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Chapter 58 - Extreme Fugitive

Chapter 27 : Extreme Fugitive


“No, the scene was absolutely clean. There was no clue left. The killer must be an expert.”


Wu Zheng Nan walked back and forth for in the room with a murderous gleam of tension that escalated on his face. After two laps, the temperature inside the office rapidly declined because of his anger.


He suddenly stopped by the window, looked down at the soldiers who were still practicing while saying with a solemn voice, “That your men couldn’t find anything doesn’t mean there was no clues. You don’t have to worry about it anymore. I will let the Dark Blade take over!”


Qi Si Cheng cheeks twitched a bit after hearing the words Dark Blade. It could be seen that this was by no means a pleasant word to hear.


Wu Zheng Nan thought for a while and said, “Go ahead and check if Qi Yue had done anything troublesome with other people. This may be as to why people were eyeing him, and found out about the transaction.”


“Yes, sir!” Qi Si Cheng secretly admired of Wu Zheng Nan. That man always appeared to be firm and generous, but in fact, his true character was devious, ruthless and flawless. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been standing strong like a giant tree in the Expeditionary Army for these many years.


And so, after Qi Si Cheng left, Wu Zheng Nan pressed the bell by the desk corner and a moment later, a devious-looking guy came in.


The man was about two-meter tall, very skinny, his hands and feet were extremely long. He had pale-light yellow eyebrows and hair that almost merged in with his pale skin. Moreover, this person had a pair of strange amber eyes and erected vertical pupils like some reptile’s pupils.


He entered the door and said immediately, “Sir, who do you want me to kill this time?”


“Qi Yue is dead. Go and find out who killed him, then bring me back that person, but try to keep him alive. If it’s not very convenient, then dead is also fine. My only request is that, make him die in sufferance! Other than that I don’t care, you can do whatever, don’t have to scruple about the background!” Wu Zheng Nan fiercely said.


He could just let go of his true emotions in front of this person.


That ‘freak’ stunned for a while and said: “So, our little dandy has died! Well, how many people can you give me?


Wu Zheng Nan waved his hand, “The entire Dark Blade is under your command in this mission!”


The freak stretched out his long scarlet tongue to lick his nose, then grinned and said, “Don’t worry, no matter who he is, he still can’t escape me, no one can, from Yu Ren Yan’s hands.”


“Go! I’m waiting for your good news.”


Yu Ren Yan left Wu Zheng Nan’s office. When he passed by the female adjutant, his upper body suddenly twisted into an awkward angle and almost affixed to her cheek, and his long tongue suddenly licked along the span of the white tender neck!


The female adjutant was caught off guard and her little face instantly drained of blood, but she didn’t dare to resist. She only stood straight in desperattion, not only dare not to speak, but even the slightest idea of moving was not revealed.


Yu Ren Yan issued a burst of sharp laughter, using those vertical eyes to glance at her obliquely as he sped away.


After half a day, Yu Ren Yan brought with him more than a dozen people to the place where Qi Yue had been killed and carefully investigated. That place had been repeatedly searched by Qi Si Cheng’s men for thousands of times so there was no results that were found.


Then they went to the wreckage where the vampire’s bodies were blown up.


Yu Ren Yan suddenly squatted down and picked up a piece of rotten flesh, slowly dug into it to check. After a while he stirred up his finger and dragged out a strip of hair.


He suddenly stretched out his tongue, put the hair on it, then rolled it back and pulled the hair into his mouth. He had savored it for a long time before saying, “This is the man’s hair, I have to remember this taste carefully.”


Yu Ren Yan exposed a cruel smile, hunting and killing ‘living creatures’ were what he loved the most.


The traces that man had left were surprisingly small, and he was obviously an expert of this field. Only that kind of opponent could have given the best ‘taste’ after killing! After that, he threw the rotten meat up high, widely opened his mouth swallowed it in one go. Then, he picked up another piece, which looked like he had felt in love with the taste of it.


However, Yu Ren Yan did not put the new meat into his mouth, but slowly felt the aftertaste of the meat which he had just swallowed. Then his expression became more and more awkward… suddenly, he had his mouth wide open again, but this time was to spit out everything he had just eaten.


This time, everything had gone out of control, and Yu Ren Yan couldn’t help but laid down, sprawled on the ground, and threw up till his mind went blank!


Even though they had been used with his freaky character, those Dark Blade people who were wrapped in the black coats behind him had never seen him like that before.


He seemed to have eaten rotten food. Everyone couldn’t help but looked at each other with silent questions in their eyes. Had anyone ever seen Yu Ren Yan have food poisoning? He was like a vulture, entirely depended on rotten carrion for living. However, since Yu Ren Yan didn’t say a word, no one had dared to ask.


Yu Ren Yan kept spitting until all the digestive acid and bile were cleaned of his intestine, and then collapsed to the ground, breathing like crazy.


He gasped for a while, but then suddenly laughed like a psychopath and said, “Good! Very good! I’m really interested now! A special poison set up as a trap for the Dark blood which I didn’t even know about! He really is something, not bad to play with! You guys, follow me!”


He suddenly bounced up, turned over midair, and then landed with all four of his limbs on the ground. Finally, he started moving with his entire body stuck close to the ground like a big lizard. His face was only one millimeter away from the ground and his nose constantly sniffed all the way to the north.


The Dark Blade warriors knew that Yu Ren Yan had found some clues. Therefore, they all silently followed up.


These people were considerable rare talents in the Expeditionary Army and Yu Ren Yan was their leader. He had had the opportunity to enter one of the top ten special ranking Legions, but eventually chose the Expeditionary Army because he could really do whatever he wanted here and enjoyed the decadent indulgences.


