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Chapter 49 - Burning Gorge

Chapter 18: Variation


Burning Gorge, this place sounded very familiar.


Qian Ye to recall for a while and finally remember where had he heard of this place.


Burning Gorge was not far from the Golden Spring training camp. The place was where a large number of crystal lizards living in the place. This six-foot creeping monster was up to five meters high was worthy of its classification of a ‘giant monster.’ Also, the crystal inside its body was one of the important raw materials to produce force firearms.


The graduation standard of the Golden Spring training camp was to be able to kill a crystal lizard alone and take back its crystal. For those who usually take only the standard dagger students, to kill a level two strength giant lizard, it was easier to say than do. The graduation exam was also the high loss rate part of the training camp.


On the other hand, crystal lizards loved meat, so it was also the best place to clean up all kinds of corpses.


Thought of the Burning Gorge, Qian Ye suddenly frightened, instinctively shouted: “No! I did not die, I’m alive! Let me down!”


He suddenly sat up and figured out it was just a dream. For over a year, he had woken up in a nightmare every night and sometimes could not tell if it was true or just illusion.


Qian Ye to looked around, it was still late at night, he was still in the garbage dump. A skinny dog ??was biting his feet and trying to pull out a piece of meat.


Qian Ye grabbed a piece of hard metal chunk, threw it hard to the middle of the wild dog’s nose, smashed the beast to whine and immediately fled with tail between its legs.


He tried to move but felt nothing but hurt taking place on his entire body. His chest was like tore up in pain even with the smallest movement. He checked the injuries on his body and found the left arm was broken, ribs were also broken more than half. There are many large and small wounds all over his body.


The surprise was that his injuries were at a much lighter level than he had imagined, broken bones were automatically fused back together, and there had been signs of re-growth. The wounds were no longer bleeding, and many small cutting injuries had all closed its mouth.


Inside his body, Qian Ye felt the vigorous vitality surging. Besides the unhealed bones, his physical condition was unexpectedly good. Also, the thirst and hunger before the fight to seemed to disappeared.


Qian Ye suddenly touched the two deep wounds on his neck and a surprised expression suddenly solidified on his face.


Why did he got bitten again?


He immediately felt relief afterward, what was the different between being bitten once or twice? He had long been polluted anyway, but the smell on his fingertips let Qian Ye’s worry!


It had a light fragrance, a very familiar fragrance which only belonged to Ye Tong!


At this point, all his doubts were answered, Ye Tong was not only a vampire but an extraordinary upper-class vampire.


Her special ability could hide all the special characteristics of a vampire and made her appeared the same as any human being, even her body temperature was maintained at normal human’s level.


Whether Qian Ye directly checked her body or by the tactical binoculars, she had shown no ordinary vampire reaction. This was really a bizarre ability.


Had he even cooperated with a supernatural vampire to kill a ‘titled’ vampire and a werewolf leader? Qian Ye felt complicated at the time. He didn’t know whether it was happy or regretted.


Ye Tong was the first partner he had worked with since he came back to this continent. When she came back to the garbage dump, Qian Ye’s heart was moved a little bit, then it was touched tremblingly when he saw Ye Tong was surrounded by the crowd of werewolves and vampires before he was kicked and fainted.


Even though he had confirmed that Ye Tong was a vampire now, Qian Ye still couldn’t detest her. Not for anything else, just that she had decided to return, and together they faced the powerful, invincible enemies.


Since she sucked my blood, could she continue to live? Qian Ye thought.


The cold wind was blowing in the night brought with it an immutable decadent atmosphere. Qian Ye shook his head, tried to throw away too much messy, useless thoughts in his mind. Suddenly, he felt something strange on his wrist and lifted it up for a look. There was another two perforations!


Qian Ye frowned, wiped his fingers on it and from the fingertips came a strange sweet smell. No matter how delightful the smell was, it couldn’t change the fact that it belonged to another vampire’s.


Was it turn out to be, blood feast? The words came in Qian Ye’s mind out of a sudden.


Blood feast was a fairly formal ceremony of the vampire family.


In fact, the traditional vampire family wouldn’t arbitrarily bite humans. The thirst of blood at wartime was more to recover power and injuries, just like humans with a variety of military stimulants to boost up their combat power.


The vampires treated blood as a very holy thing, that is, their way of communication with their ancestors to inherit more blood power privately. Therefore, in addition to the blood feast, they never enjoyed the prey with other ethnic groups.


Blood feast was equivalent to human’s tea party, representing the intimate relationship between the parties, friendly position, and mutual trust, etc. As for the main dish, that human must suite with vampire’s definition of delicate food. It must taste good and came from a strong person as well.


Qian Ye suddenly looked up at the bloody moon, laughed, and said to himself: “I actually qualified for the blood feast’s main dish!


The main course might not be only strange, the strange thing was that he was still alive.


He stood there quietly for a moment, and then began to carefully explore the surrounding environment. This had become his instinct after years of formation, this instinct had saved and let him survived countless time on the battlefield.


