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Chapter 64 - Lady Hunter

Chapter 33: Lady Hunter


Qian Ye was drinking a big glass of light beer, and in front of Yu Ying Nan, were placed two full porcelain vintage wine gourds. This wine was like its name, brewed with grain, having a normal taste, but the wine was extremely strong.


Not giving Qian Ye any chance to deny, Yu Ying Nan poured a large cup of wine, and directly pushed it in front of him.


“I do not drink spirits.” Qian Ye said honestly.


“No real man can’t drink!” She was unhappy.


“I didn’t find a reason to drink with you.”


Yu Ying Nan Yi Zheng, “why …” She looked at Qian Ye’s expressionless of face and suddenly said, “You think that I should not have killed those slags, right?”


“Grenade Attack, that weapons should only be used against the real enemy.” Qian Ye lightly said.


Yu Ying Nan grunted and sneered, “Is there a difference? Do you feel that you’re different because you have the ability to go out from there? Have you ever thought about the consequences? Yesterday, two outside women had unknowingly entered that place. Do you know what their bodies looked like when they were found?! Those rubbish, killing those mother f**** ten times over is still not enough! Anyway it is still killing, why would I have to care about the choice of weapon?”


“But there’s a child…”


“That little rat played the main role! He would be responsible for finding valuable things and then decided whether or not to take the risk and kill the owner and rob him of his valuables!”


Qian Ye opened his mouth but had found himself unable to say anything.


“Come! Drink this first, little guy! I don’t understand the strange ideas that are winding inside your head. You don’t look like a hunter even just a little bit! Such a rookie like you will die without knowing the reason if having gone on a real battle field. Drink it all! Don’t squeak like a bitch!”


“I… grew up in this place.” Qian Ye suddenly wanted to explain.


Yu Ying Nan looked at him with surprise and said, “Then I understand that it is not because you are a soft egg. Come, drink this cup, and count it as my apology!”


Two glasses hit together and Qian Ye looked at the cup in his hand and was startled.


Where is the spirit, this was clearly a cup of water!


Though Yu Ying Nan had already tilted up her head and not a single droplet in the big cup was left over.


Qian Ye face looked bitter, he frowned, and drunk the spirit with one small mouthful after another. It had taken him quite a bit of time before the entire cup was empty. After drinking, he blew out a thick fume of alcohol as his face immediately turned red.


Another cup full of spirit was slid on the table and firmly stopped in front of Qian Ye.


Qian Ye couldn’t even say a word this time. As he had just lifted up the cup, Yu Ying Nan immediately hit her cup to Qian Ye’s, “Dry it!”


She tilted the cup again and another cup had gone to the bottom.


This time, Qian Ye still divided the cup into several mouthfuls. After this round, his face had been flushed.


After two rounds, the full bottle of rice spirit had been emptied out to the bottom. Yu Ying Nan drank wine as if drinking water, in a blink of an eye, the second bottle of wine was also gone.


Yu Ying Nan finally softened down when she look at Qian Ye finally. She said, “Although you’re quite girly, but still a man based on your drinking capacity. Owner! Bring me two more to wash my mouth!”


“Mouthwash?” Qian Ye immediately coughed up after hearing such a terrible word.


Yu Ying Nan waved her right hand and said, “Only two bottles, if its not mouthwash then what  is it? Oh, throat rinse?”


Regardless of mouthwash or throat rinse, there was no difference.


The owner brought the two bottles and slowly ran out from behind the bar.


Qian Ye and Yu Ying Nan’s table had attracted the attention of the whole bar. However, this girl seemed to be familiar with this, those half-sober-half-drunk guys clapped their hands and cheered, that no one had dared to provoke her.


Mouthwash the throat rinse, throat rinse, and  continue to wash mouth.


That way, the two’s feet were gradually piled on with more and more bottles.


Yu Ying Man felt more pleased the longer that she looked at Qian Ye and began to call him brother. She said that besides his weak disguise, pale skin, skinny appearance, and that his level was not high enough, he’s not cruel enough, quite girly… besides that, he could be considered a real man, and then… no other shortcomings.


Qian Ye didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. Besides everything she had said, he didn’t know if he had anything good.


