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Chapter 40 - Night Light

Chapter 9: Night Light


The youth said with words grounded between his teeth, “Don’t worry! I can afford this lost! ‘Black teeth’ will come to your place tomorrow, and there will also be five mithril Original Force bullets as a gift for you!


“Thank you.” The man quietly left the room after finishing the sentence.


The youth came by the window, his eyes turned colder as he looking at Qian Ye.


Liu ZiFan also jumped off the round table.


He wiped the blood off his mouth and went to the front of Qian Ye. Without concealing the murderous will in his eyes, he coldly said, “What a powerful military fighting art, I didn’t expect you to be a real master. It’s a surprise such a person like you are willing to sell life for a ruffian. But boy, this thing has not been finished yet today, do you want to come for a bloody fight?


Qian Ye’s eyebrows slightly frowned and said, “Can you not afford the loss?”


Liu ZiFan was in a rage, “Virtual Fighting is nothing more than just a child’s game! It’s not the same as real life, dead or alive fight! What? Do you not dare? Or you are just a pretty-white-chick that is scared of blood?”


Faced with such a naked provocation, no one had expected Qian Ye to smile and said, “I really can’t see blood.”


Having finished speaking, Qian Ye went back to Zhao Gongzi, he looked down and no longer cared about what would happen.


Zhao Gongzi turned to Min’er and waved his hand, “Come here.”


Miner bit her lips and whispered, “I…”


“You are a person that belongs to the Lighthouse town, that is, my people. Come on!” Zhao Gongzi said gently.


Min’er had just intended to go when a dagger suddenly appeared on her neck, the dagger belonged to one of Yan Tiger’s thugs.


Zhao Gongzi glanced and the thug and said coldly, “I will only count to three, if you do not put down the knife, do not think of coming out of here alive!”


The color of that thug’s face switched swiftly between blue and white. He trembled for a while, and finally let go of the dagger. Yan Tiger was obviously done, if he still followed him, then there would only have been a dead end waiting for him ahead.


Zhao Gongzi smiled and said, “Yes, you are very smart, very obedient. I like smart and obedient people. Come, you will follow me in the future!”


The thugs immediately trotted over and bowed at Zhao Gongzi, “Thank you Zhao Gongzi!”


Min’er hesitated for a while but also came over.


Zhao Gongzi threw her a dress and said, “I like to do things from the beginning to the end. As long as you’re my people, even if you make a mistake but are willing to come back, you will still be my people. I, Zhao will never give up any brother! Let’s go home!


Liu ZiFan came up with something once again. He blocked Qian Ye’s way and said, “Want to leave? Not so easy! Tell me your background! No one can fool me!”


Zhao Gongzi frowned. As he had just opened his mouth, “Instructor Li…”


Zhao Gongzi had just spoke halfway and was bluntly interrupted by Liu ZiFan, “Roll aside! This is our Expeditionary Army business. What ‘thing’ are you that you want to stick your nose in my business?”


Zhao Gongzi’s face suddenly turned pale. He was just a spearhead of a town, even in that Black town he was just also at a second-rate class, how could he compete with such monsters like the Expeditionary Force? Even if Liu ZiFan was only a sub-authority instructor, he still could not have made someone like that angry.


This was not to say of how big Liu ZiFan’s face was, but how big the Expeditionary Army’s face was. All of the Expeditionary Army’s officers could walk sideways [1] at this place. If not Qian Ye had mastered a very high level of military fighting art, Liu ZiFan had already been killed by him with one shot. The military art was not something could have been sneakily learned by a person, he must have had some relationships with the army.


Qian Ye looked at Liu ZiFan, suddenly smiled and said, “Do you really want to tear things to a mess?”


Liu ZiFan’s face sank, he said coldly, “What does that mean?”


“What I meant was, if this thing really comes to the expeditionary army’s ears, things certainly won’t end well. However, do you think you will end up better than me?”


