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Chapter 41 - Uninvited Guest

Chapter 10: Uninvited Guest


Although the town was still about ten kilometers away from her position at the moment, that fuzzy light was still clearly reflected in Ye Tong’s eyes. She hesitated for a second but finally turned to the light’s direction.


Around ten minutes later, Ye Tong was standing outside the Lighthouse town.


The gate had not yet been fully repaired. Of course, even if it was, and that ??five-meter height wall in front of her was absolutely useless. After she gently jumped, she had been standing silently on top of the town wall.


The bald sheriff was sitting a few meters away, hugging his wine jug and shotgun and had already fallen asleep. The heavy smell of alcohol emitting out of his pores showed that he had drunk a lot, and obviously was not alerted of Ye Tong’s appearance, but even if he were not drunk and full of vigilance, he would have never found the existence of Ye Tong.


Then Ye Tong took a glance all over the town. It seemed like miracle lights were flowing inside of her pupils. For her, the people inside this town were like blood supplements. They would have been useful towards speeding up her recovery process. However, there was no high-quality blood here, so she was disappointed.


However, Ye Tong felt a little more comfortable and released her frowning eyebrows. High-quality blood meant that it belonged to the tyrannical masters, she wouldn’t be able to defeat such strong people, not to mention, sucking their blood.


Then, Ye Tong suddenly saw Qian Ye’s bar. Although there were only a few parts glowing, even less shiny than a few days before, the darkness wasn’t an obstacle for Ye Tong to figure out the words that were written on the bar’s sign.


“Blossom Red Spider Lilies’, there are people who know about Red Spider Lilies in such a desolate area?” Ye Tong was quite surprised.


She jumped, easily skipped a few meters in the air like a canary, and gently landed on the ground. After she had made another leap, she was now standing in front of the bar’s entrance.


The door wasn’t fully closed, because of the Dark Blood’s sudden attack, Qian Ye was too anxious to find medicine and had forgotten about the lock on the door.


Ye Tong was also curious about the bar. She gently opened the door, walked into the hall, took a glance at the surroundings. No secret could remain hidden under her deep dark eyes. She even saw that in the middle of the hall under the floor tiles, there was a square hollow, which hidden inside of it, was a long suitcase.


She had no curiosity with the things inside of the box, in this hella desolated place, it was impossible to have any treasures. Instead, she was very interested in the owner of the bar. Not everyone knew about the Red Spider Lilies or understood the special meaning behind the words. Not even mentioning that it was very difficult to rely on the junks outside to have sewn up the materials and was still able to have made up such strong stroke of words.


Ye Tong went to the counter, but after walking a few steps, suddenly all she saw in front of her eyes were complete darkness, and an irresistible dizziness suddenly attacked her!


“What powerful blood shackles! Not good…” Before she could do anything to resist, her body trembled and fell to the floor. After that, she had lost consciousness.


Qian Ye was practicing in the bedroom. He once again completed withstanding the twentieth round of the original force tide and was hesitant to try and hit the twenty-first round. Suddenly, he heard a sound coming from the hall as if there was a heavy object falling.


“Thief?” Qian Ye felt strange.


The thieves in the town were all under Zhao Gongzi’s management, which one was so blind that dared to steal my stuff? Foreigners were even more impossible. They would rather go to the dwellings than to such special places like the bars or hotels. At this Abandoned Continent, a special place meant dangerous place.


Qian Ye quietly stood up, took out a military dagger, and then slowly walked out. His movement was gentle but stable. There were absolutely no sounds underneath his feet, even his breath and heartbeats were slowed down to reduce the probability of being discovered.


As walking into the hall, he saw that the new door had opened a small gap. Except for the floor, had appeared a woman lying on it, there was nothing strange.


Qian Ye did not hastily come close to the girl. Instead, he walked along the doors and windows to confirm that there was no one hiding outside, then, like a ghost, he went back inside. He did not close the door but wrapped a thin thread connected between the two door rivets, after that, he placed a small hand grenade on top of the trap.


If someone rushed in, it will surely break the silk thread, and then that person would taste the palate of hundreds of small steel beads.


After finished arranging a good guard and defense trap, Qian Ye slowly walked around the woman for  a full circle, and then came closer to her feet, after that, he gently touched her calf.


She had no response.


When Qian Ye gently stabbed the dagger in her calf, her body instinctively twitched with a small groan, but after that, there was no response once again. At that moment, Qian Ye was relaxed a bit. Her reaction was very normal, she had indeed fainted, not playing possum.


Of course, it could not remove the last suspicion that she was a true deceitful hunter, such an experienced hunter who could trick Qian Ye into her trap. However, Qian Ye had seen many Death Races faked their deaths, though their wisdom, was on the same scale as their strength. And a Dark Race who could have faked her death so well, did not need to play any tricks on him, she could have just killed him on the spot.


The Red Scorpion was indeed a trump card of the Imperial Army, but it did not mean it was omnipotent. Most Dark Race individuals had stronger strengths than the Black Scorpion soldiers, not even mentioning Qian Ye. Alone, himself, was just a young rookie at the bottom of the bottom. Human’s innate weakness with having vulnerable flesh was a big disadvantage once fighting one on one against any Dark Species.


After finishing the first round of inspection, Qian Ye began to carefully look at this woman.


She had short black hair, even now that she was curling up on the floor. He could still see that she was very tall with long legs. Also, she had a perfect symmetrical body without a trace of excess fat.


