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Chapter 52 - Family

Chapter 21: Family


Took advantage of the chaos, Mr. Wang had tried to shot with the fastest speed he could have reached, but until Qian Ye had shot down five people outside and pierced the last bullet in his arm, that gun still couldn’t get in position.


This should never happen! Not mentioning of speed, Mr. Wang had a level one combat skill, gunpowder weapons were not enough to make him lose his ability to act, but Qian Ye’s shot had perfectly aimed at his key point and disabled his whole arm.


Mr. Wang was shocked, clutched his arm and cried, “You are no ordinary! You… Who are you?”


Qian Ye’s fire speed was not only fast but also accurate. That wasn’t something Mr. Wang’s had witnessed a lot in his life. Moreover, since the moment he broke open the door, even when talking, there wasn’t any extra movement. This was the most authentic military style, not something an ordinary forces could’ve created.


Although the data provided that Qian Ye was only a level one soldier, at the moment, Mr. Wang had already known that there was absolutely a problem. Qian Ye’s speed, power, and the terrible ability of prediction and precision were enough to kill any level three soldier if it was on the real battlefield.


How could a master like him hide in such a small local place to open a broken little bar?


Qian Ye acted as he didn’t see Tigers Yan and Mr. Wang was trying to escape after breaking out the door, he picked up another clip, reload, and then the muzzle in his suddenly sparked. Two continuous gunshots stroke Tiger Yan’s knees let fell on the floor as soon as he got to the stairs.


After that, Qian Ye raised his body up behind the railing and fired another four shots. Without a pause, he flipped himself over the railing and jumped directly to the first floor. At the same time, Mr. Wang who had reached the front door shouted painfully, his hands and feet were shot as he fell down on his back.


Qian Ye looked at the shoddy gun in his hand, helplessly shook his head. Four shots, but all had failed to broke Mr. Wang’s bones. His worst injuries were only flesh wounds. As a level one soldier, he absolutely had a chance to fight back.


When the first force node activated, the practitioner’s physical value would be improved about one and a half time compared to ordinary people. Each subsequent level would give even more improvement to the cultivators. Therefore, gunpowder firearms would gradually become harmless to high-level cultivators, and in the end, withdrew from the stage.


After Qian Ye the easy jump from the third-floor, Qian Ye picked up another clip, slowly changed it for the old one, then he faced Mr. Wang and said, “I just forgot to tell you, I don’t like you either.”


Qian Ye raised his pistol, aimed at Mr. Wang’s forehead. At the moment, Me. Wang’s eyes sparkled a devious light even though his face looked horrified. However, Qian Ye suddenly sneered as the muzzle in his hands slightly moved.


Mr. Wang’s face immediately changed. He was really frightened this time and cried out loud, “No! Do not kill me! We can talk, I can tell you anything!”


Mr. Wang cried and raised his hands to protect the face, no longer be able to camouflage himself. With the strength of a level one soldier, those shots earlier could not pierce through his skull. Therefore, he had a chance to play death, but Qian Ye had just moved the rifle and directly aimed at his eyes!


Not mentioning of a level one soldier, even a level-seven soldier’s eyes couldn’t stop the bullet. Therefore, Mr. Wang immediately knew that his little trick couldn’t fool Qian Ye’s eyes.


Qian Ye said lightly, “Unfortunately, I have just heard something that should not be heard.”




A gunshot sounded, this shot hit Mr. Wang’s crotch, this position also couldn’t withstand the bullet shot.


Mr. Wang screamed, using both of his hands to clutch on his lower body.


Desperately looking Qian Ye’s muzzle pointed to his eyes, and no matter which way he had dodge, the muzzle was still always aiming at his eyes, Mr. Wang exclaimed, “You can’t kill me! I am Qi Yue’s uncle. Kill me, and the Qi family will absolutely hunt you down! No matter how powerful you are, you can’t escape the Imperial Expeditionary Army’s hunting!


“Qi family… ah” Qian Ye seemed to think about that very seriously. Suddenly, he backhanded the gun, a few more slamming shots sounded in the air, and several ruffians came from the room across were put down.


There was a last bullet in the gun.


Qian Ye lifted the gun again, pointed to Mr. Wang and said lightly, “Qi Yue, I will find him afterward. You just have to take the first step. Take a break. I assure that he will follow you soon.”


Mr. Wand was really frightened this time, “What? Do you really want to kill our dandy? You’re crazy, absolutely crazy! Do you know who he is? Do you think he was just a son of the Qi family? He…”




The gun roared, a blood flower blossomed on Mr. Wang’s eyes. He could no longer say anything. As his face turned dull, he slowly fell back down.


Qian Ye turned over to look at Tiger Yan. At the moment, his half body was hanging on the third-floor stairway.


Tiger Yan was scared out of his wits, shrunk in the corner as sweat pouring out of his body like rain, half fear, half pain. He didn’t have Mr. Wang’s strength, so his bones were not hard enough to withstand the two shots which had crushed his knee.


He looked at Qian Ye desperately. He knew that Qian Ye would never let go of him. At the moment he did feel regretted. If the time could reverse, he would never snatch the Lighthouse town even if he had to die, so that he can avoid provoking Qian Ye this slaughter demon.


Tiger Yan himself was also a person whose knife soaked in blood, but he had never seen such a terrible monster like Qian Ye. Though his strength was not the strongest, the calmness and relaxation aura emitted out from his body let people fell cold deep down their heart. Tiger Yan heard that only a few of the most mysterious elite legions of the Imperial Army could ‘give birth’ to these slaughter devils.


