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Chapter 38 - The Arena

* Note: From now on, Dark town will be changed into Black Current city



Chapter 7: The Arena


After passing the gate, the trucks continued driving to the east stadium where a bunch of abandoned plants gathered. That was a perfect place to do some sneaky things, it was also where the Black Current city’s underground fighting ring was located. Most of the villager’s disputes around the town occurred here.


The owner of this underground fighting field was said to be a big boss of the Expeditionary Forces. In this continent, the Imperial Expeditionary Force was like an unrivaled ancient monster, this land’s ‘de facto king.’ Therefore, no one had dared to cause trouble at this underground battlefield.


Five tall buildings stood neatly together, each was up to ten meters in height with an area of two hundred thousand square meters. The five buildings together had formed a magnificent aura. These alloy steel and concrete monsters had experienced countless of wars and were still standing firmly. Just from the glorious size of these buildings, one could recall how splendid the Empire’s industry was once in the past.


Unfortunately, later on, with the study of the Original Force, people had developed the derivative technology to extract black crystals from the Blackstone. Therefore, the first generation with the representation of Blackstone and steam power had gradually stopped moving forward, there were no longer outstanding technical inventions in this field of study.


The second generation of energy technology, which used black crystal energy to simulate the Force’s energy, was known as the Original Power, but this technology was limited by the environment’s limitation, especially in the lower continents. This case, as the empire’s currently most powerful energy, of course, the Original Power was considered as strategic materials and was strictly controlled.


Of course, the real reason which had hindered the use of black crystal technology was its price.


The Original Power device was too expensive. A set of chariot engine could have bought the entire Lighthouse town. Even in such a place where land as well as humans had no value, a town was not a small fortune. Especially, with these kinds of smuggled goods, once it had left the upper continent, the price would have turned over a few times.


Qian Ye wrapped his windbreaker tightly and followed Zhao Gongzi into the underground fighting field. He was responsible for the virtual fighting part, which was the battle of the fighting skills. There was no need for blood. Typical disputes only needed one virtual fight, but since this was a big bet, it would have an addition of two bloody fights.


In his formal wear, Zhao Gongzi walked to the left side of the fighting field, where there was a sofa and sat down, then he lit up a cigar. With his eyes slightly squinted, he looked at the opponent on the other side of the fighting field.


Sitting on the opposite side was a middle-aged man with a fierce looking face, his bare arms were covered with tattoos, and his opened shirt revealed a chest full of scars.


The fighting field which had around a few hundred seats was now full of audiences at the moment.


There was a few guest rooms upstairs, from there the viewer could watch the entire fighting scene clearly. The room was made of one-way glass, which could be seen from the inside out but not the other way around. This room was for V.I.P only, it was said that the owner of the field would come to watch the battle once in a while, but only the ‘battle of the century’ could attract him. The one like today’s village level of fighting, of course, could never move this big man.


As the time came, the bells of the underground fighting field immediately rang, and the three referees quietly got into position. They all had the same expressionless face and obviously were level two soldiers. The referees were also the order maintainer.


The central one was wearing a special pistol, from its body, one could clearly see the original force pattern. With this Force gun, his authority was surely guaranteed.


Qian Ye used his eye to sweep over the three referees for a moment then retrieved and quietly stood behind Zhao Gongzi. In Qian Ye’s judgments, the three referees could have easily killed the people of both side’s combined.


With the premise that Qian Ye was not a part of such an event.


At the meantime, a referee announced loudly, “The fights start!”


Zhao Gongzi exhaled a mouthful of smoke, then exposed an evil laugh while saying, “Yan Tiger, since you dare to bet so big, we should have some bleeding first, don’t you think?”


Yan Tiger suddenly laughed with a deafening voice, and then slapped on his thigh heavily, “Bleed? Well! It’s my most favorite past time, being able to see blood! Zhao, don’t pee in your diapers then! Dare to fight with me then I will cut off your hands and feet sooner or later. I’ll put you in a pit and let you whine for a few days before you die!”


