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Chapter 66 - Snakes Lair

Chapter 35: Snakes Lair


Yu Ying Nan face immediately turned ugly, “I’ll pay when I’m done with this task!”


Flowery Snake sneered, “Done this task? Who knows when  you will have it done? What about the previous two times when you had said the same thing, what did we get? The result was that you now owe us more after every mission. Miss Ying Nan, according to your success rate of this task, also if you were in my position, would you really believe that you can have the money after the completion of this task?”


Yu Ying Nan’s face became more and more dreadful. She grasped her right fist and seemed to be getting out of control and ready to fight with them.


Though Flowery Snake did not fear, but put his face closer as he pointed to himself and said: “Hit me! Hit me hard! Hit ah, you’d better beat me to death! Don’t go easy!”


Bang! Bang!


The ground under Yu Ying Nan’s feet suddenly cracked, it was the result from her uncontrollable angry force power, though it was useless facing the determined rogue until the end of Flowery Snake.


She took a deep breath, reluctantly suppressed her emotions, and shouted, “What do you want?”


Flowery Snake made a gesture and said: “What do we do is up to big brother! Come with me.”


A moment later, Yu Ying Nan and Qian Ye went in a big building next to the neighborhood.


The first floor living room was decorated with dazzling and colorful furniture. On both sides of the wall were calligraphy and landscape drawings, and in the middle was hanging several heavy fire weapons. The three contrast styles were obviously out of tune.


Suddenly, dozens of fierce burly guys rushed into the hall. After forming two rows by the wall, they angrily rolled their eyes at Yu Ying Nan and Qian Ye, and the momentum was quite frightening. However, Qian Ye only took a glance at them and then quickly ignored those level one tiny fishes. Instead, he paid attention to the screen of a drunken beauty rested by a lake stone on the left side of the wall.


And so as the battlefield in the hall was complete, the screen turned over and revealed a naked man.


He was one head taller than Qian Ye, and he had a double-winged python wrapped around his upper body, the python was placed in the center of the chest.


This was the Heaven Snake Serpent gang’s boss, nicknamed the Heaven Snake. As for his real name, no one had remembered it.


Heaven Snake directly threw his huge body into the central sofa, laughed and said, “Ying Nan, it is really not easy to find you!


Yu Ying Nan coldly said, “Stop bull****, say it straight! Don’t waste my time!”


Heaven Snake heavily snapped on his big thighs, then pointed Yu Ying Nan and said, “Fine! I won’t go around. Do you now know how much money you have owed me so far? I don’t think you have a good idea of it, Green Snake, take the bill and show her!”


A curly long hair woman who was dressed in a short skirt twisted her plump ass, came over and handed a bill to Yu Ying Nan.


Her appearance was not as pretty as Yu Ying Nan, but she won by her big chest and short skirt, limelight covered the four-star female hunter, and attracted the vast majority of the men’s eyes in the hall even Qian Ye also uncontrollably took a glance at her.


Yu Ying Nan immediately felt the anomaly, immediately stared at Qian Ye, and then grabbed the bill from Green Snake’s hands. Just took a glance and she immediately exclaimed, “How could it be so much!”


Saw Yu Ying Nan’s reaction, Heaven Snake finally laughed out loud and leisurely said, “I have all the details written on the bill. I, Heaven Snake had always been fair and honest, never cheated! If you don’t believe me, you can find someone to help you calculate!


Qian Ye saw the awkward look on Yu Ying Nan’s face and realized that this manly woman did not seem to be very flexible with numbers. Therefore, he said, “Let me take a look.”


Yu Ying Nan hesitated, but still handed the bill to Qian Ye.


Qian Ye’s life skills courses included basic arithmetic, and this immediate bill was actually not complicated. He only looked at half of it and knew that this bill should be no big problem.


Although the total amount of debts had reached an astonishing number of five hundred gold coins, but only one-third of, were interest and fines. Yu Ying Nan had been six months late in her payment. In such a chaotic city, as long as the annual interest was not higher than one hundred percent, it could not be said to be a high interest.