In a distance away, Qian Ye still had no idea of the ferocious cunning wolves that were tracing after him.


He had been running at a steady speed of forty kilometers per hour, has been running for ten hours in a row. This was a way to get rid of the tracking using the fastest speed to run as long as possible and until he had left all of his possible pursuers far behind. This strategy had no tricks, both tracker and runner were simply just competing their physical and will, as well as timing.


In the past, if Qian Ye had consecutively ran for four hours, he could have achieved the goal. The Red Scorpion’s limit of minimum running time was three hours, or over the total one hundred twenty kilometers. At the moment, Qian Ye’s strength had reached to a level-three soldier, and with the powerful physique of a vampire, he could double, or even triple up the endurance. In short, he could simply pushed his endurance to the limit and stepped into the Monolith Ridge territory after ten hours.


On the border, Qian Ye rested for an hour and then continued to move forward.


Above the sky, there was a white eagle flying, its sharp eyes fixed on that lonely figure in lower vast wilderness. That figure looked like it had been running forward in a constant speed for eternity.


The eagle hesitated for a moment, and finally felt that this person’s behavior was too strange, so that it felt trembled. Therefore, in the end, it made a U-turn and flew away, giving up on this prey.


A day later, Yu Ren Yan also appeared in the Monolith Ridge border.


This time, his face looked paler and  even faint hue of blue had vaguely appeared. His face was covered with dust everywhere while his hair was messy and dirty. It was obviously that he was very tired. Since Ye Ren Yan had eaten the meat which was poisoned by Qian Ye’s blood, he had been constantly ‘ejecting’ everything by both upper way, then lower way and had lost a lot of strength.


Moreover, on the way tracking down Qian Ye, Yu Ren Yan had figured out that his prey had been using the limit speed running method to escape the hunt. Therefore, he became more anxious. He was a real field tracking master, and he knew that he had started at least half a day late compared to the runner, once they were too far off, he would likely to have completely lost the other’s whereabouts.


This was totally unacceptable failure.


Yu Ren Yan could only use the most stupid but most effective way, which was to chase after with full speed. However, things from had not been smooth since the beginning, the runner had been running as if his strength was unlimited!


Finally at the fifth hour, Yu Ren Yan couldn’t stand and had to rest on the ground for an entire three hours, and then continued the chase.


When they reached the Monolith Ridge border, there were only three people left from the initial chasing team, the rest had all been left behind.


Yu Ren Yan finally found that his opponent had rested here. However, he didn’t know if he should feel happy or worried with this new discovery. Happy was that the very subtle traces proved that they did not followed the wrong direction, and that his opponent was still a human. He was happy because that guy had been performing so well in his extreme escape. It was not the same as normal people whatsoever but more like those elite corps monsters.


Yu Ren Yan simply stopped chasing forward, but chose to camp where Qian Ye had rested.


He had figured out that the first half day distance had increased to one day, which meant that they couldn’t catch up the other’s speed. And that person was clearly an expert. He didn’t  leave any traces behind. The one day distance had also faded out the smell. If they kept going on like this, it will not have taken any longer until they completely lost the clue. Moreover, that guy only needed to get into one of the four cities of the Monolith Ridge and he would immediately be like water droplets disappeared into the vast sea, leaving no trace behind.


Therefore, it was better to restore physical fitness before the next move than to waste strength.


But this did not mean that Yu Ren Yan wanted to give up. On the contrary, this difficulty had stimulated his excitement to its climax. He almost couldn’t help but moaned out loud.


Yu Ren Yan had decided to kill to the end with all of his determination! In this ragged continent, there were not many who were worth his effort of a level six hunter and assassination expert.


When Qian Ye went into a small town, it seemed like he had become a young mercenary.


He had a full meal in the most lively restaurant in the town, drank a cup in the most crowded bar at night, and squeezed a bar-girl on her rounded buttocks, then got into the toilet, waited for a while then quietly left from a side of the bar.


When he walked out of the town, he had become a short bearded middle-aged uncle.


After a run around the town in a turn, Qian Ye believed that the people were still following him would have eventually lost the clue. He kept running all the way forward non-stop for three days and three nights until he finally came to his destination of the Dark Blood city.


This was an enormous city. There were four Eternal Agitation Towers in the four corners of the city with each steam engine laid under the base like a large hill. The huge pipelines spread over people’s head like spider webs reaching to every corner of the city, which provided power and heat for the city’s defense facilities.


This ultimate messy layout of energy sources would have made the enemies confused and not even know where to start even if they wanted to sabotage the city, except to destroy the whole city. Perhaps this was the original intention of the architecture?


The Dark Blood City was located in the first borderline of the Dark Race and humans, and was the most important supply base of the expeditionary forces, hunters, and pioneers.


The city’s chaotic order and its pipelines were exactly the same, that is, even the expeditionary forces could only maintain the highest jurisdiction ‘theoretically.’ Every second that passed, there would be all kinds of evil occurrences. Many people had silently died.


This place was the paradise of the adventurers, was the heaven of demons, but the hell of the weak.


Nearly a thousand years ago, A war between the humans and vampires had occurred here. In that war, both sides had mobilized millions of troops each. In the end, the humans took the cost of one hundred and ten thousand people killed and had slayed more than six hundred thousand vampires to have won the eight month campaign.


After this war, humans were able to establish a fortress here. Blood of two side’s soldiers had soaked into the soil for a thousand miles deep. The bloody color couldn’t fade away even after a hundred years had passed. Therefore, the city was named Dark Blood.


And it was also the chosen place for Qian Ye’s temporarily shelter.


This was the first time Qian Ye had come to the Dark Blood city. He couldn’t help but be stunned by the 30-meter magnificent wall surrounding around ten layers of tall buildings!

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