and to the hair as if he had just got out from a pool.


The Dark blood inside his body had become pale, the left over Dark Blood strings were slowly swimming, didn’t even have enough power to arouse even a bit trace of waves, and the original force from the three force nodes were surging out like tides, once again covered all over his body.


Qian Ye slowly turned back to normal. After checking if the military technique and the blood boiling had left any hidden dangers and made sure that everything was normal after all, he began to think about what had just happened.


That black sleuth carried with it an indescribable prevailing power. Though what was such a powerful person doing at this little Dark Blood city when he was holding the power that was able to overturn the entire Empire’s mainland? There must be something around here that had attracted this Dark Race powerful creature. Though no matter for what reason, it was not a war that Qian Ye was eligible to participate.


In the end, he still couldn’t control the Dark Blood inside his body. Qian Ye took out a blank original force bullet, did the perfusion, and a ray of blood aura merged with the force into the bullet, marked it with Qian Ye’s unique force.


Qian Ye stared at the transparent warheads for a while and threw the little thing back inside the box. He had been numbed with the Dark Blood anomaly. Therefore, he decided that as long as it didn’t prevent him from fighting, then he would ignore that mother******!


At the moment, the wilderness had become extremely dangerous. After being completely restored, Qian Ye acted more carefully. He dared not to arbitrarily use the extreme fugitive method to run but slowly ran all the way forward and barely arrived at the final destination before the scheduled time.


Yu Ying Nan, Yang Tian and the others had already gathered, and they were waiting for Qian Ye.


Seeing Qian Ye, Li Lun Zhe heavily grunted, then sneered, “Such a short rout and you still can run for three days, you’re really ‘fast’!”


Qian Ye’s eyes frowned as his face immediately sank.


Though before Qian Ye could attack, Yu Ying Nan’s cold voice sounded, “Qian Ye’s on time, what is the problem?”


Li Lun Zhe was silenced for a moment and exposed an angry and grievance expression, “Nan! What do you mean? We have all arrived early and waited for him for almost one day! The so-called time limit is just the bottom line. Under a safe situation he should’ve been here as early as possible. This is the unwritten rule between hunters. Did I say anything wrong? Nan, you… you like this little ‘white face,’ don’t you?




Nobody had expected Yu Ying Nan would suddenly pull out her pistol and directly aimed it on Li Lun Zhe’s forehead!


Yu Ying Nan muffled one word after the other, “It’s-My-Own-Business! F*** off!”


Everyone was stunned on the spot. They didn’t expect her reaction to be so intense. She was obviously not joking.


Yang Tian was the first one to realize the intensity of the problem. Therefore, he immediately rushed over and pushed her muzzle aside then said, “Ying Nan! We’re teammates now, there’s no need to do so.”


Then Yang Tian turned over to Li Lun Zhe and said, “Qian Ye is now our teammate, he has just become a hunter and there are many rules he doesn’t know about. There’s no need to be so picky. Moreover, be careful when you say something.”


Yang Tian was a veteran hunter and had always had good reputation. Since he had come out reconciling, Li Lun Zhe could not have said anything else. He raised his hands and retrieved two steps back to indicate that he would agree on the concession this time. Though looking at his rebellious eyes and the smile of resentment, this thing was far from over.


Yu Ying Nan grunted, ignored Li Lun Zhe, and left to lead the group. Yang Tian and Tashi soon followed behind her.


Li Lun Zhe deliberately walked slower then approached closer to Qian Ye. With a murderous intent in his eyes he whispered, “Kid, this is not finished yet. Be careful after you come back to town. Do not let me see your face there!


Qian Ye looked at him, then lightly said, “Wanna die soon?”


Li Lun Zhe suddenly stopped and murderous aura surged in his eyes. He asked angrily, “Kill me? Just because you are one star hunter?”


“Idiot.” Qian Ye to left behind only one word, then totally ignored Li Lun Zhe, and followed after Yu Ying.


At the moment, Yu Ying Nan was lying by the edge of a cliff and observing the valley afar. On the other hand, Yang Tian had already been sneaking into the valley.


There was a cave at the bottom and several gray wolves were lying at the entrance of the cave. They seemed like they were taking a nap while taking guard.


Yang Tian was worthy of his werewolf expert title. Those gray wolves still had no response even though he had approached the distance from less than thirty meters.


Yang suddenly stood up, had quickly thrown several grenades into the cave, then pulled out a pistol and shot continuously. The guns roared… the guarding gray wolves had figured everything out too late. All of them were shot in the head, sobbed painfully, and had fallen over.


The smoke bombs which Yang had thrown into the cave were doped with original force. As a result, yellow smoke started flying out from the cave in a blink of an eye.


“Go!” Yu Ying Nan shouted and directly jumped down from the cliff. This was a one hundred meter high cliff!


As falling halfway, she threw a chain back up, nailed into the cliff, and then leveraged a swing to arrive at the bottom. It was a soft landing and Yu Ying Nan’s footsteps sound on the ground was very subtle. After landing, she immediately jogged toward the cave. As running, she didn’t forgot to shoot at the unlucky werewolf which had just rush over.


Li Lun Zhe also made a direct jump and then followed Yi Ying Nan in using the grappling hook to ease down his fall from the cliff, but he couldn’t make a smooth landing like Yu Ying Nan. It had taken him three tries to make it down to the bottom of the valley.


However, as Li Lun Zhe went down halfway, he suddenly saw a figure striking over his head straight to the bottom. That was Qian Ye and that guy was actually even faster him!


