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Chapter 54 - Dark Transation

Chapter 23: Dark Transaction


After three o’clock in the afternoon, the day began to dark down, once again.


When the remaining sun was blocked by the aloof upper continent, Qian Ye woke up, satiate himself, and then checked his recent physical status. He got a little surprise, his visceral damages had healed more than half, it seemed that the Dark blood’s recoverability the blood was not normally powerful.


In this way, Qian Ye’s cultivation was free from hidden danger. He could rush straight forward bravely without hesitation. The thirty rounds of King title apparently was not his limit!


Qian Ye made a final check on the Dawn Light, then left his hiding place, headed toward the Black Flow city.


The main gate was still open at the moment. It till followed the habit of the upper middle continents, opened until midnight and re-opened at six o’clock in the next morning.


Black Flow City itself had no worry about the Dark Race attack, it located in the central hinterland area, which surrounded by a dozen of villages and towns, the city was also stationed in a few thousand expeditionary forces. Moreover, there was an Expeditionary Army fortress only a few hundred kilometers away from it. Therefore, the city mayor didn’t put the Dark Race in his eyes and took over the habitual rhythm of the upper continent.


At the moment, Qian Ye had added a thick beard on his face while the hair color had also become dried yellow. At first glance he looked like a young scavenger. After paying fifty bronze coins, he went smoothly into the city.


Like a real scavenger, Qian Ye found the cheapest little hotel to stay, and then began to follow Qi Yue’s movement.


The Qi family was a prominent big family in this Black Flow city. Qi Ye’s father was the head of Qi family and also a military provision lieutenant of the Expeditionary Forces, which was equivalent to the captain of a squad. Qi Yue’s uncle was also treasurer of the city.


With such dual background, Qi family ranked in one of the top five most powerful family of the city. Moreover, Qi was a big family name. In the upper echelon Qi belonged to a second-class family, of course, the Black Flow city ‘Qi’ was only a far small branch of the main vein ‘Qi.’


Qian Ye’s home intelligence had been fully collected.


Qi Yue himself was a level two soldier. His cultivation method was ‘Art of Condensation,’ the advantage was powerful defense, but the disadvantage was the lack of powerful attack. Qi Yue’s favorite was to collect original force firearms, and he also got a few fine force guns. Of course, with the strength of a level two soldier, most of them couldn’t bring into the play their real powers in his hands. Mr. Wang, who had died in Qian Ye’s hand, was indeed Qi Yue’s uncle, and also his external business manager.


After Mr. Wang’s death, Qi Yue had become more careful. He always had at least two guards everywhere he went. Qian Ye had observed several times and found out that there was only the level-three guard by his side. It was still a mystery about the appearance of the other level-four guard.


Having observed for three days but Qian Ye didn’t find any good opportunity. However, he had patience. He had a record of laying in one place for a week to ambush a goal. Therefore, such small waiting like this was not a problem.


At the fourth night, Qian Ye suddenly saw a truck ran out of Qi Mansion, headed to the direction of the closing gate. This was an ordinary supply truck which usually used to pull some game food. However, when it passed through, Qian Ye smelled a different fragrance, this car had a strong blood aura.


There were people inside the car! And that fragrant of blood which Qian Ye had deliberately remembered a few days ago had accused Qi Yue’s presentation.


Qian Ye quietly laid still on the spot and waited until the truck when far away, then he came out from the hiding place, using the night cover to follow after the truck.


As the truck came to the gates, nobody knew what the guard had negotiated with the gate watchman but the originally closed steam traction gate engine had roared again, and the heavy steel doors opened to both sides, revealed a road, the truck immediately rushed out of the city, disappeared in the night.


Qian Ye watched the truck away. He did not take the gateway, but chose a section of no man wall, climbed all the way on top, and then turned over, chased after the direction to where the truck leaving. He had no worry that he would lose track of the truck.


The truck roared out for about a hundred kilometers and stopped at an abandoned power station.


Qi Yue and other two people jumped out from the cabin. It seemed like they were waiting for something. One of them looked like a guard. As for the other old man, Qian Ye could see that he was only at his first level cultivation. With this strength, he could barely protect himself in this wilderness.


Qian Ye hid himself at a thousand meters away and quietly observed the situation.


Although it was at night, with this distance, he could still see very clearly, and the effect was four times better than the night binoculars. The new generated dark vision was more powerful than he had expected, and now within five hundred meters, Qian Ye no longer needed binoculars.


After nearly an hour, three figures appeared in the night and came to them like a ghost.


Qi Yue made a gesture, the old man came and took out a suitcase from a side of the truck, then came back and stood behind Qi Yue. Qi Yue’s guard was brusquely put on the original force gun, pointed to the opposite three people.


