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Chapter 65 - Task

Chapter 34: Task


Qian Ye now had a basic understanding about this four-star lady hunter, and it was clear that she had lots of hunting experience, and there were no gander differences in her dictionary. In short, she belonged to a typical type of person who didn’t take decency very important. Living in the wilderness, the gap between the life and death of the hunters were much thinner than that of ordinary people.


Qian Ye immediately realized which creatures had left those marks there, the moment that Qian Ye’s eyes had swept through the scars on her body.


After continuing the chat across the bathroom, Qian Ye understood the basic situation of this task.


A complete werewolf tribe would have one chief, elders, and ordinary level three warriors. Some tribes also had a shadow wolf, spike wolf, combat wolf or livid wolf and other special species.


The werewolf tribe nearby the Monolith Ridge had an average physic strength compared to others. General warrior’s strengths were usually between level five to six of cultivation, elders were slightly weaker than chief wolf, shadow wolf or those special existences that were rare, depend on the specific situation. However, once they appeared, the balance would absolutely be broken, because if so, the Dark Race would have to re-define the scope of the generational inheritance. A traditional werewolf tribe had about a hundred or so mature warriors and fighters. If there were too many of them, the hunting area would not have provided enough sustenance for their basic needs.


Just based on the strength of Yu Ying Nan’s squad, it was impossible to directly attack  this tribe. Anyway, the main purpose of her task this time was not to wipe out the tribe, but to use the raid assault to steal the ancient totem. Through some channels, Yu Ying Nan spent quite a bit amount of money to buy several doses of Original Force derived drugs, which could cause temporary damage to the werewolf’s olfaction, so as to significantly deteriorate their combat power in a short period of time.


According to her plan, this drug was perfect to use in the narrow environment like the wolf’s case, but its effect could only last about half an hour. Therefore, in that half hour, the hunters would have to successfully raid the wolf’s nest, steal the totem and then escape and return to the Dark Blood city under the werewolves’ chase, all of which had to be done, to be counted as a successful victory.


However, from the beginning to the end of the entire battle plan, Qian Ye had an uneasy feeling. In his point of view, each and every part of the plan were filled with variables, especially the last step, the difficulty was beyond their imagination to escape through the wilderness under the chase of dozens of angry werewolves.


When Qian Ye told her his doubts, Yu Ying Nan carelessly answered, “Well! This type of task always has potential accidents. We’ll be ok as long as we have enough preparation. Rest assured, this time I had already pulled Yang Tian with us, he’s an expert in dealing with these gray-skinned dogs. We will meet in the afternoon to finalize the job and divide the team, go with me to meet the other partners, so that you can have some understandings about them.”


Qian Ye was stunned. From beginning to end, it didn’t seem like he had agreed joining with her in the task, but Yu Ying Nan acted as if he had already said yes. To be seriously said, they had only met yesterday for the first time. Moreover, she was plied drunken by Qian Ye.


After lunch, Yu Ying Nan took Qian Ye to a mysterious weapons shop on Black Copper Street. They pushed the door and went inside.


The owner was a middle-aged man with a bearded face. As soon as he saw Yu Ying Nan and Qian Ye, he pointed to the back and said, “Everyone is waiting.”


Behind the door was not a room, but a corridor, there was also a spiral staircase that went all the way down to the basement. The space underground was spacious with bright white light. It turned out to be a small factory with many compartments and all kinds of rails and machines.


Yu Ying Nan took Qian Ye into a room nearest to the staircase, and it seemed to be a weapon furnishing workshop.


There was a row of four long tables standing neatly by the workshop’s wall. The tables were filled with accessories, and some half-finished products. On one of the tables, was a pot of crystal particles. After finished being polished, these particles would then become the most important part of the blank original force warheads.


The corner was filled with piles of raw steel material containers which could reach to the ceiling.


The wide ragged old wall was covered with all kinds of firearms, and also was nailing two designs.


