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Chapter 42 - Ye Tong

Chapter 11: Ye Tong


Regardless of his childhood at the Golden Spring training camp or later on at the Red Scorpion Legion, there was one regular course of spiritual charm resistance training.


The course which had combined both psychology and physiology training was extremely devastating. The maturity ceremony was not the end but the beginning. Its purpose was to create killing machines with flawless stoned souls.


Moreover, the more talented that a person was, the more stringent the instructors got and the more intensive that the training would get. In the end, the deeper that a person got into this process, the more desensitized that he became.


Qian Ye had been eager to master the most powerful authority as soon as possible. Therefore, he had always pushed himself to withstand every single training tasks at the maximum level. This course of charm resistance was not an exception. Although he didn’t become a psychopath, he was on the verge of collapse, Nan PoTian had to use his authority to cancel Qian Ye’s training in the end.


But he had never regretted of what he had to pay in the past training processes, the spiritual charming was an effective killer tactic of the Dark Races. People who were not strong willed would only have one path to go when facing against the Dark Race’s strong masters of spiritual charming: Death.


And what he had been looking up at was at such a strong level like Lin XiTang’s, surely not being of intermediate strength.


In the last test at the Red Scorpion Headquarters, Qian Ye had been able to withstand the spirit control and charm of a Soldier King in a short amount of time. It was impossible for the girl to be at such a level and that was the reason why she should have not been able to lure Qian Ye.


‘Should’, it was just ‘should’ only. In this world, there were many ‘should not happen’ things that had happened.


And the result was that Qian Ye had been lured and considerably in a very deep extent. Such a powerful charm had often left some hidden dangers and it was very difficult to be detected.


What was going on?


Qian Ye was very confused, this strange woman’s appearance had agitated him, but she was now obviously still unconscious.


Qian Ye did not dare to look at her again, afraid that he would have been attracted one more time. Yes, attracted, otherwise how would he have explained it? This worry was different from the hunger of blood. To him, it felt like the entire world was spinning out of its orbit and he needed to find something to help him to be able to stabilize himself.


Calm! In the spiritual charm resistance course, the first thing that the Red Scorpion instructor had taught to Qian Ye was to stay calm. No matter what he felt, he had to stay calm. If it was impossible for him to keep his calm on his own, then he had to borrow external forces.


Qian Ye began to consider what he had at the moment. It was impossible to face against such a terribly powerful woman without having any preparations.


Smoke, alcohol?


It seemed not enough, the strength was not enough, even if Qian Ye added more of those special doping liquid extracts, it was still not potent enough to be able to draw his mind away from being captivated by her beauty.


The woman was still in her coma and could still have caused such a force of attraction on Qian Ye so that he instinctively felt that he was very confused and possibly be in very great danger. Perhaps because of that little feeling of being alerted by the possible threat, Qian Ye did not completely fall into the trap.


The more confusion that there was, the more dangerous that it became..


Qian Ye had made a ruthless decision. He suddenly took out a syringe from a hidden drawer underneath the bar, injected all the drugs inside of his arm, and quietly waited for three minutes until it worked.


This was a Red Scorpion’s typical neuroleptic, its effect was simple and crude, which could have eased people in a short amount of time and turned them into a stone-like killer. This neuroleptic could also help with resisting the psychological impact that was derived from the spiritual charm, and it was also used to deal with the psychological difficulties caused by the trauma of excessive killing. It was his last dose in stock.


After the drug had come into effect, Qian Ye’s mind felt as if it was forming a barrier and protected his mind from outside influences. He quietly went closer to the girl and looked at her face. This time, it was a lot better. Even though her closed double eyes still had a fatal attraction, but the feeling that he was about to be dragged into the deep abyss had disappeared.


What Qian Ye did not expect was that even when he was so calm, he still felt as if that face had been the persistent face in his dreams. He always felt like he had seen her from somewhere, but was completely lost when trying to recall from when and where he had seen her from before.  Was it really just a dream?


However, Qian Ye could now resist the attraction of her eyes. Finally, he could observe her face longer. Her short hair was messy but perfectly matched the contours of the spectacular appearance, showing a natural cold and arrogant character… and under that icy cold face, was hidden the fatal temptation.


Her bloodless face looked like she was sick, her skin was as clear as the most delicate jade. However, Qian Ye suddenly found that her neck was abnormally reddened, so he reached out to touch and immediately felt the fiery hotness, but when his hand stayed there a little longer, his fingertips felt as cold as ice.


Qian Ye was startled, pale skin, abnormal temperature changes were the initial characteristics of the first stage to becoming a blood slave! He sniffed and smelt a very light blood scent. He immediately checked all over her body once again and found two tiny holes that carried black blood on the skin of her arm.


Qian Ye tore off her clothes, revealing the entire arm under the tide outfit. Sure enough, there were two deep circular wounds made by vampire’s fang!


After seeing the tooth marks, Qian Ye suddenly felt his heart twitched in a way that he could never understand, it was some sort of suffocated and weak feeling.


Such a girl was turned into a blood slave?


How long could she stay sane? Seven days, three days, or… one day?


After coming in contact more with many of the Dark Races species, Qian Ye had figured that in fact, being bitten by one of them wouldn’t necessarily mean being contaminated. Ordinary people had met more danger when they came in contact with the blood slaves because they did not have enough Original Force. Therefore, they were particularly vulnerable to the Dark Forces erosion. Though for strong people, little blood injuries were not fatal.