Qian Ye suddenly sensed a vague blood aura fluctuated from those three. They were vampires!


Qian Ye now surprised. He did not expect Qi Yue to sneak out in the middle of the night meet up with vampires privately! Qi Yue was the little master of Qi family, and according to Mr. Wang said that ‘other hidden identity,’ if he personally appeared here, it must not be something small.


Qian Ye no longer hesitated, immediately hid himself in the night and traced forward, slowly moved closer to the trading scene to hear their conversation.


This sneak was unexpectedly smooth, Qian Ye was perfectly covered by the night and the terrain. In the end, he had stopped at the fifty-meter area outside the scene.


He was an expert in hidden sneak attack. And now, after having transformed into the vampire constitution, his blood temperature could reduce to an extremely low level, even the vampire’s infrared night vision detection was useless on him. On the other hand, he could also to control the convergence of blood in his body, covered it up by the original force. Therefore, human’s prospect reconnaissance binoculars were also ineffective for Qian Ye.


Although the three vampires were pointed to the faces with original force gun, they were not afraid.


The lead vampire said with his old voice, “don’t you think you can threat us with that broken gun? Do not forget that if compare with original weapon technology, we, the descendants of the finest blood, are more outstanding.”


Qi Yue smiled and said, “It was only a enhance guarantee. This gun was not something special, but it installed a mithril silver bullet. I spent a lot of money to get that thing in hand. I won’t want to use it unless I have to.”


The three were startled, one of the even stepped back down.


The lead vampire angrily said, “You did actually prepare a mithril bullet! Are you insulting me?”


Even though facing three powerful vampires, Qi Yue was not panic. He said calmly, “No! On the contrary, I gave my full sincerity to this transaction. This mithril bullet is my sincerity witness, I hope this transaction can be carried out smoothly, but also hope that the future transactions can be carried out smoothly. If my move was too offended, then the benefits of the transaction should be a very adequate compensation.”


The three were eased down after what he said.


The leader made a gesture, the companion behind him took out a suitcase under his cloak, then went over to the leader’s side. This suitcase was a typical vampire style. Black tone, polished matte lines, bronze decoration on every angle. The work was extremely exquisite and luxury, just the use of materials and handmade by themselves were extremely rare. Therefore, the thing inside this suitcase must have great value.


Qi Yue made a gesture for that old man to move forward. The way he held the suitcase was simple, but the suitcase was lying flat in his hand. He carefully approached as if afraid the thing to overturn.


“This suitcase has a special mechanism, once started, it must maintain an absolute position, three hours later the machine inside will automatically reboot. Before that three-hour limit, if it tilts more than five degrees, then it will… Boom!” Qi Yue made an explosion gesture.


The leader glanced at Qi Yue and said coldly, “You really are very careful.”


Qi Yue said with a smile: “I have no other choice, the more careful, the better facing a strong level four vampire. As I have just said, my purpose is to successfully complete the transaction.”


The old vampire grunted but couldn’t deny the truth. All he needed to do was to pick up that adjusted suitcase and left without being hit by a mithril bullet. Moreover, to prevent accidents in three hours, they had to leave as soon as possible. After all, nobody knew what could happen in the wilderness.


Qi Yue’s arrangement completely strangled the idea of robbery from those vampires.


Although this transaction was only the first in a series of transactions, in the eyes of most vampires, human beings were still there slaves and food just like thousands of years ago. Therefore, whether they wanted to comply with the agreement or not, it often depended on the mood at that time.


Before came here, this old vampire did actually have the preparation of killing and robbing if he didn’t feel satisfied. As for the transaction, they could casually find any other people in line. There were many people in the Black Flow city, Qi was not the only noble family in the city, and Qi Yue was not the only young master of the Qi family.


The old man took the suitcase, carefully looked at it, gave it to another companion behind him, then grunted and turned away.


Not until the three figures disappeared was Qi Yue able to sigh relievedly. He collapsed as the sweat poured out like showering on his back.


The pressure facing a level four vampire was extraordinary. Moreover, the past experiences had shown that if one wanted to trade with the Dark creature, he had to prepare to have his head hanging on the belt. The value of each gold coin earned from the transaction was ??matched with the great risks.


The moment the suitcase was in his hand, Qi Yue revealed an eager look, he carefully opened it, took a glance, then close the lid and said, “Let’s go and get back before dawn.”


Three people climbed in the truck, and then return the same way back.


In the night, as the three vampire was ‘flying’ in the field like ghosts, the old lead suddenly stopped! The vampire which holding the suitcase behind him couldn’t stop on time, almost hit him on the back. Though the impact was light, they were almost frightened out of their wits.


“Be careful! There are enemies, you keep the suitcase!” The leader gave order anxiously.


At this point, the dark suddenly throw a round bill of things.

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