Qian Ye hesitated, but still said it out, “This bill has no problem if you have really have borrowed more than 300 gold coins.”


Yu Ying Nan didn’t say a word this time. After a while, she looked at Heaven Snake and said, “Well, what do you want?”


Heaven Snake slapped his thighs again, and said with a gruesome smile, “I don’t want to do anything. You see, we all know each other for so long, if you really don’t want to pay, I will not force you, but I will find Mr. Er.”


Not waiting until Heaven Snake finished, Yu Ying Nan snapped, “Don’t even think about it!”


“I have no other way, but …” Heaven Snake rested his body back on the sofa, looked at Yu Ying Nan as if she was a puppet. Then he snapped his fingers, and Green Snake trotted over, handed another paper to Yu Ying Nan.


Heaven Snake waved his big hand and loudly said, ” Very simple! You sign this contract, and the debt will be paid off!”


As Yu Ying Nan’s eyes swept  the paper, her eyebrows immediately locked closer to each other, “Deadly Arena?”


“Yes! Deadly Arena! You are going to fight in the Deadly Arena for me, as long as you can win five games, or play ten games, I’ll cancel your debt, what do you think?” Heaven Snake stared at Yu Ying Nan, his eyes shined up deviously, there was sensual vibe in that look, but more were the greedy eyes of a snake looking at its prey.


“Isn’t it too well-paid, just that simple?” Yu Ying Nan sneered.


Heaven Snake laughed and said, “Not high, not high! For the other four fighters, the price for other level four fighters is at least three times higher, but Miss Ying Nan, you are not the same! As long as you are willing to play I guarantee that every field will be full.”


He paused, tried to put a friendly smile on that vicious face, “If you still worry about it, I can even ask the other parties to sign the protection contract. That is, even if they win, they cannot kill you, and cannot disable you either. If not, you will have to pay a lot of money. What do you think?”


This condition sounds incredible, but in fact it was not the case. Qian Ye had heard about the Deadly Arena. It was the bloody fight of the Dark Blood city, and was held in public. Fighters were not limited from human, aliens, to other ferocious beasts.


People like Yu Ying Nan with such a great reputation and pretty looking fighters were particularly welcomed by the audience. Because the fighting had no restrictions, any moves and tricks could be used, so if it debuted beautiful fighters which were not strong enough, it often turned into public humiliation in the end.


In order to maintain the heat of Deadly Arena and increase its attractiveness, from time to time, the organizers would bring a few beauty fighters to the fight, and the atmosphere would be pushed to a more intense climax.


If Yu Ying Nan would debut, then in order to have the opportunity to see the ‘villainy’ of the game, the audience must have flocked to register, and the fare would have turned four or five times higher, which was very common.


Yu Ying Nan’s face turned pale, she suddenly bit her lips and said “Well, I do!”


Under Heaven Snake’s overjoyed eyes, Qian Ye suddenly said, “wait!”


When all the eyes were focused on his body, Qian Ye raised bill in his hand, “Isn’t it still seven days to the due date?”


Heaven Snake was disdained, “So what? Do you think it’s possible for her to get that much money, or perhaps complete a big enough task in such a short time? I have inquired about your latest task and the total reward is only one hundred gold coins. Or are you, so little guy, trying to pay for her?”


Qian Ye said, “Seven days is not too much, but there is something that should be enough, if sold.”


Then he opened the backpack, took the Liquefied Golden Rose from the inside and slowly placed it in front of Heaven Snake.


“Cancel all her debt and this gun will belong to you, or I’ll go out to sell it, and then take five hundred gold coins to you. You choose!” Qian Ye lightly said.


Heaven Snake’s face changed. He picked up the Golden Rose and looked at it from left to right, then carefully tested the power conversion efficiency, and carefully put it back to the coffee table. Finally, he slowly exhaled and said, “Level three original force gun, and also a vampire’s handmade boutique!”


“Sure enough, what about my proposal?”


