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Chapter 51 - Brotherhood

Chapter 20: Brotherhood


Qian Ye slowly held Zhao Gongzi’s stretching forward hand. The clenched palm seemed to cling to something. Even though the two fingers were pulled off, he was still stubbornly holding the thing. From the broken fingers it could be seen a generic bottle, the label indicated a very common nerve soothing agent.


In the eyes of those who had little knowledge about medicines, this bottle was not even worth a few silver coins, perhaps this was why the killer had finally given up.


Though Qian Ye knew what the drug was used for.


This was the drug Zhao Gongzi had bought for Qian Ye. It had been using to alleviate the dark blood erosion symptoms. Because of the late delivery, he couldn’t not give it to Qian Ye until the last minute.


Qian Ye just didn’t expect Zhao Gongzi to remember the promise between them even until the last minute of his life, even when his legs were cut.


Qian Ye felt like he saw Zhao Gongzi stood up again, handed the bottle to him and proudly said, “I, Zhao Gongzi, once promised something I would absolutely finish it!”


The medicine had been delivered in his hand, but now Qian Ye had no longer needed it.


Qian Ye had worked for Zhao Gongzi for quite a bit of time. The reward for every fight was a silver coin, three games equaled one bottle of medicine. Because the virtual fighting required technique live, so the reward was higher than normal bloody fight.


In the abandoned land, many people were not afraid to die, but not much understood the art of fighting.


This was the reality of the place of abandonment, people continued to take their own body and life and put on the gambling table, but even if they win, what they had in hands was not even worth half the value of the leftover bread of the upper continent mainland.


In such disorder and unfair world like this continent, people like Zhao Gongzi was completely diverse. Qian Ye and Zhao Gongzi were only temporary employment relationship, but in fact, Zhao Gongzi had secretly considered him as his brother. This was also the reason why Qian Ye was willing to cooperate with him, and also secretly protected him.


Under Zhao Gongzi’s control, outsiders couldn’t easily inject their force into the town, and people here could live a little better at least.


Zhao Gongzi, the sheriff, and Qian Ye were black, white and gray forces which maintained the order of the Lighthouse town. Within the Dark city’s sphere of influence, the Lighthouse town was a small paradise, people came here more and more, even the scavengers, as long as the distance allowed they would try to get here overnight.


But all of their efforts were useless, useless facing such a monster like the Expeditionary Force. it only needed to slightly moved its tail, and everything was crushed.


Qian Ye took a deep breath, he could feel blood boiling in his chest! He could not compete with the Expeditionary Force, but he could give those accomplices and dogs a profound and eternal lesson!


Qian Ye whispered, “Zhao Gongzi, give it to me, I will take this reward.”


Just like a miracle, Zhao Gongzi’s clenching hand suddenly released.


Qian Ye put the bottle into his pocket and took a glance at the room.


It was all looted, the two steel doors of the closet were missing, and the inside was empty. It was inside Qian Ye’s expected, though he did not care about these ordinary gunpowder weapons.


He left Zhao Gongzi’s room, silently walked along the corridor.


As passing a door, Qian Ye suddenly stopped and then took off the shotgun behind his back.


Inside the room came out two voices, one of which was Tiger Yan.


“Thanks to Qi Gongzi’s help, I can sit in this position. If Qi Gongzi has any order in the future, even if I, Yan Tigers must jump in the fire, I won’t say no!”


Another wretched feminine voice said, “This Zhao and the young man truly don’t know how to take people’s good-faith, shameless! Do they take our dandy’s words as a joke? Well! What Zhao Gongzi, just a rash head and dare to claim himself Gongzi.”


Yan Tiger laughed, but his laughter sounded awkward because he himself was also a ruffian.


The harsh voice continued, “You guys can only rely on our dandy, even being his dog is something many people had wished for! A bone he throws casually is enough for you to chew on a few years! But if you have other ideas that should not have…Oh, don’t blame me for not warning ahead, that Zhao today, will be you tomorrow!


Tiger Yan repeatedly said, “I won’t, I won’t! I will work hard for Qi Gongzi! Mr. Wang, it’s not early, would you like to take a rest? If you like any woman in this town, I’ll catch her for you!”


Mr. Wang sighed and said, “Only that Min’er tastes good. Unfortunately…”


“Who told her to bite dandy! He told me to make her suffer for a full seven days before she can die. Today’s the fifth day. She had long been ‘done’ in no human shape, it’s still better to change another.”


The man hesitated and said, “Ok.”


At this time the door suddenly came Qian Ye’s cold voice, “No need to change for another person.”




“Who’s on the outside?”


The roomed echoed with yelled and cried.


At this time, Qian Ye’s superior vampire awareness started to rock its role, just listening to the clattering footsteps, he had been able to outline the whole situation inside the room as if he had witnessed it in his own eyes.


