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Chapter 48 - Primitive Creatures

Chapter 17: Primitive Creatures


Saw this outlandish scene, all the werewolves started looking around cautiously, those were still in wolf-shaped also felt a great danger and were so scared that the hair on their back stood on end!


Suddenly the wind stopped blowing, Qian Ye also turned strangely quiet, the dark seemed heavier, severely pressed on each of the werewolves.


The world was so quiet as if everything was muted and felt in silence. And in the silent night, suddenly sounded the footsteps, each and every step were like crushing the heart and soul of all living creatures.


And then, two people walked out from the dark night.


One was a tall and thin old man. He had white hair with a strange long square face, his eye bags looked buffy. This was the particular face shape of Apennine continent which could make people immediately notice of in just one glance. His white hair is not variegated, hanging down from both sides of the cheek, formed a few very interesting looking wavy scrolls.


By his side was a petite girl. She had a very sweet little face. On the pale complexion, the bloody red lips were particularly dazzling. Her hair was tied up in long horsetail, and the high collar of the black cloak stood up, exposed the soft-looking bloody patterns. It was beautiful but demonic decoration patterns.


The white hair old man softly said, “I did not expect to see so many dogs gather in such a small place, no wonder sicken smells are heard from distances.”


“There are some very interesting things here, it seems that we have some low tribe’s infightings happening?” Said the girl.


The white hair raised his head, took a deep breath and said: “Guess what I’ve just smell? That is the finest Mithril taste, oh, dangerous, but with the beauty of death, and refined it was worthy of respect opponent, a real opponent. Oh, this little place is actually so lively, really amazing ah! Is this the call of fate?


The girl took a disgusted glance at the wolves and said, “If not the stinky smell of these wild dogs were so heavy, I could also smell the mithril silver.”


Heard the insulting words of the girl, the werewolves growled angrily, but the strong intuition of great danger had stopped them from doing stupid things.


The old werewolf held a wooden stick in hands, took two steps forward and said angrily, “Where are you from? This is our Nightmare tribe’s territory!”


The white hair old man said with a smile, “Nightmare, that is what? As for where we come from, that’s not what you need to know. Dead wolf doesn’t need curiosity. Curiosity should only belong to the youth and high-class.”


The girl’s eyes felt on Ye Tong, suddenly shouted and said, “What is that? Such beautiful blood!


The old man stunned, slowly walked toward Ye Tong. As each of his steps forward, the werewolves would sob and retrieve a few steps back. The strength gap caused the fear that they could simply not ??resist.


The old man stopped by Ye Tong’s side, took a little of her blood on his fingertip, put in his mouth for a taste, and his face suddenly changed.


He quickly retreated a few steps, laughed and waved hands exaggeratedly to express his joy, “This is, this is the taste of our ancestral blood! She had awakened the ancestor blood. This is a… a primitive creature.”


“King will be interested in her,” said the girl.


The old man said thoughtfully, “Yes! But her blood tastes so familiar, let me think, whose territory is this around here… Too old is not good, always forget things… Ah I know now, the closest tribe here belongs to Chaos the Count, the little girl’s blood has his taste, it should  be the pure taste of his descendant.”


“Chaos?” The girl said with doubts in her eyes.


The old man said: “He’s an old guy, heard that he was one of the direct descendants of our ancestor. He has always been obsessed with the secret of the Darkness King, but can’t even keep it certain his own small territory. Many of his Dukes are trying to overthrow him, and it seems like this is the main reason for the infighting.”


“It sounds like a useless guy, and I’m not interested in Chaos, but the smell of these wild dogs is fasting me up.”


“Then clean it, you come,” said the old man with a smile.


“Why is it always me!”


The girl complained but did not refuse. Her pupils suddenly turned as red as two shiny rubies, and her lips kept opened and closed in a strange rhythm as if she was grieving something, but there were no sound heard.


She was issuing the high-frequency sound which could not be heard by the human ears. It looked like she was singing, but in the werewolf’s ears, it wasn’t much different from the call of death!


All the werewolves suddenly withered, collapsed, and desperately rolled around on the ground!


The weaker werewolves couldn’t even withstand the pain for ten seconds, burst off their head out of a sudden. The higher level werewolf’s heads also exploded not long after. The scene was very strange and horror!


The girl still kept on praising as looking at the bloody scene, such exquisite doll’s face showed an exciting and cruel smile. At this moment, she was like the herald of death, all who heard her song was sentenced to have their fate heading into the eternal silent world!


The shadow wolf had persisted for a full thirty seconds and eventually felt, wrapped hands around his head and rolled around. It was so painful that he hit to an airship bulkhead. The steel bulkhead was smashed welded into deep pits, and still, his head was all right.