Zhao Gongzi breathed out another breath of smoke and said leisurely, “Many people want me to die. Unfortunately,, I’m still alive, well and healthy, but those guys I don’t know where they had gone. Oh, maybe it will not take long, and you will disappear inexplicably as well, who knows?”


Yan Tiger grinned, all the scars on his chest were trembling, “Well, I’ll see if you can make me disappear! Do wanna you go first and chop off that kid’s claws for me?”


Two guys behind Yan Tiger immediately stood up and walked down to the fighting field. Their footsteps were firm with emotionless expressions. Looking at the hands which were covered with sections of calluses, one could know at a glance that they were murderous and as ruthless as heartless stones.


Looking at the two, Qian Ye’s heart slightly sank. The two people who were obviously bloodless soldiers were probably elite veterans of the Imperial Expeditionary.


Qian Ye’s eyes immediately took a fast glance at the man behind Yan Tiger, then once again, before he fastly retreived his gaze.


It was an ordinary looking man, he was more than thirty with a buzz cut, except for his knife-sharp eyes, he seemed to have nothing special. However, Qian Ye had figured out that he only sat on half of the stool with his straight waist, evenly spread legs, hands on knees, as steady as a rock. This sitting posture clearly revealed that he was a military master.


He seemed to feel Qian Ye’s gaze and looked back at him but did not appear to find out anything. Under the dark blood’s torture, Qian Ye had changed from his temperament to appearance, and now he just looked like a handsome boy, no one could find even just a little murderous aura of an elite Red Scorpion on him.


As Zhao Gongzi saw the two burly guys walking down the stairs, his eyes slightly twitched while his hands stopped midair for a moment. In the end, he still pointed at the field and said, “Chop them up for me!”


The two who had went in the same car with Qian Ye also stood up, walked into the field, and each person picked an opponent and began the confrontation.


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The bells rang three times, four people had pulled out the weapons at the same time and rushed towards their opponents!


Bloody fighting allowed fighters to use daggers, gloves and other short-edged weapons. One person on Zhao Gongzi’s side used a zigzag dagger while the other one used the double blink daggers. On the other hand, Yan Tiger’s side were  all using a triangular military bayonet.


The four were all at their first level of cultivation, regardless of their speed or power, they were obviously faster than ordinary people, the war had just started, and blood was splashing everywhere!


The one with the double daggers sent out his fists like the wind and instantly stabbed more than a dozen wounds on his opponent. However, the other guy had already protected his vulnerable parts and didn’t care about his wounds but focused on using the military bayonet to attack. Finally, his weapon struck directly into his opponent’s heart, went through the rib and revealed its sharp edge out in the air!


Instant kill!


This was obviously a militarized style. Qian Ye’s heart immediately missed a beat, but he soon calmed down.


Fortunately, the other guy on Zhao Gongzi’s side was a true master, he took advantage of the opponent’s gap after the big hit, suddenly threw away the dagger, captured his opponent in one hit, twisted, and broke his arm. Then, like the wind, he took off that guy’s four limbs, twisted his neck and evened out the fight.


This person was actually a master of bare-knuckled fighting. However, he did not use such things as spiked brass knuckles. Instead, he carried the dagger to the fight to fool his opponent to rush so close to him, a master of close combat. Therefore, that guy had to pay a big price. It could be seen that this guy was not only ruthless but also devious.


Yan Tiger and Zhao Gongzi were all frowning their eyes. It was not easy to find fighters who had reach level one of cultivation, each of them required a price one way or another. Now that both side’s fighter had each fatally lost a fighter, theirs owners, of course, were extremely pained.


Yan Tiger grunted, “Zhao, consider yourself lucky! Now that we have one fighter left each side, let’s see what the result will be like!”


Zhao Gongzi was a lot more relaxed and he said with a smile, “You know that I have a good player and you still dare to fight with me in close-ranged combat? I think you’re too old and easily get confused, it is better that you just give me your area now!”


