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Chapter 43 - Final Hunt

Chapter 12: Final Hunt


Qian Ye shook her and felt that it was still as cool as ice, then he said: “Your name is very strange, but sound very nice. My name is Qian Ye, as for the surname, I have forgotten it. ”


“Someone forgot his surname ah.” Ye Tong smiled but did not ask more.


This was considered a formal introduction of the two people.


Ye Tong looked around, stared with her eyes for a moment at the grenade trap on the door, and then said, “As you see, someone wants to kill me. If it’s possible, you can give me some food, some of your best drugs, and some dope if possible. Besides, I need my weapons.”


“I have everything here.” Qian Ye felt weird.


Ye Tong looked natural and relaxed, but it seemed like she knew very well about his properties. The feeling like he was naked in front of her made him very uncomfortable.


A moment later, Ye Tong and Qian Ye were sitting inside the kitchen after they strived to eliminate a table full of food.


In this barren land, high-calorie foods were very precious. A few beef pots on the table were two months of Qian Ye’s food reserves.


Although the mysterious girl and the old man had left him a lot of imperial gold coins, at this lawless place of the abandoned land, this thing was not so easy to spend. Even if no one dared to plunder it, he could not use direct trade but could only find underground exchange lines.


Because silver had typical side effects on vampires when they came into contact with it, it was also one of the imperial strategic materials. The so-called silver coin was only a name, which contained only a small amount of silver, the main component was nickel. At the beginning of the monetary system, silver was used to make money in order to test whether people had been infected with the Dark Blood. Later on, silver concentration in the silver coins had decreased over time.


As for now, Qian Ye just need to use a little trick to make contact with silver coins in a short time and did not get affected. If he could, Qian Ye would rather take only a few hundred silver coins which would cause less trouble


Except for food, there were two glasses of wine on the table. Qian Ye took out a beautiful little vessel that he had always brought along with him and carefully poured out the liquid. This time it was not just a drop but an entire half vessel.


Ye Tong’s eyes flashed, she picked up the glass, smelled and said, “Imperial Elite Corps dedicated fighting dope? Oh, even though it’s not pure, but the main ingredients are all in there. I heard that this thing could turn a person into a killing machine on the battlefield. Did you make it? How do you know of its recipe?”


Qian Ye was secretly amazed of YeTong’s knowledge, but he could not tell her his experience, instead he vaguely said, “I have my own ways to do business. It’s not very difficult to get the recipe, just a few silver coins. It was not easy to collect the herbs, just be able to find a few of them in the vicinity, so I made some. Although the effect is not as strong as the original, it lasts longer, for hours. There’s a special effect that is to suppress the hunger that is caused by the Dark Blood.”


Ye Tong’s eyes became shinier, she grabbed the steel vessel and said, “Good thing! Can you give me the rest?”


“I also need it, and I only have this much. Oh, right, what type of people are chasing after you?”


She said as if nothing had happened while cutting the beef in her dish, “I am a hunter of an organization, the kind of person who specialized in hunting the Dark Races and then turn them in for the Empire. Now the people hunting after me are a group belonging to a vampire clan,”


In the beginning, Qian Ye just frowned his eyebrows. In this piece of abandoned land, the bounty hunter’s classification was slightly higher than the scavengers, but also just limited at that much. However, having heard the last word, he could not help but ask, “Vampire clan?”


Qian Ye’s voice suddenly trembled but it was unnoticeable.


“They are not blood slaves, but official vampire warriors which also include a guy at the Duke level!”


Qian Ye suddenly quieted down.


He swept clean the food in front of him, stood up, went to the stove and took the rest of the meat inside the pot, then continued to eat.


“I am going to flee away and maybe fight, so I need a lot of energy. Why have you eaten so fast? Wasn’t this far beyond your normal appetite?”


Qian Ye said coldly, “I’ll fight with you for a while, and I’ll send you to the West border.”


Ye Tong’s was even more surprised, “You want to fight with me? Don’t be kidding me, the people who want to hunt me down and kill me are real vampires. With such a weak combat skill like yours, do you want to kill yourself? Let me see… are you not even a level three practitioner?


Qian Ye’s heart quivered. It seemed like he could hide absolutely no secrets from under her eyes, but he insisted, “I have my own ways to deal with the vampires.”


Ye Tong frowned, “But I’ll be affected if working with you! I am not interested in working with the weak! You stay here, if I can escape, I will for sure give you the reward!”


Qian Ye did not like the way that Ye Tong talked to him. She gave him the neglected feeling of a big boss looking down her servant. Even though Ye Tong had said it out of good intentions, this attitude made him very uncomfortable. Moreover, Qian Ye had his own plan, so he ignored Ye Tong’s attitude and negative opinion.


“We just need to go along the route, keep our distance, execute separate operations, and do not interfere with each other.” Qian Ye had also frowned.


Ye Tong said again, “If we do so, you’re not much different from being bait.”


Qian Ye smiled and said, “Even if I’m bait, let see if those vampires can swallow it!”


Ye Tong stared at Qian Ye, the loss finally fainted off from her eyes, and revealed the hidden arrogance and emotionless manners. She said, “It seems you are very confident of yourself, but in my eyes, this type of self-confidence and stupidity are not differenced! A level two soldier is not much different from a little ant in a powerful vampire’s eye. If you insist on following me, then it’s up to you. I can only tell you that it’s a dead end in following me.”


“I have been long predicted to die soon, but I have stayed not only alive, but also living very well.” Qian Ye’s voice got colder.