Yan Tigers didn’t know that his prediction had come very close to the truth. Out of hundreds of special forces of the Imperial Army, the Red Scorpion Legion was always ranked the top three.


Saw Tiger Yan like this, Qian Ye had no interest in torturing him.


“Where is Min’er?”


“She’s on the first floor, the inmost room.” Tiger Yan answered honestly.


Qian Ye nodded, walked over with a dagger and draw a neat slice on his neck… the end of Tiger Yan’s life.


Qian Ye back to the previous room to pick up the pistol Mr. Wang had dropped behind and checked it.


This was the first the original force pistol series used before the War of Dawn, the antique good Dawn Light series. Its conversion rate was only 10% while the body was more than half a meter long. The size alone itself was more like a portable version of the assault rifle than a pistol.


The reasons that this Dawn Light series could still exist until the moment was because it was cheap, simple in structure, and easy to maintain. A Scorpion Telson customized version could buy tens of thousands of Dawn Light.


No matter how old or how low the conversion rate of this Dawn Light version 1 was, after all, it was still an original force gun. Therefore, it obviously had a better power in close range compared to a large caliber rifle. A soldier with the original force in his hand was completely on a different level of combat power compared to whom without one.


Qian Ye was satisfied that this Dawn Light was in a good maintenance, which showed that Mr. Wang was very cherished it. He put it into his left hand, picked up double tube shotgun with his right hand and went out of the room.


As he crossed the door, a burst of bullets immediately poured down his body!


Qian Ye did a somersault, dodged the barrage, and then directly flip over the railing to the first-floor ground.


At the top of the hall on the northwest side of the giant scraper machine, two gunmen were stunned. This guy jumped directly from a three-story and landed steadily. Moreover, he had no injury and immediately pointed the gun toward their direction!


The two gunmen quickly retrieved back and hid themselves behind a scrap steel plate. Their reaction could be described as quick and correct, but Qian Ye still pulled the trigger of the Dawn Light!


An exudes the orange light of the original force shot from the muzzle, the strengthening power of the heavy warheads directly bombarded the two-centimeter thick steel plate, crushed the two gunmen’s bodies in half. Fragments of metal, flesh, and blood immediately splattered all over the sky.


This was an expected result. If a force gun couldn’t even reach such level of power, how could human rely on it to compete with the Dark Races? The two sides could just still use sword and knife to cut each other. Furthermore, the Qian Ye’s force had a special explosive ability, so that his shot had a much more powerful effective compared to other people.


Qian Ye continued to inject force into the Dawn Light, a new original force bullet slowly generated inside the gun chamber. With the current strength of Qian Ye, he could fire three shots with this gun while such a level one soldier like Mr. Wang could only open one shot only.


Qian Ye waited for a new round of original force to form. Then, he headed to the inmost room of the hall. Tiger Yan didn’t bring many guards here. After over a dozen of them had been killed, the rest had fled away for their lives


The room was not locked. As Qian Ye open the door, thick bloody fragrance and rancid smell immediately slapped in his face.


Locked in the wall was a naked woman. Her body was covered with large and small filthy wounds, many of them had long been infected, and there were maggots in climbing in and out.


The woman lowered her head, but that vague remnant of youthful dedicated that she was Min’er. However, looking at those wounds, Qian Ye knew there was no way to save her life.


Heard the sound, Min’er struggled to lift up her head, two lines of blood from her closed eyes closed let Qian Ye knew that they were dug up!


Qian Ye’s hands suddenly trembled up. If he saw this earlier, he wouldn’t let Tiger Yan and Mr. Wang died so easy! In the Red Scorpion, he had learned not less than fifty cruel use of punishments. Even a Dark creature could not withstand this kind of pain


“Who is it?” Min’er seemed to aware of something, she tilted her head, listened and asked.


“… it’s me, Qian Ye.”


Min’er revealed the joyful laughter and said, “You are here! Those people outside…”


” Tiger Yan and Mr. Wang are all dead. Next will be Qi Yue. He cannot get away.” Qian Ye was very calm as if they were in an afternoon business meeting, he gave her a cup of tea, and they were chatting.


Min’er laughed and said, “You know, after they had killed Zhao Gongzi, Qi Yue let me accompany him. I agreed, and I had ‘worked’ very hard. Then, the moment he let down of his guard, I gave his ‘down there’ a bite, that was fun ah! I tilted my head and heard him shouted, it sounds more exciting than his whining voice in bed!


She laughed for a while, and then lowered her voice, sighed and said: “Unfortunately, you cultivators are all monsters, even that place was too strong, I couldn’t bite it off. I had used all power, but still, I couldn’t tear off his guy completely but pulled out of several teeth instead, such a big loss.


Qian Ye listened silently, then he sighed and said: “You don’t need to try so hard for Zhao Gongzi. You should live well. As for revenge, I myself was enough.”


“No it’s not the same, I know that I am not a woman that people will adore. But that day Zhao Gongzi said to me that I am his family…”


Her face suddenly bloomed a sunshine look, “Since I’m his family, I should act like a family member, shouldn’t I?”


“Of course!”


“Qian Ye, can you do me a favor? I want to wash my face. It’s better if I can take a shower, I want to die a little bit cleaner.”

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