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Chapter 45 - Decisive Battle Field

Chapter 14: Decisive Battlefield


In another place of the valley, Qian Ye was lying in a scrub and watching after another vampire warrior who was vaguely approaching. That warrior tripped the tripwire which resulted in the activation of the trap, the silver foil bag suddenly burst open and lit up a cluster of bright silver flame.


The fox warrior responded faster than the other one. As the flash had just appeared, he turned his head away avoid the damages to his eyes. Therefore, his eyes weren’t hurt very badly, then he quickly retreated, and opened his eyes to look for the hidden enemy in the dark.


Qian Ye did not give him the opportunity to adapt to the situation. This time, when the vampire had just retrieved back, Qian Ye jumped up, waved his hands and threw out another bag. As the warrior opened his eyes, he saw a silver bag flying towards him from a few meters away. Then, Qian Ye pulled the thread in his hand, and another light cluster immediately lit up in front of the vampire’s eyes!


The vampire finally fell into the trap. He screamed, and instinctively covered his eyes.


Qian Ye took out the Kohler and grabbed it tightly with both of his hands on its body. He held the gun firmly and immediately fire right after every tremendous recoil. That way, he had continuously released the entire magazine of seven bullets with a lightning speed.


All the seven bullets had successfully merged into the vampire’s hands and face, but none of them could pierce through the hands that were covering his eyes, and the two bullets which hit his chin were embedded in his jaw, but had failed to penetrate the bone.


Qian Ye was chilled. Such a sturdy body!


Even the gunpowder weapons couldn’t have penetrated it at such a close distance. It meant that this body structure belonged to a senior vampire warrior, that is, only a Black Scorpion veteran could compete with this guy! If Qian Ye was faced with a senior warrior, it was impossible for him to prevail over a direct confrontation.


However, from the dark force power strength and the flexibility of his reactions, this guy was at least on level two. ‘Perhaps he has powerful special talents?’Qian Ye changed his mind, without hesitation he threw away the pistol.


The vampire that was bombarded had to retreat continuously as he was constantly screaming in pain. Those warheads had all been coated with silver, once shot into the body they would immediately corrode his flesh and blood, but Qian Ye knew that those bullets were only cheap silver-plated goods, he couldn’t get the real silver bullets were strictly controlled by the military. Even though, the real silver-plated bullets could have only increased the level of injury, not to the extent of it being fatal.


Qian Ye rushed towards the warrior, and then, like a ghost, he threaded to his back, and brutally stabbed the dagger into his back. After the dagger had brought a thin layer of silver that was impaled deep into the vampire’s heart, Qian Ye quickly retrieved it back.


That flesh warrior howled mournfully, struggled for a while, and finally still fell on his head towards the ground.


In the end, Qian Ye was able to sigh in relief, and the feeling of tiredness had flooded him in just a blink of an eye. The battle lasted for a very short time, but it had consumed almost half of his Original Force, and he had used all of his skills, which by all means were devious tricks and dirty plays to get this victory.


But the screams should have gone far and his companions must have bound to be vigilant. The next ambush was not going to be easy.


Qian Ye continued to search the body. In the pocket, he found a gold badge printed with a symbol of a new-moon and a scepter. Qian Ye had never seen this mark before. Perhaps it belonged to an ancient family.


Qian Ye put away the badge, and also took some crystal coinage known as the Dark Race’s currency.


Finally, he pried off the vampire’s fangs.


This time, he carefully observed it. This pair of fangs was longer than the one he took from the low-level vampire warrior he had found earlier, and the texture was more delicate and shiny, the venom hole which was used to suck up blood and inject poison was also bigger. These small differences added together let Qian Ye confirmed that this was not an ordinary vampire, but a senior vampire warrior.


Though, why did the senior warrior’s level, had suddenly dropped, from a level six down to a level two? Presumably, there was another reason. Perhaps it had something to do with their hunt for Ye Tong.


Qian Ye thought for a while and chose not to clear out all his traces. Instead, he only made one or two adjustments then quietly left.


Two senior warriors were killed one after the other, that ‘titled’ vampire would not let go of the hunter that easily. Therefore, these traces could give that vampire some false clues, thus misleading his judgments on Qian Ye’s combat ability.


These traces still had Qian Ye’s smell which a keen vampire could have easily tracked him down with. That was still Qian Ye’s final purpose. His real target was still that ‘big boss’!


From a distance afar, Ye Tong was a little surprised. Another blood bondage had just been broken. She now thought that perhaps she should have a little more ‘respect’ for that little guy called Qian Ye. Although weak, he was obviously cunning enough. Having continuously killed two elite blood warriors was on par to an experienced vampire hunter.


About half an hour after Qian Ye had left, a handsome young man appeared in the valley, and had frowned while looking at the dead body of the vampire. Also standing behind him were four vampires. At the moment, they were all trembling anxiously.


This man wore a tidy black tuxedo. The dovetail, bow tie as well as the linen shirt lace, every detail had been meticulously made as if he was about to go to a party. Under the scarlet moonlight, his boots were particularly shiny.


He turned around and looked at a middle-aged vampire behind him, sneered and said, “Is this what you call  qualified elite soldiers? Not mentioning that you guys still did not catch Ye Tong, but had also lost two of your men by the hands of a weak human being! I see that the family’s dignity is about to be lost by you!”


