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Chapter 36 - Peaceful Life

Chapter 5: Peaceful Life


Qian Ye also had another doubt, he could not even have felt the slightest of original force fluctuations from the girl. Either the girl had not cultivated her original force, or that she had been strong enough to be able to hide her real force level.


The second option was clearly not possible, even Wang Bo couldn’t have disguised his power, how come such a young girl could have mastered such a strength that was even more powerful than his.


And if she belonged to the former type, it would be very strange. The empire’s noble families would have never lacked any resources. Even if their children only had a little bit of talent, it would have been entirely excavated. It was said that some families also had their secret arts that could be considerably mighty, and even if there was no original force talent, so long as they were willing to heap up resources, they could have created an extraordinary one.


This girl was obviously very talented, so it seemed strange that she didn’t have any original force, which was certainly hiding a secret behind this strange situation.


Also, from the girl, Qian Ye felt a familiar sense.


Qian Ye laughed bitterly. What did the girl have anything to do with him? Even if she had really encountered any difficulties, the power of the giant family behind her could have solved all problems that arose. He was just a little blood slave struggling to survive at the landfill, how could he possibly help her?


That her family servant could have casually thrown out of a bag of money for reward which was enough for him to live comfortably for a few lives at this place. Moreover, his lasting force pressure could even suppress the lawless expeditionary army soldiers, not only daring not to snatch his reward, but also had to flatter him.


Though in the end, all of these things had no meanings to him at the moment. Perhaps soon after, his body would completely be swallowed up by the dark blood, and then turned into a corpse laying somewhere at the landfill and became the scavengers or some wild dogs’ dinner.


Qian Ye closed the crystal box once again, blocking the devilish aura of the silver bullet’s original force. If he kept exposing these precious but wicked devil-killer bullets to the air, then the implication of force will have continued to overflow. In the end, it would not need a few days for the force inside of it to be completely dissipated, and the three would become common mithril silver bullets. Therefore, the perfused original force bullet always needed a specific kind of container.


The crystal box was one of the best, it could isolate almost all of the original force so that the original force bullets could be preserved for an entire year! Just this crystal box alone, already had the value of hundreds of empire gold coins. In the past, the container that was distributed by the Red Scorpion could only have a month of preservation. Moreover, in this one month, the power of the original force bullet inside of it had already declined gradually.


This type of physical force bullet could only be made from a practitioner who had at least reached the third level of cultivation by their own original force perfusion. It had the same operating principles of using the original force gun, but because the original force perfusion had caused a considerable slow down for the cultivation progress while the storing was difficult. Generally, most Red Scorpion soldiers would only put their force in it before the war had started. Also, such ammunition transactions were extremely rare in the market.


Qian Ye put the Demon Executor box back inside the black silk bag and returned it back to the shelf. Due to the dark blood inside of him, he instinctively wanted to stay away from the three silver bullets. At the moment, the dizziness had gradually faded away, his perception became keen once again, and he heard some strange noises next door.


It was the sound of a man’s and woman’s skin coming in touch fiercely, and the groaning was intertwined with the sound of the bed frame creaking. Next door was a rented room. Qian Ye  heard the sound and immediately knew that the corner of the iron-made bed could collapse at any time during the violent tremors.


The woman was ‘forced’ to whine hysterically. Therefore, the man should be that one-eyed man, he seemed to be trying his best to make up the value of the amount of money he had spent. On the other side of his room, there was some vague sounds of a person tossing and turning, also followed by a few low ambiguous groans.


That room was Min’er by herself. Moreover, she was doing ‘something.’


Qian Ye could only pretend as if nothing was heard, he looked around to find something else to do.


However, after a moment, from Min’er’s room came a thumping sound, she was hitting angrily on the other side of the wall. As in hearing no response after a few times of striking on the wall, she might have gotten tired and quieted down.


Qian Ye was unable to fall back to sleep, though the night was still young. He got his mind ready, sat down on the bed, and his mind gradually sank into his body and began to practice the ‘Art of Retaliation.’


At the moment, under Qian Ye’s control, the force inside of his body had formed into force tides and impacted the original force node on his right hand. Each tide was sharp as a blade cutting him up in pain.


After Qian Ye had completed withstanding the impact of the full twenty rounds of original force tide, he slowly retrieved the original force, lead them back to the two nodes on his chest and abdomen. Finished with the cultivation, Qian Ye collapsed on the bed for a long time to recover a little bit of strength.


Qian Ye struggled to climb out of bed, every inch of muscle and meridian in his body were hurt as if it was being burnt with fire. Looked at the alarm clock and figured out that he had practiced for three hours and it had been in the middle of the night. The sound next door remained stable, it seemed like that single-minded brawny had determined to earn back his finance. Qian Ye couldn’t help but be curious that which chick had been so unlucky.


After the completion of the cultivation, the sounds of making love next door couldn’t bother Qian Ye anymore. He took off his clothes which was soaked with sweat. Using a wet cold towel, he carefully wiped it all over his body.


Qian Ye had grown a few centimeters higher. He might look slim wearing the sweater, but after taking off the clothes, it could be found that his symmetrical body was full of strength and muscles, each muscle was as hard as steel wires, and there was no trace of extra fat. The scar had also grown half a meter long, entrenched like a huge centipede.


Qian Ye found out that inside the QiHai node, his original force was particularly fierce, violent, and difficult to control.


The abnormal Original Force had increased Qian Ye’s antipersonnel war skills, but on the other hand, the correspondence damage to his body from practicing was also more painful. Although the ‘Art of Retaliation’ could be cultivated to level nine, but based on Qian Ye’s situation at the moment, he was afraid that he would burst to death before cultivating to level six.