But as the girl’s tone suddenly pulled high, the shadow wolf finally issued a long, tragic scream. And then… Bang! His head was crashed into blood fog!


Only the elder werewolf was still insisted. He leaned on the cane to support his body as pointing at the girl in horror and frightened. He said tremblingly, “You are … you are NaNa.”


“Correct!” The girl exposed a sweet smile, slapped her hands together, and the elder werewolf had crashed and crumbled.


The white-haired old man took out a white handkerchief, covered his nose and said, “Don’t you think this will make those wild dog’s smells diffuse faster?”


“This will make you move faster.” The girl raised the delicate hands to cover her nose also.


The white hair old man looked at Ye Tong’s injuries, frowned, “She was hurt very bad, I need some fresh blood to ease her injuries so that we can rush back in time.”


“There seems to have a small town in the neighborhood, but it’s still quite far away from here.”


“No, we won’t make it. Well, there is a man here, I have smelled his taste.” Said, white-haired old man stood up, took only two steps and disappeared into deep into the garbage dump. And from darkness, he was carrying Qian Ye in his hand.


“A tough and cunning human. He has not yet died until now. Otherwise, his blood won’t be very fresh.” Said him with a smile.


He pulled out a thick metal plate from Qian Ye’s chest, and the metal plate was completely twisted. There were a few deep paw marks on one side and the marks shallowly extended to the other side.


Before facing the werewolf leader, Qian Ye had put this piece of three centimeters thick original alloy plate in his chest, or else his stomach had long been opened. Though only the impact power of the werewolf leader was enough to make all of Qian Ye’s ribs broken. It won’t take long fro him to die.


The old man threw Qian Ye by Ye Tong’s side, torn off his coat, then reached for his neck and slid open his throat. A second later, blood immediately poured out.


Ye Tong suddenly had a reaction, each of every vampire individuals was instinctively sensitive to the blood. She stood up with her eyes wide opened, but the pupils looked all lost and bloody. And her mouth gradually exposed out two vampire fangs.


She sprang on Qian Ye, forcefully bit his neck and sucked in mouths full of blood. Hot blood not only soothing her hunger and thirst but also let her the pain on her entire body quickly alleviated.


At the moment, in the eyes of the white-haired old man, even the vampire posture when Ye Tong sucking blood was also very perfect. He could not help but praise, “Really worthy of an original species that had already woken up an antecedent blood! Not only holding powerful double pupils but can also be perfectly hidden her vampire characteristics. This is one of the thirteen ancestors descendant’s abilities, and which ancestor is it, I have to think more carefully about it.”


NaNa stood by his side and looked with her chest constantly went up and down. Her breath became faster and shorter, and she simply couldn’t listen to what the old man said.


She suddenly grabbed the right hand of Qian Ye and bit on his wrist artery!


As the old man came to an end of his murmuring, he suddenly stunned looking at NaNa.


NaNa fiercely sucked a few mouthfuls of blood, shrieked loudly, forced herself let go of Qian Ye’s hand, and backed up a few steps. She looked at Qian Ye with a complicated expression on her face.


“How is it?” Asked the old man, he seldom saw Nana like that.


NaNa said with a vague expression on her face, “His blood is so sweet, but that’s it, but I don’t know why, when I smell his blood, I can no longer suppress myself. I want… to give him the ‘embracement’!”


“What?” The white-haired old man was really shocked this time. As he confirmed that NaNa was serious, he sighed and shook his head while saying, “It’s too late. His blood has been sanctified by her. Although her level is still very low, she’s still a primitive creature. Neither you or I cannot suppress the power of her blood. Nobody else can turn this man into a vampire except her. However, even if she wake up now, she’s still too weak to do the embracement.”


Nana still looked lost. She kept licking the remaining blood on her lips.


The white-haired old man embraced Ye Tong and said, “We need to go, or we’ll be late putting her in the blood lake.”


Nana followed the old man but occasionally looked back to see Qian Ye who had been completely immobilized. Although she was not willing, still they eventually left the place.


Blood slave was a path with no return. The human was helpless on this issue, and so does vampire.


The night finally felt back in quiet as if nothing had happened, but if the insiders saw the white hair man and the girl appeared here, it would bound to arouse a great disturbance.


The powerful Marquis Julio and NaNa, in the upper echelon of vampire, they were called Saints of Killer.


Time had passed, Qian Ye feeling like in the hazy there were some people dragging him with them. He also heard vague voices.


“This kid is finally dead.”


“Yeah, hurry and throw him into the Burning Gorge. I don’t want to stay there any longer.”

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