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Chapter 56 - Lied

Chapter 25: Lied


Qi Yue had not completely lost consciousness. After a while struggling to open the swollen eyes, he vaguely mumbled, “You!”


“Yes! It’s me, Qian Ye. You should have deep impression with me, otherwise you wouldn’t do such stupid things like using the Expeditionary Force to kill me.”


Qi Yue’s face exposed perniciousness, he said bitterly, “I should’ve just killed you in the fighting field!”


Qian Ye smiled and said, “It’s truly a pity, but now you no longer have another chance.”


Qi Yue then looked sober. He looked at Qian Ye, his face suddenly revealed terrible fear. He said tremblingly, “You … you are actually a level three soldier!”


“Good eyesight, but you found it out too late.”


Qi Yue’s expression was complex. There were hate, but also regret and envy.


Qian Ye had reached level three at such a young age, he would be a great talent even in the Expeditionary Force standard. Qi Yue himself had only reached level two and he was twenty-three years old at the moment. If he wanted to achieve the third level, it would take at least more than a year to practice, not mentioning of consuming a large amount of drugs and money.


“When you made the army’s moves, I should’ve guessed you were more than just a level one soldier.” Qi Yue took a deep sigh.


It could have never been better if he could make such person like Qian Ye worked for him. Since he had agreed to work for Zhao Gongzi that little shrimp crabs, of course, he would not refuse more money and better treatment.


Qi Yue was confident that both his background and authority were ten time higher than Zhao Gongzi. Therefore the conditions that he could provide Qian Ye would significantly surpass Zhao Gongzi. ‘He could never compare to me even if he rode on a black horse and chased after’ , though Qi Yue. With just a little more patience and effort, there was no reason that Qian Ye would not fly in his embrace.


In this eternal night mainland, strength was the only standard.


But now it seemed to be too late.


Qi Yue struggled to lift up his body and asked, “You come here for Zhao Gongzi?”


“And Min’er.”


“Are you talking about that bitch?” Qi Yue couldn’t help but ground his teeth mention of Min’er.




“Did you forget when she was willing to accompany Tiger Yan and almost make you lose the virtual fight?!”


Qian Ye calmly said, “Of course not, but that had already been things of the past, but now, both Zhao Gongzi and her are my friends.”


“Friends? Haha!” Qi Yue laughed, blood dripped down a side of his mouth made him looked particularly disgusting, he mocked with a sarcastic expression, “I did not expect to hear this ancient word from a person’s mouth! In this era, this place, are there still friendships exist?”


For an instant, Qian Ye thought of some other people, Colonel Wei LiShi, the Red Scorpion captain, and those Black Scorpion veterans… In that bloody night, the Red Scorpion captain had use the power of one person to force back the whole surging tide of Dark creatures, using his life as an exchange price so that Qian Ye had an opportunity to escape.


It was a miracle, a miracle which had paid by his friend’s life.


Qian Ye sigh and said, “This word doesn’t exist in your dictionary, but it does not mean that it does not exist in general. At least I have friends, Zhao Gongzi and Miner are my friends.”


Qi Yue put away his crazy laugh and said solemnly, “Well, I respect your choice. If possible, I hope that you can take me as a friend in the future. How about follow me? I also have another identity which not such a small power like Qi family can control. I am very fond your strength, as long as you follow me, you can get everything you want! I, Qi Yue have good recognition of the way I treat my people, you also can inquire about it in the Black Current city. ”


Qian Ye looking at Qi Yue’s face, suddenly laughed and said, “What you’ve said was really very convincing. If you’re a different person, then I would be attracted, but the reason I’ve talking with you for so long is not because I’m looking for a refuge.”


Qi Yue suddenly felt chill in side his heart.


For the first time since the met, Qi Yue took a careful look in Qian Ye’s face, the remnants of disguise make up were still there, but he could vaguely distinguish the delicate contours of a pretty face. This gentle smile even looked as kind as the next door boy’s, but Qi Yue instinctively felt dangerous.


He finally realized that he could never understand Qian Ye. He was very young, but his fighting style and the way he cope with problems were oppositely proportional to his age, experienced and murderous. His instantly killing style left his opponents no chance to fight back. For some reason, Qi Yue suddenly remembered of a creature which could be found everywhere in this abandoned continent, a very fatal little guy, Red Scorpion.


Qian Ye pointed at the vampire’s suitcase and said, “open it, and then I let you die quickly. Otherwise, I’ll return you alive to the Black Current city. I have some good things, just a little bit left.”


“Back… alive?” It seemed to be a better choice, but Qi Yue’s body couldn’t help but trembling. Finally, he had heard his the expected answer from Qian Ye’s mouth.


“Of course, you will die, still, about seven days later. In these seven days, you will taste all kinds of pain, your perception will become particularly sensitive, even putting on or taking off clothes will make you pain to feel that die is better than living. However, the good thing is your body’s injuries will be healed faster.”


The last sentence was really a lethal hit.


Qi Yue knew what kind of drug Qian Ye was talking about.


Vampire extracted biological toxic! It was said that only in the Imperial Elite Legions and the secret gendarmerie could have something like that. It would cause permanently damage to human brain and nervous system, though it was not irreparable. Cure required a lot of precious herbs. Moreover, it required a high-level warrior to dredge the meridians of the patient’s body and dissolved the drug effect.


With such a cost, even a noble of the upper echelon mainland was burdened, not mentioning to the Qi family’s tiny influence at the Black Current city. It was impossible fot them to heal him.