Since he couldn’t say a single word, Qian Ye could only hold the bowl-like cup and slowly, one by one, drunk all the spirits.


Whenever he had finished a cup, Yu Ying Nan would immediately give him another, cheered, then she bottomed up her cup, and looked at Qian Ye slowly struggle with his cup.


From the beginning of the first cup, Qian Ye had already crumbled as if he would collapse at any time. Until midnight, after more than ten bottles of wine, he still appeared to be crumbling and stumbling like he would have fallen to the ground the next moment.


Qian Ye slowly bottomed up a spirit cup, then put it on the table and waited. He waited for Yu Ying Nan to give him another refill, but after a while, the cup was still empty. Yu Ying Nan had collapsed down the table.


He was startled for a while, only to react because the forthright lady hunter was drunk, and was now unconscious.


The bar owner trotted over once again. First, he looked at Yu Ying Nan, then raised his thumb up to Qian Ye and whispered, “Incredible! You are the first one to knock her down. Oh, this…, sorry, the bar will close soon, so can you pay for the tab?”


Qian Ye looked at the huge numbers on the bill and realized that they had drunk a lot.


He grudgingly took out three gold coins to pay for the bill, then went over to his table and picked Yu Ying Nan up. She leaned on Qian Ye forthrightly as if she was awake. She was also abnormally heavy, just her body armor, was probably about fifty kilograms.


The bar owner attentively showed Qian Ye in detail Yu Ying Nan’s living place, and then vaguely winked at him with a devious smile. His expression carried an indescribable humility, and finally wanted to sell Qian Ye the ‘Guaranty not to let her get off the bed tomorrow’- a strong aphrodisiac.


Qian Ye was dumbfounded, and quickly rejected the owner’s ‘good faith.’ If he really did something to this four-star hunter, the first thing she would do after waking up tomorrow was to  break Qian Ye legs, then the one who could not get off the bed would be Qian Ye.


Qian Ye carried the lady hunter and walked all the way to a small building according to the address which the tavern owner had directed him.


The door was not lockedand several simple traps inside didn’t create any difficulties for Qian Ye. He carefully avoided the traps from the gate to the corridor and went to her bedroom on  the third floor. Not until he had thrown Yu Ying Nan on her bed could he sigh in relief.


Qian Ye looked at the room, the decoration had fully illustrated that its lady owner was simply a violent addict. One side of the wall was covered with firearms and the other side was hanging various types of knives and daggers. There were a lot of Dark Races creature’s accessories inside a bookcase-like cupboard. These were probably her prized trophies. Ordinary men would’ve freaked out and stayed away from her just looking at these stuffs.


Qian Ye began to feel the aftermath of the spirits which burned his tongue and made his mouth dry. He found some cold water on the table. Didn’t care whether or not it was old, he drunk a few cup full and felt a little bit better.


He threw himself on the sofa, slowly relaxed, and then passed out under waves after waves of the spirit aftermath attack.


In his dream, Qian Ye vaguely felt a hidden danger. He appeared in an empty block, but this time the thing that came out of the dark alley was not a blood slave, but Yu Ning Nan! She ruthlessly lifted up the pistol and pointed at Qian Ye’s forehead.


Qian Ye was frightened. He wanted to tell her to stop but couldn’t make a single sound!


Yu Ying Nan looked stone-cold as her index finger pulled on the trigger.


Half second before she pulled the trigger, Qian Ye quickly bounced up from the ground, crashed his head into her stomach, clung at her arm, and then threw her  over his shoulder!


However, as Yu Ying Nan’s feet just touched the ground, she immediately flipped over, and twisted back, using her irresistible power to throw Qian Ye away!


As the world was twisting and turning, Qian Ye immediately woke up, and found that he was hastily flying towards a wall. At the moment, his fighting instincts which had been formed for the past few years came to its role, he extended both of his legs and feet like a lizard, climbed on the wall to ease down the momentum, and then shrunk his body and hung on the corner between the wall and the ceiling, looking back at Yu Ying Nan.


She was standing in the room, and still maintaining a throwing posture. She stunningly looked at him.


It was not a dream, but a real image.