Liu ZiFan’s eyes squinted as he sneered, “I don’t understand what you are saying!”


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“Then I will make it clear! You have lost in the virtual fight, also, in front of so many people, you weren’t even brave enough to afford the lost and dared to say that the virtual fighting was nothing but a child’s game! Even if The Expensive Army’s face didn’t get a straight slap by you, do you think so many famous big bosses who had made their fame from the virtual fighting will ever leave you alone? The Imperial Army has always valued honor the most. What kind of punishment do you think you will get if what you have just said came to the ears of the executives? Look, I’m afraid you’ll have to come to the cannon camp!”


“You are really familiar with the Expeditionary Army, I am even more curious about you now,” Said Liu ZiFan with a solemn face.


Qian Ye answered casually, “It seems like you are too busy thinking, no wonder your fighting skills are so bad. People with heavy curiosities will die soon.”


Having finished, Qian Ye ignored Liu ZiFan, slightly pushed Zhao Gongzi back so they could leave together.


“Qian Ye, is everything ok?” Zhao Gongzi asked with concern.


“It’s ok.”


They had just left the underground fighting field when a man suddenly appeared by their side. He asked casually “You are called Qian Ye? What’s your last name?


“I have no last name,” replied Qian Ye.


When the guy had approached a distance of ten meters, he had instinctively stiffened his body, this was the automatic reaction against a strong enemy. The Force of this young man was unexpectedly strong, he was not simply just a level two cultivator.”


The young man smiled and said: “I am called Qi Yue. You are very good, even I was wrong, I had lost a lot of money for this, which makes me very unhappy. In this area of the Black town, If I’m not happy, then someone will have bad luck, but you are not the same! If you can follow me, I will be happy again.”


Qian Ye frowned and said, “I … will think about it.”


“You can, but do not think for so long. I don’t have much patience.” Qi Yue was not an entangled type of person, immediately turned around, and left.


Zhao Gongzi’s face turned dark, he suddenly sighed and said, “I am sorry, I had caused you a lot of trouble. You should seriously consider his proposal, I heard that … … although this Qi Yue is not easy to get along, he treats his people pretty good. If you go there, you might get a force gun.”


“Later, I want to go back now, I do not want to rely my own legs to walk more than a hundred kilometers.” Qian Ye said.


Zhao Gongzi patted Qian Ye’s shoulder, took the lead into the truck, then the two trucks roared back to its town.


When Qian Ye came back to the town, it had already been nine o’clock. Once getting back, he immediately rushed into his bedroom, took out a bottle, poured out a pill from inside of the bottle, and directly swallowed. Right after that, his face appeared a strange bright reddish color.


It was a kind of nerve-soothing medicine which reduced the pain of addictive symptoms. Qian Ye used it to alleviate the developing hunger every time the dark blood surged inside of him. It was somewhat effective.


However, this medicine could have only alleviated the symptoms, but not the antidote. The onset of dark blood was more severe as time went on, and this medicine was difficult to get, even Zhao Gongzi could only get a little bit of it with his wide connections.


Waiting for the hunger and thirst to be eased down, Qian Ye shook the bottle, the empty click-clacking sound showed that there were only a few pills left. This meant that until he got the medicine from Zhao Gongzi a week later, he could only rely on himself to fight against the Dark Blood symptoms.


Qian Ye exhaled heavily, started sitting cross-legged, and began to cultivate the ‘Art of Retaliation’. The pain came along with the Original Force tide surging which could somewhat distract him a bit from the hunger for blood.


Under the cover of darkness, this abandoned place was not as calm as it seemed to be. The crimson moon was still hanging in the sky that resulted in the entire wilderness being smeared with a layer of thick red frost. This Blood Moon period was longer than before, but people had already been numbed of this fact. It had no longer mattered when  the door of Hell would be opened. Before the fingers of death reached their necks, life still went on.