A guard directly rushed towards the door, which was stupid bravery.


Qian Ye pointed the gun at the door, directly fired!


The thin wooden door was blasted a big hole. In such close distance, that guard was also a huge blew up and flew backward by the strong momentum. His chest and abdomen blurred with flesh and blood.


Qian Ye kicked down the door on one foot. Without looking, he fired another shot into the room, intensive iron sand instantly covered most of the area inside. The room suddenly sounded with screams and cries.


Behind Mr. Wang jumped out of a sturdy guy. He was about two-meter tall, it seemed like even his brain was covered with muscle. In front of him, one meter eighty-five Qian Ye looked like a child.


The guy’s face was covered in dozens of blood points. They were all created by the iron sand, but it was clear that this handmade double-tube shotgun had almost no effect on him.


Han roared loudly, rushed toward Qian Ye with haste, threw out his fist which looked as big as Qian Ye’s head, fiercely pounded at Qian Ye’s face.


Qian Ye didn’t dodge. At the same time, he threw out his punch, and severely crashed with the guy’s fist!


Crack! Crack! Bones cracking sounds… The guy’s fist was obviously deformed, even his arm was twisted to a side. Qian Ye had completely ripped off his opponent with just one simple but fierce punch!


Qian Ye kicked, and his thin body burst out an amazing power, directly kicked the guy off the floor and crashed into a two-story wall before fell to the ground. In the end, that guy wasn’t able to climb back up.


Qian Ye clapped his hands, smiled and said, ” Tiger Yan, we meet again. As for this gentleman, Mr. Wang, right?”


Mr. Wang was a middle-aged man. His head was half-bald, the huge belly seemed to be very cumbersome. However, it was terribly wrong if an outsider was fooled by his appearance. Such a guy, in fact, was a level-one soldier.


“Qian Ye! You have not dead?” Tiger Yan exclaimed, subconsciously headed to the wall behind him.


Mr. Wang was very calm, he had raised the table to block the flying iron sand, so his whole body seemed to still be in the best condition.


He said slowly, “Are you Qian Ye? I had not seen you before but heard about you. Our Qi Gongzi was very interested in you. Originally, I thought you have fled away or dead, so I’ve just ‘Clean up’ a bit, get rid of a few eye-catching things. Since you came back, then I can call the shots, give you a chance to go back with me and work for our dandy, how about it? You are young, and talent, only in Qi Gongzi’s hand you can really show up your full potential. Otherwise, sooner or later you would be like those wastes this wasteland, do anything for food until the last moment of your life and then become the dog’s dinners! This is life, was it really what you want? ”


Mr. Wang said with the same feminine voice, even though it was quite a bit convincing.


“But I do not like some of your men, for example, this guy.” Qian Ye pointed his finger at Tiger Yan.


Saw Qian Ye like that, Mr. Wang was relieved, “If you are willing to do things for us, then he is useless. You can arbitrarily arrange him, his area will you under your management! I can be the master of this matter!”


“No! No! Mr. Wang, this is not right!” Tiger Yan did not expect this shocking result. He jumped up frighteningly.


Immediately, it seemed like he was still in horror but Tiger Yan rapidly pulled out his pistol, and pressed the trigger against Qian Ye, grinning, “Smelly boy, just die!”


Gunfire and smoke covered up everything. When Tiger Yan had shot all the bullet in his pistol, he saw Qian Ye was standing at the same place, unharmed.


Mr. Wang constantly twitched his eyes. He had clearly seen everything from a side. When Tiger Yan buckled the trigger, Qian Ye twisted his body in a strange angle, just enough to avoid the bullet shooting track. He only saw this skill in such skillful veterans, this was the reason why gunpowder couldn’t harm cultivators.


The clip had been emptied out, and Yan Tiger was still desperately buckling the trigger. The trigger clicked annoyingly as if it was the knock of his death knell.


The room continued to sound with hustle and finally alerted the furthest people over at the stations. Rapid footsteps from the bottom were rushing this way.


Qian Ye made a kick, and the pistol which originally belonged to one of the guards flew up in his hand from the floor. Then, he faced the corridor direction and shot continuously.


The partitions of these rooms were wood and metal, and they seemed to be a bit thin in front of the pistol. The bullets were like having their own eyes pierced through the thin wall and shot on the people outside. The people who got hit creamed hurtfully and fell heavily fell from the railing.


From the height of the three-story balcony, for ordinary people would be all kind of broken hand injuries. If unfortunately hit the neck bone, then that one could no longer live.


Qian Ye opened five shots, fired five people, and the pistol had only one bullet left.


He did not return, the muzzle tilted to his left shoulder, and the last bullet accurately pierced into Mr. Wang’s arm, the pain made him shouted loudly and let loose of his hand caused a heavy pistol to be dropped on the ground.

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