Ye Tong frowned and said, “If you are trying to earn back your face and dignity in front of me, or to flirt with me, then don’t, because the weak actually have no dignity whatsoever, that I will fall for a weakling like you. Don’t die stupid, that’s the last advice I can give you, just because you had saved me.”


Qian Ye knocked on the table and said, “I’m not interested in you, I just want to get rid of those damn vampires!”


“That’s up to you.”


The conversation ended unhappily. The two silently cleaned up the food on the table. Then, Qian Ye spread a paper map on the table, drew a line to the West.


This was a winding road. It passed by two valleys, climbed a mountain, pierced through a large forest, and also went through an abandoned industrial area and a wrecked airship cemetery.


“This is the route to the west.”


“Why is it so complicated?” Ye Tong could not help but ask.


“The complex route helps to pick up the haunted bloody bastards behind your ass.” Qian Ye answered and used the pen to point on one of the little hills and said, “Our last destination is here. There should be a vampire clan living here, which used to a senior vampire family haunted. From their badges and operating style, they should belong to the ‘New Party.’ Amongst the vampire families, they are relatively gentle. Maybe you can have the opportunity to get ‘embraced’ and become one of them.”


Ye Tong’s eyes for Qian Ye finally had a little bit of interesting. She said, “You even know about the ‘New Party,’ it seems like your past was not very simple ah! You must not always have just been a little bar’s boss, right?”


“These are not secrets, and many people of the empire know them.”


“But there were not so many people who have found a vampire family’s secret base and ultimately not be detected. It’s impossible for a level two practitioner to do this.”


“This is not important. It’s important that… you may be able to get ‘embraced,’ you can continue to live, and if you become a ‘New Party’ member, there will be fewer opportunities for us to meet on the battlefield.”


Then, Qian Ye pointed on the map, “Remember the route, I will burn it soon.”


He looked at the time and said, “We’re starting in twenty minutes!


Suddenly, Qian Ye felt as if he was back in the time when he was at the Red Scorpion, brave and determined.


Ye Tong looked at Qian Ye’s map, his choice of the route, as well as the final marked blood clan secret stronghold, and finally began to have a little bit of curiosity.


Could this pitiful little guy really do something?


Time flew by very fast, in the middle of the night when the bell rang, the bar’s back door quietly open, Ye Tong left on her own, and soon disappeared in the dark.


Ten minutes later, Qian Ye followed. As for who was the bait, it was time to play.


Ye Tong gradually revealed her arrogant nature, directly refused to work with Qian Ye, and Qian Ye also had a lot of secrets that he did not want to let her see, So that there was this type, one after the other, lone wolf hunter mode.


In the wild, this was a classic tactic of the Red Scorpion Squad. Two masters of understanding and cooperation could have continued a few days of mobile warfare to kill a dozen of equivalent strength, Dark Races.


And so when Ye Tong left, Qian Ye opened the floor of the central hall and revealed a piece of stone with a pull ring at the bottom. When he opened the slate, there was a one meter long dark red suitcase.


Qian Ye put the box on the floor, and carefully toggled the password lock. Not until hearing a little click sound inside, was he able to have relaxed his face, and opened the lid.


Inside the suitcase was placed a force rally’s body and a variety of additional details!


The rally’s body was rough and heavy. It was covered with numerous original force patterns, and the patterns were covered with special black paint. This special black paint could block the light that was emitted out when starting the rally, but wouldn’t affect the force from the outside to come into the rally’s body. This thin coating layer was more expensive than a traditional high-precision sniper rally.


Qian Ye took out the gun’s body and skillfully assembled a rally that was about half of his size. This rally was painted all black, it’s accessories were readily available. The entire system was very sophisticated. Just quietly lying there and it had faintly emitted a murderous aura.


Qian Ye had been trying to avenge his Red Scorpion comrades who had died that night, but now the Dark Blood had become too difficult to suppress, he knew that he did not have much time. Perhaps a year was too optimistic, the most was only a few months.


So by now, Qian Ye only hoped that he could have dragged a few more vampires back to his pad before being swallowed up by the dark.



Preview chapter 13: Instant Kill

Under the night sky, a feline vampire was carefully approaching a valley. This valley was small, but its terrain was complex. Also, there were thorny shrubs all over the places. Therefore, many scavengers took this place as their temporary home in the wilderness.


When the scavengers were camping, they would habitually set up some small traps around, but when they left, they had often ‘forgot’ to remove the traps. Therefore, after a long time, the valley became a rugged terrain full of bloody surprises.


Scavengers had a specific understanding of their job, they could see the trap marks that other scavengers had left. Unluckily, these vampires did not have such abilities. Therefore, he was sprayed all over with foul acid. Also, one of his legs was caught up in an animal trap.


He was extremely angry.


This little injury was nothing to a vampire, but the foul acid was what really made him disgusted, it must be known that vampires all had contamination fears! Though he must have carefully checked if the valley since it was a good place to hide. If Ye Tong was hiding here, but he had not found her out, they would have waited for him, and he would be subjected to the most severe punishment of the family.


So, the vampire warrior kept on complaining while probing.


‘I just need one scavenger,’ thought the vampire. He certainly would not have sucked those rubbish scavengers which were filled with dirty blood inside of them, but he would certainly be happy to take some time and tortured those devious human beings!


As he was walking, the vampire suddenly kicked a thin black thread. It had been tripped before he could have retrieved his foot!

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