Yu Ying Nan grabbed Qian Ye’s arm and said anxiously, “Qian Ye! You can’t…”


Qian Ye patted her hand, implied her to stay quiet, and looked at Heaven Snake.


If this Gold Rose was sold to the upper class of Empire mainland, its price would likely to reach a thousand gold coins. Even in the Dark Blood city, it could always be sold for six hundred gold coins, more than enough to pay for Yu Ying Nan’s debt.


Heaven Snake pondered for a moment when his face suddenly changed, revealed a gloomy smile and said, “This gun is a bit interesting, but does it really belong to you? Recently, my friend seems to have just lost a similar thing.”


Qian Ye snapped back without hesitation, “Is your friend a vampire?”


Having heard Heaven Snake’s malicious words, Qian Ye didn’t reveal much anger, he knew that the Golden Rose was trouble, but he had no choice. Otherwise, with Yu Ying Nan’s character, she would have signed that contract on the spot. She was a great hunter, but it didn’t mean that she would be an excellent gladiator, not to mention that the top Deadly Fighters were mostly level five fighters.


Heaven Snake smacked on the table and angrily shouted, “What is your f***ing meaning! Wanna frame me? Think I’m easy to play?”


“I picked up this gun from a vampire’s hand in the wilderness, so I wanna ask.” Qian Ye looked at the Heaven Snake’s eyes, and said it very clearly and easy as if he did not know if being charged for trading with vampires, this Heaven Snake gang would have been immediately  uprooted by the expeditionary army.


Heaven Snake snorted and sneered, “You f***ing said it is then it has to be? I think you stole the gun! Well, leave the gun here first, wait until I confirm that it wasn’t stolen from my friend and we’ll continue discussing about the debt!”


After finishing his words, Heaven Snake immediately leaned forward. His big hand stretched out and firmly held on the Golden Rose on the coffee table, but his face suddenly went cold. He felt two murderous pressures shooting toward his body and immediately stopped like that.


Heaven Snake slowly rose up his head. His eyes looked at Qian Ye and revealed a slight surprise. Yu Ying Nan in having heavy murderous aura was normal since she was a level four experienced hunter.


But what made Heaven Snake surprised was that this murderous aura came from Qian Ye, a little boy which he had almost ignored. In fact, his murderous aura was actually much heavier than Yu Ying Nan’s! Heaven Snake even faintly smelled a bloody breath, like the bloody waterfall that washed all the way from his head to his heel.


“Is this the Heaven Snake’s credibility?” Qian Ye asked coldly.


“Credibility?” Heaven Snake wanted to laugh out loud in hearing this word, but under this little guy’s calm eyes, he felt like it was not that funny anymore.


But he was, after all, a strong level five cultivator. Therefore, he said as his face sunk, “I, Heaven Snake am the credibility! As for you, a hairless one star hunter that still dares to talk to me!”


Yu Ying Nan had already taken out the assault rifle behind her back and angrily said “Heaven Snake! Don’t be too arrogant!”


Qian Ye silently sighed. He knew that Yu Ying Nan’s action had messed everything up.



Preview Chapter 36: Blood Spoiling


“He finally canceled your interest and extended the debt for two more months. Speaking of the gun, it was two hundred gold coins, not too bad.” Qian Ye said.

“Not too bad?”

Qian Ye shook his fingers at her and did not let her continue, “With my current strength, it is a bit difficult to sell something like that without any troubles attached to it. Therefore, it should end here.”

“No!” Yu Ying Nan heavily slapped on the table.

“I don’t have enough power, so I can’t keep the Golden Rose, is it not the Dark Blood city’s rules?” Qian Ye quietly said. In this regard, he actually saw things more thorough than Yu Ying Nan. Moreover, if they had not taken out the Golden Rose, they simply could not have gotten out of that building.

However, his tone suddenly changed, casually but carried a subtle chill, “Though I like this rule. Wait till I have enough strength, I will let the Heaven Snake spit out ten times what he had swallowed from me!”

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