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Chapter 50 - Thrilling Changes

Chapter 19: Thrilling Changes


Qian Ye walked around in the garbage dump and found that the Scorpion Telson had become a bunch of incomplete chunks. He separated these parts, carefully buried then in different corners of the dump.


Scorpion Telson was the standard Red Scorpion-made weapon, exclusively. Therefore, not even a part of the rifle could be exposed to sunlight, or it would lead to endless troubles.


And the next thing was to deal with the werewolf’s dead bodies, especially those with human bite marks.


However, Qian Ye felt a bit strange. The werewolf had always taken it very seriously about the importance of their population community. They would never let their people’s bodies exposed to the wilderness so casually, and now so many werewolves died here, but he had yet seen any other werewolf came to clean up the aftermath, which meant that the majority of the tribe had fallen into trouble.


Qian Ye finally found two of the multiple-edge knives that Ye Tong had used, and then cleaned a dagger which used to belong to a vampire. Those were all his defensive weapons. As for his original accessories, included the Red Scorpion Dagger, he didn’t know where they had gone.


The night still not passed, the wild winds were still cold as usual. He didn’t know whether the ‘sharp sword’ hanging over his head would finally disappear. Qian Ye looked up at the blood moon which was occupying an entire small half of the sky, but he didn’t feel hungry or thirsty like before, and even the crimson red color seemed to get lighter. Perhaps in another two days, this series of crimson nights would be over.


Dawn would come in the end.


However, despite he had temporarily freed from the dark blood’s threat, Qian Ye still needed to be careful and tried to avoid the imperial army as well as other noble families. The cloud-like crowd of those powerful people would find out that he was carrying half of the dark blood in his body at any time.


First, Qian Ye needed to go back to the Lighthouse town. A counting, he had disappeared for five days, but in this chaotic land of eternal night, a person’s disappearance would not cause much trouble around.


After a few hours of none stop running, the Lighthouse town appeared in front of Qian Ye’s eyes. The town did not seem to change a lot, but Qian Ye to felt like something was a bit too quiet. The day would bright soon, the horizon afar was still dark but upon the sky started to get a few sunlight. This time, at least scavengers should be up and started preparing to go out.


Qian Ye did not go directly to the ‘yet to be repaired’ open gate. Instead, he went around the side, slowly approached closer to the wall.


Looked away from the standing position of Qian Ye, the bald sheriff was still sitting on the tower, his hat covered on the face as if that guy was drowsy. It was clear that the before the gate completely repaired, the sheriff could only guard at that place every night. Although the sheriff looked drowsy all the time, Qian Ye knew that it was just a fake impression, he was hiding his ability, at night close, he would become more cautious.


Qian Ye selected a little further position away from the sheriff, gently took a leap and quietly stood on the wall. The jump surprised Qian Ye that his strength had increased significantly. He almost couldn’t control directly hopped over the five-meter tall wall. He intended to head to the town but suddenly felt the sheriff sleeping position seemed a bit odd. He should be very uncomfortable sleeping in that posture for a long time.


Qian Ye lowered his body, stuck to the wall and like a lizard, he headed toward the nearby tower. From far away, he smelled auras of thick blood. The dark vision allowed him to see clearly an open wound on the sheriff’s chest, blood had long been dry and turned black, almost integrated with his black uniform.


The sheriff was dead, sitting on top of the tower was just a corpse.


Qian Ye felt a bit anxious. Though he tried to surpass the feeling, once again hid himself in the shadow.


Although he was just a small official, he represented the existence of the imperial power and order in this land. He lived, and this land was still owned by the empire. Therefore, even if the outsiders had a stronger power than the sheriff, killing him was equivalent to challenge the dignity of the Empire, and the Imperial Expeditionary Army station was not very far away from here.


Qian Ye looked to the direction of the town, made a deep breath, then found himself became more sensitive to blood. The good news was that flesh and blood had no longer made him hungry or thirsty.


But Qian Ye felt absolutely no happy, blood auras in this town were more than a half lessened!


Qian Ye jumped off the wall. At first, he walked a few laps around the vicinity and confirmed that sleeping inside the households were still ordinary residents, and then he sneaked back to the Blossom Red Spider Lilies not far away from there.


The bar was a mess, the door which had just installed several days ago crooked to a side, not oven one of the windows was undamaged, all the furniture inside had become a pile of debris. There was also a few shocking pool of blood stains.


Though from the bedroom direction came in deafening snoring sound, passed through the corridor, echoed the entire lobby.


Qian Ye did not go directly to the bedroom but went around the back door into the bar, and then quietly headed to the residential area. The two rooms on the side had no sound. The noises came from his bedroom.


A young man was holding a shotgun, leaning against the couch, and sleeping very well. This guy was obviously assigned to stay and wait for Qian Ye.


However, after a few days but Qian Ye still not come back, this guy had lost his vigilance, began to lazy. ‘Someone’ should not expect too much in such ruffian tyrant.


Qian Ye gently patted his face with a dagger.