Qian Ye looked at Qi Yue’s expression and said gently, “It seems like I don’t need to explain it to you.”


Took Qi Yue back, gave him the hope to continue living, but could only live in the extreme painful torture, waited desperately every day for the arrival of death, this was the real torment. The Empire often used it to deal high-level leader of the rebels.


Qi Yue tremblingly pointed at Qian Ye, “You! You are from those places!!”


Qian Ye smiled and said, “Finally! Good guess, very smart. Unfortunately, it was too late.”


Qi Yue really regretted at the moment, those humanoid monsters from that a few elite corps and secret gendarmes cannot be measured at a normal level, provoke them would lead to endless scourge.


“You, you can’t kill me! My real father is Sir Wu Zheng Nan, he is the Imperial Expeditionary Army’s active commander! If you kill me, he will take revenge on you!


Qian Ye still smile, “I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it, can’t you say something new?”


“I can give you money! Women! I’ve give you anything as long as I have it! Just let me go. Please? Don’t kill me…” Qi Yue rambled desperately. Facing the death, his nerves finally collapsed, he crushed down on the ground and started crying.


He suddenly climbed to the suitcase, quickly enter the password. A click sound was heard and the bounced open.


“You see, I opened the case! Don’t kill me, I’m begging…”


Qi Yue suddenly interrupted, he stared at Qian Ye as his vision was blurring out. He helplessly felt the strength was leaving his body to the eternal world. The multiple-edge knife in Qian Ye’s hand pierced a hole on his throat, the remaining toxic on the edge had paralyzed Qi Yue’s nerves, so he could not move, but still felt blood was constantly rushing out, damp and creamy.


“Well, I told you already. You open the case and I let you die in piece. ”


Qian Ye suddenly punched in Qi Yue’s face with all of his body strength, and smashed it down in a parabola shape.


Qi Yue fell on the ground, his hands and feet are still twitching like a frog after being beheaded.


“Sorry, I lied.” Qi Yue facing Qi Yue’s body and apologized.


Qian Ye took out a ring and a brooch from his pocket and put them on Zhao Gongzi’s chest. They were Min’er and Zhao Gongzi relics. He had just finished a small ceremony for them.


Qian Ye hope that, on the star way to Styx river, they could see this, saw the real murderer had been vindicated.


As for that Expeditionary Force which had join Qi Yue that day, they just followed order like a murder tool in the hands of their big boss. Qian Ye did not intend to deal with them.


Qian Ye opened the suitcase, and his pupils immediately shrunk!


The suitcase carried a black pistol inside, and placed by its side was a half meter long auxiliary barrel. If assembled it would have quite the same length with the Dawn Light, but the its hand work was at a totally different level. Overall, this gun was designed in a luxury style and engraved with golden roses on the body.


This was a typical vampire style force gun!


When the original force gun manufacturing technology revealed to the Dark community, the most elite wise creatures had quickly developed the new version using Dark Force as driving energy.


However, just like other numerous gray areas between the Dawn and Darkness, Dark Force firearms was also the same. It was not impossible for humans to use those guns, but the energy efficiency will be reduced, thus affected the power, and were unable to activate the typical racial effects.


It was also strange that, although the vampire and humans were eternal enemy, but in the works of the various descendants of the Darkness, vampire’s original force guns were most suitable with humans, with some slight adjustment, they would work well after reducing the efficiency wastage. The gun inside this suitcase was gorgeous, luxury, and very popular with the upper echelon nobles.


Many of the noble’s chose vampire-made guns as their first choice of firearms. This thing, many humans force gun producers had to rely on and studied. The gun was a rare in the high-quality good, looking only at those fine dazzling tactical accessories and once could know its true value.


Qian Ye picked up the gun and gently injected a small amount of Force. In result, his force quickly gathered inside the gun body and an original force bullet had formed in just a blink of an eyes!


Qian Ye was surprised. This was the speed type weapon, which was normally not suite with Qian Ye who had always pursued absolute power style, but he had driven original force array very easy. Moreover, there was no sign of the awkward rugged feeling as when he used the general force firearms.


Qian Ye immediately thought of the three-color intertwined blood force inside his body.


After a few moment of testing, Qian Ye got the basic data of the gun. It’s dark force conversion rate was forty percent, the dawn force conversion rate was thirty percent, firing rate of one per second. With the blood and force limit of a level three ‘half-dark’ cultivator like Qian Ye, he could open five shots, each of them was equivalent to four times of the Dawn Light’s power.


If this gun was in a different person’s hand, its power would be two times weaker than Scorpion Telson custom version, but since Qian Ye had the Dark blood power, he could fully exposed its power. Therefore, it was not much weaker than the Scorpion Telson.


The gun’s body was engraved with a line of small prints: Liquefied Golden Rose, it should be the name of the gun model. Not only the letters font looked fancy, but the pedal parts were also decorated with gold powder. It was truly the rich extravagant vampire style.


Vampire produced high-quality force weapons were not only reflected in its power, but also its appearance. If choosing a fighting weapon, even if the losing the advantage of the Dark blood power, Qian Ye would certainly choose Scorpion Telson custom version. This gun cost a double price compare to Scorpion Telson. Moreover, high-class characters would carry a rifle to attend a party, and the vampire made dark riffle would be a very good public relation technique.


Although Qian Ye had interested in gorgeous things, he just played for a while put that Golden Rose back to its case. He still had a lot of things to do. First of all was to clean the battlefield, and then continued his plan.

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