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Chapter 60 - Mysterious Highman

Chapter 29 – Mysterious Highman


Qian Ye stopped in front of a not very eye-catching store, looked up and saw a sign written, “A Yi’s firearms.”


Qian Ye remembered that he had studied about the Empire’s weapon brands which had the same name when he was still in the Red Scorpion Legion. This brand was famous for doing high-class fine original force gun business. However, this “A Yi’s firearms” had nothing in common with the famous brand name from the sign to the shop decoration. Perhaps the owner had heard the name from somewhere and had copied the original.


Qian Ye went in.


The store was not very big. Both sides of the wall were covered with a wide range of firearms, various supple and vigorous shapes of force guns was dazzling and shining every corner of the store.


However, since Qian Ye was an expert in firearms, he only took one glance and recognized that most the guns hanging there were crude, rough-wrought firearms. Although they were also force firearms, but they only had auxiliary effects, even the original bullet was reluctantly formed. From this point of view, even the Dawn Light could dump them countless streets far.


However, Qian Ye was not disappointed. This was a suitable level for a small store inside the Dark Blood city. If he wanted to find better goods, it was necessary to go to the auction house or the official firearm shops which had been issued a license by the state.


However, the licensed weapon stores here were all regulated by the Expeditionary Force, and Qian Ye did not want to expose himself. As for the auction house, without power or authority, even in audited good things, it would be a big problem just to have gotten them alive.


Inside the counter were placed two ‘real’ force guns, but unfortunately, they were still weaker than the Dawn Light. That was, they were not even a first level firearms.


There was a bald, thin old man. He was wearing a pair of far-sighted glasses and seemed to be focusing on wiping the accessory in his arms, not really caring about the situation outside.


Qian Ye went to the counter, and knocked on it.


The old man said without lifting his head, “Things are all placed there, help yourself!”


“Get me some real goods. Do not take these pieces of broken garbage to fool me.” Qian Ye lazily said.


The old man finally looked at Qian Ye through the top of his glasses. From the turbid eyes, there seemed to have bright light shooting for a moment. Qian Ye was suddenly surprised, but when he looked carefully, the old man’s eyes had turned back to its usual haziness as if what had happened was just an illusion.


Finally, the old man spoke with a calm voice, “What type do you want? Sniper rifle, pistol, assault rifle, or something else?”


Qian Ye finally felt a little surprised. He had long heard that the Dark Blood of the city where  master-like ‘dragons and tigers’ were hiding, or in the most humble store might have the best black market goods. He didn’t expect to find such a rich supply source just by coming in the first store.


‘It’s a pretty good luck, right?” Qian Ye could not help but asked, “Which level?


‘It’s good enough to get a full set of a first level firearm.’ Qian Ye expected.


However, the old man unexpectedly took a fierce glance at Qian Ye, with a slight disdain he said: “Level two of course. If you want better, you have to wait for quite a bit of time.”


Level two! This was not a small surprise for Qian Ye.


In fact, with the strength of a level three soldier king, a level two to three firearms were very appropriate. Such things like a level-four Scorpion Telson were quite overwhelming to use. If it was not because of his special condensed original force, it would be very hard to control that gun.


“Ok, take out something to check. Give me a rifle, plus a short shotgun, or a pistol is fine, but they need to be powerful, speed and range, are not very important.” Qian Ye said his request.


The old man did not move, just simply pushed up his glasses, swept his eyes upside down on Qian Ye and said, “Simple, direct, and fierce. It’s a military style. Not simple ah, boy!”


Qian Ye suddenly felt chilled. Even though his appearance had changed, but a few bone-engraved matters would not. As long as an expert saw him fight, whether it was remote snipper or melee fight, it was not surprising to come with this conclusion. However, this old man could make the judgments only by looking at the way he chose his weapon. It meant that his understanding of the original force and the original force firearms was at a master level. That is, the Red Scorpion Corps equipment division experts were reluctantly compared to.


Qian Ye secretly admired him.


The old man smiled and said, “Close the door.”