The warrior whispered, “Sir Wilde, their strengths were suppressed by the blood bondage.”


Wilde pointed his finger at the wound on the body and scorned, “They were suppressed to level two! Look at the wound, that human being is also at level two. Don’t tell me that you, the elite soldiers, having trained for decades couldn’t even win over the same level human! Are you about to tell me that it is a little kid! Hiding in that tiny town! Opened a little bar! In fact, was the Broken Wing Angel’s warrior? Or some other elite army’s soldier like  the Shining Sword, Red Scorpion, or War Flames?


Under the alternative question’s pressure, those vampire soldiers couldn’t even open their mouths.


Wilde sneered, and finally, he said, “This guy must die! But I have no such expectations of you guys, I will kill him myself!”


The captain was surprised and quickly spoke out his advice, “Sir! You have to deal with Ye Tong!”


Wilde proudly said, “Doesn’t matter, she cannot run. Even if they are both waiting for me, do you think that a level two human can affect the outcome of the battle between her and me?


Wilde glanced at the four and was about to say something, but suddenly he looked at the West and slowly revealing a twisted smile, “Oh, look at what news our beautiful saint of gore’s descendants had brought us! It was hard to believe that the noble and arrogant Ye Tong is moving closer to this side. Is she trying to join with that ‘level-two’ human being?


Wilde especially added the two words.


The captain bit the bullet and said, “Sir, please be careful!”


“Be careful!” Wilde revealed a grim smile, “Even if I was not able to catch Ye Tong, she could still not get away. And some of my favorite big dogs are coming. This area must be their paradise!”


“Werewolves? As for Miss Ye Tong…”


Wilde interrupted the captain’s words coldly, “The order I had received was to bring back Ye Tong, it didn’t mention that they needed her dead or alive!”


Wilde did not intend to act with the four fighters. In his point of view, since their powers were suppressed they could only drag his feet. Although he also had a blood bondage, his power was still at level five, equaled to Ye Tong’s.


There was no room for that little insect to participate in the battle between him and Ye Tong, but he did not mind to exterminate that little insect first before the decisive fight with Ye Tong. That would make him feel happy, and perhaps also ruined Ye Tong’s mood.


Just thinking of the scene of that little insect moaning in blood, Wilde suddenly had the sickened feeling of pleasure.


But soon, Wilde had found out that this hunt was not pleasant whatsoever, very unpleasant.


As Wilde tracked the smell all the way down a huge wrecked warship cemetery, his face became extremely ugly.


The giant ship wreckage in front of him was up to one hundred meters in height with the length of over a kilometer and was the human’s main battleship style after the War of Dawn – the KuaBu warship. Now, it had crashed here and turned into a small city of ruins.


The little insect was obviously very cunning. Otherwise, he would not have chose such a place to hide.


Looked at the dirty location, smelled the pungent fragrance of long time rusted metal and other rotten rubbish, Wilde touched his tortuous nose, smiled ironically and climbed into a power pipeline.


KuaBu type warships were worthy of its name. Just a power pipe was big enough for an adult to bend over and climb forward into it.


Wilde had climbed forward in the bent posture for a long time until he reached the other end of the pipe. Not until then did he find the new tracking clue – a piece of clothing. The taste was fresh, that little guy must not have left for more than twenty minutes.


Wilde immediately chased after. His speed was too fast for human eyes to see, just like a virtual shadow through the wilderness.


After a moment, Wilde suddenly stopped, his face looked even uglier. He could feel that little worm was now hiding in here. It seemed that  was his decisive battlefield. Although in Wilde’s eyes, it should be said to be the prey’s selected cemetery.


On the other side of the battlefield, Ye Tong had also arrived. Both she and Wilde were able to perceive each other’s presence, but now, her face wasn’t that much better than Wilde’s.


Qian Ye’s decisive battleground was the largest ruins and garbage dumps nearby the Lighthouse town.


This place secreted all kind of different nasty smells to the sky all year round. In addition to various kinds of garbage, there were several abandoned factories. Also, numerous huge warship wreckages were scattered everywhere. This area used to be the empire’s airship cemetery before the evacuation. After hundreds of years, it had gradually accumulated into a complex composition garbage mountain.


This place, for the inborn-with-tidy-obsession-and-extremely-sensitive-sensationnoble vampire, it was worse than hell.


Wilde’s face looked extremely ugly, though it was impossible for him to give up killing Qian Ye. Two elite blood soldiers had already died in Qian Ye hands. As their boss, Wilde had the responsibility to wash the shame.


“Little insects, you’d better hide yourself better! Do not let me find you out!” Wilde murmured, and finally stepped into the garbage dump.



Preview chapter 15: The Werewolf’s First Appearance


This was another major mansion of the Dark Races. Their strength was slightly weaker than the vampires. Though from history to the present, and even in the visible future, the werewolf and vampires had been enemies for generations, and sometimes their hatred for one another was even worse than that of the humans. Therefore, it was awkward to see a vampire and werewolf standing in the same position.

This showed that Ye Tong’s identity was not simple so that both the werewolf and vampire needed to join hands to deal with her.

The emergence black wolves were huge and were the official fighters of the clan. They also had the strength of level two soldiers. One of the black wolves was enormous. From head to tail, it was up to four meters in length, and nearly two meters in height, not much different from a lion. This was the wolf clan’s elite fighters, with the equivalent strength of a level five human cultivator.

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