Yan Tiger looked at Qian Ye and grinned, “You think I’m just a little kid? Anyway, not only you have good fighters! Instructor Liu, go and teach that bastard a lesson!”


The ordinary looking man stood up and went to one end of the fighting field. His steps were stable and equal with the width of his shoulders, every movement was reduced to the simplest, truly the typical style of an Imperial veteran.


“Is it really an instructor of some legion? Probably an instructor of some Expeditionary Force’s squad?” Qian Ye quietly thought. He took off the long coat, went to the other end of the fighting field, and stood on a round table.


Two staffs went on and started the switch, for a moment, the power demand for the entire fighting field had caused the lights to go off for a moment, and then gradually returned to normal.


The round table under Qian Ye’s feet appeared a green light circle that enclosed him. When the light curtain rose, the fighting field in front of him at the same time composed a green imitated soldier. Across his round table, there was also a virtual warrior on the other side of the field.


This Virtual Fighting System was the product of the Empire’s Original Power technology, which could perfectly capture the player’s movement on the round table and synchronize them into the virtual warrior, all of which were exactly the same.


The Virtual Fighting System’s first purpose was to study the extravagant effectiveness of the special combat skills. These skills, once used in the real battlefield would create either serious or fatal injuries and wasn’t able to give any useful data on the studies. Also, due to the virtual warrior data consistency, both sides created an absolute fair environment for the effective training of combat skills.


The Virtual Fighting System had existed for more than five hundred years and had helped trained countless of combat warriors for the Empire. Until now, it had spread to every corner of the Empire’s territory even the Black Current city had gotten a set although it was only the most basic version. It was said that the real advanced Virtual Fighting System could have even simulated the Soldier King level.


Because of the important role of the Virtual Fighting System, the Dark Races had paid a big price four hundred years ago to steal the design of the system and began to build their own system. In the end, both sides stood on the same starting line once again.


Qian Ye raised his fist, and the virtual warrior in the field also raised its fist. Two virtual fighters approached each other and then threw out a punch. Qian Ye felt cold as he received the Original Force that was reflected. On the other side, the man also looked at Qian Ye seriously.


The boxing was the pre-starting test of the Virtual Fighting System before the fight. Qian Ye gave the referee a gesture indicated that everything was normal. That the fight could now start.


Two virtual warriors began to circle each other around as in a real fight. Qian Ye had already been familiar to his bone with this system when he was in the Red Scorpion Corps, and if the opponent was a real Expeditionary Forces instructor, even if he was a retired one and went down to this most grassroots place, he should have a lot of experiences with this thing.


The two were testing each other for a few laps. Suddenly, they made a move at the same time and rushed towards each other!


Instructor Liu’s move was simple and straightforward, using brute force, wide and open, regardless of punches or kicks, they were all aimed at the most important points, it was totally based-on-speed-to-win style with barely any tricks.


This was also the military fighting style, which looked simple but was really hard to win over. His way of fighting was calm and full of experience, there were barely any flaws in his every movement, including moving forward or backing up, even if there was a tiny flaw, it would automatically be canceled by the system’s delayed feedback. It gave him enough time to make it up by the next move. Therefore, it was difficult to have taken advantage of the system.


Most of the audiences had a certain level of understanding about fighting skills. At the moment some people began to taste the excitement, and started to cheer loudly.


The guest room also had someone who began to be seriously concerned about this battle.


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Preview chapter 8: True Military Manner

Tiger Yan suddenly raised his voice, “Boy! You are called Qian Ye, right? Take a careful look at this woman, she seems to have some relationships with you!

Qian Ye turned around and was stunned all of a sudden. It was no one else but Min’er who was standing by Tiger Yan. She had never left the Lighthouse town, why was she here at the moment?

And just by that little moment, Qian Ye had slowed down a beat. Immediately, Liu ZiFan seized the opportunity, swept out his leg and made Qian Ye staggered. In a flash, Qian Ye was hit a few more times before they could split off of each other.



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