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Chapter 37 - Dark Road

Chapter 6: Dark Road


The sheriff himself was responsible for one end, Qian Ye and One-eyed were responsible for the other end. The three people exhaled, together with the force, the door that was lifted up the tower had weighed a ton.


Although One-eyed had not yet ignited his Force node, his cultivation level was almost there. Moreover, his talent was the Strengthen Power, and Qian Ye had shown the stable strength of a first level soldier, it was just perfect.


Seventeen-years-old and to be a first level soldier were things that made people envy, but a seventeen-year-old of a level two soldier was not the same. How could a person who had qualified to join the Imperial Special Corps ran to this barren land to open a little bar?


At eight o’clock in the morning, the three were tired and exhausted. However, the gate had been repaired half way, and the new power boilers frame of the half-scattered one was on the way here from the big city.


Even with the fastest speed, the new part wouldn’t come until next week. And the sheriff, he would have to worry for another whole week.


At the moment, the upper continent had long been brightened up, but at this abandoned place, some of the upper continent’s trajectories had just perfectly lined up above the sky, and blocked the sun away from shining down.


Every day, this place could only have sunlight from 10 am to 3 pm, the rest of the time was as dark as night.


In the night sky, the scarlet moon was still hanging there as if it had never gone away. There was a legend, as long as the red moon was still present, there would be disasters. When the bloody moon was the roundest upon the sky, the Dark Races would have their powers enhanced. Also, the wild primitive beasts would become more violent and fierce.


After seeing the bloody moon above in the sky, Qian Ye suddenly felt that the blood inside of his body was surging, and his sensations became extremely sensitive, especially the anosmia that became a thousand times stronger. He could almost sense the smell of hot blood flowing inside every person in the town. It almost drove him crazy!


Qian Ye said goodbye to the sheriff and quickly returned to the bar, closed the door tightly, and then immediately fell to the ground. As a beast gone wild, he screamed and rolled all over the ground.


The hunger and thirst for blood were almost an intolerable torture, this pain and emptiness was even worse than the ‘Bliss’ addiction attack. [1] If not thanks to Qian Ye’s cultivation of the ‘Art of Retaliations’ and refined the strong will that could compare to the Red Scorpion King, he could have soon be conquered by this evil desire and become a real blood slave.


Qian Ye laid there on the cold floor, his mouth was biting tightly on a towel to stop himself from yelling out loud. He used one hand to grasp on the steel handle on the wall, and with the other hand he punched hard one by one on the floor, using all of his strength!


Thump! Thump! Thump!


The heavy sound from the bar had made the entire building quiver. Since there was no guesses at this time, the empty lobby had echoed out the sound and made it louder.


Outside on the road, several scavengers passing by the bar that heard the strange sound soon changed their directions and went away, as fast as possible, from the sound’s source as if the bar was imprisoning some kind of Devil Descendent.


After a whole hour had passed, Qian Ye had then been able to stand up tremblingly. He staggered to the closet and took out a blood package. He carefully squeezed a few drops of blood into his mouth, and then immediately sealed the bag and with a strong will, and put it back in place.


As a few drops of blood entered, Qian Ye immediately collapsed, and he had to lean on the wall and gasped in every bit of air.


At the moment, he had to drink a few drops of blood to stabilize the instinctive desires inside of his body. In the beginning, Qian Ye didn’t have to rely on anything to overcome the thirst. Three months ago, he only needed to lick a drop of blood to suppress the hunger. And now, Qian Ye needed a spoonful of blood to be able to fool his body and pressed down the hunger.


Animal’s blood had gradually lost its effect, and the temptation of human blood was multiplied many times. According to this trend, Qian Ye had estimated that he could last up to a year. Although these days of recalcitrant had already been a miracle, the road upfront was still covered in darkness.


Qian Ye’s eyes fell on the cupboard, this time it wasn’t to see the blood package, but the dagger that was crushed under it. That was a Red Scorpion standard multi-purpose saber, the silver coverage layer had been seriously damaged. The reason it was here, that is, was to finish his life if one day  he could no longer withstand the hunger.


The black silk bag was staying next to the blood pack.


Qian Ye revealed a self-deprecating smile, he had one more option to commit suicide at least. That special mithril had a fatal effect on the vampire, not to mention he was just a half-vampire blood slave. He only needed to swallow one bullet, and all of his organs inside would be charred to ashes, while the outside would completely remain the same.


At least he could die a prettier way, thought Qian Ye.


This was the blood of the dark after the pollution, another change had taken place inside of him, and he began to instinctively like the beautiful things.


Though, since he had held himself back at that critical moment, there was no such thing as giving up until the end.


He went to the powerhouse at the back of the bar and fed a few shovels of Blackstone to that half-bar-sized big metal guy. This steam oven could have burned an entire day to not only provide the necessary power for the bar but also to maintain the temperature of the wine cellar. When Qian Ye brewed wine, it needed to stay at sixty degrees for ten days of fermentation to produce the best taste.


The town also had a public Blackstone steam tower, but it could not have supported such luxurious costs. Only the bar and a few limited households had their own independent power facilities.


Ten o’clock in the morning, the day had just begun, and the bar’s door was pushed open, followed after was a man covered in tattoos.


He saw Qian Ye, went up, patted Qian Ye’s shoulder and said, “Brother, there is a gamble! Zhao Gongzi [2] let me come and look for you. This time it’s a bit far, we gotta start in advance. Old rules, I help you take care of the store, you just leave!


