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Chapter 39 - True Millitary Manner

Chapter 8: True Military Manner


In this chaotic era and chaotic place, the rulers were mostly people who had climbed up to the top from the mountain of death and blood by skill and power. In this abandoned continent, this was no place for useless dandies.


Instructor Liu had just given a shot and all the big bosses were all attracted. This was the battlefield killing technology!


To be compared, the first two bloody fights were just like the fight between two thugs, foolhardy. The other killer’s style had a lot of murderous aura, but lacked direct skills, simply not suitable for this type of close-range combat.


On the other hand, Qian Ye was of another style. He was very clever, always circled his opponent, and even cause many of the people to be dizzy watching him. However, seven or eight out of ten strokes were decoys, plus his beautiful body movements made the people doubt if it was  from the secret lore’s of a noble family. Not only the big boss, but even ordinary viewers were also thinking of the word ‘dancing’.


Instructor Liu’s style of fighting could be considered the most restrained compared to Qian Ye’s flashy play, but it was unexpected that the two were fighting a well-matched fight, the battle fell into a stalemate situation.


Although fighting in a virtual system, the Force field rebound was equivalent to a level one cultivator. After a while, Instructor Liu’s forehead was slightly sweating.


Qian Ye had revealed a lot of weaknesses during the fight, but Instructor Liu had always missed these flaws for some reason. The first few times could be said to be accidental but after more than two… if he could not figure out that the situation was not normal, he would not deserve to be an instructor anymore.


Instructor Liu’s face became gloomy. He finally understood that Qian Ye was a worthy opponent for him to put on his full strength. He suddenly shouted out as he was calming down his expression, his breath turned deep like he was getting ready for a protracted fight.


Instructor Liu’s solemnness made many people of the audience surprised, so they began to look at Qian Ye carefully.


In one guest room, a big boss slowly said, “This guy is not simple.”


Another person that was sitting nearby was a young man, heard the words, he turned around and laughed, “Do you think Liu ZiFan will lose? He’s the Expeditionary Force active fighting instructor.”


“Identity does not mean anything.”


The young man looked at Qian Ye as if he was a joke, “I am more in fond of Liu ZiFan. Should we make a bet?”


The big boss with his face completely swallowed in the dark, nodded and said, “Fine.”


The youngster smiled and said, “Small bets are boring. How about this? A hundred Empire gold coins?”


“As you said, small bets are boring. In addition to a hundred gold coins, I also want your ‘Black Teeth,’ how about that?”


The young man’s eyes were filled with murder and then slowly converged, said lightly, “If you are willing to bet your ‘ Burning Fire’ I should have no problem with that.”




The two rooms were quieted down, the two guests no longer chatted, but instead, concentrated on watching the fight.


The fight had been carried out for fifteen minutes and there was no sign of the end. The two fighters were sweating all over their foreheads, but there was no sign of aliasing or deformation whatsoever, it seemed like they could have continued to fight for one or two hours without any problems.


Once stimulated the Force Node, one’s physical strength would have enhanced magnificently. Therefore, their physical strength was also far more than ordinary people’s in a long battle, a level one soldier could often behead dozens of ordinary soldiers and still had the spare capacity to continue the fight.


Liu ZiFan was still in the military training style. Qian Ye was still moving about in his detailed, gorgeous fancy footwork style, but began to cut down a lot of his jumping and rolling movements.


The audience did not have much to cheer for but no one was impatient.


This was like a fighting course. Many people were learning and trying to predict the two side’s movements, it was quite a good income. Qian Ye was using various small combat tricks which were also very valuable in the real battlefield.


However, Tiger Yan started to feel his ass burning. He suddenly turned to a man behind and said something, the man then immediately left. A moment later, he returned, dragging a woman behind his hand.


It was a young and beautiful woman. Moreover, she had a wild temptation of youth, even in a big town as the Dark town, she could be considered the number one beauty. Her face looked pale at the moment as she was dragged into the fighting field, being pulled over towards Tiger Yan’s side.


Tiger Yan suddenly raised his voice, “Boy! You are called Qian Ye, right? Take a careful look at this woman, she seems to have some relationships with you!


Qian Ye turned around and was stunned all of a sudden. It was no one else but Min’er who was standing by Tiger Yan. She had never left the Lighthouse town, why was she here at the moment?


And just by that little moment, Qian Ye had slowed down a beat. Immediately, Liu ZiFan seized the opportunity, swept out his leg and made Qian Ye staggered. In a flash, Qian Ye was hit a few more times before they could split off of each other.


Qian Ye’s virtual fighter had appeared a few red spots, they were his injury determinations. Red spots had meant that that part of his body had become useless. Once the vulnerable places on his body such as head, chest, lower body and other weak spots were all read, he would fail.


Zhao Gongzi was angry. He stood up and shouted, “Tiger Yan, What a shame of you! Really? You want to play that dirty of a trick on me?”


Tiger Yen laughed, “I didn’t intentionally mean to make that brat to lose! Qian Ye, did you hear me? Give me a hard fight, beat him up to death! Go on! Ha ha!”


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With a long arrogant laugh, Tiger Yan had stood up, pulled out a knife, and started from Miner’s collar, he slit down a long straight scout! Scoff! Her shirt was all cut opened. He then tore off her jacket and pushed the girl up to front to the most exposed place in front of the viewers.


Min’er unconsciously covered her chests with both hands but unfortunately suffered a slap.


