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Chapter 46 - Werewolf's First Apearance

Chapter 15: Werewolf’s First Appearance


Qian Ye was hiding in an abandoned airship at the moment. Its main cabin was half torn off which revealed the bristle edges with numerous sharp metal blades. Up on top, a variety of wastes were hanging disorderly, with the wind passing, they looked like messy banners waving in the air and blocked people’s sight.


At this moment, Qian Ye was looking outside through the space which had used to be a window. Inside of the hollowed area, he carefully hid himself behind the metal wall, not even an eye could be found. The only thing that stuck out was the binocular’s black lens.


In his vision, Wilde’s shadow revealed a very light red color which indicated that his body didn’t emit a large amount of Dark Force. This was the real power of a ‘titled’ vampire. The true master of a noble vampire family could hide his bloody aura and Dark Force. Not even the tactical sight detection device could have tracked him down.


It seemed like this was the ‘titled’ vampire that Ye Tong had talked about earlier. Qian Ye carefully observed Wilde, he didn’t miss even the smallest of movements from him.


In his understanding, a ‘titled’ vampire and a vampire soldiers could be classified as two entirely different creatures. A titled vampire, even at the lowest level – the knight was equal to a level-seven cultivator at least, and it was not something that Qian Ye could fight against. Even though the opponent had been led to the garbage dump, he knew that he had only one chance because he was arrogant and looked down on Qian Ye.


This hit must instantly kill the opponent!


Qian Ye’s advantage was that his opponent would never know that a level two human would have two such deadly weapons, the ‘Scorpion Telson’ and the mithril silver bullets!


Qian Ye saw that Wilde was blindly searching around, and there were several times when he had even turned his back towards Qian Ye’s direction. However, from the beginning to the end, he had not made the attack. It must know that a high-level vampire was extremely fast. Moreover, Wilde had not entered the garbage dump for long and was still in his most alert state. This was not the best time to have sniped him.


In the early training at the Golden Spring camp, Qian Ye had specifically learned what the meaning of patience was, and for the guy with no future like him, the most meaningful thing in life at that very moment was to kill that high-class vampire in front of him.


Thanks to the environment inside of the landfill, the sensitive nose that Wilde had always been proud of now became a burden. The trail was broken here, he could only rely on the resonance of blood vitality to use his eyes and experience to search for his opponent.


Though in such a huge garbage dump, different shapes of trashes were everywhere. There was such a variety of the incredible way that they were crowdedly stacked together. Looking for a disguised rat? It was easier said than done.


Wilde walked forward but suddenly stopped. He looked up at the top of a warship wreck and saw a slim figure that appeared on top of a ramp rising in the midst of the air.


“Ye Tong, you actually came in!” Wilde looked very surprised.


He knew that Ye Tong’s identity was special because a person like her would have never entered such a dirty place. He had not expected that not only did she come, but had also intended to fight with him in this place.


“Why could I not come?” said Ye Tong coldly.


Wilde suddenly took off the tidy dress, casually threw it to the ground, and then smiled, “Even if you’re not afraid of being filthy, then it is also what I am afraid of! So, is this small human insect so important to you?”


After finished his words, Wilde took out a soft sword, shook it straight, his entire body was as if it was rising from the ground, facing Ye Tong.


As for Ye Tong, she had pulled out a dagger, and jumped off from the ten-meter high ramp. While falling in the air she suddenly stepped on the boat’s wall with a strong force, strangely changed the direction and instantly rushed towards Wilde’s direction!


Two people had turned into two vague shadows. Just like lightning stroke the sky, Qian Ye didn’t know how many times they had attacked each other every second, but there was rarely any sound of weapons that came in contact.


Qian Ye watched both sides of the battle, he used his binoculars to aim at Ye Tong.


Through the vision of the lens, Ye Tong seemed to have almost no red on her body, which was not much different from being invisible. Qian Ye frowned, it was reasonable to confirm her human identity, but for some reason, he always felt that something was wrong.


