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Chapter 63 - Uncomfortable Beginning

Chapter 32: Uncomfortable Beginning


As he left the Hunter’s House, the sky began to darken.


Qian Ye casually looked for a tavern and went in. After drinking two rounds, he had gotten the needed information from the maid about where to find nearby houses that were up for sale.


An hour later, Qian Ye got his first home in the Dark Blood city.


The two-story house had its own courtyard, but only required a price of five gold coins. It was so cheap because there was a slum, only a wall away from the house. That place was a chaotic little world where dirtiness and sin gathered. It was conceivable that almost every night, the house would get several visits from the thieves.


No one was willing to live in this place, they would move out as soon as possible if they had a chance.


Qian Ye was not afraid of trouble, he went out to purchase a lot of equipment, and then set them up. The courtyard corner, the main doors and windows, inside and outside, upper and under the closet were all placed with a lot of traps. These seemingly simple gadgets were very easy to use, but flesh wounds were absolutely indispensable. After the layout, Qian Ye painted a few words on the wall: ‘There are traps, and the consequences are at your own risk.’


Finished these setting up, Qian Ye locked the door and got ready to go to the wild hunting.


From his place to the wall gate, the shortest route was to go through the slum, ignoring the hostile looks of those who had nothing to do and always stuck their noses in people’s businesses, and directly went into a narrow alley which he had walked sideways in order to pass through.


The alley was winding, and its narrow passage was full of debris made it even more crowded. Several paths had almost no places to set foot on. Moreover, the ground was full of rubbish and foul following water.


The children who were so dirty that no one could see their original faces were chasing after each other from one alley into another.


On both sides of the alley were all low shacks, even a medium statured man had to bow down to get in or out. Some women stood at the door, kept waving to the passer… ten bronze coins and they could sleep with you.


The scene did not make Qian Ye feel disgusted, he realized that he missed it. He had lived and grown up in the worse and harsher environments than here. The airship cemetery had no roads, under each footstep was varieties of metal fragments or chunks, people’s dwellings were in large and small abandoned boat cabins or even in the pipelines.


Children there have never had the idea of ??playing games for one second in their life. Due to the lack of food, they had to save energy. The only reason of fighting was to compete for food.


In Qian Ye’s eyes, these narrow and deep alleys at least still had the most basic order, and the kids running around represented its vitality.


Qian Ye kept going, at the end of this long narrow alley was a small open space, where seven or eight roads met there. He quickly distinguished the next direction, and then headed toward the highest and most broad street. Each alley was gathering two or three aborigines eyeing the street, they would stare at any strangers passing through like a vulture looking at the pile of putrid flesh.


Qian Ye passed through with his eyes looking straight forward and did not deliberately avoid anything. His leather armor, assault rifle on the back as well as the short ax on the waist clearly revealed that this intruder was not an easy one to mess with.


But as he was passing through an alley, a skinny suddenly rushed out and shot towards him like a bullet that just got out of its gun. It would be funny for a person like Qian Ye to be hit, so he gently moved aside and easily dodged the ‘tiny bullet.’


The boy caught the empty air, his face immediately hit the ground, and he had a beautiful French kiss with mud. He struggled to get up, suddenly sniffed his extra-large nose like crazy, and then screamed, “Vampire’ original force gun! I smell it! I smell it!”


With the boy screaming, for a moment, the whole slum was boiling up!


Vampire’s force gun! It’s such a sky-high price of wealth. Anybody who had it would also have gotten their fates changed!


Qian Ye was surprised, the little boy’s nose was too sharp, that he could even catch the faint smell of the Liquefied Golden Rose which carefully packed by many layers of leather inside his backpack. Moreover, he didn’t shout out gold coins or common property, apparently it was not just coincidence. Even in the slums, there were many talented people, but the vast majority of their future would be doomed in this place for the rest of their lives.


Many ragged people slowly gathered around Qian Ye, and their hands were holding wooden grinders, daggers and many other primitive weapons.


Qian Ye felt helpless, once this situation was formed, it often didn’t stop until seeing blood. He took off the assault rifle on his shoulder, heavily pulled the bolt, and pointed the dark black muzzle at the crowd.


“Who dares to come will die! Now, stay out of my way!” Qian Ye shouted.


But his words didn’t seem to have any deterrence power and surrounding mob did not retreat. On the contrast, they looked at each other for a while, and then strengthened the circle tighter. They breathed heavily, eyes gradually covered with bloodshot lines. They were staring at Qian Ye’s backpack with greedy looks flashing from their eyes.


A skinny man suddenly moved towards Qian Ye as if he wanted to attack. However, as soon as he had just made a slight move, Qian Ye suddenly turned around and aimed the muzzle directly at his forehead just like he had an extra pair of eyes behind his back.


The man was stunned, but when he saw that Qian Ye was hesitating to shoot, he quickly lowered his body, as low as the wild dog, and his throat even issued an animal-like provocative grumble toward Qian Ye.


Qian Ye knew that the situation had gone bad.


Perhaps the memories awakened from the walk had not yet fully dispersed, or perhaps rusty smell of stained metal blended with the smell of corruption was too familiar with Qian Ye, he had his finger slightly tapped the trigger, but could never pulled it to the end.


The power of the assault rifle would not only be able to bounce off this crazy man’s head, but the aftermath of its proliferation was also enough to blow up the other people on the left side of him, and finally destroy the shack at one end of the alley.


The man saw Qian Ye did not shot, suddenly became brave, and did not hesitate to spring up in the air and tempted to take a bite on Qian Ye’s throat!


