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Chapter 53 - Soldier King

Chapter 22: Soldier King


She was very until the last seconds of the breath. Qian Ye never thought that this wild little woman, who made a living by her body, could have such a determined character.



Qian Ye pulled off the chain, let her lay on the ground, and then went to find a few barrels of water, washed away the dirty pus and blood. Finally, he went to the next room to find a blanket, wrapped her inside carefully and carried her in his arms.


Miner slightly sighed and said, “Qian Ye, I have a question that has always wanted to ask you.”


“Go ahead.”


“Why don’t you ever touch me? Even if I do not want your money?”


“Because… I’m afraid that I cannot control myself to suck your blood and turn you into a blood slave.”


“You are blood slave?!”


“No… not actually.”


“I don’t understand, but finally I know the reason! As long as you don’t hate me, then I feel relief. Was this the secret between us?” Miner was very happy, but her voice was fading away as it became lighter and lighter.


“Yes, it was the secret only we know.” Said Qian Ye.


Though in the end, Min’er could no longer hear his answer.


After a moment, in an empty open space behind the plant, Qian Ye placed Zhao Gongzi and Miner’s bodies side by side a heap of Blackstone. He lit up the pile of Blackstone, watching the flame slowly engulfed their body. As for Zhao Gongzi’s men, not even a tiny part of their corps was found.


The burning fire reflected Qian Ye’s vague sleuth as he turned away, disappeared in the bright sky of the wilderness.


From this moment on, he no longer had any friends in this miserable Lighthouse town.


One day later…


Qian Ye was wandering right outside the wall of the Black city.


He was not eager to enter but rambled at the airship cemetery outside the city. The black city was a lot bigger than the Lighthouse, and there were expeditionary troops stationed all year round. Moreover, Qi Yue himself was level two soldiers with a mighty unit of level four soldiers that always stayed by his side. It was not that simple to assassinate such a person.


Qian Ye need to wait patiently, waiting for the opponent to reveal his flaws. He believed when Qi Yue learned that Tiger Yan and Mr. Wang had dead, perhaps he would be nervous initially, but it wouldn’t last longer than a few days. Moreover, Qian Ye didn’t leave many traces behind, and in the eyes of Qi Yue, he should only be a level one soldier. A level one soldier’s strength was limited not matter how powerful he was.


The airship cemetery was not a bad hiding place. These ancient airship wrecks had no value, only the scavengers would want to come here to take a chance.


After finished arranging his hiding place, Qian Ye started practicing Art of Retaliation.


His third Force Node would be activated soon. Once became a third level soldier, his strength will increase significantly. With the experiences he had gained in the training camp the Red Scorpion Corps, so long as he could avoid fighting with the sixth-level lieutenant of the expeditionary army, there were chances for him to escape even if he couldn’t win over other opponents.


The original force tide began to make waves impact on the barrier, but this time he found that the unbearable pain whenever the force tide surge through his chest area was a lot smaller, apparently this was the result of the vampire constitution enhancement. After owning this ability, the Dark blood power would continuously open up the meridians to reinforce his physical power. Therefore, Qian Ye could withstand more powerful force tides.


At the moment, the pain had dropped to a level which was just slightly higher than that of the ordinary people. Therefore, it was so easy for him to cross the impact of the twenty rounds, and then continue to reach a level which he could never have imagined.


Twenty-one, twenty-two…


After each round of original force tide, the new force tidal would turn more intense. The power of Qian Ye’s original force was much more fierce than other people, so the resulting tidal impact was also stronger than normally, now that twenty rounds of force tide had superimposed each other, the impact power was like a sea storm!


The third Force Node’s barrier began to crumble and shine flickeringly. However, one fact must be studied that it was not the more accumulated force, the better the process would get. If for another person, the power when the original force tides surged through had already crushed broken his internal organs. Luckily, the strengthen constitution ability of vampire had helped Qian Ye to endure the pain, barely.


When the twenty-sixth round of the original tide was completed, Qian Ye’s internal organs started appearing small damages, but the Dark blood’s physical recovery ability let him know that he could withstand another round!


Round twenty-seventh!


Force Barrier began cracking up!


At the moment, his internal organs had begun to bleed. He beat his lips and try to suppress the pain, carefully adjust his mind.


“… should be able to overcome another round.” He silently guarded the most important internal organs and let the Art of Retaliation continued to run.


At the moment, the force inside was like tsunamis carrying thousands of layers of angry waves, surged along the right arm meridians toward the original force node on his palm. The waves hit the barrier, rewind back and bounced around the meridians as well as internal organs. Then, they were drawn back to the lower abdomen and chest QiHai and got ready for a new round of conquest!


Each and every round of force tide was like a blade leaving numerous wounds inside his body.


As the twenty-eight round was passing its half, Qian Ye suddenly frightened. His heart appeared a small crack!


