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Chapter 47 - Kill

Chapter 16: Kill


Qian Ye felt something strange at the high-class vampire. Although he hand only performed the force of a level four or five cultivators, his combat skills and reactions were far more experienced than a senior vampire warrior.

Thinking of the two warriors had died in his hands, Qian Ye seemed to vaguely understand that this high-class vampire might have fallen in the same situation. For some reason, his strength was suppressed or he should be at least a vampire horseman or even a level eight Knight.


Though Qian Ye was still waiting, waiting for the moment, Wilde put down his guard to the lowest.


Seeing the big picture had done setting, Wilde finally relieved, smiled and said, “Miss Ye Tong, now that the overall situation has been set, you cannot escape! If you are willing to surrender, and then advise your father to give up resistance, then our Viscount will be very happy and willing to give you a pretty good position, maybe Viscount Lady? It is very suitable for you.”


Wilde’s face suddenly sank and said coldly, “But if you do not cooperate, then sending your body back to your father is not impossible to do. And at that time, I cannot guarantee what you ‘thing’ will turn into. You know that our hairy friends are very hatred of our vampire family and that they can do anything. They will treat you the same as others even if that mean you will turn into a corpse! I think our friends won’t mind if you’re dead or alive. Maybe you can try and wait for reinforcements, for example, that level two little guys…”


Ye Tong’s fingertips were slightly trembling. Apparently, she was extremely angry. She turned away with a contemptuous look on her face. Obviously, she did not bother to talk with Wilde even for on word.


Her eyes swept around, looking for possible escape opportunities, but those black giant wolf and vampire soldiers had dead blocked all the escape ways. With the blood bondage, she simply just couldn’t run faster than those four legs ferocious animal.


Wang gave Ye Tong a satisfied look. His eyes began to wantonly search all over in her body from top to bottom. Even in vampire’s standard, Ye Tong still had a bewitching beauty. She had a charming nature talent, no wonder even that big boss – The cold, bloodthirsty, and full of ambition Viscount also felt for her. Regardless of the future risk of revenging possibility and wanted her as a private prize.


“She’d better fight until the end, so maybe I could have the chance to try her taste.” Wild stroked his jaw and thought.


At this moment, a sharp wolf howl had directly woken Wilde up in his dream! He immediately felt dizzy, the repetitively shrieked of instinct sense for fatal dangers had driven him crazy!


Wilde unconsciously turned around look at the danger’s origin direction while body had begun to make the avoiding movement.


At the moment, is eyes caught a silver flame flashing and zooming!


Silver light!


Vampires in common hated silver to death, silver in the dark often meant the worst thing. Wilde swept his eyes by the silver light and instinctively fluttered forward. He couldn’t even think of where this thing came from.


Wilde just felt as if there was a handle hammer heavily knocked on his legs, cause the whole body to be kicked straight out, and he could no longer feel his right leg.


Buried under the garbage layer, Qian Ye was watching a group of silver flame blasted through the binoculars, and then he saw Wilde’s right leg was smacked off his body and flew up in the air. The object’s hissing sound echoed followed by a cluster of black smoke quickly filled up the area. Wilde himself was still rolling in the middle of the air after the blown up by the shot’s shockwaves.


This shot did not shoot off, but Wilde’s reaction was too fast. In the shortest time, he had made the most accurate decision and dodged the fatal attack. Only from this level of combat skills, he must at least be a knight.


The power of this mithril silver bullet was far beyond Qian Ye’s imagination. With this heavy warheads ability and the power of this gun, if he got the shot right at the main part of his body, Wilde would immediately die in no doubt.


Though Qian Ye didn’t have time to regret, without they eyes moving from the beginning to the end, he quickly pressed the second bullet into the gun chamber. When the Force loading was completed, he immediately pointed the gun to the position where Wilde was predicted to land. These skills of instant launching, instant aiming, and ultimate shooting was the result of Qian Ye’s hard times practicing.


As soon as Wilde had just landed on the ground, the second mithril silver bullet had on its way like a mass of silver whistling toward him, finally bombarded in his chest!


Wilde had no longer be able to dodge this shot, he screamed sorrowfully while a big hole slowly expanded on his chest. Silver burst on his face like the splash of acid instantly burned the entire face, revealed his dense white bones.


Wilde screamed agonizingly, the mournful voice pierced through the night sky, far spread.


Qian Ye also calmly observed for full one second to determine that even soaked in the legendary vampire antecedent blood pool could not save Wilde’s life. Only then did Qian Ye moved the muzzle, pointed to the direction where the werewolves were standing.


In the process of observing and moving the gun, he didn’t forget to put the third, also the last mithril silver bullet into the gun chamber, and then began to frantically urge the force tide. Regardless of severe pain swept through the chest area, he had pushed the last bit of his Original Force into the Scorpion Telson.


The Art of Retaliation was able to suppress other methods and became the major cultivation practicing method, besides being able to quickly enhance the cultivator’s strength in the early stage of cultivation, it could also gather the full amount of Original Force and lead it to the force firearms faster than other exercises. In this kind of situation, every second of different was the difference between life and death!


Although the shot was fast and unexpected, after two shot, Qian Ye had exposed his position. The vampire warriors quickly squeezed to him at his place, and the moment, Ye Tong’s encirclement appeared a loophole.