As Qian Ye looked at the design, and through several figures which were especially highlighted with a black pen, he was surprised to find that it turned out to be the standard value of the two primary force firearms.


He could not help but stopped and scanned the drawing from top to bottom. It was truly the design of a custom original force firearm, level two standards, considerable at a higher quality compared to the general standard weapons of the Expeditionary Force. That was the reason why Qian Ye was so surprised. Those workshop style firearms often carried with it massive problems of effeciency and reliability. In the end, Qian Ye still preferred the military standard weapons.


There were already three men inside the workshop. Two of them were sitting, and the dark skin youth was focusing on playing with his accessories. When Yu Ying Nan and Qian Ye came in, their eyes all fell on Qian Ye, one carried curiosity, one appreciated, and one was hostile.


Yu Ying Nan briefly introduced the two sides.


She and Yang Tian were four-star hunters. He was around forty and looked like a neighborhood uncle. He reached out, grabbed Qian Ye’s hand, smiled and said, “It’s a pleasure for me to meet the first person who could knock Ying Nan down on the wine table. Really nice to see you! Welcome to our team!”


The other two were called Tashi and Li Lun Zhe.


Tashi did not leave his working table. After taking a glance at Qian Ye when he first came in, he immediately dived back with his gun parts. From the way he always stuck his eyes on the parts when he greeted Qian Ye and from his short conversation with Yu Ying Nan, he could be seen as a technical madman.


Li Lun Zhe was very young, about twenty-four or so, but his had already reached the level four of cultivation, equaled to Yu Ying Nan, and Yang Tian’s.


With a vague haughty look in his eyes, he unwillingly shook hands with Qian Ye, but did not greet him. In contrast, he said to Yu Ying Nan, “Nan, this kid looks very immature ah, does he have any fighting experience? Wanna test him a little bit?”


On the other side, Yang Tian jumped in, “No need to, a person that Nan likes will not be bad. Moreover, he was admitted by Mr. Er.”


Heard of Mr. Er, Li Lun Zhe muttered something in his mouth, but no longer said anything, though his hostility towards Qian Ye was still unusually obvious, he didn’t have any attempts hiding it.


Then, everyone discussed about the division of the reward and the action plan details.


The hunters would disperse in action, and then gathered outside the valley in order to distract the werewolf’s guards so that they wouldn’t recognize the intentions of the attack in advance. Tashi would be responsible for the escape route. Qian Ye would follow Ying Nan and be responsible for taking the totem away. Others would cover their backs from the werewolves attack. They didn’t give Qian Ye a hard combat mission, and he just needed to use the fastest possible speed to successfully steal the totem and brought it out.


After the negotiation, Yu Ying Nan knocked on the table and said, “Old rules, hand over equipment, distribution and transfer’s deposit money, Qian Ye’s count is on my head!”


Initially, Qian Ye wanted to pay his own deposit, but after seeing the other three people take out five gold coins, he could only remain silent. Last night, after paying the wine tap, he had only one gold coin and several silver coins left.


Qian Ye’s only income since he came to the Dark Blood city was the bounty of the ten gold coins from the Hunter’s House. Purchasing a house, getting new equipment and auxiliary materials had cost more than he had expected. This was also why he did not feel very secure, and finally did not refuse to participate in the task with Yu Ying Nan.


As for Yu Ying Nan’s decision, Yang Tian and Tashi did not raise any objections, only Li Lun Zhe’s hostility for Qian Ye became worse.


Everyone quickly dispersed, and agreed to meet three days later at an appointed location in the wilderness.


When they got out of the shop, Yu Ying Nan patted on Qian Ye’s shoulder and said, “You will go with me, we’ll leave at night.” From beginning to end, Qian Ye didn’t even have a chance to say no.


As they had just walked two blocks, Yu Ying Nan suddenly stopped.