“Who allowed you to cover up? Just a bitch, since you have collected my money, but you’re still also equipped with that fucking innocent face? Put them down!” He roared.


Min’er’s face turned pale, the side of her face which had been slapped had swollen up quickly with blood that was constantly dripping out of her mouth. She trembled, but there was no other choices left, she let go of her hand desperately and let the audience look at her body freely.


From the fighting field came a few whistle sounds, Qian Ye’s virtual fighter was added two more red spots, the real Qian Ye’s mouth had also swollened up and started to bleed. It must be remembered that the Force rebound was always equaled to a first level cultivator.


Seeing this, Tiger Yan suddenly laughed, the knife was inserted into Miner’s waist once again and shouted, “Gentlemen, do you wanna see something exciting? This whore is not cheap at all, it costs up to a silver coin to sleep with her a night!”


Even in this Dark town, the price was not cheap. Min’er had an excellent appearance, an attractive body, also, a superior price. Many spectators had already made crazy noises, whistles sounded came from every corner of the battlefield.


Zhao Gongzi’s face became livid. He stared at Min’er fiercely for a while before saying to Tiger Yan “Well, very good! Consider yourself ruthless. After this, wait for me!”


Tiger Yan pointed his middle finger at Zhao Gongzi and laughed like crazy, “After losing this fight, what else do you have to challenge me? It’s kind enough of me not to take your pants off!”


In the guest room, the young man smiled and said, “Tiger Yan is shameless enough! What do you think? If you feel unfair, I’ll let my people take the woman away and make them fight again?


The man said coldly, “No, if a woman can distract him then he didn’t deserve my bet.”


“Right? Then we will continue to watch.” The youth sat down.


On the fighting field, Qian Ye had just avoided a fist of Instructor Liu’s, and by the second they switched positions, he suddenly looked at Tiger Yan and said, “I heard you had placed a big bet on this fight.”


Qian Ye’s voice was extremely calm, it passed through the noisy crowd into Tiger Yan’s ears, and the people’s heart suddenly felt cold.


Tiger Yan immediately jumped up and cried, “What’s the problem with that? It’s not possible for me to lose!”


Qian Ye’s mouth slightly trembled as if it was the lightest smirk that he could expose at the moment, “Really, then you must lose it!”


On the fighting field, Qian Ye suddenly retreated and then suddenly he changed his fighting style from very fast to very quiet!


Liu ZiFan’s head suddenly rang out a loud alarm, it was as if one was being stared at by a wolf! Under the opponent’s murderous aura stimulation, he could no longer suppress himself. With a roar, he suddenly threw himself towards Qian Ye!


At the same time, Qian Ye roared lightly, using the resilience of his waist, he directly stopped the rushof Liu ZiFan’s for the first time during the entire fight! Two people had just slammed right into each other without any other fake movements whatsoever. They had started to attack at each other like tornadoes sweeping through the fighting field!


Bang! The audiences all stood up, even the young man in the guest room also shout out loud and could not help but stand up, rushed to the window to look at the battle more clearly.


At this moment, Qian Ye and Liu ZiFan were as if they were sticking at each other, the fighting style that they used at the moment were exactly the same. Punches, knee hits, elbows, every move went straight to the critical, fatal position!


Qian Ye was using the exact same military fighting art as Liu ZiFan, but every move had always finished before the other, a few of them had broken Liu ZiFan’s posture, crashed into his chest, then Qian Ye’s left elbow was as fast as lightning, striking his chest three times.


All of his hits had striked the target perfectly!


Three striking hits that almost came together, became the long string that echoed throughout the entire fighting field.


Qian Ye’s first elbow strike had already made Liu ZiFan’s chest turned red, the second one had made his body turn into a complete red, and the third elbow had directly disillusioned Liu ZiFan’s virtual warrior!


The young man in the room clapped his hands on the window frame and yelled with a broken voice, “What a magnificent military style! This guy is a real master!”


Even he himself was gaffed, and the audiences were all silenced for a moment. Only after a while, the cheering sound blew up the entire fighting field!


On the round table, Liu ZiFan’s face was flushed from being hurt. Suddenly, he spat out a mouthful of blood! Although he had the strength of a level two soldier, the rebound was equivalent to a full blow of a level one Combat Force. Moreover, that was three hits in a row, no matter how strong he was he still could not have afforded to stand such a power. As a result, he had gotten seriously injured


Qian Ye was still calm as always, his eyes did not reveal any little traces of fluctuations. Only when looking at the blood stains on the fighting field, deep inside his pupils had revealed an unnoticeable bloody temptation.


This time, he had let loose of his hand, but was still standing straight with his legs spreading consistently apart, the exact same military posture as Liu ZiFan. Then, he turned to look at Tiger Yan and asked gently, “Lose happily now?”


Tiger Yan was stunned, he had simply lost the ability to speak.


This flop had cost him too many things, just the ‘Liu ZiFan’ fee was expensive enough, not even mentioning about paying the fee of ‘favor’ and also the loss of the bet.


Old Tiger Yan had lost five years of his total income! After this failure, he had no longer had the face to take control of his ‘nest’ at DongXing town. He didn’t even have enough time to seek for revenge, it wouldn’t have taken long before Zhao Gongzi, and his people came to his door. It even if Zhao Gongzi did not do that, other ‘vulture-eyed’ parties would have done so.


Inside the two adjacent rooms, that always-hidden-in-the-shadow man seemed to finally have a smile and said, “It seems like my eyes are still pretty good!”


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