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Chapter 44 - Instant Kill

Chapter 13: Instant Kill


Qian Ye fixed the equipped rifle for the final checking and tried to get the feel of it as soon as possible. It was not an ordinary force gun, but the Red Scorpion Corp’s custom-made-special-edition ‘Scorpion Telson’, and was also the standard issue equipment of a Red Scorpion soldier.


The gun prototype had originated from the Imperial ‘Firebird’ group which was characterized by high precision and great power with a force conversion rate of up to five percent. It was one of the top-graded Force Firearms. Moreover, the Scorpion Telson, was the specially redesigned version, and was readjusted to have its key parts enhanced in both accuracy and power, but the price that it paid was that firing speed became relatively slow.


This had always been the Red Scorpion’s typical style, instant kill.


Qian Ye gently held the gun, the feeling was so familiar as if it was the reunion between old friends after a long time. He did not sell a single accessory even during the most difficult times of his escape. After having settled down at the Lighthouse town, Qian Ye had buried it deep underneath the bar hall’s floor. He had not taken it out for a very long time.


Now, it was time to use this Scorpion Telson.


As a Red Scorpion soldier, Qian Ye’s final target was not those ordinary vampires but the strongest titled vampire’s.


Qian Ye carried the Scorpion Telson on his back, took out the Kohler pistol and installed it with a silencer. Then, as he left the bar, he followed the scheduled route to the rendevous point to chase after Ye Tong.


Not long afterwards, outside of the Lighthouse town, suddenly appeared a few vampire warriors. Their bodies were wrapped in a long black coat.


One of them sniffed the air and said in a husky voice, “Ye Tong has left this place, and she is heading west. We need to inform Mr. Wilde, but first, follow her.”


Another vampire warrior said, “West side? I remember that there was a new party’s secret base there. Is it possible that she wants to meet up with the new party? If so, it would become a good reason to attack us at this parliament.”


“This kind of thing is none of our business, those big men would take care of it! What we have to do is catch her and bring her back, if we fail this mission, we would have to take responsibility for it. And do not have me mistaken but I will never pay that price.”


The vampires began to run towards the West, they gradually spread out, formed a huge fan-shaped, and made a sparse but inescapable large net towards the direction that Ye Tong was headed.


They were running very fast, faster than any wild wolf, and such a run could have lasted days and nights without resting. They were the soldiers of vampires, strong racial talents, supernatural forces, also the human’s natural enemy.


On a branch of a big tree afar, Qian Ye was holding military issued binoculars and looking down at the darkness sight from a long distance. It was a typical night vision thermal-recognition binoculars. From the lens, he could see the shadows that rushed through the empty field like blazing fires with the help of the crosswinds.


This was one of the equipment that was distributed by the Red Scorpion, a multi-purpose tactical binocular, which had a special mode for vampires and werewolves luminous detection. Now, Qian Ye was having that mode on, with it, he could detect the unique bloody presence of the vampires. And then, Qian Ye saw some red figures that appeared in his kill range.


Qian Ye quietly counted the enemy’s numbers, “One, two,… nine in total! Well, they were really putting everything out, this whole ‘my name is Ye Tong’ was not as simple as she said she was! Hunter? Well!”


He scanned the wilderness again, and carefully switched it into the werewolves mode, but there were no suspicious targets that were found.


Nine vampire warriors and no traces of any high-leveled vampires, indicating that these soldiers were only vanguards, their chief was at the back. In this case, their strategy seemed to not hurry in approach, but slowly scattered and pushed the prey into a dead end, always remained tracked with the target.


This had matched with Qian Ye’s strategy. He was ready to entertain these Dark Blood bastards. Qian Ye put away his binoculars, turned over and let himself fall off the tree, then disappeared into the vast night.


Under the night sky, a feline vampire was carefully approaching a valley. This valley was small, but its terrain was complex. Also, there were thorny shrubs all over the places. Therefore, many scavengers took this place as their temporary home in the wilderness.


When the scavengers were camping, they would habitually set up some small traps around, but when they left, they had often ‘forgot’ to remove the traps. Therefore, after a long time, the valley became a rugged terrain full of bloody surprises.


Scavengers had a specific understanding of their job, they could see the trap marks that other scavengers had left. Unluckily, these vampires did not have such abilities. Therefore, he was sprayed all over with foul acid. Also, one of his legs was caught up in an animal trap.


He was extremely angry.


This little injury was nothing to a vampire, but the foul acid was what really made him disgusted, it must be known that vampires all had contamination fears! Though he must have carefully checked if the valley since it was a good place to hide. If Ye Tong was hiding here, but he had not found her out, they would have waited for him, and he would be subjected to the most severe punishment of the family.


So, the vampire warrior kept on complaining while probing.


‘I just need one scavenger,’ thought the vampire. He certainly would not have sucked those rubbish scavengers which were filled with dirty blood inside of them, but he would certainly be happy to take some time and tortured those devious human beings!


As he was walking, the vampire suddenly kicked a thin black thread. It had been tripped before he could have retrieved his foot!


The vampire frowned and looked around, waiting for the trap to work, and as long as he had noticed the trap, those scavenger’s tiny, dirty tricks would not have been able to do anything to him.


But as his eyes were wide opened to scan the surrounding environment, from a few meters away, suddenly burst out a silver flame and dazzling light that rushed towards his eyes!


The strong light suddenly lit up in the dark and had made the vampire who had a naturally strong night vision ability scream and cover his eyes!