This was a narrow street, but was still relatively clean. On both sides of the street were mostly tall buildings bungalows, and a few on or two small buildings. More than half of the buildings were grocery stores of all kinds


It was three or four o’clock in the afternoon, the sky began to darken down, the lights also lit up the area. It was the time for the hunters to come back to the city, also rush hour. In theory, this street should be crowded with flows of people, but at the moment everything suddenly fell in silence, there was not even the appearance of a silhouette.


All the doors and windows were closed as if the whole street was closed by appointment. The dim light of the street lamp shined on the gloomy signs and made them even more blurry under the dawn sky.


Yu Ying Nan looked around and suddenly sneered, “If you have already come, what are you hiding for?”


A cynical voice passed to the two’s ears from behind, “Of course we worried that you would be scared and fled away once you saw us!”


With a squeaky sound from the old door, a skinny man came out from behind them.


And then a lot of doors on both sides of the street were opened one by one, dozens of men came out and quickly formed a circle around Qian Ye and Yu Ying Nan. More than half of them were level one cultivators, the owner of that cynical voice was obviously a level three fighter.


As Qian Ye’s eyes swept to the snake tattoos on their bare arms, he immediately knew they came from a gang called the Heaven Snake Serpents, one of the most powerful gang of the Dark Blood city.


The Heaven Snake Serpents were considered one of the three largest bands of the Dark Blood city, and this street happened to be their turf.


Qian Ye quickly looked at the surrounding situation, the buildings here themselves were not barriers. Even if there were ambushes inside the house, with their level one cultivation, it was impossible to stop Yu Ying Nan and Qian Ye. Though escaping now didn’t mean they would successfully escape later. Those Heaven Snake Serpents were as lingering as leeches.


Yu Ying Nan frowned, “Hua She, you don’t have to play those dirty tricks on me. Just be straight, what happened this time? If it’s a trap, then of course I’ll immediately leave and then slowly pay you guys back.


Hua She leisurely said, “Leave? Don’t you want your business here?”


Yu Ying Nan was not angry but gently said, “No I don’t, but all the Heaven Snake Serpents member listen to me! Especially you, don’t leave this city alone in the future. If you do go out, get your funeral ready!”


Hua She’s face immediately changed as the arrogance on it fainted away. They indeed had many people with combat power that was accounted for, so that was why they weren’t afraid of anyone inside this city.


Though the wilderness was another world, unless they always formed groups, otherwise they would never be able to defeat Yu Ying Nan, this experienced lady warrior hunter. If Yu Ying Nan determined to die with them and guarded every day outside the city, those Heaven Snake Serpent really would not have dared to go out, at least not too far from the city.


Qian Ye suddenly looked at Yu Ying Nan with admiration. He thought that this woman’s head was only filled with violence and muscle. However, if thought carefully, a four-star hunter could never be an ordinary woman regardless of her character or style of behavior.


Hua She put away his gloomy smile and said, “Well, Yu Ying Nan, count you as ruthless! What do you say about the debt with our big brother? It’s fine if you don’t wanna pay, my big brother said, when the due day comes, he will find Mr. Er to talk about the interest. Don’t even think of stealing a coin from us!”



Preview Chapter 35: Snakes Lair


“I have no other way, but …” Heaven Snake rested his body back on the sofa, looked at Yu Ying Nan as if she was a puppet. Then he snapped his fingers, and Green Snake trotted over, handed another paper to Yu Ying Nan.

Heaven Snake waved his big hand and loudly said, ” Very simple! You sign this contract, and the debt will be paid off!”

As Yu Ying Nan’s eyes swept  the paper, her eyebrows immediately locked closer to each other, “Deadly Arena?”

“Yes! Deadly Arena! You are going to fight in the Deadly Arena for me, as long as you can win five games, or play ten games, I’ll cancel your debt, what do you think?” Heaven Snake stared at Yu Ying Nan, his eyes shined up deviously, there was sensual vibe in that look, but more were the greedy eyes of a snake looking at its prey.

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