The young man immediately woke up, apparently was unhappy being pulled out of his sleep forcefully. Yet not seeing who was standing in front of him and immediately sprayed a series of swearing out of his mouth.


Qian Ye directly hit a punch in his stomach, and immediately let him bow like a shrimp, the remaining half of the fouls were all stuck back in his throat. Then Qian Ye ground his face down to the sofa, and then fiercely kneed his ribs and wouldn’t stop until he heard the sound of the cracking bones.


As soon as Qian Ye let go of him, the young man intended to scream, but cold aura emitting out from the knife by his neck had made him swallowed back the words.


“What happened? Who sent you here? If your answer can not satisfy me, I will cut your fingers on by on.” Qian Ye said coldly.


When the young man saw the Qian Ye, he immediately crushed up and said, “I am the man of the Mr. Tiger. A few days ago the Expeditionary Army sent two squads here… to the Lighthouse town and searched for the serpents, and we came along with them… ”


“Continue.” Qian Ye pressed the knife a little and made a bloody mark on his neck.


The young man seemed to feel the killing intent hiding under Qian Ye’s peaceful look, immediately shuddered, and said, ” Qi Gongzi from the Dark town was not happy with you and Zhao Gongzi because you had made him lost a lot of money, and also a high-classed force gun. Therefore, he tried to get the Expeditionary Army to mobilize two squads and used the name of searching for serpents, in fact… was to kill you and Zhao Gongzi.


Qian Ye felt his heart strangled for a moment. He was very clear what searching for serpents meant to the people of the Lighthouse town.


“Those who disappeared?”


“Most of them were kill in place, and some were taken away by the Expeditionary Force.”


“Tiger Yan, where is he?” Asked Qian Ye.


The young man trembled and said, “He is with Zhao Gongzi.”


Qian Ye nodded, slowly retrieved the knife and said, “Since you had been very honest, I will give you a chance to survive. Leave here immediately, roll as far as possible!”


“Yes, yes! Thank you!” The young man’s head nodded like chicken pecking rice.


Qian Ye turned around and walked away. As crossing the door, he suddenly pitched a backhand throw, and the throwing knife flew out of his hand as fast as lightning, instantly pierced through the ruffian’s throat!


The young fool stunned looking at Qian Ye. The shotgun in his hands had already been aiming at Qian Ye’s, but unfortunately, he no longer had the chance to buckle the trigger.


Qian Ye came back, picked up the ruffian’s shotgun and took a look.


This was a flint rifle which could be used with handmade bullets. As a result of rough work, its power and accuracy could not be guaranteed out of the ten-meter range, but in close range, it could still be a powerful weapon, at least better than the knife that Qian Ye was having. From the ruffian, he dug out ten bullets, threw the body on the floor, and finally looked around his bar.


The bar was a mess, even the bluestone floor was pry opened one by one, valuable things were all looted. The Red Lilies which had accompanied him in the darkest moment had turned into dust.


Leaving the bar, Qian Ye didn’t feel angry. Instead, he was abnormally calm, there was even a little bit of excitement surging.


As in the Red Scorpion training definition, this was the best status before the war.


Qian Ye went to Zhao Gongzi’s abandoned plant base camp. It was said that after Tiger Yan Tiger was still staying there the past few days after taking over the lighthouse town.


The sunlight still couldn’t reach the horizon. The tall building in front of him looked particularly dark, seemed like a monster was ready to devour people at any time. There was only one plant was fixed by Zhao Gongzi where human could live in there. Other places were all ruins.


Outside the plant had obvious traces of fighting, bullet shells were sprinkled everywhere.


Qian Ye picked up a shell to look, and his heart immediately sank.


This bullet was the Imperial Expeditionary Force’s assault rifle. Although this type of gun was antique goods from a few decades ago, they were still much more powerful than the ordinary handmade weapons.


Since those people could use such a large number of military-standard weapons, Zhao Gongzi must have fallen in a very bad situation.


The plant’s front door was open, but Qian Ye did not enter from there. Instead, he took a few run-up steps, and then leaped over the external wall, with the remaining momentum, he climbed all the way to the top of the plant in just a blink of an eye.


Tiger Yan did not arrange the guards here, which helped Qian Ye enter the inside of the plant very smoothly through the exit on the roof.


There were three floors inside the building. The big hall had a huge power host, but now it had become a pile of scrap metal.


Qian Ye still remembered the top most floor was the original residence of Zhao Gongzi, the middle was the for guards and gang veterans, and the last floor upside down was for general members.


Qian Ye went down from the top, naturally reached the third floor first. He went to Zhao Gongzi’s bedroom quietly and immediately smelled the thick aura of old blood.


Qian Ye stopped for a moment, gently opened the door, and looked to the inside.


Zhao Gongzi laid on the ground. His whole body covered in injuries, a part of his leg had disappeared. It seemed like his last action was struggling to climb to the closet, leaving a shocking bloodstain on the floor. There was a bullet hole in between his eyebrows, But his face looked satisfied with a smile.


With an expressionless face, Qian Ye went into the room, squatted by Zhao Gongzi’s side.

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