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Chapter 57 - Trouble

Chapter 26: Trouble


Qian Ye jumped on the truck, searched carefully from inside out to determine if all the traces of his existence had been wiped off completely, and then dug out all the original force guns from the guard and Qi Yue.


Qi Yue had carried with him a pistol-type force gun: Hornets model, good quality, the Force conversion rate of thirty percent, and could be regarded as a level two firearm. The guard had an assault rifle: secondhand good of from the Expeditionary Army, last century’s product, although old, but was barely included in first level firearm.


The Empire and the Dark Race had the same standard division of the original force firearms. The core indicators was the Force conversion rate, twenty percent was the lowest starting line and was classified as a level one firearm, and then every ten percent upsurge in conversion rate would count one level higher in the classify system. Such guns like the Scorpion Telson special edition was at level four, Qian Ye got the Golden Rose which could basically count at level three. As for the antique Dawn Light the first version, it was not even a level one firearm.


Qian Ye also found three Demon Executor Mithril bullets from the guard. This little guy was a great weapon to deal with the Dark Race creatures. He opened the sealed box and took a look. The enrichment Mithril aura still made his blood churned, not very comfortable.


However, the battle earlier with the vampire had let Qian Ye see a new possibility. If he could control the power of the Dark blood aura that infused into the original bomb, perhaps he would not need to rely only on the silver poison in the future battles against vampires. Regarding the success toward the level four vampire old fighter, the heavy warhead ability combined with his special blood aura would create significant fatal effect. In short, one shot could knock an equal level vampire warrior’s soul out of his body. As for facing fighters which were at one or two levels higher than his, if the shot had hit any vital points, it should also be able to cause serious injuries.


At the moment, Qian Ye couldn’t understand the anomaly in his body, but he had the military’s most simple and pragmatic style, which was, strike the enemy by all means, only asked for results, not cause nor effect.


In addition to the equipment, Qian Ye also found more than a dozen of imperial gold coins. Even with such background and authority of Qi Yue, it could still be considered a small fortune.


Qian Ye took the tactical backpack off the guard’s body, emptied out all the debris, leaving only a set of precision firearms maintenance tools. Then, he put the Golden Rose and all of it’s tactical accessories inside. The assault rifle was also disassembled and packed into a backpack.


He only carried on his body the Dawn Light and the Hornets and began to reverse back. Soon, Qian Ye found the hidden suitcase, and he sat next to it and practiced cultivation for a while. As the three hours alert time limit had arrived, he heard the timing of the suitcase issued a crisp ring.


Qian Ye gently pressed on the suitcase switch, the lid automatically bounced open, exposed the goods which was covered with thick velvet fabric, the top lid was fixed with a small force dumpy level, on one end the blue lead was a timer device, and the red lead was extended all the way to the lid.


And inside the lid was filled with plastic explosives, this amount was enough to bombard both the goods and the carrier together to ashes.


Qian Ye carefully removed the level, the timing device and the automatic detonator, he then opened the flannel. The thing under it had revealed and made him chill with rage vaguely surging inside his heart.


Inside the case neatly laid four black crystals, each piece was big as a palm size and was about a centimeter thick.


Black crystal!


Qian Ye did not expect Qi Yue to exchange a black crystal for original force gun with vampires!


The black crystal in the box was the standard cutting unit, the engraved label its medium purity. This was not an ordinary combustion-driven energy, but the manufacturing level black crystal! Qian Ye knew one of its important uses known was for the production of the original force gun’s compression device.


This batch of black crystals could be used to create two of level three firearms, or one level four firearm.


It seemed like the power behind Qi Yue could obtain a stable source of black crystal, and they were thinking of long-term trading with vampires.


And that Golden Rose with it full installment and artistic value could earn twenty standard units of black crystal if it could get to the upper mainland auctions. Four times the profits, no wonder they dared to take such a big risk with vampires. Once the channel was opened, they could just sit down and still earn millions of gold.


However, what made Qian Ye angry was that if these black crystals fell into the vampire’s hands, it would’ve become eight Golden Roses! As for the ordinary level three force gun, ten could’ve been made! Subtracted other costs, the vampire’s side could’ve earned three times the profits.


In the Dark branches, vampires had always been human’s greatest enemies because humans were still one of their main course’s most important ingredients. In the depth of the abandoned mainland, as well as other Dark Races controlled continent, there were countless human beings were being imprisoned like livestock to provide food for vampires.


Millions of years of hatred still persisted. There was no other way to resolve the problem but dead or alive.


However, in this context, the Qi family had secretly used the black crystal to conduct trading with the vampires. This behavior was entirely inside enemies! According to Imperial law, any contact with a Dark Race creature was a felony, once found, the lightest punishment was life imprisonment. And what the Qi family was doing now was serious enough to massacre the whole family.


However, Qian Ye’s short period service time in the Red Scorpion Legion had taught him that things were not so simple. In this abandoned land where the hand of the Empire couldn’t thoroughly reach, the Imperial Expeditionary Force was the master. Meanwhile, the Qi family’s background was the Imperial Expeditionary Army. If what Qi Yue said was true, he was an Expeditionary Army active commander’s illegitimate child.