A few night wolves wandering in the wilderness seemed to feel something, erect their ears, and howled loudly. Seconds later, they suddenly turned and fled far away.


Under the night sky, a sleuth was rushing through the empty fields like a flash of lightning.


It was a slim shadow, pursuing right behind her were more than a dozen shadows. They were spreading out in fan-shape outflanking towards the girl that was running, obviously an idea of ??encircling.


The two sides caught up with the girl. Under the bloody moonlight, if a Soldier King was present, he would see that a dark red ripple linked them together.


The front shadow suddenly brake-stopped, then turned around and attacked!


The crimson moonlight reflected a very beautiful woman, the pale face added the sense of mysteriousness for her. Her pupils suddenly became ruby-like crystal clear, which reflected the shadows chasing after her!


The two chasers were suddenly pinned on the ground. They were completely unable to move!


The young lady approached them as fast as lightning, she swept her hands through the two’s necks and easily slid open their throats. Blood immediately splashed over an area of a few meters!


She looked at the other two hunters, when their images were reflected in her pupils, the two became stiff and fixed, and then their throats were, once again, cut open.


“Not good, tonight is a blood night, she is extremely powerful!”


“We are not her opponents now!”


“Retrieve first, she cannot escape anyway.”


The hunters slowed down, and the one that looked like the chieftain said, “Ye Tong! You are captured by our Blood Bondage, you can’t escape! Give up and go back with us so that you still have the opportunity to explain in front of the elders!


The woman who was called Ye Tong sneered, “You want for me to allow you to put my hands in those cuffs? Don’t even dream about it! Even if I want to explain myself in front of the elders, it must be later, after I kill you and your fellows behind!”


The leader was not angry, but said, “With the Blood Bondage, yours and our strengths have all been suppressed under level five. We are now approaching the human’s scope, if you continue to go forward, you must know of the consequences! Mr. Wild will arrive early tomorrow, and you will not have the chance then.”


Ye Tong grunted and coldly said, “Wait until Wild comes, then say it.”


The chief seemed to have made up his mind, he said solemnly, “Miss Ye Tong, not only us are going after you, there are other… holy blood race as well.”


Ye Tong’s eyes shrunk with murderous intent that had risen. She said coldly, “You had cooperated with those dirty wolves?”


The chief did not deny, he sighed and said, “You should know what the consequences are when they find you. Those werewolves are not under our control, it’s better for you to go back with us.”


Ye Tong sneered, “I will not compromise with those werewolves! If you guys do not leave, I won’t go easy on you anymore!”


The leader ground his teeth, waved and said, “Let’s go!”


More than a dozen lucky survivors slowly retrieved back and disappeared into the dark.


Ye Tong stood there for a while then she began to run at full speed, like a black flash, passing through the empty space, and went straight into the night.


In the vast night, suddenly appeared a little light.


[1] walk sideway: be arrogant


Preview chapter 10: Uninvited Guest

The door wasn’t fully closed, because of the Dark Blood’s sudden attack, Qian Ye was too anxious to find medicine and had forgotten about the lock on the door.


Ye Tong was also curious about the bar. She gently opened the door, walked into the hall, took a glance at the surroundings. No secret could remain hidden under her deep dark eyes. She even saw that in the middle of the hall under the floor tiles, there was a square hollow, which hidden inside of it, was a long suitcase.


She had no curiosity with the things inside of the box, in this hella desolated place, it was impossible to have any treasures. Instead, she was very interested in the owner of the bar. Not everyone knew about the Red Spider Lilies or understood the special meaning behind the words. Not even mentioning that it was very difficult to rely on the junks outside to have sewn up the materials and was still able to have made up such strong stroke of words.


Ye Tong went to the counter, but after walking a few steps, suddenly all she saw in front of her eyes were complete darkness, and an irresistible dizziness suddenly attacked her!


“What powerful blood shackles! Not good…” Before she could do anything to resist, her body trembled and fell to the floor. After that, she had lost consciousness.



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