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Chapter 67 - Blood Spoiling

Chapter 36: Blood Spoiling


As expected, Heaven Snake laughed, and slowly sat back in the salon. With a casual manner, he spread out his hands, and exposed his entire chest area without any protection.


“Shoot me, shoot me! You’d better kill me! Kill me and your little friends are gonna have a lot of fun stuff to do!”


Yu Ying Nan bit her lip till they were white but her hands were stiffened in midair and couldn’t retrieve. After the burning anger was controlled, she was clearly aware that it would have led to an extremely serious consequence once she had pulled the trigger. Moreover, these ??gunpowder firearms didn’t have enough power to kill Heaven Snake in one shot.


Suddenly, a hand stretched over, a stable but powerful strength had pressed down on the muzzle in Yu Ying Nan’s hands as well as her feelings of insecurity.


“Since you had use your name to guarantee the credibility of this band, then what now? Will you let us go?” Qian Ye just looked straight at Heaven Snake as if he didn’t see the surrounding snakes had already taken out their swords and guns.


Heaven Snake squinted his eyes and stared at Qian Ye for a moment, then laughed, “Why not! We have the best reputation of hospitality! You can come or go any time you want! And you guys are always welcome again!


Qian Ye nodded and talked to Yu Ying Nan, “Come on, let’s leave this place.”


“But …” Yu Ying Nan wanted to say something but was pulled outside by Qian Ye.


Yu Ying Nan felt an irresistible force that gripped on her right arm and all the struggling effort couldn’t shake it even just a little bit. She couldn’t do anything else but involuntarily followed Qian Ye. She could not even fathom how a level three cultivator like Qian Ye could have suppressed her power.


And in the Heaven Snake Serpents member’s eyes, it was so strange that Yu Ying Nan had obeyed, and followed Qian Ye away. They have never heard of anyone who could persuade these hot tempered lady hunters.


“Wait a minute.” Heaven Snake stopped them.


Yu Ying Nan abruptly looked back at Heaven Snake with fire burning in her eyes. Though Qian Ye had only turned his body halfway and revealed a naturally questioning expression as if nothing had ever happened before.


Heaven Snake gazed at Qian Ye with a thoughtful look, pondered for a while and said, “Well, regarding  Mr. Er’s reputation, I won’t count the interest on her debt and the debt will be extended for another two months. Pay me within two months.”


“You …” Yu Ying Nan felt like she was going to explode but Qian Ye nodded at Heaven Snake, and then pulled her all the way out without looking back.


After leaving the Heaven Snake Serpents gang’s headquarters and coming back to the street, Yu Ying Nan suddenly howled depressingly, and heavily punched on a tree by the sidewalk!


“Why did you stop me?” Yu Ying Nan shouted at Qian Ye.


“Because you have no determination to fight till your death and we cannot beat them.” Qian Ye calmly said.


“How do you know that I was not determined?”


Qian Ye did not answer, but quietly looked straight in her eyes, and Yu Ying Nan’s ferocious slowly dropped under his look. Finally, she heavily punched the tree and said, “If it was just me…”


“Maybe we should find a place to sit down. It’s probably a good idea to listen to your story.”


After a moment, the two returned to Yu Ying Nan’s home.


She found a few bottles of spirit and continuously bottomed up two of them without using a cup, only after that could she calm down.


“You must wonder why I came up with so much debt…” She said, stared at the bottle that was tilting between her fingers.


This was not a very complicated story.


In a mission one year ago, she had suffered a major defeat, and the whole team had been  annihilated, leaving her as the only sole survivor. Yu Ying Nan thought that she was responsible for the situation that had led to such a tragic consequence. Therefore, in the next six months, she found all her dead member’s families, sent them to the safer rear cities, and also left them enough money to survive with.


Some of these people’s school-aged kids, as well as Yu Ying Nan’s younger brother were living in the Dark Blood city, and receiving some basic combat skills training.


In this way, Yu Ying Nan not only spent all of her savings that she had saved throughout all these years, but also owed a large amount of money to Heaven Snake. If she had turned around and fought with Heaven Snake, she was worried that they would do bad things to those people, especially the children.


If Heaven Snake must force her to a dead-end road, then she would certainly not fear, and have a decisive battle with him. However, because of the most important matter, which was money, she couldn’t set a battle with Heaven Snake. She didn’t have the courage, so the only thing she could do was to endure.


This amount of money was nothing in the eyes the nobles, but in such a place like the Dark Blood, it was about to force a four-star hunter into a path of no return.


After talking to this point, she buried her head in her hands and sobbed, “Sorry that I had dragged you into this mess. Don’t worry, I will find a way to return that gun’s money back to you!


“It doesn’t matter. Why don’t you want Mr. Er to know about this?”


“Because Mr. Er had already helped me too many times, in fact, I had owed him a lot… If he knows about this, he will certainly pay off the debt for me first. Actually, he had put most of his savings on me…” Yu Ying Nan couldn’t go on and just desperately clutched her hair.


This was a hunter’s dignity. Though it sounded ridiculous but she’d rather die on the Deadly Arena then cause troubles for Mr. Er.


Qian Ye also poured a glass of spirit for himself but only held it in his hand. He looked at the yellowish liquor and thoughtfully asked, “Hunter’s House should not fear the Heaven Snake Serpents, and you are their four-star hunter, how could they bully you?”