However, it was hopeless once a person had got bitten deep into his vein, unless he was ‘embraced’ by a higher level Vampire to officially become one of them. Otherwise it was not possible to escape the fate of becoming a blood slave. It was very rare for one to resist the Dark blood erosion and stayed conscious like Qian Ye.


Perhaps the legendary secret art of some of the Noble Families would work, and perhaps others could also try and save themselves, but the imperial policy of dealing with blood slaves had always been found one kill one, there were no such thing as mercy to talk about. Since a price was to be beheaded when polluted by the Dark Blood, this policy appeared to have absolutely no exceptions.


If it were six months ago, Qian Ye would not have hesitated to kill her even if he was attracted to her. In the Empire’s eye, death was a relief for a blood slave. Even if he was not heartless, which he was, Qian Ye did not want to see her turned into a bloodthirsty monster.


Though now, Qian Ye had long been different. He himself was a very good example. As long as one was determined, miracles, would indeed happen.


Qian Ye thought for a while, cut his wrist and put the wound close to her mouth. As expected, she had unconsciously attracted reaction toward fresh blood. After taking a deep breath, he had instinctively drunk all of his blood that was dripping down.


After the vampire bite, the desire for blood was almost unstoppable, but at the same time, blood was also a miracle cure for the vampire species. No matter how serious the injury was, as long as they had drunk enough blood, they would have been completely healed.


As she drank the blood, her pale face quickly turned warmer. When the blood on his wound stopped flowing out, her breath immediately became shorter. Seeing him painful, she raised her head unconsciously as if looking for something. Qian Ye cut his wrist the second time so that more blood came out.


Qian Ye had an immature conjecture. Perhaps he could suppress the Dark Blood inside of his body because there were some antibodies in his blood, giving her more blood might have delayed the erosion time of her Dark Blood.


When the wound was dried out for the second time, Qian Ye felt chilled, his face looked bleak, his vision became blurred because he had lost to much blood. Fortunately, she finally didn’t look as if she was in great pain but became a lot more comfortable.


When the girl’s face looked more lively, it suddenly exuded a fatal attraction that was even more difficult to resist. Even though had injected himself with the drug, he still felt his heart quivered along with every bit of her tiny movements.


Finally, the girl slowly opened her eyes and sat up.


She did not panic or expressed any violent reactions but calmly turned around and looked as if she was waking up in her own home. Her eyes revealed innocence and loss, but Qian Ye knew that was absolutely fake.


“Are you awake?”


She did not answer, but looked down at the bare arm, rubbed her fingers on her lips, tasted the blood with her pretty tongue, then look at Qian Ye and asked, “Did you save me?


Her voice was soft and a little lower than an ordinary girl’s voice, matching with the innocent eyes that brought a strange feeling.


“It seemed like it, but it’s not important. Though you are in a lot of trouble now…” Qian Ye was thinking carefully about what to say, he did not know how to talk to her.


The fact that she was now a blood slave was too cruel, and she was obviously very young, perhaps the same age as the Qian Ye, or perhaps even smaller. Could she bear such brutal news?


“What do you mean? You are saying that… I became a blood slave?” She was much calmer than he had imagined, and also understood a lot more.


“. . . Yes.”


Her eyes finally expressed a true feeling. She looked at Qian Ye and asked very seriously, “Then shouldn’t you kill me immediately, not save me?”


Qian Ye smiled bitterly, “Being a blood slave is not absolutely hopeless, you may still have enough time. My advice is that you can go to… the West. That region belongs to the Dark Races, there are also some vampire families living there. If you are lucky enough to meet a supernatural vampire family before you completely lose your sanity, you still can live… like a vampire.”


The girl’s expression became a bit strange. She asked with an interesting face, “Are you a human? You told me to turn myself into a vampire, isn’t it adding one more enemy towards humanity?”


“If you met me here, then, of course, I want to save you. In the future ‘if’, I said if we have the opportunity to meet again on the battlefield, I will kill you myself!”

He calmly said.


She looked at Qian Ye’s wrist and said, “You’re a strange guy! Saved me and will you still kill me in the future? Moreover, you had fed me your blood… you have a pretty good understanding about Blood Slaves ah.”


Qian Ye took out some bandages and covered the wounds while saying, “Everyone understands about the Blood Slave, especially in this damn ghost place! Here, almost everyone has the experience of their relatives or friends being turned into blood slaves. ”


She was silent for a moment, then stood up and reached her hands toward Qian Ye and said, “I understand, I am called Ye Tong.”


When she got up, her momentum had immediately rose from nothing.


Preview chapter 12: Final Hunt

Ye Tong frowned and said, “If you are trying to earn back your face and dignity in front of me, or to flirt with me, then don’t, because the weak actually have no dignity whatsoever, that I will fall for a weakling like you. Don’t die stupid, that’s the last advice I can give you, just because you had saved me.”

Qian Ye knocked on the table and said, “I’m not interested in you, I just want to get rid of those damn vampires!”

“That’s up to you.”

The conversation ended unhappily. The two silently cleaned up the food on the table. Then, Qian Ye spread a paper map on the table, drew a line to the West.

This was a winding road. It passed by two valleys, climbed a mountain, pierced through a large forest, and also went through an abandoned industrial area and a wrecked airship cemetery.


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