Qian Ye hesitated, but after a silent sigh, he let go of the trigger, grabbed the body of the rifle to change it from horizontal aiming to vertical fighting mode, ready to use the gun handle to smash the man to faint. With his strength of a level three soldier now, he could still escape of this place even though it would take a while.


At this time, a bang shot sounded next to Qian Ye, and the man’s in front him suddenly exploded, his blood and brain splashed all over Qian Ye’s body!


This scene only happen when the head got shot by a big caliber bullet!


Qian Ye suddenly turned around to see the roof next to him appeared a fierce woman out of nowhere. She was carrying a marked retro shotgun. Its thick muzzle was faintly emitting white smoke.


Her muzzle slightly moved and aimed at the big nosed little boy. She sneered, “Die, you little bastard!”


“Wait a minute!” The Qian Ye’s voice and the gunfire sounded at the same time.


A huge recoil let her plump upper body slightly shocked back. Meanwhile, the little boy’s head together with half of his upper body had exploded.


The mobs suddenly fell into a panic, some people turned around to escape, but most of them were stimulated to be even fiercer, and immediately in the welling and crying, someone had rushed up, countless hands reached over the backpack on Qian Ye’s shoulder. In the chaos, someone used a short edge metal scrap to stab at Qian Ye’s waist.


These mobs were weak and vulnerable, but they were also absolutely sinister, and they simply did not take their own lives seriously.


Qian Ye sighed, reached out his hands, and two back-stabbing blades were accurately caught in his hands. The two mobs desperately tried to move their daggers, but the blades didn’t move at all as if they were welded to his hands.


But at that moment, in the air, a metal cannister suddenly flew over with green smoke dispersing. It was grenade!


Qian Ye silently cursed. He couldn’t do anything else but jumped up high, turned over two shacks in the air, and fell to the other side of the street, and was then immediately laid on his back flattened to the ground.




The two mobs stood the brunt as their body flew up high to the sky, there were a few broken body parts also accompanied with them. The shock wave destroyed the surrounding shacks, numerous wood debris slid through Qian Ye’s and burned his skin with pain.


This was the military’s tactical grenade! Qian Ye immediately drew the conclusion from the unexpectedly explosive aftermath. This was a powerful stuff to deal with weak dark race, even if an official vampire warrior could have been affected towards being injured!


If Qian Ye thought that it was just an ordinary grenade and did not dodge with his full power, then he would have gotten seriously injured by this undisclosed attack.


He secretly cursed the woman for shooting so ruthlessly. How could she use this battle field weapon in the city!


A dozen of the mobs were fried, the rest were finally scared, and rolled over to escape.


Seeing the chaos from a distance, several heavily armed expeditionary soldiers rushed over.


They were stunned when they saw the woman standing on the roof, their attitude immediately became more respectful as they asked, “Miss Ying Nan, what is going on? You seem to use a weapon that should not be used in the city.”


The young woman sneered and said, “There was nothing big, there were some guys who wanted to rob our Hunter’s House member, and I had killed some of them so that they can keep it in their minds for a while. As for that tactical grenade, it was accidentally dislodged and rolled down by itself. That had nothing to do with me.”


The leader of this expeditionary army force who wore a corporal badge nodded his head, turned to his companion and said, “All clear. Some people have been hiding grenades here, one of them accidentally exploded. Ok, we can retrieve the team!”


Those expeditionary soldiers turned away and left. As for more than a dozen bodies on the ground, they didn’t even take a glance at it.


Looking at the situation, Qian Ye fell silent. When he was in the Red Scorpion, he had encountered the quota of casualty for several times, but that was applied for the local aristocracy. He had heard some of the veterans of the conventional army talked about this situation, but this was the first time he had personally experienced it.


In the end, the young woman jumped off from the roof, landed in front of Qian Ye, looked at him from top to bottom, then took something out of her pocket and said, “Go with me! Let’s find a place to drink. ”


After a moment, Qian Ye sat down in a bar with her.


Qian Ye followed her because she had taken out a four star hunter badge. A Four-Star Hunter,  accumulating to the required achievements, also must have been at least a level four cultivator.


Not until now did Qian Ye have the opportunity to carefully observe her.


This was a very young woman. When she was about twenty years old, she wore the dark gray and brown armor. The material showed that it must be made of wild animal skins. The integral key parts were made of metal. This armor of course, was stronger than Qian Ye’s armor, and absolutely fit the girl’s body. Obviously, it must either be a custom made good or was specially adjusted.


She had a heroic and wild face, very beautiful. Her forehead had a small scar. That not only did not damage the appearance, but also increased the arrogance on her face, which added a little uninhibited charm.


The girl was very high, only a little shorter than Qian Ye but was not very conspicuous. She had a very hot body as if it was fulfilled with vitality and strength and would overflow at any time. She also had dark brown hair, which was tied into a neat ponytail.


Her upper body leaned forward as if she was completely unaware that her chest had been squeezing on the table.


The girl knocked on the table and with a knowledgeable veteran heroic manner, she talked to Qian Ye, “I called Yu Ying Nan. You can also call me Ying Nan, or Miss Nan is better … … However, you boy, are you gonna drink this kid’s drink?”



Preview Chapter 33: Lady Hunter

Yu Ying Nan suddenly scratched her hair in embarrassment and said, “Oh, it was a gaff last night. I did not expect that your alcohol capacity was to be that good! What was your occupation?”

“I opened a bar.” Qian Ye’s answer let Yu Ying Nan’s smile frozen stiff on her face.



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