Yu Ying Nan retrieved the posture and embarrassingly said, “Oh… I didn’t mean to do that, just wanted to give you something to cover. I didn’t expect you to… suddenly, and then I … Luckily, you didn’t get hurt. ”


Qian Ye slid down the wall, revealed a wryly smile, and said, “I don’t blame you, its just that I often have nightmares. I was having a nightmare earlier, so it was just an instinctive reaction.”


Yu Ying Nan nodded and said, “But your perception was really sensitive. You were able to feel my presence even in your sleep, it seems like you’re enough qualified to live alone in the wilderness.”


Qian Ye looked at the time. It had already been five in the morning. This time was also the time for the hunters to leave the city.


Yu Ying Nan suddenly scratched her hair in embarrassment and said, “Oh, it was a gaff last night. I did not expect that your alcohol capacity was to be that good! What was your occupation?”


“I opened a bar.” Qian Ye’s answer let Yu Ying Nan’s smile frozen stiff on her face.


A moment later, they talked about potential business while having breakfast.


Yu Ying Nan heard that the Hunter’s House had a newcomer and Mr. Er’s evaluation was quite high. Also, she had a very difficult task but lacked manpower. Therefore, she came to look for Qian Ye and saw what had happened in the slums by accident. Qian Ye’s indecision and hesitancy got her out of patience so she used that violent style to quickly solve those mobs.


And then she proposed the drink. Her original purpose was to get Qian Ye drunk and teach the little hunter a small lesson. Though she did not expect that ‘her boat to be overturned in the trench,’ and met a ‘retired’ bar owner!


Finally Yu Ying Nan, an alcoholic expert, was tipped, and carried home by Qian Ye.


Though, it also let Yu Ying Nan now see Qian Ye from a different point of view.. According to her self-created theory, a good drinker had a good personality.


Although it was really difficult for Qian Ye to agree with the theory, he wisely avoided arguing with her-a spirit barrel. Instead, he asked about the task.


Originally, according to Yu Ying Nan’s intelligence, in a valley about three hundreds kilometers away from the Dark Blood city, there was a werewolf’s secret lair, and the place was hiding an ancient totem. It was said that this piece of totem could have significantly improved the werewolf’s cultivating speed. These things were always in the high-priority lists of the Empire Institute’s acquisition because it would have been very useful towards the studies regarding the Dark Forces.


Yu Ying Nan wanted to get this thing into her hands, but she felt that her strength alone was not enough.


She had basically set up a team, including a four-star hunter and two three-star hunters, but then she couldn’t find any more suitable people. Qualified people were on different tasks, free ones were not qualified. Finally, she had no other choice but to find Qian Ye, mainly because Mr. Er had given good complements on him.


Qian Ye did not expect Mr. Er’s evaluation was that worthy. After all, a four-star hunter was not simple, there must be at least thirty or forty Dark Races creatures that had been dead in her hands, and there may be a lot of strong creatures. Even a strong hunter like her trusted Mr. Er, so he must not be simple.


“You sit here first, I’ll take a shower.”


In front of Qian Ye, Yu Ying Nan took off her clothes and left only her underwear, and revealed cheetah-like elegant sexy body then went into the bathroom.



Preview Chapter 34: Task

All the doors and windows were closed as if the whole street was closed by appointment. The dim light of the street lamp shined on the gloomy signs and made them even more blurry under the dawn sky.

Yu Ying Nan looked around and suddenly sneered, “If you have already come, what are you hiding for?”

A cynical voice passed to the two’s ears from behind, “Of course we worried that you would be scared and fled away once you saw us!”

With a squeaky sound from the old door, a skinny man came out from behind them.

And then a lot of doors on both sides of the street were opened one by one, dozens of men came out and quickly formed a circle around Qian Ye and Yu Ying Nan. More than half of them were level one cultivators, the owner of that cynical voice was obviously a level three fighter.

As Qian Ye’s eyes swept to the snake tattoos on their bare arms, he immediately knew they came from a gang called the Heaven Snake Serpents, one of the most powerful gang of the Dark Blood city.

The Heaven Snake Serpents were considered one of the three largest bands of the Dark Blood city, and this street happened to be their turf.

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