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Chapter 62 - Hunter's House

Chapter 31: Hunter’s House


Qian Ye felt like there were a thousand mammoths that were jumping and skipping happily inside his head. He didn’t know what to say. Why didn’t that old man stay at his firearms shop but ran to this Hunter’s House?


Qian Ye decided to leave immediately. As to seek for revenge, he didn’t even want to think about it. Seeking for justice with a firearm shop’s snake head in such place like the Dark Blood city? Moreover, he had not been cheated for too much, since that assault rifle could be resold for fifty gold coins after being repaired.


Although he had just turned over to leave, the old man behind the counter suddenly  looked up as if his eyes had fallen on Qian Ye.


Qian Ye’s body was startled and immediately stiffened into defense mode. His first turn over step stopped midair, not even the slightest move was made!


Of course, Qian Ye’s movement was not limited. However, at the moment, not mentioning of touching the weapon, Qian Ye didn’t even dare to move a toe. The knife-like sharp look was dead blocking him from behind. Just a tiny wrong action and he would become the center of an attacking storm.


On the other hand, if he stayed calm and waited for the opponent’s first shot and look for the flaws, he might be able to grasp a little opportunity to live. This was the fighting instinct that was earned from numerous times of facing  death since he was seven.


Luckily, the stalemate had only lasted for few seconds. When that sharp look suddenly disappeared, Qian Ye put his foot on the floor, and then slowly turned around.


The three guys in the hall looked to Qian Ye, and their eyes revealed appreciation.


The old man stood up and said, “Little guy, looking at your expression, I guess you must’ve been to the firearm shop.”


Qian Ye looking at the old man and finally found some tiny differences.


The old man of the firearms shop looked like an isolated supreme highman, but the wrinkles on his face seemed to be a little bit more defined than the man in front of Qian Ye. If thought carefully, there were also the cunning looks which always flashed from his eyes. On the other hand, this old man had a little scar on his face, although very inconspicuous, in a cultivator’s eye like Qian Ye, this difference was very clear.


The old man said, “The owner of “A Yi’s firearms” is my twin brother, he is called A Yi, and I am called A Er. People call me Mr. Er.”


Qian Ye thought that his face must look very funny, because he was really stunned out of words.


“Do you want to be a hunter?”


“Yes…” Qian Ye replied. He felt that Mr. Er did not seem to be a liar, but the experience at the firearms shop kept coming back in his mind, repeatedly, like a scene from a horror movie.


No liar looked like a liar.


Mr. Er bent over behind the counter and looked for something, then he took out a hexagram star bronze medal, threw it to Qian Ye and said, “You’ve passed the test and is a hunter now, a one star hunter.”


Qian Ye subconsciously took the bronze medal and asked confusingly, “Test?”


“It’s what had just happened when I looked at you. You behaved very well, so now you are a member of the Hunter’s House. Keep it carefully, that is your token, also the proof of your hunter’s qualification.” Mr. Er still said lightly.


Qian Ye looked at the bronze medal in his hand, this thing was rubbed till it was shiny, apparently had been a long time. Even so, he could still see the rough primitive patina covered under the friction of time. Not mentioning of the uneven engravings in the center, its shape was distorted as if the mold was engraved out of a child’s hand.


“Well, with my… one star hunter, what can I do?” Qian Ye finally believed the reality. Then, as long as there was no membership fee to pay at first, he would not mind joining this Hunter’s House.


As he was thinking of it, Mr. Er said, “First, pay a quarterly fee, a gold coin per month.”


Mr. Er said casually, but Qian Ye’s heart trembled.


“What are my benefits?”


Mr. Er pointed to the ragged book hanging on the wall and said, “They are all written on that.”


Qian Ye opened the book and carefully looked at the provisions inside. Although the book looked old and crappy, but the writing gave people a fresh and delicate feeling, each word silently revealed a speechless power. Qian Ye’s mind fell in turmoil looking at it and he had to secretly use the Force to stand firm.


In fact, it was very simple. The hunter payment would be the main evidence for the stars promotion. Different star levels gained different permissions.


The hunter’s main rights included selling the proof of the dark race slaying to the Hunter’s House in exchange for the bounty. On the other hand, hunter could also purchase special weapons, armor and some special materials from the Hunter’s House. If the hunter was not satisfied with the things provided by the Hunter’s House, he could also order it to the relevant craftsmen through the house.


Just the bounty alone was enough to make up the membership fee. Of course, the premise was in being able to kill enough dark races. Hunter stars were different, and the limit bounty received was also different. For example, a one star hunter could have gotten up to a of total ten gold coins per month, a two-star hunter could have taken twenty. The ceiling was doubled up after each star.


But at the moment, Qian Ye could only focus on the powerful hand writing!


It was not easy for him to calm down and ask, “May I see what kind of weapon armor can I trade it for?”


“Of course, Xiao Mi, take him to the one star warehouse to see.”


A clever juvenile sneaked out of nowhere, snapped his finger at Qian Ye and said, “Come with me.”


Followed the juvenile, Qian Ye went through the basement into a warehouse.


Even though it was just a one star hunter’s warehouse, but the equipment were very diverse, Qian Ye could even see some of the conventional weapons of the Imperial continent main force, Hell fire original machine gun! This was a third-level firearm, and was brand new!