Not far from his place there were a lot of werewolf’s bodies. One of which had particularly robust limbs, that kind of feature revealed it was a shadow wolf!


These werewolves were more powerful than those Qian Ye had seen from the beginning, but they all died here. Moreover, there was no complete head. The blood, the bones and the brains scattered all over the ground showed their cause of death.


And then there was another doubt. Several werewolves appeared like dried mummy, apparently were sucked all blood. This was not common, everyone knew vampires never drink werewolf’s blood, not because of the taste, but because of faith.


And the residual blood smell even let Qian Ye relate to something very familiar. He went to the corpses, squatted down, and looked carefully. The werewolf’s arteries were bitten open, but the marks left were not vampire’s fangs, but a human bite mark.


Qian Ye immediately knew that he was the one who sucked up those werewolf’s blood


No wonder he felt no thirst nor hungry for so long, he had automatically satisfied himself in his coma. Since after the fallen lifeboat, this was the first time Qian Ye sucked up that much blood. He casually thought of this as if it had nothing to do with, ‘the Dark Blood is taking over the control, isn’t it?’ Maybe the next time it attacked, it would be his final moment of life.


His thought stopped here as Qian Ye subconsciously looked for his Red Scorpion Dagger, but when he touched the empty pocket, he realized that the moment he was kicked off by the werewolf, all of his body equipment should be scattered all over.


Qian Ye intended to stand up and look for his dagger. The sacred moment he was ready to end his life he still hoped to use that Red Scorpion Dagger.


At this time, his eyes felt on the wolf body which clutching a cane, on top of it was a sundial, Qian Ye’s brain automatically converted the calendar base on the numbers of the sundial, and then he was stunned. Three days? He had been in the coma for just three days, no wonder the blood moon still not yet faded.


Qian Ye suddenly realized the strange status of his body the moment he woke up. First, he checked the sundial to make sure it wasn’t broken. Then, used a simple insight-viewed method to check up on his body situation.


Sure enough, nothing was right.


Only three days, the blood month was not over, but Qian Ye had no longer felt the unbearable feeling every time the Dark Blood attack. If this was because he had sucked enough blood, then the fact that his bones were automatically fused together, or his entire internal organs were half healed, or the short trauma, etc. all had shown that he had a very strong recovery rate, which was obviously not normal.


Qian Ye almost thought that he had become a blood slaves, but his mind was as clear as water, as well as his thought,  was normal.


Qian Ye immediately looked for a hidden place, sat down and started driving his original force to operate a complete military treatment method and studied more about his internal body’s situation.


The force surging in his body had touched the edge of the level three breakthrough. The force node on his right hand appeared a clear outline, the barrier was ready to be broken at any time. As long as the barrier was broken, the right-hand force node could be lit up and bring him to the rank of a level three soldier.


Meanwhile, in his body, there was another a plume of dark red energy accompany with the primitive force. It should be the power produced by the Dark Blood.


Originally, the Dark Blood inside his body could not be controlled by anything. It kept wandering around in the meridian, constantly eroded and assimilated the surrounding flesh and blood. With the bursts of burning, when the heat accumulated to a certain extent, it would burn his mind until it gradually became blurry, which resulted in an extreme-craved of fresh flesh and blood. Qian Ye had fought with it for over a year, and he knew its destructive power better than anyone.


But now, that group of dark blood was still running, but it had no longer caused any discomfort.  If not in the middle of the view, Qian Ye had almost mistaken it with his own energy. Moreover, there were two other special colors blended in with that dark, bloody essence. One carried a deep red mixed in purple while the other was an impressively light golden color.


Qian Ye stopped his cultivation, the force tide slowly retrieved, and the dark blood also subsided. Qian Ye just felt incredible. He then tried to control and promote that blood. After a moment he was startled by his own body, the dark blood flowed like crazy into his heart, and then swarmed out, finally condensed into two mysterious symbol. A series of information immediately poured into Qian Ye mind.


Vampire’s constitution.


Pupil: dark vision.


The two symbols turned out to be two different abilities.


Vampire’s constitution would automatically guide their own blood to enhance the body, increase the resilience and recovery rate. An under the full blood supplemented, the body recovery rate would be double up, which was the unique racial advantage of a vampire.


Pupil: dark vision was a capacity with a lot of vampires were born with to be able to look in the dark. Its effect was stronger than any human-made night vision device.


Qian Ye didn’t understand why he could have his body transformed that way, but how he tried the insight view, there was no discovery. Now, in his blood, there were two equally energy flowing in parallel. The milk white was his original light force while the three color intertwined dark red was the power of dark blood, which was a kind of dark force existence. Two kinds extreme opposing forces had now live in peace as if that was their natural existence.


But at least know that Qian Ye had realized that if the dark blood was no longer create the burning corrosion, he should no longer feel the cruel thirty and hunger. Didn’t it mean that he would always remain sober and sanity? And the other two new capacity also let Qian Ye filled with expectations.


Fate seemed to finally reveal a nice smile toward Qian Ye!

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