Qian Ye nodded, took out a bottle of strong wine and stuffed it into the brawny guy’s arms, “Old rules, this is yours.”


The guy grinned, and sent off a friendly punch to Qian Ye’s chest.


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After a moment, Qian Ye had come to a tall industrial building at the northeast corner of the town, and after the War of Dawn, this place was once a large-scale mechanical factory, and it was said to have produced military products. Since the empire had left with its citizen to a better living environment, this factory was also abandoned.


Now, the plant had become Zhao Gongzi and his men’s entrenched place.


He was very young and had not even turned thirty. He was very handsome and had the unique neatness and elegance of the wilderness that the indigenous people wouldn’t have. He was said to be a stepchild of an imperial noble family. For some reason, people called him Zhao Gongzi, but nobody knew his real name.


In the empire’s noble system, Zhao was a special surname. Zhao was a thousand years inherited family. Their ancestors had participated in the War of Dawn and became one of seven founding marshals of the empire. Until today, Zhao’s authorities had not only haven’t been diminished, but had also increased over time, with Zhang, Bai, Song, and the four others nobles. It had formed the four major valves of the empire, and their powers were only second after the Zhang family.


In the end, rumors should not be trusted. This Zhao Gongzi had absolutely nothing to do with that particular Zhao family or anything to do with the nobles, otherwise he wouldn’t have to drift to this place and lived on with some little protection fees.


Zhao Gongzi did have some strengths. As a level one practitioner, he could easily control a dozen of scoundrels in the town, but his ambition seemed not only limited to the Lighthouse town, he had also come in contact with several big powers around the town.


As always, ‘Contact’ were always followed by disputes, this gambling fight was a popular way to resolve the disagreements between the various parties. Moreover, it could be considered a moderate way. Once war had officially been declared between the two parties, there would obviously be serious damages for them both, the loser would completely be destroyed, but the winner wouldn’t get to taste the sweetness of victory for long because it would be swallowed up by other ‘watcher parties’ sooner or later.


See Qian Ye come, Zhao Gongzi immediately smiled, threw a hug around his shoulders and said, “Finally! Brothers, we play big this time, you must not lose ah! If you win, I can pay for Min’er to be with you for three whole days. If you feel that she is not enough, then all the woman around me, except AYun, you can pick any one of them! ”


“Still the arena one?” Asked Qian Ye.


“Of course, you are the king on the arena!”


“Ok, though I don’t want women. This time, I still want those medicines.”


“No problem! But the next caravan will leave the Black Current city within ten days. You’ll probably have those drugs after half a month. If you win, I’ll buy you two portions!


“One is enough.”


Zhao Gongzi patted Qian Ye’s shoulder, laughed and said, “I, Zhao Gongzi, once promised something I would absolutely finish it. So, double it is! The fight is very important to me, you must win.”


In the meantime, from outside came in heavy engine roars of two off-road trucks parking outside the plant. Zhao Gongzi took Qian Ye and the other two murderous, fiery looking guys in one car while the other twenty thugs went in the other one.


These two old-fashioned steam trucks were firm and easy to repair. Therefore, they were more popular here than the Original Force power locomotives. The only drawback was that it was very slow. Besides, the noise and smell were not something that could be easily tolerated.


The two trucks took a turtle speed of thirty kilometers to drive for a full four hours of bumpy road, it was considered a miracle that nothing unusual had happened. Then, at the front had appeared a big city’s contour. Unlike the Lighthouse town that had only a few thousand people, this place had gathered up to ten thousand residents. This was the Black Current city!


From afar, the ten meter high walls surrounded the city looked much bigger than the Lighthouse town with the ferocious metal skeleton revealed inside of the crystal clear bluestone wall. On the wall, every few hundred meters was installed a gun turret and two castle crossbow cannons.


In the fight against the Dark Races and wild animals, these old-fashioned crossbow cannons were more powerful than any other artillery. Therefore, it was very popular in this abandoned continent. Steam starter as well as hinge traction mechanism gears also made it easier to relaunch the arrows and increase their practical powers.


Inside the Black Current city, there were several of hundreds of meters high giant chimneys which was constantly emitting black smoke. It was the city’s core energy facility, the Forever Agitation Tower.


The most eye-catching thing was the one hundred fifty meters high lighthouse that had everlasting flame. This was not something that the little twenty meters gadgets at the Lighthouse town could be compared with. That monster was to prevent airships from crashing into one of those giant chimneys by accident.


Compared to the lighthouse town, this place was like a beast wearing armor to its teeth.


Two trucks slowly crawled into the town. Zhao Gongzi really had some fame around the area, even the entrance fee was omitted for him.



[1] Bliss: name of the most addictive drug.

[2] Zhao Gongzi: Zhao the dandy/ Master Zhao.



Preview chapter 7: The Arena

The four were all at their first level of cultivation, regardless of their speed or power, they were obviously faster than ordinary people, the war had just started, and blood was splashing everywhere!

The one with the double daggers sent out his fists like the wind and instantly stabbed more than a dozen wounds on his opponent. However, the other guy had already protected his vulnerable parts and didn’t care about his wounds but focused on using the military bayonet to attack. Finally, the weapon had struck directly into his opponent’s heart, went through the rib and revealed its sharp edge out in the air!

Instant kill!

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