The heart was the most important human organ that needed to be protected while practicing, especially the Art of Retaliations in particular. Heart injury meant the cultivation had gone too far and that person needed to stop immediately to give himself time to recover.


Qian Ye sighed pitifully and was ready to give up, but suddenly the blood inside his body began to boil up, that Dark Force, the originally sleeping three-combination force which Qian Ye had almost forgotten started to gather around his heart, quickly form a thin blood film!


Meanwhile, the new force waves had just arrived and crashed into his heart but blocked by the blood film. It twisted and soon bounced back in place. It seemed much tougher than the thin appearance.


Qian Ye was stunned, and then from stunned turned to happiness. With that protection, he could overcome more Force tide and so speed up the process of cultivating!


He calmed down and tried to guide the blood. It was surprisingly smooth as if he was controlling his own original. Soon, one layer after another of blood slowly formed and wrapped around his heart and other major organs. The only weakness was that the newborn blood film was very weak, other protecting films created were much thinner than one of the heart.


As the twenty-ninth force tide smoothly passed, everything fell in a short dormant moment and then began surging, brewing a new round of impact.


Qian Ye suddenly fell chill in his heart, it felt like something was about to happen. The thirtieth force round seemed to be a lot different from the previous ones. When the first wave started surging, Qian Ye immediately knew the situation was not right!


The first wave of this round had the equivalent strength to the ninth wave of the previous round! He finally knew why it was so difficult to earn the title Soldier King.


However, Qian Ye had no time to think at the moment, the fierce force tides rushed to the barrier one after the other in no time, and he was like a boat struggling to survive in the middle of the storm.


As the third wave came, the visceral blood film started to rupture. As the sixth wave came, every single of other blood films had already broken except the heart one. As the seventh wave came, the heart film started shaking! As the eighth wave came, that final blood film was broken! All his organs had lost their protection, exposed to the waves!


At the moment, Qian Ye suddenly ‘turned on’ his stubborn and ruthless mode, bit his lips tightly and gave a fierce punch to his chest where the heart was! This was a secret way of stimulating one’s potential, it could help increase the physical strength significantly in a short amount of time, but the consequences were very serious, that was, his life would be shortened.


At the moment, in order to complete the thirtieth force tide, Qian Ye couldn’t hesitate. He was ruthless to others, but obviously even more brutal to himself. If he wasn’t, there was simply no ‘him’ until the present.


The temporarily inspired power had barely helped him withstand the impact of the last wave. In the last second, Qian Ye suddenly vomited a spray of blood, but his heart was filled with endless joy. He had finally crossed the thirtieth force tide, the last boundary to become an official Soldier King level!


Looking at the entire tens of millions of soldier of the empire, he had enough power to stand in the strongest group!


Even though Qian Ye didn’t have enough strength at the moment, but since he had crossed this giant mark, his future path would open to infinity. There were not many people could catch up with his leveling speed.


The right-hand barrier had completely been crushed in the last shock wave, rich force continued influx the force node, slowly filled it up. In the next period, Qian Ye only needed to keep it temperate, let it continue to grow until completion, then he could impact the fourth node.


After activating the right-hand force node, Qian Ye could use his own original force to create physical bombs.


He had done preparing the material. This was an empty alloy hair which had not yet been filling with original force. It had crystal warheads with the missile body part contained only a small amount of silver, which was mainly used to deal with creatures other than vampires. This original force bullet was also valuable, but still, it couldn’t compare to the mithril silver bullet, regardless of power or cost were in the same classification.


But it was also the only blank bullet he had saved. It buried outside the Lighthouse town, and so wasn’t stolen.


Qian Ye to rest for one night, and spent the next morning to restore his force slowly, then began to pour the original force into the blank bullet. The blank bullet was like a bottomless hole which had dried out more than half of his force until the warheads flashed a blurry light, and the perfusion process completed.


After the force infusion, of the original force, the originally transparent warheads appeared a vague cluster of fog. The force formation of the Art of Retaliations should create a pure light yellow, but this shell seemed to have Dark red blood line swim back and forth as if it was alive.


That blood line was originated from Qian Ye’s blood formation. For some reason, it had mixed with the force and injected in the bullet in the infusion process.


Looking at such an original bomb, Qian Ye hesitated. He was not clear what kind of special ability this mixed blood bullet would have, and there was no other way to figure it out until he used it. However, with the creating power, it shouldn’t be very bad.


Perfused physical bullets were much more powerful than the pure force created bullets. Another way of saying was that it was equivalent to the power of a heavy warhead, and both were one and a half more powerful than ordinary force bullet. Moreover, it only burned up to half of the force power compared to a normal shot. Therefore, in a battle, having in hand one physical bullet was equivalent to having a strong enhancement original bomb.


This newly made bullet was Qian Ye’s present prepared for Qi Yue.


After finished creating the original bullet, the day had been bright. Qian Ye found a place to lie down and rest, waiting for the night to come again.

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