Ye Tong did not seize the opportunity to escape. Instead, she ground her teeth, chased after a vampire like a ghost, pierced the knife fiercely into his heart. In the meantime, the two multiple-edge throwing knife flew out of her hands, hit into the head of a sneaky werewolf which wanted to attack her from the back. The poison on the knife immediately dosed, that giant wolf was only about to ran for another ten meters and soon moaned sorrowfully, felt to the ground.


The werewolf’s chief angrily cried a long howl, all the werewolves turned to Ye Tong, and he himself headed to Qian Ye’s direction. In his mind, Qian Ye was even more threatful Ye Tong.


The power of the mithril silver bullet was so great that frightened every Dark Race creatures!


Qian Ye saw the werewolf leader quickly approaching but did not shoot. When the werewolf had transformed in its wolf shape, the instinctive reaction while running would be much quicker than the vampire, it could easily dodge the shot as soon as Qian Ye fired. And the werewolf’s physical recoverability was not worse than vampires, if the shot didn’t hit right then they could recover in a very short time.


“Come on! You damn bastard! My life for your life, I still make a big profit!” Qian Ye whispered in his mind, the eyes staring at the werewolf’s trajectory were cold and stable.


Killed Wilde, Qian Ye had earned back all the meaning of his life, and now added a level five werewolf, that was, his life would be even more worthy!


This was his military algorithm!


The werewolf leader had rushed into the distance of ten meters, then suddenly jumped into the sky and transformed into a human form in the middle of the air and crushed toward Qian Ye!




Qian Ye was waiting for the werewolf to transform into his fighting mode!


His upper body suddenly laid back, uplifted the muzzle, pulled the trigger! The timing, the angle were precise as if he had practiced several times for this before.


The bullet draw a beautiful bright silver curve in the night sky, and instantly merged into the werewolf’s chest!


Then, a large group of silver light flew out from the werewolf’s back, leaving a wound as big as a bowl size! Like a fountain sprinkled into the air, little by little of silver reflected the light in a bizarre white color.


The werewolf leader still landed to the scheduled position, fiercely swing his claws and slapped the Scorpion Telson out of Qian Ye’s hands, and then with another hit, he aimed for Qian Ye’s chests. However, out of his expectation, this blow did not crush open that human being’s stomach but just hit him far away!


The werewolf’s roared, the angry roar of a wounded beast, and then once again it jumped and chased after the direction that Qian Ye had fallen. Though it could only run for a few meters, then growled and threw himself on the ground. The bullet inside its body had burned the entire organs into charred. Even its vitality was more tenacious, there was no way it could resist the destruction from a true master.


Qian Ye felt ten meters afar, spat out a bit of blood, and then lost consciousness.


On another battlefield, Ye Tong’s situation was not very positive. Though she had finally killed all the vampires and released herself from the blood bondages, her body also received more than dozens of wounds. Her left leg twisted an unnatural posture, the leg bone was obviously be bitten by a werewolf.


There were still four werewolves around her!


Ye Tong bit her teeth, the severe pain had covered her forehead with cold sweat. She had used all of her multiple-edge throwing knife and the only weapon left was that special material knife. She looked toward the direction where Qian Ye was laying, finally ground her teeth, turned away to escape.


Qian Ye was only a level two human being, and he was hit by the werewolf leader. Therefore, he must have died in no doubt.


The werewolves were unexpectedly strong, even though Ye Tong had been released from the blood bondages, she still needed more time to resume full power, but the werewolves would obviously not give her any chance. Ye Tong had wanted to take Qian Ye’s body with her. If she left him here, he would become those full of hatred werewolf’s dinner. However, she couldn’t take care of him now.


The four werewolves followed behind the Ye Tong, not too slow but not too quick. They were not worried about her trying to buy time. With such serious injuries, Ye Tong would consume all the physical strength before restoring back to her true level. The werewolf’s hunting nature had told them that.


Ye Tong had just gotten out of the garbage dump, suddenly a shadow rushed out from aside, mercilessly threw her to the ground!


Shadow Wolf!


This was the most ferocious killer of the werewolf. It had long been here but had ambushed to the present.


Ye Tong’s face revealed a despair expression, and then suddenly became vicious. From her pupil suddenly burst a bloody wave of color, an invisible impact shot out from her eyes, severely crashed into the wolf’s head!


The shadow wolf whined and frozen out of a sudden. Ye Tong seized this opportunity, stabbed the knife into the wolf’s stomach!


The shadow wolf roared, threw out his jaw and slapped Ye Tong’s knife away, and then bit her arm. Several bones cracking sounded and it had bit broken her arms!


And so until Ye Tong had lost her resistance abilities, and also felt in coma, it gradually transformed into a wild looking young man. He looked at the wound on his stomach and got extremely angry, fiercely kicked the Ye Tong a few times.


“Enough! Killed her, the value may not be so big.” From the dark walked out an old man, behind him was more than ten werewolves.


Shadow Wolf pointed his finger at Ye Tong and said angrily, “But this cold-blooded woman won’t surrender! And she had killed so many of our people!


“That’s what the Duke need to consider, and we have nothing to do with it. We need to give him a living Ye Tong, and also cannot lack any important parts. Otherwise, it is not a completed the transaction.” The old man said slowly.


The shadow wolf’s chest went up and down, glaring at the Ye Tong and finally spat to her face.


However, the strange thing was that the saliva was flying half way in the air and stopped, floated in the air, and began to rotate slowly.

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