That guy was a very experienced fighter. Therefore, when he was suddenly attacked, he did not think but immediately rolled off of his original point.


But when he just stood up, ready to open his eyes to see the surrounding environment, his back suddenly felt cold, a sharp edged dagger was bitterly pierced deep into his heart!


As the sharp knife emerged with his flesh, the warrior felt as if his entire chest was burning. He could even smell the charred taste from each breath that he took! At that very moment, a thought suddenly stroked through his mind, “This thing had been forged with a silver coating!”


He struggled in vain, but even the weakest of moans could not escape his throat because a strong hand had dead-strangled it.


The guy had finally met a strong opponent. Perhaps that was the most annoying vampire hunter. Only one with a very deep understanding of vampires could have accurately pierced straight through his heart with just one stab. Also, the way he had strangled his throat to prevent him from calling for help. Many inexperienced human beings would cover the mouth and then received a vampire bite, even if they had eventually killed the vampire, they would still have become a blood slave.


This warrior struggled for a few times then fell to the ground and no longer moved.


Qian Ye appeared behind him like a ghost, silently pulled out the dagger, then stabbed it a few more times on the dead vampire’s body. After that, he turned the guy over, pry  opened his mouth and looked inside. There were two complete vampire fangs. That was a sign of an official member of the family. And any mature vampire had at least a level two practitioner’s strength.


Qian Ye used the dagger and pried off the fangs and threw it into his backpack. Many imperial institutions would have given high-prices to purchase the vampire fangs as a reward for one who had beheaded the vampire. An official vampire warrior was enough to exchange the bounty for a full bag of the Empire’s gold.


Qian Ye searched all over his body one more time, took some valuable gadgets, and put it away his bag, the others were left alone. Vampire’s weapons usually had special tracking devices. Without suitable tools and methods, it was difficult to completely get rid of it. A moment of greediness and he would become a bright target for the other vampires.


He used a few minutes to get rid of all the evidences that had existed here, Qian Ye then searched around the valley, took left over foil packets. These packets could produce strong flashes and it could become a great weapon to deal with those superior night vision Dark Race’s creatures.


After having finished cleaning, Qian Ye left the valley. Half an hour later, he had run twenty kilometers and was now looking for a hidden cave to disguise himself.


Qian Ye put on his tactical gloves, carefully took out a silver bag from his backpack, trying to suppress the blood churning, he soaked the dagger in it for a while and took it out. After the liquid on the dagger had dried out, he put it back where it belonged. Just like that, he had finished getting ready for the next fight.


After that, Qian Ye closed his eyes to rest. Just the few simple actions earlier were enough to make cold sweat poured all over from his body.


In the distance, Ye Tong suddenly stopped. Her left pupil turned into a bloody scarlet and she saw herself standing in the field with seventeen faint blood chains spread out in different directions afar.


This was the blood bondage, only the strong vampires with pure blood could hold hands in this powerful secret technique. Through the blood bondage, one could connect with the target, and also used the strength in numbers to suppress both side’s Forces.


The more that the blood bondage had been increased, the better that the suppression effects were. Although the level of deterioration was on both sides, and each chain suppressed about the same amount of power, but for the controller party, they could rely on the sacrifices of a lot of cannon fodder to have oppressed a real formidable opponent.


And once being chained by the blood bondage, the target could never really escape. At anywhere or anytime, the bondage would indicate the direction of both the chasers and runners to each other. Unless the other end had all been murdered, otherwise there would be no other ways to escape.


At the moment, Ye Tong felt that her entire body had become lighter. One of the blood bondages had broken down. Obviously, someone had killed the vampire holding the other end of the chain.


Ye Tong took a glance around, “Did he actually kill one? Was it just pure luck?”


In her mind, Qian Ye was very weak. That human being’s strength was just comparable to a neonatal vampire, so fragile.


However, humans were quite cunning, and also fast in breeding. It was said that in the war of the dawn, many Dark Races heroes were buried underneath the human’s ‘sea of people’ tactic.


The vampires on the other end of the blood bondage were not low-level warriors. They each had the strength equivalent to the strength of a level six human practitioner. A level six soldier was already an Imperial Army’s Lieutenant and could give command to nearly a thousand warriors. After joining the blood bondage, their strengths were suppressed to that of a level two soldier.


At Ye Tong’s point of view, these high-level fighters, who had died in Qian Ye’s hand – a level two soldier, were afraid to die with their eyes open. [1] However, she stopped thinking at that point, those soldier’s fates were not worth for her to spend any more time to ponder.


She continued to run in the night and quickly rushed towards the west.


[1]: die with wither



Preview chapter 14:  Decisive Battlefield

In another place of the valley, Qian Ye was lying in a scrub and watching after another vampire warrior who was vaguely approaching. That warrior tripped the tripwire which resulted in the activation of the trap, the silver foil bag suddenly burst open and lit up a cluster of bright silver flame.


The fox warrior responded faster than the other one. As the flash had just appeared, he turned his head away avoid the damages to his eyes. Therefore, his eyes weren’t hurt very badly, then he quickly retreated, and opened his eyes to look for the hidden enemy in the dark.


Qian Ye did not give him the opportunity to adapt to the situation. This time, when the vampire had just retrieved back, Qian Ye jumped up, waved his hands and threw out another bag. As the warrior opened his eyes, he saw a silver bag flying towards him from a few meters away. Then, Qian Ye pulled the thread in his hand, and another light cluster immediately lit up in front of the vampire’s eyes!

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