Qian Ye stroked his left arm. There was also another scar. It was a palm sized square scar that Ye had burned himself. It was originally a Red Scorpion tattoo, also the Red Scorpion Legion’s emblem.


The Imperial Legions had around tens of millions of troops, and the Red Scorpion Legion had ten thousand people. Although Qian Ye had only qualified at the lowest standards to get into the Red Scorpion, in the outsider’s eyes, it seemed as if he was a lucky kid, but in fact, because of his chest injury, the impact of his fourteenth round had been equivalent to the twentieth round of the other soldiers.


As for the Red Scorpion and several other elite Legions, there was a soldier title called Soldier King. Only the one who could be able to withstand thirty rounds of the original force tide would have gotten this title. Looking at the entire Imperial Army, sometimes, there was also a situation when a new Soldier King didn’t appear for a whole year round. Therefore, the Red Scorpion’s deputy commander had always belonged to a Soldier King.


Qian Ye had thought that if his power was not so violent, would there be an opportunity for him to become a Soldier King?


Unfortunately, it was always ‘if’, it would never become real, the Imperial Army had strict, brutal but also a fair classification system. They only looked at the results and never asked about the process. Thirty rounds were thirty rounds, no more no less. Regardless if the force was as violent as fire or as gentle as water, one had to withstand thirty rounds of the original force tide to be qualified for considerations in being a Soldier King.


Qian Ye suddenly sighed deeply in the dark, all of this had been long gone, the Red Scorpion’s had become history for eternity just like that tattoo that had burned underneath the iron. And all the glory, power, Status, and comrades related to the Red Scorpions were buried deep down in his mind, leaving only a scar.


After that night of destiny, Qian Ye knew that he could never live the life of an ordinary person ever again.


Perhaps his only concern at the moment was Lin XiTang, but here, the landfill was a completely different world from the upper continent. Basically, there were no news of him whatsoever. Qian Ye could only comfort himself by thinking that if such a great person like Lin Shuai had gotten into trouble, that even such a remote little place like this, could have also heard of the news. Therefore, no news was the best news.


At first, Qian Ye just aimlessly wandered around in this continent until he came to this Lighthouse town. He liked this place, so he decided to settle down here, and with only a few silver coins in his pocket, he opened up this bar.


The aborigines in this town were cunning, but at the same time, they were also very simple. They had soon accepted the existence of Qian Ye because the wine that he made was really good.


As long as the taste of wine stayed the same, then no one would have cared about his identity. Even if he were a vampire, people would have still turned a blind eye to it.


Qian Ye went to the wall where a piece of polished shiny steel plate was hanging, it was his mirror.


The person in the mirror gave him an awkward feeling as if it wasn’t him anymore. For the past year, Qian Ye’s skin color gradually became pale, and his face also had some changes. His facial features and facial contours became more refined and soft. Although his body’s strength had been significantly enhanced, the originally exaggeratedly burly muscles were converged up and became like alloy wires, which was very slim but remarkably tough.


At this time, from the outside suddenly sounded the noise of the wall being knocked, and then the bald sheriff’s special voice came in from outside, “Qian Ye, come and help me fix the door! And you too, one-eyed! I know you are in there! Hope that you have not been drained off completely tonight and still be able to move some steel pipes!”


From the next door came out the reluctant voice of One-eyed, “I have not finished yet!”


“If you do not come out, I’ll blow up your eggs!” The threat of the bald sheriff was always very direct and effective.


Qian Ye quickly put on his clothes and went to the lobby. He looked at the position where the door had been placed earlier, now, even the frame had vanished. However, the installation of an iron door was much simpler than the mechanical reparation of the door system.


One-eyed also came out from the back of the corridor. He was naked, his chest and back were covered with dozens of scratches, there were several deep marks with blood still dripping out!


While Qian Ye saw the blood beads the guy’s body, his throat suddenly trembled, the abrupt hunger and thirst, almost made him groan out loud.


“What’s wrong with you, Qian Ye?” Asked One-eyed strangely.


Qian Ye smiled and said, “Nothing, just envying you.”


One-eyed laughed and patted his head embarrassingly, “As long as you want, Min’er that b***h will not take your money! I really don’t understand why you always refuse her.”


“I have no money to give her.” Qian Ye did not seem to hear One-eyed’s words.


“You should try, she really won’t take your money!”


The bald sheriff interrupted them, “Talk less nonsense and come over here! I do not want us to live without the gate at the beginning of the dark season. Fix the door and you two lucky guys won’t have to pay any taxes this month.”


The sheriff’s surname was Zhang, and he had always shaved his head shiny. His huge belly could fit an entire calf inside of it. He could sit tight at this sheriff position of this Lighthouse town not only just because he had always treated people fairly, but also the most important thing was that he had the strength of a level one soldier and a powerful shotgun.


One-eyed and Qian Ye went with the sheriff to the warehouse. A moment later, the two carried a bundle of steel pipes and walked to the gate. At the moment, the sheriff had finished cleaning up the rubble, and the three of them started fixing the gate.



Preview chapter 6: Dark Road

Ten o’clock in the morning, the day had just begun, and the bar’s door was pushed open, followed after was a man covered in tattoos.

He saw Qian Ye, went up, patted Qian Ye’s shoulder and said, “Brother, there is a gamble! Zhao Gongzi [2] let me come and look for you. This time it’s a bit far, we gotta start in advance. Old rules, I help you take care of the store, you just leave!

Qian Ye nodded, took out a bottle of strong wine and stuffed it into the brawny guy’s arms, “Old rules, this is yours.”

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