However, this gun had four stars on it, meaning only a four star hunter could buy it, and he didn’t know why it was placed in here. Moreover, there were a set of tactical armor, multi-purpose knives, tactical sights and so on. It was actually a small arsenal.


After seeing the warehouse, Qian Ye finally let go of his doubts, followed the juvenile back to the hall, and sincerely paid the fee.


After finishing the procedure, Qian Ye could not help but ask, “If someone wants to join the Hunter’s House but cannot afford to pay the fee, what can he do?


“At first he can have a debt, but the interest is one gold coin every month.” Mr. Er said casually.


Qian Ye was surprised. Three gold coins for a quarterly fee, and an interest of one gold coin every month, what a ruthless interest rate.


One of the guys Seemed to see through ??Qian Ye’s mind, he jumped in and said, “If even the membership fee is overwhelming, then why become a hunter, just go home hand take care of the little kids!”


This was also reasonable of what he had just said.


However, Qian Ye didn’t want to just hand over the member fee that easily. He took out a small bag, and from the inside took out six vampire fangs. These vampire fangs were the ones from Qi Yue’s transaction.


Qian Ye pushed the vampire fangs to Mr. Er and asked, “Are these enough for the bounty?”


In accordance with the Hunter’s House exchange regulation, an ordinary vampire warrior’s fangs was worth one gold coin. In fact, it also meant that each hunter had to kill at least one vampire every month to meet a minimum qualification.


After seeing this provision, Qian Ye had understood why the Hunter’s House looked so deserted. To kill a vampire, one must have been at a level two of cultivation. This was actually quite a high threshold, almost the same as the Red Scorpion recruiting requirements. Of course, it was possible for a level one cultivator to become a hunter, but it was much harder.


‘These six fangs should be more than enough to get back the member fee,’ Qian Ye thought.


Mr. Er suddenly exclaimed then reached out and picked up a fang, looked at it carefully for a while and said, “If I am not wrong, then the fangs should be taken from a fighter of the Nied Chayle clan. This vampire clan had a count level vampire, it would be cumbersome to let them develop enough descendants, so they were more threatening than the ordinary level four vampires, and just this fang only, is worth ten gold coins.”


Qian Ye did not think that the old vampire he had killed could have such a big background. Initially, a level four vampire fighter could only exchange four gold coins, but in Mr. Er words, the bounty of the fang was more than two times the ordinary.


Mr. Er turned over the counter again, took out ten gold coins and an ax, pushed over to Qian Ye and said, “Your reward this month has already been pushed to the ceiling, I cannot give you more, but I think this ax is very suitable with you, just consider it as my gift.”


Qian Ye took the ax, estimated it in his hands for a while, and then took a careful look.


The ax was very delicate. It was half a meter long. Its blade was only palm size though it felt heavy in his hands. He didn’t know what it was made from but certainly not metal. Qian Ye had tried several ways of detection on it, but there was no reaction. Therefore, this ax would not be detected by most of the instruments. There was no doubt the value of it on the fighting field.


Qian Ye gently threw the ax. It felt completely comfortable as if it was an extended part of his arm. When he suddenly pushed force into the next few moves, the ax’s blade pierced the air, issuing faint shrieks!


Qian Ye revealed happiness on his face. The little ax was even more suitable than a dagger. This was a very suitable weapon for him. It seemed that his fighting style was still committed to being simple and straightforward.


After putting the ax back to its special bag and hanging it on his waist, Qian Ye said, “This this is not bad, I like it. So, I will start hunting.”


Mr. Er’s eyes slightly squinted as if he would have fallen  asleep at any moment. After hearing what Qian Ye said, he slightly nodded his head as a farewell. Though when he saw the trajectory that Qian Ye waved the ax, his eyes suddenly flickered some sharp lights like a blade, but immediately disappeared as if it had never existed.


After Qian Ye left, a guy said, “The little guy is good and has the potential.”


The other coldly said, “I hate him. There is an Empire’s dog smell on him.”


The third man shrugged and said, “Dogs also have their classifications, that little guy is obviously from a top dog’s pack.”


“The top dog is still a dog!” said the former man.


Mr. Er pulled out an old pocket watch from nowhere, looked at the time, and slowly said, “This little guy is very suitable for that task.”


“Which one?”


“The one about Miss QiQi.”


The guys suddenly shuddered, their eyes looking at Qian Ye’s shadow revealed sympathy.



Preview chapter 32: Uncomfortable Beginning

Qian Ye hesitated, but after a silent sigh, he let go of the trigger, grabbed the body of the rifle to change it from horizontal aiming to vertical fighting mode, ready to use the gun handle to smash the man to faint. With his strength of a level three soldier now, he could still escape of this place even though it would take a while.

At this time, a bang shot sounded next to Qian Ye, and the man’s in front him suddenly exploded, his blood and brain splashed all over Qian Ye’s body!

This scene only happen when the head got shot by a big caliber bullet!

Qian Ye suddenly turned around to see the roof next to him appeared a fierce woman out of nowhere. She was carrying a marked retro shotgun. Its thick muzzle was faintly emitting white smoke.

Her muzzle slightly moved and aimed at the big nosed little boy. She sneered, “Die, you little bastard!”

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