Qian Ye had fought with vampires for more than ten times, and he had studied their fighting styles by heart. Their fighting favored of balance, speed and combat skills, especially their non-human speed and strength didn’t match with the size by all means. Those are the most essential differences between vampires and humans. Just looking at the scene, it was obviously the two high-class vampires fighting, but Ye Tong had no Dark Force reaction revealed.


Found that the Ye Tong was human, but also saw her pure vampire fighting way… this scene always let Qian Ye have an awkward feeling.


Qian Ye quietly retreated into the airship’s machine room. The space was basically intact, hoping the shielding effect could also be a little bit better. He took out the Scorpion Telson. And then, very carefully, he took out one bullet inside of the crystal box and pushed it into the chamber.


He waited for a few seconds….all normal, the mithril silver bullet had not fluctuated with the Dark Blood inside of his body. The Scorpion Telson’s production technique was really top notch, all the details were fixed without the slightest leak.


Qian Ye revealed an almost invisible smile, it was good news that he was able to use the mithril silver weapon. Then, he grabbed the rifle, and slowly loaded his Force into the muzzle.


The rifle’s body gradually lit up with dark red patterns as the Force was going through, and so was Qian Ye’s perception. As time gone by, his Original Force went along the patterns and activated the Scorpion Telson array of components, and formed of a thin layer of special energy to wrap around the silver bullet.


It was Qian Ye’s special ability of a level two soldier: heavy warheads.


Heavy warheads were a very common but practical ability of shooters. That thin layer of energy would burst as the warhead was launched and increased the damage to a wider surface area. Qian Ye’s force was very concise and frenzied. Therefore, the heavy warhead ability made it even more efficient. With the mithril silver bullet, this ability would cause serious injury. For the Duke level or lower, if it hit directly on a vulnerable spot, it would be considered a spike hit!


This was the gift from Qian Ye to Wilde!


After having thoroughly checked the entire rifle’s body, confirmed that there was no obstacle to the target, Qian Ye then quietly moved inside the airship, and soon drilled from another opening. He directly pushed away a layer of garbage, and slowly came out.


In front of him, Wilde and Ye Tong were fighting for their lives.


This was a very good position as Qian Ye just came into the garbage dump because he could spot this ‘fancy’ place. The biggest advantage here was a thick layer of rotten organic matters, it was simply a natural barrier for vampires. Even a Count could not have figured out who was hiding under this trash field.


As for the rancidness and filthiness, Qian Ye didn’t care. Since the beginning of his memories, he had grown up in such a garbage dump. And if it wasn’t because of the existences of such huge garbage dumps, or the waste of the upper-class’s mainland, he could not have found enough food to feed himself.


Under the cover of the garbage, the Scorpion Telson’s barrel slowly protruded out, but immediately stopped after exposing its tip, and then slowly pressed down, and pointed to an open space. After all were done, Qian Ye patiently waited for his chance.


Wilde and Ye Tong suddenly separated and started staring at each other. They were all injured, Wilde was injured in his thigh, a deep stabbed wound piercing straight to his thigh bone. Meanwhile Ye Tong’s left arm had also appeared a big hole, it was deep enough to reveal her bone.


Wilde suddenly laughed with a greatly exaggerated expression, “You cannot get away now! With this much blood, no matter where you fled, those Black Night tribal soldiers will find you!”


Ye Tong said coldly, “You actually did cooperate with those big stinking dogs! The glory of the clan has been lost by you!”


“What do you know about? Wait until we pull your father down from that position and I’ll see how much longer you can look down on people!”


Ye Tong was about to say something, but her face had suddenly changed. From outside the garbage field passed in an elongated wolf’s howl followed by the appearance of some black wolves on the top of an airship wreck.


Qian Ye could not hear what Ye Tong and Wilde were saying because he was a few hundred meters away from them, but when he saw that ‘titled’ vampire politely waved at those black wolves, he could not help but changed his face!




