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Chapter 55 - Chasing After

Chapter 24: Chasing After


The bloody red in the old vampire’s eyes flickered then immediately disappeared. He had just started his dark visual ability and saw an Expeditionary Force’s common military grenade was flying toward him. This primitive weapon used metal fragments and shock wave to create casualty and could barely deal with a level one soldier. Its effective was quite limited facing a level two vampire or higher.


But now the grenade was a big trouble. Its shock wave could shake the suitcase, activated the system inside and destroyed the successful outcome of this transaction.


At this critical moment, the old vampire shouted out loudly and stepped forward, using his own body to cover the two behind him.


He was a level-four senior warrior, these grenade fragments could only make him suffer from a little flesh and skin injuries.


“What a pity of this dress, it was made by a master!” Though the old vampire the second before the grenade exploded.


But the grenade did not explode as he had expected, as the top striker shot out, from inside released a small group silver and it bloomed into a cluster of light in front of the old vampire’s eyes!


The unforeseen light had caused temporary blindness. As the grenade flying out, Qian Ye also jumped from his hiding place, landed in half kneeling posture, then quickly formed a fulcrum using both of his hands and with the Dawn Ling, he aimed at the old vampire. The second that silver light appeared, Qian Ye immediately closed his eyes, relied on his memory to fire the bullet which he had just injected with his force!


Two sides were less than thirty meters away from each other so that that vampire couldn’t dodge this shot. The vampire roared painfully, there was a yellow light exploded on his chest. This time, not only his dress was destroyed, but the chest and abdomen were also opened two fist-size blood holes. His entire body was shot back and crashed into the two youngsters.


The other two young vampire’s reaction weren’t very slow. Having the old man as their shield, the light had weakened a lot, and they only needed a few seconds to return to normal status. After having regained consciousness, one of them immediately rushed to the old man, another held the suitcase, turned away and fled without looking back. The series of action happen in a blink of one’s eye, but their movements were kept to the absolute balance, even with the fastest speed they still ran with small steps.


And Qian Ye rushed toward them like a horse at a gallop, and instantly shorten the distance to ten meters. As he was running, a multiple-edge throwing knife flew out of his hand and headed to the old vampire’s direction.


At the crisis moment, the young vampire immediately stood in front of the old vampire because he was his descendant. As he hand was reaching half way, one of the knife’s thorns had already thrust into his chest, went smoothly from the front to the back and continued to drive into the old vampire’s right shoulder as if there was just a hollow inside the vampire’s chest.


That young vampire looked stunned. He did not expect Qian Ye’s throwing power to be so powerful to be able to pierce through his body!


Qian Ye didn’t take a second to stop for a break. He was trying the full speed sprint for the last ten meters to kill the strongest of the three before he could restore his vision.


Young howled, desperately jumped toward Qian Ye, held his wrist as he was waving it up in the air, and the two began to wrestle.


Most mature vampires didn’t look very strong, but they owned extraordinary powers. A human at his level three of cultivation might not have the strength of a level two vampire.


Suddenly, Qian Ye roared with the sound of a lion, and magnificent power was released from his body and devastated the resistance of the young vampire. The dagger in his right hand fluttered up and injected into the vampire’s shoulder. The silver painted dagger immediately burned the creature’s flesh to emit green smoke. The vampire issued a painful roar, his right hand suddenly lost strength, immediately let go of Qian Ye’s left hand and set it free.


Qian Ye would never let go of this fatal opportunity. He immediately grabbed the Dawn Light and hit the young vampire’s face with the steel butt-end. In the end, he was very satisfied to figure out the regardless to the racial, its face was always a relatively fragile part.


This time, he had successfully brought its nose and half of the cheekbones into broken and smashed them into a concave line. Right after that, Qian Ye immediately threw the young vampire which had already lost half of its lucidity to aside a rushed to the old vampire.


When Qian Ye saw the old vampire again, he fortuitously found that the most powerful opponents had already lost its fighting ability, laid on the ground, throbbing for every single of breath with its one foot in the grave. The wound on its chest was doubling up from the size of a fist into a bowl-sized with the speed a bare eye could see. The wound was rotting and constantly exudate black blood.


Qian Ye could not help but startled looking at the situation. Was this was the victory result of his shot earlier?


With this vulnerable position, if used the mithril bullet, he could have easily killed the vampire n no doubt. As for the lower quality silver bullet, its strength was also enough to cause a serious injury which could not completely self-healing in a short amount of time.


However, the bullet, which Qian Ye had injected his original force into without adding any special mithril material, should only have one-third power of the mithril bullet facing such a strong vampire. Even if his force was more fierce, it effective should only have reached one-half of the power.


Moreover, the higher level the vampire was, the weaker the bullet power got. With the vampire’s strong self-healing physique, any none fatal physical injuries were only flesh injury, without vampire highly toxic silver to sustain the pain, then the level four old vampire should also be a huge threat.


This was also the reason why Qian Ye took the risk to attack directly and forcefully stabbed the silver painted dagger into the vampire’s body. However, looked at the fatal injury of the old vampire, this shot had created the worse wound compare to which a mithril bullet could. That vampire was going to die just because of that one shot.


Qian Ye thought of perfused warhead which was mixed with a faint line of blood, was it the cause of death?


Qian Ye had only startled for a moment and then ignored the two dying vampires.


He rushed into the night, chased after the other escaped vampire. This time, Qian Ye didn’t make the direct attack. After having calculated the perfect distance, once again he raised the Dawn Light, kneeled in shooting posture, aimed, and shot. All in one go!