This body did not seem to be very sturdy, but was flexible and had hidden within it a magnificent resilience, perfectly fit and qualified for high speed. This type of soldier was the most difficult to deal with on the battlefield. The Red Scorpion’s deputy commanders were in favor of this body type, Qian Ye himself was also biased towards this.


Her body was wrapped in a dark black military field uniform that belonged to the Empire General Field Legion uniform style while her feet wore knee-long boots. She didn’t carry a lot of weapons with her, no firearms were found. There were only a knife and a bag hanging at her waist.


Qian Ye carefully pulled out the knife, and then quickly rushed back a few meters. He saw that she still had no response and he began to look down at the knife in his hands.


This was a very common multi-purpose knife with a serrated blade. Though its material was very special, it appeared to be made out of some biological bones. There was no traces of metal material along the knife from top to bottom, very heavy, around ten kilograms in weight, comparable to a small ax.


Qian Ye tried the blade, it was very sharp, similar to the military knives of the Red Scorpion. The bone-made material could help avoid the detection of many security systems, but this knife was so heavy that it would affect the owner’s flexibility. Though for short-distanced combat it would have become an advantage, the opponent might be fooled by its appearance.


Qian Ye tried and inserted it into the floor. A red beam flashed, and the blade of the knife disappeared to its handle!


The floor was made of hard bluestone, and there was a grille underneath it which meant the foundation should have had no holes under the floor. He did not push hard, and the knife went deep to its handle, was it an Original Force weapon?


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But then, regardless of how many Original Force tests Qian had put on the knife, it returned no responses.


Qian Ye took off the bag that was on her waist, opened it and took a glance. Inside of the leather bag, there were seven different types of throwing knives with multiple-blades. The knives were also made of some bones of unknown origin that had three protruding blades, and its blades were designed to be evenly split into three angles off an equilateral triangle. It had a central frame, fitted with ceramic bearings that could automatically rotate itself along with the deployed force, to improve the accuracy if it was to be hastily thrown.


The knives emitted a slightly bitter almond flavor which made Qian Ye more gentle and careful in his actions. This smell was most likely coming from a few highly poisonous toxins. Once it met his blood… Qian Ye knew that his immune system couldn’t persist longer than a few minutes. The ‘Art of Retaliation’ didn’t have any anti-poison or auto-therapeutic function.


There was also a mezzanine section in which was inserted a few pieces of neatly cut,  bloody crystals, it appeared as if blood was flowing inside of it and was emitting a faint bloody fragrance.


Qian Ye took the crystal, carefully observed it for a while but he couldn’t identify what it was, having searched all over his memory but it didn’t seem like he had ever heard of it. Just looking at the lively red fluid flowing inside the crystal, Qian Ye could feel the Dark Blood inside his body waking up and ready to make trouble.


Qian Ye was frightened and quickly put the blood crystal back to its place, buckled up the bag. At the moment, he figured out this bag had not been made from ordinary materials, once it was closed, all the bloody smell was isolated, and left none of the bloody trace.


Qian Ye squatted by her side and used his ten soft fingers to thoroughly search all over her body to confirm that there were no hidden weapons. After all had been done, he sighed relievedly and turned her over.


Looking her face, Qian Ye suddenly felt like his heart had missed a beat.


This was the most perfect face that the human’s imagination could fantasize. Language was just not enough to praise the beauty of it. The moment it appeared, that face had occupied Qian Ye’s entire mind and vision as if that indescribable face was the only thing that existed between heaven and earth.


The Dark Race did not lack beautiful beings, do not mention of the Vampire families, the mysterious and powerful Dark Magic Creatures also had many fabulous and gorgeous women. The true masters of the Dark Force, regardless of men or women, were all stunningly beautiful.


There were anthropologists trying to explain this phenomenon. They believed that in the same world, the strong ethnicities tended to have the consistent wisdom of aesthetics that the roots of nature had tapped into the Original Force.


Just put aside whether this theory was derived from facts, this phenomenon was the causing fact that both the humans and the Dark Races tended to arrest each other for slavery, especially those powerful and pretty creatures, which could also be sold for astronomical prices because they could satisfy one’s lust for conquest.


Qian Ye tried to calm down, but as looking at her once again, he couldn’t keep his mind from trembling. She did not open her eyes, but Qian Ye felt like he could see through those endless deep pupils and saw his entire body and soul being sucked and captured in the darkness forever!


Qian Ye was frightened. He unconsciously crawled back until his back hit the wall. Like an almost drowned person, he gasped in a mouth full of air, while sweat was pouring out all over his body.


He almost failed to recognize whether it was real or just illusory.


She was in a coma and was still able to lure Qian Ye’s awareness and almost made him believed the untruth to be true, what would it then become, if she woke up?


Qian Ye forced himself to calm down and carefully recalled the feeling. Suddenly, he found that it seemed that he was instinctively attracted by her appearance because it was Qian Ye’s dream of perfection. No, that was something even beyond his illustration. Therefore, it gave him such a strong impact and made him let his guard down for a minute. However, what was the beauty beyond imagination? Was there such a thing?


Spiritual charm! Qian Ye thought of that only possibility.


Preview chapter 11: Ye Tong

Qian Ye had made a ruthless decision. He suddenly took out a syringe from a hidden drawer underneath the bar, injected all the drugs inside of his arm, and quietly waited for three minutes until it worked.


This was a Red Scorpion’s typical neuroleptic, its effect was simple and crude, which could have eased people in a short amount of time and turned them into a stone-like killer. This neuroleptic could also help with resisting the psychological impact that was derived from the spiritual charm, and it was also used to deal with the psychological difficulties caused by the trauma of excessive killing. It was his last dose in stock.


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