Regardless of whether there was a black hand behind this transaction which Qian Ye had ruined up, only the two relationships above was serious enough for him to think of being assassinated. Moreover, they could use the name of the expeditionary army to get  him wanted. There was no way for Qian Ye to bring the Qi family to justice at the moment.


Qian Ye thought for a while and decided to change the original plan. He carefully put up the black crystal, carried the suitcase and returned to the battlefield with the blood family. Luckily, there was no sign that someone had come in the place.


He quickly swept around the surrounding, then grouped the three vampire bodies together, and then reset the delay detonator on the case cover, put on top of the corpse pile. Finally, he turned to leave.


A few minutes later, Qian Ye heard a roar, and the flames of the explosion had blown everything up to the distance of dozens of meters. The strength of the explosion was strong enough to tear apart the vampire bodies. Therefore, it was difficult to find out their cause of death.


The direction Qian Ye was heading was not the Black Current city, but to the north. From that direction he could reach the Monolith Ridge, which was the third division of the Expeditionary Army stationed area.


Compare to the relatively calm Black Current city, the black collar was different. It was the first border line of the confliction struggle between the Empire and the Dark Race. Many parties were quite complex. Mercenaries, hunters, large and small gang organizations gathered and created a complicated situation. Therefore, Expeditionary Army influence was far less effective than the Black Current city.


Over there, Qian Ye would rebuild his future plan.


In the Cloud Sail city of less than two hundred kilometers from the Black Current city, brigadier Wu Zheng Nan got up at five o’clock, on time as usual. Then, he walked into his office when the big bell was knocked at six o’clock. This habit had never changed in his thirty years military career.


At the moment, the sky was still black, and it took another five hours for sunshine to shed the sky from the edge of the upper mainland. However, hundreds of flames burning had shined the field like the bright daytime. Many units were doing their morning exercises. Slogans were shouted with murderous tension.


Brigadier Wu Zheng Nan was not tall, but as sturdy as steel. His eyebrows were like a blade which had just left its sheath, although his eyes were un-proportionally small compared to his eyebrows, but one could still see light shedding from them.


He stood at the window, watching the soldiers with their wolf-like spirit on the field, satisfied and nodded his head, went back to his desk, picked up the latest imperial poster and read.


At this time the, door suddenly sounded, Wu Zheng Nan’s face sank with unhappiness. He shouted with a low voice, “Come in!”


6 o’clock in the morning to seven o’clock was the time for him to read the latest information and think about recent imperial political situation. It was strictly prohibited to interrupt if there was no important thing that happened.


The door gently pushed open, a pretty female adjutant came in and said, “General, director Qi said he had something important and needed to find you.”


Qi Si Cheng, the seventh logistics division director. His ability was decent. His money corrupting ability was also ignorable. He had never caused Wu Zheng Nan any trouble.


The most important thing was… he also had a very seductive wife. She had satisfied Wu Zheng Nan for the past twenty years. To be honest, he was quite ‘obsessed.’ That woman had quietly given birth to his son. And this thing, Qi Si Cheng had considered as he did not know anything.


Wu Zheng Nan sounded a little gentler, “Let him come in.”


Although Qi Si Cheng was nearly sixty, but it looked like he was still in his early forties, tall and handsome, full of a middle-aged man’s charm. However, in front of the short body of Wu Zheng Nan, Qi Si Cheng was like a sheep in front of a tiger, bent his waist and revealed a meek smile. He always made the opposite person feel like he was afraid of him.


Wu Zheng Nan just loved his attitude. However, on the surface, he still made a gentle smile and said, “Old Qi ah, sit here, there are no outsiders now.”


Qi Si Cheng straightened his waist and said, “Brigadier, this place is still the army area. It must have clear classification otherwise there will be chaos!”


Wu Zheng Nan sighed and said, “old Qi ah, are you always narrow mined like this! I have said how many times huh? You have to relax if as there were no outsiders! Well, well, if you come to me at this time, it must be something important. Tell me then!”


Qi Si Cheng lowered his voice, “Last night’s transaction was ruined, Qi Yue and his entourage had died all outside the city.”


“What!” Wu Zheng Nan jumped up as his face instantly turned livid, “What’s wrong? Wasn’t everything arranged properly? Was it those vampires that betrayed us?”


“It was not those cold-blooded monsters. My men found the wreckage of the three vampires in the neighborhood, and also found the fragments of the case but both side’s exchange goods had all disappeared without any trace.”


Wu Zheng Nan’s anger quickly subsided. He calmed down and said, “So, was someone else eyeing our deal?”


Qi Si Cheng slowly said, “I think the possibility is not that big. This was the first transaction, and the purpose was to explore the way to open the channel about this stuff only. The value of the transaction was not big, the message was strictly confidential. Only a few people vaguely know about this. Moreover, they didn’t know all the links. I did the investigation on every one of them, they have no problem. Therefore, I think the biggest possibility was that some people just passing by the transaction location, and then grabbed these things by coincident.”


Wu Zheng Nan asked coldly with a stone face, “So, did you find any clues?”



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