While he was chasing, the Dawn Light had been filled with the original force and gathered a new force bullet. With the trigger buckled sound, a group of light immediately shot out from the muzzle, hit in the young vampire on the back of his heart!


The young vampire screamed but insisted not to fall, staggered forward a few steps, then his ears suddenly came the Qian Ye’s voice, “You can rest.”


The painted silver knife thrust deep into his heart, and the suitcase was cautiously passed to Qian Ye’s hands.


Qian Ye checked the suitcase and found that the mechanism was very complex. There was no way he could uninstall it by himself, it seemed that he could only wait for three hours.


Though Qian Ye had one more important thing to complete, that is, Qi Gongzi.


He turned all the way towards the direction of the Black Flow city. Though he had paused in the middle to look for a pre-explored place and hide the suitcase.


In the distance of seventy kilometers away from the Black Flow city, the truck was parking on the roadside, Qi Yue and the elderly was standing by the truck with an unfortunate look on their face, that guard was checking under the car, several tools was rotating in his hand none stop rotation. It was obviously that something had broken


After a moment, he stuck his head out from the bottom of the car and said, “Dandy, there was a problem with the power transmission pipeline! It was cracked, and the power steam had leaked a lot.”


Qi Yue frowned and asked, “Did some people broke it?”


“Doesn’t seem like it! The damage should be created by the stones on the way.”


“F***, god****it! Qi Yue twisted his eyebrows and asked, ” how long will it be to fix it?”


“It’s just a small problem, I can fix it in about twenty minutes.”


Heard the answer of the guard, Qi Yue then decided to wait for trucks to be repaired then continued.


This place was still pretty far away from the Black Flow city, it would take him more than two hours walking, and he would be tired to dead and so on… Moreover, the ride back after fixing the truck would take the same two hours.


Qi Yue felt a little depressed, this operation was an important secret, the vehicle had gone through multiple careful selections, this model had always been an effective off-road model with high reliability. He didn’t expect this kind of problem to happen


Though in general, Qi Yue’s mood was still very good. If he successfully completed this very important transaction, not only in the family’s position would be greatly improved, but he would also make that big boss happy.


That person was his father’s boss behind the direct boss, opened up this relationship, went training Expeditionary army, earn some golden plate, and Qi Yue’s future path could completely surpass his father. With a little luck, he could even climb a few upper continents, and maybe there was a chance to go to the middle mainland and settled there.


Though of the future path, Qi Yue no longer feel the annoying of waiting time.


The guard took the tools from the truck and began repairing the damage.


When Qian Ye came closer to them under the protection of the night, he saw what he had expected to happen. Moreover, it was the best result.


The bottom broken power pipeline was his attempt. It was not a big deal for an ex-Red Scorpion. Moreover, it was so natural that no one would think it was from a human’s hand. The thing Qian Ye had worried the most was Qi Yue threw the truck and walked back to the city, then it would be so difficult to track him down.


Fortunately, Qi Yue loved to enjoy, just exactly like the rumor and had stayed to wait for the truck to be fixed.


The Dawn Light had already been filled with force. This was his final shot for tonight. He held his breath tight, and slowly approached Qi Yue.


One hundred meters, ninety meters… 30 meters and Qian Ye was still not been found.


“Dandy! The car is fixed.” said the guard, and then he climbed out of the car.


Qian Ye saw Qi Yue and the old man walked toward the guard. In an instant, he threw out the grenade, and then with the Dawn Light he aimed at the guard, buckled the trigger.


Qi Yue and the elderly was frightened looking at the black thing flying toward the, They cried out, “Grenade!”, and then flashed to two opposite positions.


The two kept staring at the grenade landing projection while running away from it. A soldier’s body was more tyrannical than normal people. Therefore, this ancient military grenade was fine to deal with ordinary people, but for such a cultivator like Qi Yue, so long as he could stay five meters away from the falling point, he would just suffer some minor injuries, and it would not affect the fighting ability.


As the grenade crashed, the strike flew out, and then fired a group silver paper, and finally made a very strong flash.


For a moment, in front of Qi Yue and the elderly’s face was only the vast white, all the scenes had instantly disappeared. This special flash bomb was not only successfully distracted vampires, in the dark environment, it was also a good sneaky trick to deal with humans.


Qian Ye looked at the last round of the original force gun directly shot in the guard’s face and blew up his head, then threw out the Dawn Light.


A ten kilograms giant old pistol had become a very powerful killer after rotating a few rounds in the air. It hit the temporarily-blinded old man’s head, blood immediately slipped out from his head, the elderly fell to the ground and fainted.


Right after that, Qian Ye rushed to Qi Yue like a ghost.


At this time, Qi Yue could barely open his eyes, they were red and swollen as tears constantly shed. Qian Ye punched heavily in Qi Yue’s abdomen, suddenly let him bend over as if he was bowing at Qian Ye. Then, he started vomiting. Half-digested residue and digesting acid sprayed all over the place.


Qian Ye threw another punch on Qi Yue’s, the guy immediately fell on the ground like being stepped on by a mammoth. After that, Qian Ye sent a kick on Qi Yue’s face, this foot had used full of his power, Qi Yue was kicked backward, a few meters of blood splashed, and more than ten of his teeth jetted out together with the blood.


Qian Ye had sent three consecutive hits with a power that didn’t seem to fit with his elegant body. The three sudden hits had disintegrated all of Qi Yue’s the resistance power, so in the end, that level two cultivator could do nothing else but laid in the mud and moaned.


Qian Ye miles slowly walked to Qi Yue’s side, squatted down, patted on his face and said, “Qi Gongzi, we met again.”

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