Qian Ye followed his words and closed the shop door. He was very looking forward to what was going to happen.


The old man slowly stood up, and walked inside. After a moment, he took out a bleached-white canvas which seemed like it had been washed over and over for millions of times, and finally, he put it on the counter. Based on the size of the canvas bag, it should be a rifle type force gun.


Qian Ye opened the canvas bag, took out its uninstalled buttstock and immediately recognized that this was one of the guns that belonged to the ‘Assault Rifle’ series.


This model was the standard equipment of the Imperial Expeditionary Army frontline officers. It was a level two force firearm. As a standard military rifle, it had the general characteristics of the military force gun, which was stable, powerful, and easy to repair, not easy to damage. In general, Qian Ye loved the military standard firearms.


At the first glace, this assault rifle looked like it had been finely maintained. Sixty percent of it looked new, so that Qian Ye was satisfied. Although this thing couldn’t be called a very pleasantly surprising thing, it was considered to be a good choice. There were not just a few non-soldiers using military force guns inside the Dark Blood city. Many of the soldiers using broken firearms main reason was to secretly sell a large number of semi-new firearms. This was already commonplace phenomenon.


“I want it, is there a pistol, or a shotgun?” Asked Qian Ye.


“Are you rich?” asked the old man.


Qian Ye was stunned, he asked, “How much for this rifle?”


“One hundred empire gold coins.” The old man did not take the slightest emotion to spit out such a figure.


Honestly, Qian Ye was really surprised by this price.


In the army, a brand new level two force gun offered no more than one hundred gold coins. This assault rifle could only be regarded as very general force firearm. The basic version was only worth 90 gold coins or so. As for this sixty percent new good, it was at max peak for the value of fifty gold coins. Qian Ye did not expect the old man to directly call it for the price of a new gun.


Seeing Qian Ye’s expression, the old man did not scorn. He still said with a faint voice, “Little guy, how did you come to the Black Copper Street? At this place, if you want to get this kind of goods, of course it could compare to convenient price of the other official channels. Or you can go to any of the other stores to ask, it does not matter.”


Qian Ye thought about it, what the old man had said really made sense. He had made several contacts with some underground black gun trading stores. The price and supply were of a completely different price than the army.


But for the price at this level, Qian Ye the original configuration program could not make. He bit his lips, and asked: “You do not receive the gun here?”


After a moment, the deal was done.


Qian Ye sold the Hornet, the level one rifle and the Dawn Light, plus ten gold coins to finally be exchanged for the assault rifle. And as a bonus, the old man sent him three original force blank bullets.


Qian Ye took the assault rifle and carefully put it away. He was quite satisfied with the canvas bag material, this thing was not new, and the most important thing was that the lining was made of semi-hard material. Therefore, the inside thing’s shape wouldn’t be imprinted on the outline of the bag. It would make the adventurers re-consider the real level of worth, of the thing.


The closed shop had re-opened, Qian Ye saw a juvenile with a vague innocent expression on his face. He was standing and looking at the store sign.


He was very young, almost at the same age with Qian Ye. He was wearing in a hunter dress. Moreover, he was a level one cultivator.


Seeing that Qian Ye was out, the juvenile immediately stepped into the door’s threshold.


As Qian Ye was walking a few steps away from the store, he suddenly heard the voice of the old man, “simple, brutal, direct, it’s military style! Not bad ah, kid!”


Somehow, Qian Ye felt his heart slightly sunk.


He quickly returned to the hotel, opened the canvas bag, took out the assault rifle and carefully checked every part of it. In the end, Qian Ye almost cursed out loud.


Many of the small parts inside had been worn out. Only the parts that could be seen from the outside were specially polished and trimmed, so as a whole it had looked a lot newer.


The whole gun was not sixty percent new, but only forty percent new! There were several small parts that had been seriously damaged that needed to be replaced.


The only thing that had let Qian Ye calmed down was that the Force array-related parts were in fairly good maintenance, fifty percent new. And some of the core parts had been re-adjusted and optimized. Therefore, the overall performance should be slightly more powerful than the original version. After testing, Qian Ye found that the conversion rate went up to about 33%. In the end, it was pretty good.