Li Lun Zhe was suddenly startled. He couldn’t help but look up at the cliff, but he did not find any other climbing tools. Qian Ye! How could he have gone down without using any tools!


As Qian Ye followed Yu Ying Nan’s shadow to the cave, Li Lun Zhe finally pulled his mind back to reality and quickly followed them.


Tashi was the last to go down. He needed to use the pulley rope in order to go down the valley. When he landed, the rest of his teammates had already rushed inside the cave. He did not follow but stayed outside in the valley and began to arrange a variety of thunderous traps.


Qian Ye followed Yu Ying Nan and rushed into the cave. Through curves after curves of corridors, in front of him, suddenly appeared a five-forked road.


From one of the holes rushed out a few ferocious werewolves. Yu Ying Nan took a step forward, directly blocked the channel, and then pointed to the other direction and shouted, “Qian Ye! Head that way, try to find the drawing. I’ll try to help you keep their feet!


Yang Tian immediately threw a grenade to the road which Yu Ying Nan had just pointed. A large cloud of yellow smoke quickly burst out from the inside, he turned aside, and rushed into a cave next to it.


In the light yellow smoke, the werewolves continuously issued forth painful whimpers. Many of the weaker ones even began to roll on the ground. The smoke carried a very pungent smell, which was a highly toxic poison to the werewolf because of their sensitive noses.


Qian Ye hastily ran into the cave where Yu Ying Nan had just pointed. As he had just gotten out of their eye sights, Qian Ye’s speed suddenly changed to double up! In some of the smooth slopes with no sharp stones blocking the way, Qian Ye didn’t even slow down but directly sped on the wall!


At one of the turns, two werewolves suddenly jumped out, but Qian Ye’s abrupt acceleration had had made them missed their target. The werewolves immediately followed closely after, but the distance between Qian Ye and them was stretched further and further.


The two werewolves all stared at Qian Ye’s figure that was getting tinier by the second! They had lost Qian Ye’s track in their own cave!


Qian Ye ran faster and faster as if he was racing with the wind. At the moment, from the front suddenly  dove out a giant wolf. Its huge body had covered the entire corridor. It stretched its legs, raised its head high, and viciously roared at Qian Ye.


Qian Ye’s face suddenly flashed a ruthless intent. He issued a growl and crashed into the werewolf without any hesitation!


A slamming sound echoed through the cave, and surprisingly, the one that was hit in flying away turned out to be that giant wolf! It shrieked and made a giant curve in the air. Though not waiting until it landed, was a figure of a fist was getting bigger and bigger in its eye sight!




That giant wolf’s nose was completely smashed in.


Qian Ye grabbed its two hind legs and threw the wolf to the two werewolves which were chasing after. The two werewolves angrily roared, dodged around the giant wolf’s corpse, and continued to jump at Qian Ye from both sides.


Though all he had even needed was just a small slow down, the ‘assault hammer’ in his hands had been aiming at the werewolf on the left. After an deafening gunshot sound, the heavy warhead original force had blown that werewolf out afar and engraved in its chest a big hole as flesh and blood were splashing out.


Then, Qian Ye immediately threw away the ‘assault hammer’, caught the other werewolf’s claws, and the two began to wrestle.


The werewolf suddenly roared at Qian Ye, opened its mouth, and bit on Qian Ye’s throat!


But it could only bite halfway when the bite suddenly became a tragic howl!


Qian Ye had strengthened his hands, and in the sounds of the cracking bones, the werewolf’s legs were broken. The wolf’s body was at least two times bigger than Qian Ye! Though such a creature which was known for its strength was knocked off in a direct battle with Qian Ye!


Qian Ye then reached out his two hands like  lightning and grabbed the werewolf’s snout. After a roar, he pushed force into his arms and quickly tore opened its jaw.


The werewolf immediately fell into a state of near-death and collapsed on the ground as its limbs were constantly twitching.


The other werewolf had just struggled to stand up and saw its friend laying on the ground, dying. There was deep fear that appeared in its eyes, but it was too late this time, Qian Ye was steadily walking towards it. The werewolf suddenly sobbed and immediately turned away to escape!


Qian Ye suddenly sped up, chasing closely after the werewolf as if he was its shadow. As he reached its back, his hands stretched forward and strengthened the wolf’s head with force!


The werewolf’s neck bone was broken alive.



Preview Chapter 38: Succeeded

“We must wait for Qian Ye to come back! Even if we are all killed here, we have to wait for him!” Yu Ying Nan fiercely ended the debate.

Li Lun Zhe’s eyes flashed with ferocious intent, he tried to put all of his pressure on the werewolf in front of him although his eyes could not help but were staring at Yu Ying Nan’s back.

Li Lun Zhe suddenly broke out. He roared like a beast and kept stabbing like crazy at the werewolf’s abdomen! Blood splashed all over his head. Li Lun Zhe’s eyes turned red looking at the werewolf’s tragic death. No one could have heard the voice repeating inside his head, “If I cannot have you, no one else can!”

Li Lun Zhe let go of the corpse and then bounced up, suddenly lost balance and staggered a few steps toward Yu Ying Nan’s direction.

Yu Ying Nan felt Li Lun Zhe’s difference, and quickly retrieved two steps. She used her back to stabilize his body and anxiously asked, “How are you?”

“I…” Li Lun Zhe heavily gasped as if he was injured but his hand was still clenched on the knife!

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