This was another major mansion of the Dark Races. Their strength was slightly weaker than the vampires. Though from history to the present, and even in the visible future, the werewolf and vampires had been enemies for generations, and sometimes their hatred for one another was even worse than that of the humans. Therefore, it was awkward to see a vampire and werewolf standing in the same position.


This showed that Ye Tong’s identity was not simple so that both the werewolf and vampire needed to join hands to deal with her.


The emergence black wolves were huge and were the official fighters of the clan. They also had the strength of level two soldiers. One of the black wolves was enormous. From head to tail, it was up to four meters in length, and nearly two meters in height, not much different from a lion. This was the wolf clan’s elite fighters, with the equivalent strength of a level five human cultivator.


At this time, more than a dozen blood clan soldiers finally caught up and appeared from the garbage dump. On the periphery of their strength as level two soldiers, they still could win by their large number. They had intentionally filled up the blank areas for the werewolf fighters and blocked all Ye Tong’s escape paths.


The situation seemed to be very bad, this power contrast was completely dreadful. Even with a faster speed, it was still difficult for Ye Tong to escape the encirclement. Moreover, she was injured, and the blood dripping out was the beast tracking signs for werewolves track signs. In the wilderness, wolves were the best hunters, even more difficult to play with than the vampires.


Qian Ye did not think that it would turn out this way. Obviously all the high-level Dark Daces species hidden nearby had come out. It must have known that this place was still in the range of the Imperial Expeditionary Forces! The abrupt appearance of too many senior Dark Racial fighters would certainly cause the tough rebound from the expeditionary forces, most of the troops would be carried out here on the implementation of a thorough cleaning.


Places where the Expeditionary Army passed by, all the creatures would fall into hell, and so did the humans.


Places where the Dark Races were too active, the expeditionary forces tended to search for blood slaves among the local populations. Not even half of whom were found were really contaminated, trained, or refuged the blood slaves, and even a lot of were simply because the Expeditionary Army officers were not happy to see them as human but as a blood slave that was casually grasped.


Once the expeditionary army was sent out, the Lighthouse town would be destroyed by half.


But the future of the Lighthouse town was not what Qian Ye could be concerned about. With the dark blood surging more frequently and more difficult control, Qian Ye had got ready, when he could not resist his bloodthirsty hunger anymore, and wanted to kill for blood, that is, the moment when he would end his own life.


This was also the reason why when he heard Ye Tong talked about the high-class vampire, Qian Ye had insisted on going with Ye Tong. In his mind, it was indeed a worthwhile business to trade his life, a life which no one could know when it will end for a high class.


Used a level two soldier’s life in exchange for at least seven upper-class vampire, any commander would not have hesitated to have done so.


Qian Ye gently moved the muzzle, patiently locked on Wilde.



Preview Chapter 47: Kill

Buried under the garbage layer, Qian Ye was watching a group of silver flame blasted through the binoculars, and then he saw Wilde’s right leg was smacked off his body and flew up in the air. The object’s hissing sound echoed followed by a cluster of black smoke quickly filled up the area. Wilde himself was still rolling in the middle of the air after the blown up by the shot’s shockwaves.


This shot did not shoot off, but Wilde’s reaction was too fast. In the shortest time, he had made the most accurate decision and dodged the fatal attack. Only from this level of combat skills, he must at least be a knight.


The power of this mithril silver bullet was far beyond Qian Ye’s imagination. With this heavy warheads ability and the power of this gun, if he got the shot right at the main part of his body, Wilde would immediately die in no doubt.


Though Qian Ye didn’t have time to regret, without they eyes moving from the beginning to the end, he quickly pressed the second bullet into the gun chamber. When the Force loading was completed, he immediately pointed the gun to the position where Wilde was predicted to land. These skills of instant launching, instant aiming, and ultimate shooting was the result of Qian Ye’s hard times practicing.

What’s so special of Ye Tong that even an experience soldier like Qian Ye couldn’t recognized her vampire identity?

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