However, by all means the gun was not worth 100 gold coins. Even with the black market price, it would be surmising if was sold at sixty gold coins.


The old man was not a master of firearms, but an acting master. From the beginning, he had given Qian Ye a deep first impression of a high demeanor, and the military style complement had completely scared him.


Qian Ye, with a true military origin, was shocked, and convinced by the old man words. If he did not have a good sense of hearing and didn’t hear what the old man had said to the juvenile, he would not know this sentence ‘military style’ was generally, widely used.


Those hunters, adventurers and mercenaries, probably the more rookies, the more they would like to hear that ‘military style’ comment. Qian Ye was unlucky, and just got the direct hit.


The Dark Blood city really had numerous hidden dragons and tigers. The thing was that he didn’t know how many masters, but obviously more liars.


Qian Ye recalled that there was actually a moment when he really suspected this store had some relationships with the Empire mainland’s ‘A Yi’s firearms.’ Now, he could only smile in bitterness.


As for going back to the store to seek revenge, Qian Ye wouldn’t be that stupid. Not just looking at the old man’s shop that was small, but each rooted liar in the mysterious Black Copper Street would not have been simple. Qian Ye was just a loner, and so he couldn’t fight against those local snakes. In the end, he could only sigh for his bad luck.


Qian Ye’s swept through the table full of accessories, and helplessly shook his head.


These parts refurbished approach was actually very elegant, even if he opened the gun on the spot to see, it would’ve still given the same result unless he completely removed each part to check to find the true problem.


To tell the truth, this technique could be regarded as master level. If he took this momentum into building new guns, the money made would not be less. Therefore, Qian Ye’s mood at the moment was annoyed and funny. It was not wrong to say he was still too innocent to be fooled like that.


It was not easy to survive this year. After all, people were all under hard work.


Qian Ye slowly reassembled the assault rifle, and then went out to find a gun smith’s shop nearby the hotel to buy some small tools and substrates.


After returning to the room, he re-painted the assault rifle, and made the ‘rustic patina’ on the surface. An hour later, the originally new assault rifle had turned into a rusty old rifle which belonged to the ancient stuff which could be thrown into the rubbish heap.


Qian Ye then put the small damaged parts out, and framed the repair tools. With a full two hours he had repaired those parts. The two repairable damaged parts were also replaced with new ones.


Dinner time had long passed after he finished his job. However the assault rifle, after processing, had fully recovered its standard effective to at least fifty percent new. He could use it for a while now.


Looked at the assault rifle, Qian Ye was quite satisfied, and then began to study the blank primitive bullet.


At this time the door suddenly sounded, and the hotel maid’s voice sounded at the door, “Little handsome, need any services?”


Qian Ye immediately opened the door, and said: “Yes!



Preview Chapter 30: Dark Blood Agitated

There was a flat plaque written, “Hunter’s House”, Qian Ye repeatedly read it over several times and finally realized that this was the correct place he was looking for.

This small building was too old and seemed as if it would collapse at any given time. The manager didn’t seem to have any intentions of fixing it because the front wall had a big crack, which exposed the insides of the impure rotten metal beams.

The front door was widely opened. Qian Ye hesitated a moment but still went in. The last experience at “A Yi’s firearms” had left him a little psychological shadow. Hunter’s House should be another hunter’s branch of the famous hunter organization. However, looking at the building in front of him, it seemed like someone had borrowed the name once again.

There was a small hall behind the door with two tables and a few chairs. On one table, three burly guys were lazily sitting together with a few large glasses of beer in the middle.

At the end of the hall sitting a counter, and behind it, a skinny old man was reading something through his glasses. His half-bald head was particularly shining under the mantle lamp’s light.

Looking at the old man, Qian Ye’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He didn’t even have to use his genius memory to realize that this scene, the shiny light, the flickering head… it was so distinctive, and yes, this was the old bald man inside “A Yi’s firearms”!

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