Yu Ying Nan sadly exhaled and said, “Hunters and mercenaries are different, we have more freedom, but on the other hand, Hunter’s House will remain completely neutral in this type of conflict. In fact, there are many hunters waiting to laugh at my ugly death. Moreover, I did really owe Heaven Snake money. Moreover, there’s no way that I can pay him, so Mr. Er can’t use the power of the Hunter’s House to suppress the Heaven Snake Serpents. They had always worked with definite rules but I didn’t expect they would…”


Qian Ye smiled and said, “I did.” The reason was very simple, when the interests and strength were not proportional, the rules would collapse.


Yu Ying Nan was frightened, “And still… you have given them that original force gun.”


“He finally canceled your interest and extended the debt for two more months. Speaking of the gun, it was two hundred gold coins, not too bad.” Qian Ye said.


“Not too bad?”


Qian Ye shook his fingers at her and did not let her continue, “With my current strength, it is a bit difficult to sell something like that without any troubles attached to it. Therefore, it should end here.”


“No!” Yu Ying Nan heavily slapped on the table.


“I don’t have enough power, so I can’t keep the Golden Rose, is it not the Dark Blood city’s rules?” Qian Ye quietly said. In this regard, he actually saw things more thorough than Yu Ying Nan. Moreover, if they had not taken out the Golden Rose, they simply could not have gotten out of that building.


However, his tone suddenly changed, casually but carried a subtle chill, “Though I like this rule. Wait till I have enough strength, I will let the Heaven Snake spit out ten times what he had swallowed from me!”


Yu Ying Nan looked up, stared at Qian Ye with stun as if this was the first she saw him.


Qian Ye had now regained his original face. He had fine, delicate contours, and his expression was a little casual. Such casualness which could have crushed all obstacles with determination and blood ingrained behind it.


Yu Ying Nan suddenly felt that the big boy in front of her had become so strange. The reluctant one star hunter who had hesitated shooting at the mobs seemed like had never existed.


“Now, maybe we should complete the task first.” Qian Ye looked at her and suggested.


Yu Ying Nan tried to pump herself up, silently sorted the equipment, and then secretly gave Qian Ye a box. He opened and looked at it, inside was placed three original forces bullets. They all had her aura. He didn’t refuse but put them inside his backpack.


At midnight, Yu Ying Nan took turns with Qian Ye to leave the Dark Blood city. They then separated and ran along the different routes to the scheduled destination.


After having approached the wilderness, Qian Ye put the assault rifle in his hand, and ran all the way towards the destination. He still chose the forty kilometers extreme running mode to run all the way to the Northwest direction.


A few hours later, there were a few werewolves tracking after Qian Ye. However, after an hour of continuous chasing, they had chosen to give up. Qian Ye’s speed and endurance capacity had surprised them. He ran at a fixed speed through the wilderness as if he would never get tired.


While running, Qian Ye was suddenly startled, as an instinctive alarm unexpectedly rose in his head.


He was at a gentle sloped area with the main landscape of spiky shrubs. Except for that, there was nothing but wooden ruins and sand. It used to be a small human town a few hundred years ago but now there were only gloomy wrecks.


Qian Ye quickly jumped closer to the ruins while vigilantly searching around for  any abnormal sigs when he suddenly saw a small sleuth that was floating from the distant sky.


That sleuth was not tall. Its body was wrapped in a black coat and not even the smallest detail of its figure was exposed.


At this time, being separated by a few kilometers distance, Qian Ye could barely see the outline of this mysterious ‘thing’, it should be humanoid, but as his eyes touched the mysterious ‘person,’ that person acted as if it had immediately felt something and he turned to look at Qian Ye’s direction!


Qian Ye was stunned, instinctively closed his eyes, curled up into a ball, rolled on the ground, and finally fell into a natural shallow hole on the edge of the ruins. At the same time, he ran the army’s secret art which was the feign death technique, held his breath, stopped his heart from beating, and played death.


As he had just finished camouflaging, a sleuth passed over his body, and it felt like that sleuth was holding an earth-shaken power!


That powerful aura had an indescribable frozen coldness that was instilled with it. In a moment, Qian Ye saw a black sun slowly rise!


He couldn’t even feel his fear. He could only feel that the black sun was dragging a shadow after it which was even darker than darkness itself, and slowly swept through the whole world.


Qian Ye tried his best to push his own consciousness into the deepest place of his three Force Nodes and frantically tried to stay conscious. He had an ominous premonition that if he had let down his guard even for just a moment, that he would have been swallowed by the black sun and dragged into the eternal darkness.


He did not know for how long, did the tide of the cold will had receded, but the black tail of the sleuth  was slowly leaving the world of Qian Ye’s, but at the moment, his body’s long absent silence of the black blood had suddenly surged up, instantaneously boiling!



Preview Chapter 37: Raid


Qian Ye’s eyes frowned as his face immediately sank.

Though before Qian Ye could attack, Yu Ying Nan’s cold voice sounded, “Qian Ye’s on time, what is the problem?”

Li Lun Zhe was silenced for a moment and exposed an angry and grievance expression, “Nan! What do you mean? We have all arrived early and waited for him for almost one day! The so-called time limit is just the bottom line. Under a safe situation he should’ve been here as early as possible. This is the unwritten rule between hunters. Did I say anything wrong? Nan, you… you like this little ‘white face,’ don’t you?


Nobody had expected Yu Ying Nan would suddenly pull out her pistol and directly aimed it on Li Lun Zhe’s forehead!

Yu Ying Nan muffled one word after the other, “It’s-My-Own-Business! F*** off!”


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